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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 2

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Tears shed, opportunities missed, alliances fractured, and it’s only week 2. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, HOH Memphis was in a six-person alliance with Cody, Dani, Tyler, Christmas, and Nicole F. But he also had a working arrangement with Janelle and Kaysar. At the nomination ceremony, Memphis went after the season 21ers. Tyler assured David he was protected while Janelle wanted to keep Nicole A.


Janelle suspected a four-person alliance and clueless that Memphis was working with them too, Janelle pitched them on a new target and word got back to Nicole F. At the veto competition, Memphis grabbed more power. Memphis’s alliance wanted to backdoor Janelle, but the former mixologist didn’t want to shake things up. Tonight, either David or Nicole A will be evicted. Then with only 14 remaining in the battle for a half million dollars, a new HOH will be crowned.


Julie greets us and says Memphis began his reign as HOH saying he wanted people to sweat and he succeeded. He made decisions best for his own game and as the smoke cleared David and Nicole A remain on the block. Who will be evicted? We’ll find out soon enough. They key to surviving the night is avoid becoming your own worst enemy.


We pick up on Day 13 after the veto meeting, and Janelle says Memphis clearly doesn’t want to play with her because he passed a golden opportunity to take out a number from the other side. Nicole F says she doesn’t trust Memphis since he didn’t backdoor Janelle. Memphis just wanted to remain neutral this week.


Nicole A says she backed into a corner and she’s not going out without a fight. Kitty is going to scratch. Nicole A is talking to Da’Vonne and Nicole says if she goes, there will be more guys than girls. Da says she wants Nicole there. She says David isn’t her friend. Da says she did make herself a promise that she wouldn’t vote out anyone who looked like her and she tells Nicole that. Nicole says she gets it, but it’s a heart vote not a logic vote.


Kaysar is talking to Da’Vonne and he tells her that he and Janelle know about the alliance and he thinks David could be on the outskirts of the alliance. He needs to build a group to combat the other alliance if he wants to save Nicole A. Kaysar would like Da, himself, Janelle, Bayleigh, and he’s hoping for Nicole A and he’s trying to get Christmas. Da says she thinks Kaysar just wants a number and she’s not sure she’s ready to just jump right in.


Da then goes to David and tells him about the alleged alliance. She wants to know if he’s in an alliance and he says he has safeguards in place but he can’t say anything. Da says you don’t trust me? Da says talking to David is stressful. David says he doesn’t know for sure and he can’t say anything. He doesn’t want to campaign too hard about Da because they’ll end up on the block together. Da says she’s only played three seasons, his five total weeks in the house is better than her three seasons. She says he’s got this.


David goes to Bayleigh and tells him he knows Da was looking out for him but she needs to turn that down. Bayleigh says first of all, don’t tell a woman to turn it down, and second, don’t let it be Da when she’s trying to help you out in the game. Da and Bayleigh are talking and they talk about if Nicole goes, then there will be six girls left and eight guys. Da says she has a moral dilemma. She doesn’t want to vote him out but he contributes nothing to her own game. –


Julie welcomes us back and says sometimes the line between friends and foes can become blurred. Kaysar, Janelle, and Nicole A are talking and they tell her the vote is divided. Nicole A says is it though? Kaysar says he knows he, Janelle, and Ian are votes to keep Nicole but they need Kevin, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne and Memphis to keep Nicole A. Janelle says Memphis is a wildcard. Nicole says she’s expendable and she gets up to leave and Kaysar asks her to wait.


Nicole says Janelle and Kaysar say they have pull with Memphis but she’s still on the block. Nicole says people are telling her she can’t trust Janelle. The house wants Janelle gone and she’s associated with Janelle and that’s not good for her. Kevin says Janelle and Kaysar campaigning for her is not a good thing. Nicole A says Janelle is screwing up her game and that’s making her mad. She’s at a point where she might have to blow up the house to stay. She wants Janelle’s metaphorical head on a stick.


Cody has listened to Nicole A and her pitch that she wants to go after Janellle and Kaysar, and he says he’s been at odds with them so maybe it won’t be such a bad idea to keep her. Janelle and Nicole are talking and Janelle says it’s a no brainer. She says she tried to get Nicole off the block and Nicole A says not hard enough. Bunch of BS.


Kaysar and Janelle are talking and he says what are we supposed to do? Janelle says she feels responsible and Kaysar says they had nothing to do with this and they tried to change his mind. They had no say in any of this. Janelle gets emotional and Kaysar consoles her and says he doesn’t think he’s seen her cry before. Janelle tells us she thinks of Nicole as a little sister. She has such compassion for this game and knowing that Nicole doesn’t trust her makes her sad.


Last summer David was eliminated on the first night and Nicole made it to finale night. Tonight, it’s the end of the road for one of them. Julie wishes Dani a Happy Birthday. Time for the nominees to try and sway votes.


David says he’s grateful to be here and he appreciates Nicole A and he hates they are on the block together. To the house, he’s taken the time to speak and get to know every single person and it wasn’t reciprocated by everyone, but he wants to stay and fight.


Nicole does shoutouts and she says she came to represent strong island and she wants to play all-stars not all scared. She asks them to vote for their individual game. She wants to direct to Memphis, that big strong competitor, congratulations for targeting her. She tells the house to take action.


Time to vote!

Tyler sadly votes to evict Nicole.

Enzo votes to evict David.

Christmas votes to evict Nicole, she’s sorry.

Currently the vote is 2-1 in favor of evicting Nicole A.


Time to continue with the vote!

Kevin votes to evict David.

Janelle votes to evict Nicole.

Da’Vonne sadly votes to evict the courageous, the strong, the beautiful All-star Nicole.

Kaysar very sadly votes to evict Nicole.

Bayleigh sadly votes to evict Nicole A.

Cody votes to evict Nicole A.

Ian sadly votes to evict Nicole A.

Nicole F votes to evict Nicole.

Dani votes to evict Nicole and she wishes her daughter Tennessee a Happy Birthday.

By a vote 10-2, Nicole A has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Nicole gives them all hugs and says she appreciates and loves and respects them all so much. She has to encourage Memphis to give her a hug. She’s telling people she loves them and she puts on her mask and has another last minute hug and heads out the door.


Julie reminds us Nicole was voted favorite HG last year. Julie says she’s a little confused by Nicole’s game play and wants to know why they weren’t trustworthy. Nicole says she thought she was close to Memphis. She realizes she was wrong too late. Julie asks her who she thinks the big alliance might be. Nicole guesses Cody, Dani, Nicole, Tyler, and Enzo. Julie shows her the alliance and Nicole says she’s not surprised.


Kaysar tells Nicole A they tried all week to campaign and they feel like they failed her. He thinks she’s a sweetheart. Da says she had to stick to her guns with this one and she adores her and she hopes she understands. Janelle says Nicole A is a casualty of war and Memphis screwed this up. Kevin says Nicole is his favorite person in this house and he can’t wait to see her soon. Julie tells Nicole that Janelle had her back and she tells her to stay safe.


It’s time for the HOH competition! This competition is called Mug Shots. They will play one at a time. On the horn, they will race to slide a mug down each of the three courses. The goal is to land each mug in the high scoring zone. If they are on the line, they get the higher score. Their total will be the highest cumulative total. They only have 30 seconds to lock in their time. If there’s a tie, then whoever locked in the fastest wins.


Cody is first. He locked in with 4 points and he has locked in in 18.87 seconds. Enzo gets 3, 2, and 3. He has a score of 8 in 15.81 seconds and is now in the lead. David is ready and he scores 1, 2, and 3. He scores 6 in 16.04 seconds. Enzo is still in the lead.


Christmas scores 3, 2, and 3 and scores 8 in 17.48 seconds. Enzo was faster and is still in the lead. Da’Vonne scores 2, 2, and 3 for a total of 7 in 16.34. Kevin scores 0 because he went too hard, 2, and then 5 for a total of 7 in 15.71. Enzo is still in the lead.


Ian is up next and he scores 3, 4, 3 for a total of 10 in 15.81 seconds. Ian is now in the lead. Nicole F is up and she scores 4, 2, and 3 for a total of 9 in 16.70. Dani is next and she scores 4, and slides the second off and then the third and scores 4 in 15.73 seconds.


Tyler scores 5, 3, and 4 for a score of 12 in 14.07. Bayleigh scores 4, and slides off the second, and 3 for a total of 7 points in 15 seconds. Janelle scores a 4, 4, and 3 for 11 points in 14 seconds. Tyler is in the lead and only Kaysar is left. Kaysar scores 0 for sliding off, 5, and 0 for a total of 5 in 18.90 seconds. Tyler is the new HOH!

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