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Saturday, August 22, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Kaysar & Janelle are on the block

1201 Tyler & Bayleigh HoH Room

Bayleigh says she thought Kaysar & Janelle knew they were going up and Tyler said he was straight up with them. They talk about how it’s nice to have your alliance in power when you are on slop because you already feel like crap.

Tyler: Has they (J&K) said anything?

Bayleigh: Kaysar said he was screwed. He’s waiting for the veto but he’s like if I go you need to do something, your next, you need to do something. But Janelle just said “Nicole F better hope I don’t win this veto” that’s it.

Tyler:  Yeah, she said she would say anything about me. She’s just spreading stuff about Nicole F.

Bayleigh: Yeah, Janelle is obsessed with Nicole.

Tyler: Well one of them is going to stay and I just burned my bridges with both of them so I hope you guys have me next week.

Bayleigh: Yeah of course, and if Janelle doesn’t win veto it looks like she would be the one to go, everyone is more worried about her. Kaysar won’t be an issue as far as talking. I’m a little bit worried about Nicole F because, I told you about the convo she had with me the other day right? She pulled me aside and said, hey I know you’re friends with Janelle so like, do you hate me? I was like uh no. Then Day just told me Nicole was worried she offended me or whatever and I was like no no no. I don’t even know why her and Janelle are fighting.

Tyler: Janelle told me the story, it was like some random amazing race thing and I’m like you just gonna hold a grudge in a whole new game?!

Bayleigh: It’s crazy because I get the whole amazing race thing but from what I heard it was having to do with Rachel Reilly not with Janelle.

Tyler: Yeah I was like, you’re going to let that ruin your game here?!

Bayleigh: Janelle’s crazier than me.

Tyler: I guess so

Bayleigh goes on to say she’ll talk to Nicole tomorrow, or maybe she will let her come to her, she thinks Nicole is a little paranoid but she doesn’t want her to come after her if she wins HoH next week and Tyler says he doesn’t think she would. Tyler says he’s concerned no one would come to him about Cody because they think they are together, and they are more likely to come to him about people they don’t think he’s with like her and Da’vonne so they need to keep in touch with each other about what’s going on. They both think the veto will be intense. Bay said it would be just her luck if Janelle got houseguests choice, picked her then she won and then didn’t use it to save Janelle. The talk about Dani being a ticking time bomb, that it’s only a matter of time but she’s going to unload on someone. They both hype each other up, you’re good, no you’re good…we’re so awesome etc. the love fest ends on, once we get down to 6 or 4, we’ll do what we have to do. They start talking about their fan groups. They don’t think social media haters will affect them as much this time as it did last time. The say this is their last hoorah, retiring from reality TV. Tyler says if he goes out on a backdoor to leave a nice goodbye message.

Bayleigh says the houseguests are rowdy this year. He said well they aren’t after you and she says you’ll be fine, you’re not easy to get out. Tyler says the only way he makes it to the end is if he wins his way through, and he’s ok with that. Talk turns to food. They say they will do yoga in the morning, they don’t workout on veto days.

Bayleigh talks about how Swaggy is the only person who makes her sane. She said she lets things build until she explodes. Tyler asks if she has anything building right now and she says no. She said Nicole F is harmless but her paranoia is weird to her but they have already talked. She rehashes the story of what happened with Nicole (she kind of insulted Nicole by pointing out her BB showmances leading up to her husband but she didn’t mean it how it sounded). She said she really didn’t mean it that way, she didn’t know the whole back story (she didn’t see season 18, Day told her) but now she does so she’s going to go talk to her and apologize.

Tyler: Be freaking sweet, but don’t speak about it anymore because you know how people tweet out every little conversation people have [It’s like he knows me -SCRTsqrl]

Tyler says if you have to boot me out, do it before jury. She says that’s soon! Tyler says he just doesn’t want to be the first juror. Bayleigh & Tyler said they didn’t have enemies until reality TV. Normal people can say all kinds of stuff and no one hates them. 1237 Bayleigh leaves HoH.

1239 Cody tells Dani in the comic room that he thinks if Janelle wins veto she’s going to zero in on Nicole and make her life hell.

1242 Dani & Tyler in the living room. Dani asked Tyler if Janelle campaigned to him and he said Janelle just didn’t want to be backdoored and if she stays she wanted to work with him. He said Janelle denies talking about him and Nicole and Dani says that’s dumb because everyone knows and has heard her. They hope the veto is during the day. They think it’s the calm before the storm and they can’t let Janelle win. They spend some time thinking of what the veto could be. They aren’t sure if they can do any of the water or slime stuff because of COVID.

1249 Ian joins Dani & Tyler they bring up how hide and go veto takes forever, and Dani says no one enjoys watching that one [speak for yourself lol -SCRTsqrl] talk moves to shows like double dare and legends of the hidden temple. Ian says sometimes they made it impossible to get the artifact, couldn’t give out too many trips to space camp. 1254 Nicole comes out of DR, Tyler goes in and Ian walks away.

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0103 Cody, Enzo & Kaysar Loft
They are talking about Enzo getting a podcast and Cody asks if they know about @THEOVON and talks about how he built his following. Enzo asks how many followers he has and Cody says a lot, Enzo says like a million and Cody says it’s up there [1.2m followers to include the likes of Dane Cook, Skylar Astin, Gordon Ramsey, Lee Asher -SCRTsqrl] They say it’s a grind but you have a base of big brother fans, and then you can build from there. If you get enough people to like you and you get something trending other people will see it and being on BB is an enormous advantage. They talk about how eventually you can work home like Bayleigh and Swaggy, and they say he made out like a bandit for only being on Big Brother for two weeks. Enzo says I just want to be real, the audience knows when you aren’t. Kaysar says timing is everything in comedy. Enzo says every comedian bombs at some point. They talk about Dave Chappelle, they love him, they give him a shoutout and then they said ‘no one is watching us, we’re boring’ [and yet, here I am -SCRTsqrl] Enzo says he also loves the Italian guy, Sebastian Maniscalco (@sebastiancomedy). Kaysar asks if they know about the guy who goes up shirtless and talks about how he got involved with the mob in Russia [me googling “shirtless comedian Russian mob”, his name is Bert Kreischer -SCRTsqrl] Enzo says, isn’t he on Netflix? [yes he is -SCRTsqrl].

0112 Bayleigh & Christmas bathroom
They are discussing their anger management techniques. Christmas saying she doesn’t want to unleash her (angry her I guess) but when she does it’s warranted or earned. Christmas says one time she got into an argument with her man where she disengages so she doesn’t engage and Bayleigh says she gets it, it’s like you’re saving them from you unleashing. Christmas said she doesn’t fight, yell, kick scream or whatever [Christmas ‘arrested for repeatedly ramming her Mercedes SUV into a parked Honda
of a woman who was having a relationship with the father of Abbott’s then-unborn baby.’ Just sayin’ -SCRTsqrl] Bayleigh says in her relationship she doesn’t, but in her former relationships it was a mess. Bayleigh said she used to be out of control. Da’vonne comes out of the bathroom and they talk about how Enzo is cheering up Kaysar, and Da’vonne is surprised Kaysar is still up.

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1233 Kevin, Da’vonne & Ian Showmance Room
Talking about what the veto might be and that they want to play just to play but they know who the target is this week.

1240 Enzo & Kaysar in the loft talking about missing their kids and how the game is different. Enzo says he came back for the money but also everyone said he never won anything last time and he wants to win a few comps this time around. Kaysar says he doesn’t take game play personally. Enzo says he’s coming after players, but not you personally, he likes everyone and he would have a drink afterwards and talk about all the backstabbing and laugh about it. Kaysar said he respects Tyler and he shouldn’t be sorry for putting him, he doesn’t have a problem with him. He said it would be the same if they were playing basketball. Kaysar said he just really misses home.

1248 Bayleigh & Christmas in the bathroom
Talking about how they didn’t like the way Kaysar approached the for an alliance. They said he panicked during the HoH because he could have taken all the time in the world since he knew what number he had to get. They think he will stay and Janelle is aware of that.

1249 Kevin whining to Da’vonne in the showmance room. What are we going to do? How come they get pulled into groups and we don’t? Why am I always the outsider in life. How can we flip the odds? I’m just so tired of going against the currents in life.

Da’vonne: I learned a long time ago elevation requires separation, everyone can’t go so appreciate your solo missions. Because everyone isn’t a passenger, some people are baggage. Period. That was the word for somebody, pass around the collection plate. You and I weren’t meant for a crowd, that’s ok. They are on a ship that is going to sink and we’ll just catch a wave, swimming, grabbing a life vest and we just moving.

They liked Tylers speech. Da’vonee says next week they might have to win. They wonder if Christmas is a part of the ‘crew’ because Enzo saved her. Da’vonne says maybe. Kevin thinks Dani is apart of it too, Da’vonne agrees. Da’vonne thinks Cody and Dani have a final two because they are closer than she thought initially. Da’vonne says she’s not going to forget how Memphis treated David.

1256 Christmas, Bay & Nicole in bathroom
Bayleigh says this time she wanted to be more done up for the diary room because she didn’t like how she looked when she put no effort in last time. Christmas says the opposite, she said she really tried to be real made up last time and she’s ok if she goes in without makeup and more real this time.

[Da'vonne & Kevin were the last to go to bed at 0155. Not too much game talk tonight, everyone is waiting for the veto to happen, tomorrow things should pick up -SCRTsqrl]

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All of this around midnight  BBT        [Girl Drama recap]

Da'Vonne put Bayleigh in check in the HoH Room over the earlier conversation in the CBR with Nicole and Dani.

(Dani has been teasing Da'Vonne over David since day 1. Nicole has started teasing, as well, claiming it is an innocent flirtmance and nice distraction). When Bayleigh walked in and discovered the teasing is continuing she was shocked and asked Nicole if she was doing it to entertain herself. Bayleigh made a few direct comments that I did not perceive as a jab (more of a "what are you doing?"), but more a factual statement that Nicole herself had said, herself, last week...that she finally won "after a few tries and a few guys", but when Bayleigh repeated it, the comment hurt Nicole's feelings. She did not express this in front of Bayleigh...but, when Bay left and Dani came back into the room, Nicole and Da'Vonne repeated the conversation that Dani had missed. Nicole says that Bayleigh was mad at her and begins relaying the conversation. Da'Vonne agreed that Bay was mad about it. Nicole says the comment about the  "two tries and two boys" hurt her feelings. Nicole begins crying. Dani tells her that what Bay said was mean and consoles Nicole. Nicole feels misunderstood. Dani and Da'Vonne suggested that she speak with Bayleigh later.)


So, Da'Vonne let's Bayleigh know that she made Nicole cry and Bayleigh gets confused not understanding why Nicole was sensitive over a comment she made herself last week. Da'Vonne tells her it was a trigger. Bay admits that she is on edge and tells Da'Vonne she will do better and clear the air with Nicole. Bay says a couple times that she (Bay) should just self evict (frustrated over people in the house not receiving her candor well and just missing her real life), but Da'Vonne puts her in check again about needing to filter a bit more and be careful with her words. Bay blames it all on slop and the climate in the house. She says "David touches me too much, and I don't like that."...She says Kevin will say things and then when she replies in same tone/same jest, he takes offense...that Christmas makes comments that they could never make (as black women) [this is true...CHristmas is quite crass. SHe has two distinct personalities. Christmas is sweet with girls but crude and rude with the boys...says things like "later assholes" whens she leaves the room]

Bayleigh continues saying that she knows she has been a lot lately. Bayleigh tells Da'Vonne that she really values the conversations they (Day/Bay) have (she appreciates Da'Vonne giving her the heads up and talking things through because she doesn't have her Swaggy with her in the BB house).

Bayleigh: I will have real talk....I am definitely not throwing shade.

Da'Vonne says that she just wanted to give Bayleigh the heads up so she is aware and "can marinate on it...your dialogue was like I am joking with you but I am calling you out because you're trying to mess with my (Da'Vonne's) game"

Bayleigh admits that she was trying to tell Nicole to back off....that it wasn't fair to push David on Da'Vonne...she did feel like it is borderline intentional game play, but she didn't mean to hurt Nicole's feelings [clearly Nicole got the message loud and clear   -MamaLong]

Bayleigh- this is a lot....A LOT...now Nicole is not gonna like me

Da'Vonne- no, she feels she has fell out of your good graces...you will have the upper hand

Bayleigh restates that she will talk with Nicole about it






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7:45am BBT: Memphis sitting in the KT alone  drinking coffee, Kaysar now up goes to WC , washes hands and heads the STR for batteries. All lights are on in the BB house.
7:48am BBT: Kaysar back in bed , Memphis still in KT looks to be deep in thought as he sits alone.
 7:58am BBT: Dani gets up goes to the WC then washes hands then back to bed , David is stiring around and getting up now.

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8:02am BBT: David in the WC then washes hands , Christmas now up and in the WC David walks through the KT as he heads back to the KBR, Memphis still sitting in the KT drinking coffee. BB says what do you not understand about WAKE UP.
8: 05am BBT: WE now get FOTH as BB tries getting the HG to all wake  up.
8:08am BBT: Tyler now in the KT getting coffee, Kaysar  getting a shake , David walking around in the KT as he gets coffee. BB says there are fresh batteries in the STR.
 8:14am BBT: Janelle talking to Bayleigh about Nicole  saying i know she is the one that came to you  and i do not want to pressure you but i know she is and Bayleigh says yeah and Janelle says she is the one as Bayleigh says yeah of course then says she has to win next week or Nicole will be coming after her. They then talk about this weeks HOH comp and how Bayleigh had 9 points and the last one fell off.
 8:16am BBT: David, Christmas, Dani, Cody and Memphis in  the WA doing ADL's , Enzo comes in and looks in the mirror.
8:21am BBT: Janelle and Bayleigh repeating themselves about Nicole  and talking about how mean she is and  how she is a big threat in this game. Janelle says she hates her.Cody walks in and tells Bayleigh she was talking in her sleep about Nicole, Bayleigh says that is terrifying. She says i do talk a lot in my sleep when i am stressed out.
8:27am BBT: Hg are up doing ADL's getting ready for the day and to pick players for the veto competition.
8:30am BBT: Day walking through the house saying BB got them up at the butt crack of dawn and who gets up at the butt crack of dawn as she heads to the WA. Dani and Memphis in the LVR just talking general talk.
 8:37am BBT: WE get FOTH then goes to Puppy Cam as  they pick players for the POV competition.

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9:07 AM BBT

The feeds are back

Christmas says she has never played in a veto..."except maybe the one where we made the juices"

Dani motions for Cody to come to the bathroom area. 

Dani says "Memphis better not throw it....tell him...... you or Tyler have to win!"



9:11 AM BBT

Bayleigh talks with Dani in the SR....they clear the air

Bay- just because I'm on slop doesn't mean I can't joke"

they say they are good with each other and hug

Dani- I don't want tension with you

Dani asks Bay "what are you going to do with the veto?"

Bay: keep it the same

Dani- you have to try to win or we will all be screwed




Definitely playing in POV Competition: Tyler, Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Memphis.....unsure, but it may be Christmas as the 6th player

Okay, it sounds like Cody is the 6th player.

Cody said "I think Tyler and I will be okay"   (in the competition)


Cody says he has "already screwed this thing up 4 times"

Christmas is teasing Cody in the kitchen that if Memphis wins the veto he will be "BD'd"

9:15 AM BBT

Memphis says the competition "must be this morning, right?"

9:30 AM BBT

Big Brother tells Memphis to put his mic on and all the HG's ooh and ahh that Memphis must be scheming.

Memphis: I'm brushing my f'ing teeth

Christmas asks Enzo if he is a "BB-Xer"

Enzo says he can definitely beatbox and he begins proving it    [it's pretty good  -MamaLong]



The feeds cut as Enzo and Cody continue beatboxing to their own rhymes

When the feeds come back Cody is yelling that they own the rights to it "I'm tired of their shit"

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9:51 AM BBT

Dani whispers to Nicole in the PBR (Kevin is sleeping in one of the beds) that she talked to Bayleigh about "squashing" the drama and that Bay "was apologetic....didn't know......she's fine"  (difficult to hear the details but she is basically filling in Nicole that Bayleigh is not mad)

Nicole- okay





9:58 AM BBT

Bayleigh says in the kitchen that she wasn't ready for the early wake up call

Janelle- yeah, it was early....like is that necessary?

They begin talking about Janelle's new batch of flaxseed slime

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 9:08 AM BBT.  Feeds are back.  Janelle and Kaysar are in the KBR.  Janelle is doing her make-up.  Cody, Memphis and Xmas are in the KT.  Xmas and Cody go to the WA.  Xmas says Memphis better not throw it.  They are whispering & very hard to hear. 


9:11 AM BBT.  Dani & Bayleigh in the SR.  Dani says she was joking & wanted to make sure  Bayleigh isn't mad at her.  Bayleigh says she thought they were joking & just bcuz she's on slop, doesn't mean she can't joke.  Dani asks what are u going to do with the veto.  Bayleigh says I'll keep it the same, she asked me this morning.  Dani says Kaysar looked happy.  Dani says u have to try to win it.  They talk about the Nicole drama from yesterday.  Dani says Nicole feels genuinely bad about it.  Bayleigh says it was a miscommunication.  In the KT, Xmas, Cody & Memphis talking about coffee and how strong Cody should make it.  Xmas says if Memphis wins that veto someone will be kn the block (in a sing-songy voice). Cody says a little BD situation.  Memphis says we have to be playing this morning right?


 9:13 AM BBT.  Dani and Bayleigh still talking about Nicole in the SR.  Bayleigh says she doesn't know how I kid around.  Dani says she is really sensitive.  They agree it's hard when u don't know each other that well. 


 9:22 AM BBT.  Kevin and David talking in the PBR.  David says they gotta know I can't do that.  He wonders how they'll campaign.  Kevin says it'll be keep me in the game bcuz I'm a bigger target.  David says Nicole had said this time is different bcuz she doesn't have a showmance in her ear this year.  


9:27 AM BBT.  Kevin & David still talking in the PBR.  David says he doesn't care who leaves, they both lied & campaigned against him.  Cody, Bayleigh & Enzo talking at the KT table.  They're talking about how Bayleigh talked in her sleep about Nicole F. 


  9:33 AM BBT.  In the KT, Bayleigh says she is foing to get so skinny this week.  Enzo says he had 2 slop hashbrowns & chunky hot cocoa.  Bayleigh can't believe she & Cody are next to each other on the memory wall.  


 9:40 AM BBT.  Cody, Memphis, Bayleigh, Tyler, Janelle & Kaysar will play for the POV.  


9:44 AM BBT.  The HGs are doing ADLs or just hanging out and having general chat.  They expect to play the POV early since BB woke them up early today.  


9:46 AM BBT.  Dani & Xmas whispering in the WA.  In the KT, Cody & Memphis are talking.  Memphis says his friends will say they are at the office at like 8 in the morning.  They both say who is up that early.  Memphis says they must be getting their office ready bcuz nobody is up that early.  They say it must be bcuz u have to go to school so early that causes it.  


9:49 AM BBT.  In the KT, Cody was talking about flaxseeds.  He goes to find Xmas to ask her if she said all the nutrients are in the membrane.  He had said he had never seen flaxseeds ever before in his life.  


9:52 AM BBT.  In the PBR, Dani is whispering to Nicole.  She tells her she talked ro Bayleigh about squashing the misunderstanding between them. Nicole thanks her.  


9:55 AM BBT.  Not much going on in the BB house.  The HGs are either not talking or just some general chat.  They're waiting for the POV, hoping tnat it is soon.  It sounds like Dani is hosting.  

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Janelle: look at this....it is so gross  (this time Janelle drains the flaxseed over the trash instead of the sink)

Bayleigh: it looks like alien gook







10:29 AM BBT


Cody and Enzo are sleeping in the Have-Not room before the veto competition.

Janelle is making more slop cookies using flaxseed, but Christmas tells her when flaxseed is boiled it's not nutritious

Jani: so this is worthless?.....we need a grinder

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10:45 AM BBT

Memphis and Janelle are discussing the charity GKTW,   Give Kids The World, and how they can't raise money like they used to. They plan to give the organization their BB swag to be auctioned off and hope to raise over 100k


Janelle says she has met so many fans...whenever she is in a city and they DM her "hey, want to have sushi?" and she's like "sure"


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10:05am BBT: Cody and Enzo go to the HNR to lay down and Enzo says he is not sleeping he is just resting.Janelle, Memphis, David and Bayleigh in the KT getting food. Memphis gets coffee and Bayleigh ask him if he drinks that all day at home as well .
10:120am BBT: Most HG laying down as BB got them up early this morning. Memphis, David, Bayleigh and Janelle in the KT Just talking general talk.
10:25am BBT: General talk still going on in the kT with Janelle, Christmas, David,Memphis and Tyler, as Tyler washes dishes and Janelle cooks her something to eat. Dani doing ADL's in the BR then heads to the WA.
10:33am BBT: Enzo, Cody and Bayleigh in the HNR sleeping, Christmas cooking , Dani is preparing herself some food, Janelle eating her Flax-seed with Honey on it saying the Honey makes it better, David sitting at the table watching them and laughing.
10:49am BBT: Janelle, Memphis, David and Christmas talking about the HNR and how they like being in there except the door slamming  hard, They says it is a place to go for quiet time.
10:51am BBT: Janelle, Dani and Christmas telling Memphis how  they play the Hide and Go Veto  and then says it is not a fun comp at all and Dani says  she does not know why they would even play that in here.

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11:00 AM BBT

Christmas and Memphis mention the building going on in the backyard. 

Christmas mentions that she wonders if it will be water "or if they'll even entertain that this season" (competition)

Memphis says "it seems odd that they would wake our ass up at 7:30"

Christmas: as long as long as they are doing that (building for the comp) we're not doing that (the comp)



11:07 AM BBT

many houseguests are sleeping before the comp

Big Brother "Wakey Wakey Houseguests"

Tyler: it's definitely going to be a day comp

Jani: I don't like when people are watching...I get really weird when people are staring at me...like always critiquing 'should have done this...should have done that'

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11:04AM BBT In the KT, Xmas, Memphis and Dani talking. They say everyone else is sleeping. Dani says it is boring. Xmas says they played a bunch of games on her season. Xmas and Memphis talk about Fireman Marshall Bill. Xmas asks him if he remembers Gangsta B**ch Barbie. She describes her and says that would probably be her  performance name. Dani says she could see it.


11:11AM BBT Memphis joins Tyler in the HOH BR. Discuss POV. Tyler thinks it will be a one at a time thing. Memphis says that is no fun and it is annoying. Memphis says he knew he was going to get picked. Tyler says he has ninja skills and knew Memphis was going to be picked. Memphis says he may have skills in reading the future.


11:15AM BBT Memphis and Tyler talking. Tyler asks which one should go. Memphis says that Kaysar is the one driving the house crazy with his scenarios. He says Janelle is a scary player. Memphis says that Kaysar can't get out of his own way. They go over options on who Janelle or Kaysar would put up.


11:20AM BBT Dani and Cody talking about the comp. Dani coming up with words for the spelling comp. They discuss hoping it will be soon as it is getting hot. They complain about being woken up early. We get FOTH.

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11:17 AM BBT

Dani asks Cody if he has a word if it's a spelling comp

Cody: yeah, conversation and then  conversational if I need to add...that's 14

Dani: or add an s

Dani says she told Tyler her word would have been misunderstanding "I told him if I'm in it, don't use it"....what's that? 17?

Cody: yeah that's a long word

Dani: it doesn't matter as long as one person wins

Cody- yeah  (he tells Dani she smells good)

Dani: I hope we play soon

Cody: if they wait any longer it's gonna be scorching


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11:28AM BBT David and Bay telling Janelle about meditation. David says is helps the aging process (sounds like he believe it reverses it).  In the HOH BR, Dani is talking to Tyler about if it is a punishment Veto. She says Janelle would take all the punishments. She tells Tyler to take the punishments and they will back him up. Tyler says he won't shave his head. He doesn't want it that bad.


11:39AM BBT Tyler and Dani talk. Tyler says that Bay isn't going to try and win. Hesays Enzo is going to try. Dani says she feels like it is Tyler against Janelle and Kaysar. They talk about Christmas being chosen by Enzo. Tyler wonders why Christmas was asking everyone to save her. They discuss down the road possible noms.


11:46AM BBT Bay is talking to Kaysar and Janelle about pimples. She says she has friends who will get upset if she doesn't point out they have a pimple so she can pop it for them. Kaysar asks why they would want her to pop it for them. Bay says that way she can make sure it doesn't scar. Janelle says no one is going to pop a pimple for her but a dermatologist. They talk about face care. Bay says she needs to get some cellulite removal. They talk about working out.



 11:56AM BBT IN the HOH BR, Tyler and Dani talking about HOHitis. Dani says Memphis had it bad. Tyler says that Bay had it terrible on their season. Dani says that Bay snapped at her this morning because Dani was joking about something. She says Bay went off and said she hates everyone in the house. Dani says that she went into the SR and made sure she squashed it. 



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12:02 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Dani asks Tyler to tell her stuff about Angela that she doesn't already know.  In the loft, Janelle & Kaysar are talking about how Kevin was the only one who reqlly wanted to work with them, but he was probably just trying to bring info back to them to prove himself.  Janelle says if she stays she will not work with Kevin or DaVonne.  She says she'll be by herself.  Kaysar asks if DaVonne is double crossing them too?  Janelle says yes, yes.  Kaysar says he is getiing that feeling.  Janelle says it's the right feeling.  He says it's just sad.  


12:06 PM BBT.  In the loft, Janelle says Bayleigh and DaVonne a e floaters.  Kaysars says we aligned ourselves with floaters.  Janelle says Kevin disgusts her.  They agree they don't like his game play.  Janelle says to be nice to him but if he gets in power than he'll put them up.  Janelle says their game is screwing over Bayleigh & she didn't want that.  Kaysar says he is most disappointed with DaVonne, she didn't have to play this way.  


12:09 AM BBT.  In the loft, Kaysar says DaVonne sold us down the river. He says Bayleigh may speak to the same people but I don't get that feeling from her.  Janelle says Bayleigh is a different player, a better player.  Kaysar says Bayleigh said DaVonne is trying to distance herself from her.   Kaysar says Derrick had great intuition, it was his job & that's what made that alliance so powerful.  Kaysar says that's what I was hoping for us bcuz u are a great player.  


 12:12 PM BBT.  In the loft, Kaysar says Kevin plays the sad game.  If u are sad, he'll be sad with u.  He says Memphis doesn't see it, Nicole A didn't see it, DaVonne doesn't see it.  They say he is nice, well he is nice but...  He says he'll earn his keep by transferring info.  He says that's a very rudimentary way to play.  


12:18 PM BBT.  Kaysar says maybe we can make a pact with them (the other side) by agreeing to het oit the floaters.  Kaysar says he forced Nicole to talk to him by saying glod morning to her.  He says she can't help herself but to respond.  Kaysar. says he is fine, people last week were on the block & losing their mind.  Kaysar asks Janelle if there is even a 1% chance if one kf them wins, would Memphis go up?  She says no.  He asks who will they put up?  She says Kevin.  Kaysar says just our luck we have to pick the most athletic players to play with us.  He says why couldn't we pick Nicole.  Janelle says Memphis won't use it.  Kaysar says tell him to throw it then.  They agree he'll tey to win to make sure he won't go up & he won't use it.  Janelle says I can't believe Nicole A told people she'd go after us.  Kaysar says she lost it.  


12:24 PM BBT.  Dani and Cody are still talking in the HOHR.  Kaysar & Janelle in the loft.  Kaysar says we're like when Faysal would do something & people were sc ea,ing at the tv no don't do that!  He says that's us.  Janelle says maybe this will work out for the best.  Kaysar says what if I win & use the beto on u.  Janelle says u would go home & I don't think it's the right choice.  She tells him her leaving is better for his game.  She says they'll put me up against anyone.  Janelle asks do u think they are scared of Memphis.  Kaysar says yes. 


12:30 PM BBT.  In the loft, Janelle says Kevin is a b***h.  They can't believe he was offended they did not want to include him.   Janelle wonders what Ian would do if they got Nicole out.  Kaysar says we need to get someone else to do that.  Janelle says it would just be such an easy nomination.  They agree that Ian and Bayleigh are their only options to work with.  They say they'd be friendly to Memphis but not expect amything out of him.  They think Memphis would take Nicole out.  Janelle says I can't believe Kevin sat there & whined & complained.  He is safe this week & he sold us out the next day.  Janelle can't believe they're still being blamed for Nicole A.  She says these people are bottom feeders.  She says whoever stays needs to play a solo mission.  


12:35 PM BBT.  In the loft, Kaysar wonders if there is a battle back.  Janelle says she doesn't Know.  Kaysar says if he is the first one to jury he will lose his mind.  Janelle says me too.  Janelle says if she can"t put Nicole up bcuz of Ian so she'd put DaVonne & Kevin on the block.   Kaysar asks if DaVonne has done enough to go up.  Janelle says yeah I don't trust her any more.  


12:41 PM BBT.  In the loft, Kaysar tells Janelle he thinks they don't want him here.  Janelle says no, they are gunning for me.  Kaysar says he doesn't think Cody & Tyler arw thinking like that.  Janelle says the girls they are working with will vote me out.  


12:42 PM BBT.  In the loft, Janelle says Kevin is a b***h.  She says now I know why Jeff didn't like him & didn't want to work with him. 


12:50 PM BBT.  In the KT. Kevin asks Tyler if he goes in the lcean a lot.  He says no, he knows what's in there.  Kevin asks if he's saved anyone.  Tyler says not in water rescues but he has done cpr, heat stroke and that kind of stuff.  Tyler tells him they pay the lifeguards with money from rentals and stuff so the city doesn't have to pay them.  In the loft, Janelle and Kaysar.  Kaysar says he doesn't like LA and he has been there his whole life.  He says sorry LA.  He says u don't get the perks of a big city, just the traffic.  He prefers San Francisco & NY bcuz they are culturally diverse.  He likes Dubai too.  

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3:16 PM BBT

The feeds are back


Dani "She took 4 minutes...Tyler took 39 seconds....Nicole said they did it  (the comp) in her season (the one with Corey) She said he won it"


[Corey won several vetoes that season including: Being Mac, Scooper Star, and Veto TIme]


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Sounds like Cody won the veto

Dani says she thinks they will get the yard.

Cody says they will get the backyard for sure... that he wouldn't mind if all the competitions were like that (simple setups).
Dani: Says the guy who won the veto.



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3:17pm BBT: Feeds are back with HG talking  about Enzo being higher than Christmas was.  Enzo says it was a good comp  he liked it and Kaysar says it was a good comp but i sucked. Kaysar says i lost thats it.
 3:22pm BBT: Janelle eating Olives in the KT as Cody washes dishes , Memphis making a drink  and Nicole putting dishes away.
3:28pm BBT: Hg sitting around  or doing dishes or showering talking about changes that are coming , Tyler says she said the rooms were going to change so they are wondering about the changes as we get FOTH.
3:33pm BBT: Hg in the KT making food and saying they are starving. Tyler , Enzo and Janelle in the LVR talking about water comps they have done before.
3:42pm BBT: Most HG in the KT eating talking general talk. Tyler goes to his HOHR and  is snacking.
3:50 pm BBT: Hg sitting eating and talking and Cody talks about a game and Dani says says the guy who won the veto so Cody has won the POV.
3:54pm BBT: hg are just eating in the KY  and talking about food and what they need  and general talk.

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