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America's Got Talent Season 15 - Quarter Final Round 2


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Tonight, 11 acts fight for their place in the Semi-Finals! It's America's Got Talent with your host, Terry Crews! Please welcome your judges, Howie Mandel! Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and guest judge Kenan Thompson, filling in for Simon Cowell! Plus our Zoom Box Audience!

Performing outside in the Universal Studios backlot is 14yr old Kelvin Dukes, singing Valerie (Amy Winehouse). He's a natural performer but his voice sounds like a kid, though his vocal intonations remind me a bit of a young Michael Jackson.

Back in the studio, Kelvin faces the judges. Howie says he has a really good career ahead of him. Heidi says the performance showcased his energy and amazing voice. Sofia says she could see the emotion in his eyes, a born performer. Keenan says your smile & energy are infectious.

Next 2 perform is dance group, The Shape. They auditioned online after their drive-through high school graduation. From a downtown LA rooftop, they perform their routine, which is creative but not the tightest.

Heidi says that was a masterclass of precision & timing plus congratulations on graduation. Charlie Chaplin would have been proud. Sofia says the location was unbelievable, plus great song choice. Keenan says that was an amazing amount of moves. Howie I don't think you rose to the level.

Next to perform is singer Kameron Ross, singing Million Reasons (Lady Gaga) on a virtual stage, his vocal gives this pop song a country flavor. Not the best vocal pitch-wise, but his voice is sincere and passionate. He needs to loosen up on the stage though.

Sofia tells Kameron he is so handsome but she loved his first performance more. Keenan said you look free, comfortable and happy on stage, pretty OK, needed a cowboy hat. Howie says not the best song choice. Heidi says I wanted it to be good but this wasn't my favorite rendition. 

Bad Salsa is coming to you via remote in India, mixing cultures through dance. Set in a virtual grand ballrom, their moves are fast, furious, and definitely big. It's like a 2 minute trust exercise and they passed with aplomb, complete with faux ending and Zoom audience applause. 

Heidi says you are so good, the best we've ever had. Bad Ass Salsa - is it dance or danger act? Keenan says my mind is blown, the technology couldn't keep up. Sofia said spectacular, I want to spin like that! That is precision in dance, Howie says. 

The next act is a one man show of many faces. It's impressionist Vincent Marcus! He brings back the hip hop nursery rhymes, but the energy isn't there like the first time and I would have preferred a new shtick. 

Keenan says that was amazing, it's not overdone and you stepped it up. Heidi says you have the groove, but it's really just Snoop Dog and Eminem that stand out. Sofia says this was so much better than the first performance. Howie says presentation in the first performance was better.

This next act is for the dogs. It's 9yr old Alexis Brownley and her Puppy Pals! She puts the dogs through their soundsage paces and they perform admirably with only minor hesitation and no rejection. Not sure why they kept putting the cameras on the stuffed animal audience. 

Heidi says she is an amazing and asks if she can train her wolfhound. She doesn't train wolves, Alexis says. Sofia says you're inspiring for kids, you make it look easy. Keenan says you are precious and adorable, having so much fun. Howie says this is better than pigs.

This next performer knows only full speed. It's BONAVEGA, singing Blinding Lights (The Weeknd), it's a virtual 80's flashback with hi s trademark clothing reveal and an electric grunge guitar. It's more showman than singer but but there is something magnetic about his performance.

Heidi asks why the somber outfit at the start, he should have started with (open-chested lyrca) and then showed some more. Sofia says it was entertaining, an amazing presence and energy. Keenan says you walk the fine line of crazy, bold & infectious. Howie says you're the king of confusing.

In Krustyland (The Simpsons), it's the Spyros Brothers Diablo Duo! When they perform they are physically separated but socially connected. With the luxury of open space the act hits new highs and literally bounces off walls. Their tricks are amazing and their joy infectious.

Keenan missed the live performance but said they were so honed in on the tricks the choreography wasn't necessary. Sofia says their joy is so special, it creates so many emotions. Heidi says you used the space well and it was so fast. Howie says you make passion look so easy. 

The next act is 14yr old Kazakhstani Daneliya Tuleshova, singing Sign of the Times (Harry Styles), her vocal is nuanced and sometimes it is hard to hear the lyrics in her lower register. Her staging is simple, her voice big and powerful, pitch perfect, expressive and full range.

The judges are on their feet (this was live in the studio) for Daneliya. Howie says you are in such control, you have an amazing future. Heidi says so much maturity and grace, flawless, your A-Game. Sofia says her favorite performance of the night. Keenan says I was blown away by your depth & soul.

Next, daredevil Jonathan Goodwin brings the heat to a movie set where, unrehearsed, he escapes from handcuffed restraint & his head locked in a box while a 20 second fuse burns towards his doom. While doused in fuel. Mom, I'm going to be fine, he says. The fuse was a bust but the escape was real.

Keenan was not present to watch this live but says Jonathan is insane - I thought the idea was to avoid the fire! Heidi says you put yourself on fire to entertain us. Insane! Sofia says so grateful I am not your mother. Howie says well done (see what I did with the fire?)

The final act tonight is the Voices of our City Choir, singing Stand By Me (Ben E. King) virtually floating in space, the initial 4 are ethereally joined by the rest of the choir for a subdued yet moving, emotional performance of harmonies digitally multiplied.

Keenan says you must get a kick out of making people cry, that was so moving. Heidi says it was a special moment. Sofia says I this choir brings hope and love. Howie says we are all in this together and America needs to stand by you.

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Last night, 11 acts pushed their talent to the edge for a chance in the Semi-Finals. Now it is judgment Da - America's Got Talent: The Results! Tonight, only 5 will survive. Please welcome your host, Terry Crews! And your judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Keenan Thompson!

Let's take a look back at the performances by singer Kelvin Dukes, dance group The Shape, singer Kameron Ross, salsa duo BAD Salsa, impressionist Vincent Marcus, dog trick trainer Alexis Brownley, singer BONAVEGA, Diabolo duo Spyros Brothers, singer Danielliya Tuleshova, daredevil Jonathan Goodwin and the Voices of Our City Choir.

Tonight it is elimination or triumph. Three will move on based on your votes. The 4th will earn the Dunkin' Save and the fifth and final spot will be taken by the Judges' Choice. 

In no particular order, the acts coming in 3th, 5th and 6th and in the bubble of danger are...   Alexis Brownley and the Puppy Pals, Jonathan Goodwin, and Spyros Brothers. One of these acts will be going home tonight. Voting is now open for the Dunkin Save.

Hopes and dreams are on the line. Let's make the first one come true. BONAVEGA, Voices of our City Choir and Kameron Ross, please step forward. One spot in the Semi-Finals. America has voted. The first act into the Semi-Finals is...  Voices of our City Choir! 

Next, we have a dance act that got its break on AGT back in 2007. From a Vegas rooftop, it's Jabbawockeez!

Who's going to move closer to the dream of winning AGT? Let's get the next result. Vincent Marcus and BAD Salsa, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the Semi-Finals is...   BAD Salsa!

Just 3 spots left and the pressure is building, and one act will go through right now. Danieliya Tuleshova, The Shape, and Kelvin Dukes, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Danieliya Tuleshova!

Time is running out for your Dunkin Save. Will you save Alexis Brownley? Or will you save Spyros Brothers? Or will you save Jonathan Goodwin? 

Back in 2017, a shy 12yr old girl walked out on stage with her friend Petunia and won AGT. Now she's one of the biggest stars in Vegas. It's Darci Lynne with her one-eyed purple Australian friend, Ivan! They sing Baby (Justin Bieber).

The Dunkin Save vote is over. Who's in and who's out? It's time for an answer. Voices of our City Choir, BAD Salsa and Danieliya Tuleshova have already gone through. Alexis Brownley, Jonathan Goodwin and Spyros Brothers, good luck.

Thanks to the Dunkin Save, the act going through to the Semi-Finals is... Spyros Brothers!  They are so excited and shocked, they walk off the stage and have to be brought back.

Just two acts are left - Alexis Brownley and the Puppy Pals and Jonathan Goodwin. It is time for the judges to decide which act goes through.

Who will survive to the Semi-Finals? It's time for the judges to deliberate. Will it be Alexis Brownley and the Puppy Pals or Jonathan Goodwin? Keenan votes for Alexis. Sofia votes for Jonathan. Heidi votes for Jonathan. Howie votes for Alexis. The acts are tied.

With the judges tied, the act with the most votes from America will go through. America voted and the act going though to the Semi-Finals is...   Jonathan Goodwin!

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