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Thursday, August 20, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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4:50 AM BBT

Nicole is the last one awake after a late night and early morning cycle of trying to save herself. She gets ready for bed and the house grows dark and silent.


Week 2 Recap

Memphis started off Week 2 as an HoH like no other. Memphis did not share his HoH Room or Bathroom with the house, as is customary, and the rest of the HGs certainly took notice. Memphis has also "gone off" on production multiple times, never hesitating to let them know when he is being inconvenienced.


David, Cody, Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Ian and Christmas all played in the Safety Suite. Christmas won the comp and saved Ian with her plus 1.


Memphis’ nominations were two HGs he considered “somewhere in the middle” (but MamaLong considers very weak play). Memphis used the excuse that Nicole Anthony did not use her Safety Suite pass when he asked as a reason to put her up on the block. NicoleA felt safe and told Memphis she wouldn’t play the Safety because she felt it would prove her loyalty to him. Memphis nominated David with an offensive speech, making him David’s sole target, at this point, and setting the whole house on edge thinking his comments were inappropriate and unnecessary (I’m certain the nomination speech we saw on the Wednesday show was not the original version. Memphis was told by BB to change the wording.) Memphis won the veto but failed to use it to make a big move. There was an effort to backdoor Janelle (suggested by Cody and NicoleF) and Janelle proposed backdooring NicoleF. Yet, Memphis is playing a rather lone wolf style game. Unbeknownst to Memphis, his game play and ill-tempered attitude have labeled him as a solid target by the entire house.  


Nicole Anthony's campaign has been a valiant effort, but she has had several emotional breakdowns along with a woe is me attitude which caused the HGs to question her emotional stability.


Wanting to save NicoleA includes: Janelle, Kaysar, and Kevin (although, most HGs really like NicA and hate that she was nominated)

Wanting to save David includes: Tyler, Cody, Dani, NicoleF, Enzo

Undecided but leaning toward David: Christmas, Ian, Da’Vonne, Bayleigh

Christmas, Ian, Da’Vonne,and Bayleigh haven’t committed to saving NicoleA but have expressed a willingness to go that direction if the others do, too.

Memphis has been indifferent about a tie breaker, telling both sides of the house what they want to hear or that he will "eenie, meeny, miney, moe"


The vote is dependent on NicoleA securing at least 3 more solid votes. David's campaign has been a complete joke, so he would be the house pawn for either side should he remain in the house. Nicole A had three chances to try and save herself this week: 1. Safety Suite, 2. Veto Comp 3. Social Game/Campaign. We aren't positive where the vote today will actually land because it’s been a house divided, and Janelle/Kaysar are still trying to sway the vote. But if I had to put money on it, I’d say Nicole Anthony will be evicted. Nicole A has resigned herself to the idea that she is the one likely to be evicted, but we just don't know what will happen before the eviction ceremony. Anything is possible until proven impossible.  -MamaLong

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12:01AM BBT: Nicole A tells Bayleigh about her conversation with Ian. Nicole A says she needs to lock their votes in so she can go back to Ian and tell him she has it. David walks in, he tells Nicole A to "do her thing" and then leaves. 


12:03AM BBT: The HGs sing Happy Birthday to Dani's daughter, they clap and cheer in the KT. 




12:04AM BBT: The HGs sing happy birthday to Dani's daughter, they clap and cheer. BB zooms in on the birthday cakes. Dani gets sad, she goes to the PBR. Da'Vonne and Kevin walk in to try to cheer her up. Dani says she needs a minute.


12:31AM BBT: The HGs eat and enjoy their meal. Ian's punishment is activated, so he does a scene on the KT table. Ian's director tells Ian to do it again, but faster. So he does. The HGs laugh. 


12:58AM BBT: The HGs clean up after their dinner. Bayleigh, Kevin, and Da'Vonne are in the CBR talking, Kevin tells Bayleigh not to put any unnecessary attention on herself. Bayleigh says she wants to stay away from everyone. David and Nicole A walk into the lounge. Janelle and Bayleigh are now alone in the CBR, Bayleigh tells Janelle that she's getting upset with Janelle. Bayleigh says she's not going to play that game with everyone. Janelle says she's sorry. Bayleigh tells Janelle that now she has to "look of her shoulder." Janelle says that's the other side of the house playing the game, trying to upset her. Bayleigh tells Janelle is not the time to "excite" her because her mouth is "smart" and she doesn't want to be in that position.


1:02AM BBT: Balyeigh tells Janelle that she's just trying to let this week "pass over." Various HGs walk in and tell them good night. Janelle tells Bayleigh that she needs to talk with Christmas and Da'Vonne. Bayleigh says they talked this morning. Bayleigh says no one is going to openly say what they want. Bayleigh says even if they all vote for Nicole A, it's still just six votes. Bayleigh tells Janelle she needs to stop trying to make decisions for other people. 


1:09AM BBT: Janelle leaves the CBR. David and Nicole A are still in the lounge, talking about their time on BB so far. The other HGs are getting ready for bed. 


1:16AM BBT: Janelle and Kaysar are on the couch in the LR, they aren't talking. Kaysar is playing with the puzzle toy. Bayleigh walks in and gives Janelle a hug. Kaysar says he wants a hug too and then Bayleigh hugs him. 


1:19AM BBT: Janelle, Kevin, and Nicole A are in the lounge. Janelle tells Kevin and Nicole A about her conversation with Bayleigh. Nicole A leaves the lounge and walks to the WA, she asks if Christmas, Da'Vonne, and Kaysar will join her in the lounge. 


1:23AM BBT: Kevin asks if he should get Bayleigh too, Janelle tells them to leave Bayleigh alone right now, because she's really upset. Nicole A starts to get upset because she can't get Bayleigh too and she says she needs everyone in the lounge. Janelle tells her to leave Bayleigh alone for now. 

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8:40 AM BBT  David is in the WA.  Christmas and Kaysar are talking in the HN room.  Christmas is laying out her strategy, saying Nicole is amazing, a good player, but do they want to draw a line in the sand this early in the game and be at a disadvantage?  Kaysar says he has already thought about that, and here is why I disagree....then we get stars/music.  When they come back, Christmas is saying if they don't make waves this week, it will make them stronger.  They will still be getting info from the other side.  Kaysar spoke to someone last night, and they said if Kaysar can get Christmas on board, and Memphis to keep Nicole, then now is the time to do it.  Christmas is still leery of doing that.  She wants Memphis locked in.  They want a hard yes.  (Christmas is playing on both sides).  She said she doesn't want to be exposed and a target.  She wants to be clear how they are being perceived.  She says they need to analyze this and come up with something strong.  She is going over scenarios for HOH, who to put up, who to pick for Veto, etc.  She is getting way ahead of the game, wanting things more structured.  Kaysar said they have to get Memphis on board, without him this is all moot.  Christmas said this has been a good talk, the next needs to be with Memphis.  Kaysar asks point blank if she is ready to make a stand, she said yes.  Kaysar says this is all-stars, everyone knows how everyone plays, there is no hiding. 

8:54 AM BBT  Christmas said they have an hour to get ready, Kaysar leaves.  Christmas goes downstairs to the WC.  Says good morning to David in the KT and then another greeting to Nicole A in the WA.  Christmas comes out of the WC, says good morning to Kevin who goes in, and comments on how clean the sinks are.  She then goes to the KT and gives David a hug.

Christmas heads up to the HOH room where Memphis and Nicole F are, to give an update of her conversation with Kaysar.  Christmas says Nicole A is desperate.  She also said that Kaysar said Cody, Tyler David and Nicole F are in an alliance since day 1.   Christmas is giving Nicole F a hard time, because Christmas slept in the HN room last night, and Nicole F took her comforter, so Christmas was cold.  Back to game talk, Christmas says she doesn't think Nicole A deserves to go home, but she isn't strong enough to take a stand this week.  They agree.  Memphis thinks they are trying too hard to keep one person.  Memphis says what happens if they don't win HOH, then this whole thing is for nothing.  Christmas offers to get them coffee.  She is complaining that Janelle took her coffee cup, and she knows Christmas brought it from home. She goes downstairs.


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1:25AM BBT: Nicole A is starting to get impatient because it's just her and Janelle in the lounge and she wants everyone in the lounge. Nicole A is upset, she says her message to all of them is that they're "f***ed" and she's going to "sit at home watching her TV watching them go out one by one by one." She says they "better not cry to any of these cameras" wishing she was here. Nicole A says she'll sit at home and laugh, "because yeah b*tches, you wish I was there!" Nicole A says when they all lose the comps they're going to wish that Nicole A "the sucky comp person" was here.


1:27AM BBT: "Nicole," Janelle tells Nicole A, "I am a vote for you to stay no matter what. Even if it's just me and Kevin, you have my vote. I don't know what else to do. I'm trying." Janelle and Nicole A sit in mostly silence while the rest of the HGs get ready for bed. 


1:32AM BBT: Kevin, Christmas, Da'Vonne and Bayleigh join Janelle and Nicole A in the lounge. Nicole A asks if Bayleigh is upset with her. "No, no, no, no," Bayleigh says. Kaysar walks in after them. He says everyone is tired and cold and they need to "make this quick." Kaysar makes a speech on why they should keep Nicole A over David. Kaysar basically says they'll be picked off if they don't keep Nicole A. He says he didn't leave his "wife and kids" just to be picked off and made into a laughing stock. Kaysar says this decision isn't emotional, but they need to come together. He says he doesn't want this to be the moment where you look back at the season and know this is where "they f***ed up."


1:35AM BBT: Kaysar says if they don't win HOH, they will be picked off one by one. Nicole A tells them to "vote wise." Nicole A tells them that after the VETO ceremony, David told her he has all the votes locked. Kaysar explains why they need to keep Nicole A. Nicole A says she will repay everyone who gives her a vote. Bayleigh asks if Memphis has told Nicole A that he will break the tie. Nicole A says Memphis will decide tomorrow. Janelle says Memphis told her he will vote David out. Kevin and Bayeligh both say he told them he would just randomly pick. "He don't give a f**k about us," Kevin says. Janelle doesn't understand why Memphis would lie to her. Nicole wants to bring another person in to get seven votes. Janelle tells her no, they don't have seven votes. Kaysar wants everyone in the room to confirm they are voting for Nicole A so they can put this behind them. 


1:39AM BBT: Da'Vonne wants to know why Nicole A didn't play the safety suite. Nicole A says it was her taking a "leap of faith." Nicole A says she told Memphis she would play next week and use him as her plus one. She says Memphis told her he was telling everyone to play in the safety suite. Nicole A offers herself as a pawn in order for her to stay this week. "Do what you need with me," she says. Da'Vonne says she doesn't like to be lied to, she says she was led to believe that Bayleigh and Christmas were both locked in to vote to keep Nicole A and Da'Vonne says she feels she's been lied to. 

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9_05 AM BBT  Nicole F is called to the SR.  She goes downstairs as Memphis is finally up.  Christmas is in the KT, putting away some of the dishes that David has been washing. David starts to say something to Christmas, but Nicole F comes in.  He calls her Nicole A, then covers by saying Nicola doesn't sound right, giving her name a Spanish or Italian pronunciation.  He said she has a song...starts singing I am in love with Nicole, and we get stars/music. 

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1:46AM BBT: Kaysar wants a commitment tonight and he wants them all to work together. "Just for the vote," Nicole A says. Christmas wants to know what happens if it's a tie vote and they don't know what Memphis does. Kaysar asks if he can secure Memphis' vote will they all vote to keep Nicole A? Da'Vonne says they're "f***ed" if it's a tie and Memphis votes to keep David. Da'Vonne says if Memphis will confirm to Nicole A that he would vote to keep her in a tie, they will vote to keep Nicole A. Kaysar says they'll talk tomorrow, he and Janelle leave after Nicole A asks to talk to Christmas, Bayleigh, Kevin, and Da'Vonne alone. 


1:50AM BBT: Nicole A repeats her same argument she's been having all night with the other four in the lounge. Nicole A is upset, "so it's done, that's it. It is what it is. Damn." Nicole A thanks them for talking with her. Bayleigh says she doesn't feel comfortable with people putting her in positions where she ends up being the "crazy person." Bayleigh says she's trying to be calm. Nicole A says she doesn't care if everyone else targets Janelle and Kaysar, she says she doesn't want them here either. She tells everyone to go to bed, Nicole A says she didn't mean to annoy anyone. Nicole A says when they're in this position they'll understand. Christmas says they do all know what it feels like to be evicted. Christmas tells Nicole A that this is all amplified for her, because she just came out of the house last season. 

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9:20 AM BBT  Nicole F is back in the HOH room with Memphis.  They don't want to expose their alliance, but they say others aren't committing to keep Nicole, so they can just say there aren't enough votes.  Looks like David is staying.  They wonder when the HOH LD will be, it was earlier last week.  Nicole F said at least she feels better because she got to eat.  (HN's ended at midnight).  She is sleeping on the couch in the HOH room.  Christmas is downstairs joking around with David in the KT, Kaysar is there as well. 

9:25 AM BBT  Christmas is now washing dishes in the KT.  Both Nicoles are with her, Nicole A is drying the dishes, Nicole F is cleaning the table and counters.  They talk about Ian not being selfish at all, he was eating something because others don't like it.  Christmas wants to know what they are cooking this week, she says Christmas is back in the KT, cooking it up.  Christmas is talking about her dream.  No game talk, just chit chat.

Feeds 3/4 on Kevin in bed, staring off into space.

(Not much going on, will be back later)


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9:50 AM BBT   Christmas and Bay are in the SR looking for a banana for Bayleigh, but can't find one, so they get an orange, but Christmas has to peel it for her.  Christmas is telling Bay about her convo with Kaysar, and how they won't be able to lock down Memphis to break the tie.  Bay keeps agreeing.  BB calls for the HOH LD  David said just a minute, he has to finish, then go get a blanket, then he will be up.  He was in the WA, putting lotion on.  Janelle was there, but got up and left.  David finishes, gets a blanket, then heads upstairs. 


We have Kitty Cam.

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11:10 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Ian, Nicole F and Bay are in the WA, Bayleigh uses the WC, then asks for paper.  Most of the HG's are hanging around the KT.  Kaysar is in the HOH room with Memphis.  He asks if it is a tie, will Memphis keep Nicole A?  Memphis said he doesn't think it will be a tie.  Kaysar tries to tie him down, says will he tell Nicole that Memphis will keep her in a tie.  He said he already told her that.  Kaysar said to do it again.  Memphis agrees.  Kaysar says the rest of the house is waiting to see what Memphis does.  Memphis asks if he is ready to put his game on the line for one person, Kaysar says yes.  Memphis asks again, Kaysar confirms again.  Memphis says that tomorrow he will remind him of what he just said.  Kaysar leaves, Memphis says he is f'ing stupid.   Kaysar tells Kevin about his talk with Memphis, says it is time to play.  Kevin agrees, as he lies in bed.  At the same time, Memphis is telling Nicole F the same thing in the SR, saying Kaysar will have a huge target and look stupid.  Nicole agrees.

11:20 AM BBT  Kaysar is in the KBR talking with Janelle.  Janelle said the rest of the house is going to really be pissed.  Nicole A comes in to get her suitcase to pack.  Kaysar said to talk with Memphis, he is on board to keep her.  After talking to Memphis, Nicole needs to talk with the girls to let them know Memphis is on board.  Nicole A said she tried to talk with Christmas, and she just kept on walking.  Kaysar said don't worry, he already talked with Christmas, and she is good.  Nicole leaves.  Janelle said she has to make up the bed for Memphis, because she is going to be a HN.  Kaysar said why?  She said she just knows.  Again talking about turning the votes, and surprising the rest of the house.  (IMHO, they are being played, Nicole is the one leaving).

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11:14AM BBT NicA eating cereal. Xmas making Bay breakfast. She says she needs to eat to take her meds (Bay). Kaysar in the WCA getting ready to shower.


11:17AM BBY Kaysar goesinto the KBR and whispers with Kevin that he (possibly Memphis) is on it. He tells Kevin that they have to get her. Janelle comes in and they tell her that Memphis has agreed to keep NicA. Janelle asks if anyone has spoken to Xmas. Kaysar says Xmas is in if Memphis confirms it with NicA. Janelle says she was going to vote anyways and just say f' it to these people. Janelle said she has been so sad all morning.


11:22AM BBT NicA comes in to the KBR, Kaysar tells her she has to confirm it with Memphis and then tell Xmas and they will be on board. NicA says it is worth a try and leaves. Janelle says if this works they need to distance themselves from Memphis. Kaysar agrees and says they need things to cool off for a bit. In the KT, Kevin and Bay talking about her meds.


 11:30AM BBT Ian and Kaysar in the WCA. Ian tells Kaysar that he is leaning towards keeping David. Janelle is looking for a towel. They talk about that the house is set up for Celeb BB since all the beds were twins for the season. They discuss who they liked from Celeb BB.

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Just general talk going on in the house. Kaysar said he talked with Tyler about eating Vegan.  Dani said outside the house it would be okay, but the food in the house is so bad, it makes it hard.  Kaysar said Tyler eats the same thing every day, it is almost like being a have not.   Kaysar is talking about going on slop, how by day 3 you are ready to puke.  He is in the WA with Ian and Dani.  they all say they feel really bad by the last day.  Ian said he was bad day 4, then over the hump.  Kaysar leaves, humming to himself.  Bay was singing earlier, but it is quiet.  Kaysar went to get some clothes, look like he is going to take a shower.  Ian tells him he is leaning for David to stay, he just wanted him to know.  Janelle comes in, they start talking about not having very many towels this season.  Ian said he had a lot of towels, they were cheap, thin IKEA towels, but they had a lot.  Janelle asks if they are getting the celebrity treatment.  They like the beds, and that everyone gets one, they are all twin beds.  Kaysar said maybe because most of them are married.  (Maybe Covid distancing?)  Kaysar in the shower while Ian rocks.

11:28 AM BBT  Dani is in the PBR with Nicole A.  Nicole is packing, and trying to decide what to wear tonight.  Dani asks if she has a dress, Nic says dresses aren't her thing.  They go through her clothes.  Dani is being very sympathetic, telling Nicole that everyone in the house really likes her for who she is, don't lose sight of that.  Nicole says how can going to be with her family be a bad thing?  She hopes she hasn't disappointed Eric (he podcast partner).  She said they made a lot to last the whole summer.  Dani said he will be glad to have her, don't think about it.  Nicole hopes if she has to stay, that it will be with Keesha, and not alone.  Nicole said she could blow up, but that isn't who she is.  Dani said to not do anything that makes her feel bad inside.  Dani reminds her that she (NicoleA) didn't have time to decompress from last year, to make sure and take some time for herself.  Nicole said at least she got asked back for All-Stars, a lot of people didn't .  Dani said she deserves to be there, don't ever forget that.  Dani is being very kind and supportive, but sounds like she is letting Nicole know she is leaving.  She continues to help her pack and pick out an outfit.

11:48 AM BBT  Someone comes to the door, asks if they are getting dressed for the show.  Dani said it is like 11. don't they have until 6?  (actually 5, they are on at 8:00 EST)  Dani says she needs food, she is so hungry.  Dani leaves Nicole to pack.  Feeds switch to Bay giving Kevin life advice. 

11:52 AM BBT  Stars/music.

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12:00 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  Memphis comes to talk with Nicole A, says he will vote to keep her if it comes to a tie.  He said Kaysar told him to come talk with her.  He said he doesn't know if she has the votes, and not sure why Memphis needed to come talk with her.  She says thanks, she will continue to pack, and he can continue being him.  In the WA, Nicole F is doing a face mask, Cody, Janelle and Ian are on the couch, discussing what they are going to wear tonight.  Janelle said she wants to wear a dress.  She said old school dressed up for all the live shows.  The guy wore suit coats, girls wore dresses and make up.  She thinks it is more casual or silly dressing now.  Cody said some of the girls wore tiny skirts, and that would hinder them in the comps, maybe that is why they are told to wear athletic gear. 

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11:37PM BBT NicA and Dani talking. NicA is packing. Dani trying to give her a pep talk about not letting negative people in her life. NicA says that she gives people many many chances. Dani says she doesn't need those people in her life. Dani tells her that she still has friends from elementary school in her life. NicA says she has to get there.  They start talking about some of her clothes.


 11:51AM BBT In the KT, Bay tells David that she and Chris piggy back on ideas. She innovates and her takes care of the details. She says she takes the time because she knows her strengths. David says he wants to talk to Chris. We get FOTH.


11:59AM BBT Feeds are back. NicA asks to talk to Memphis. He tells her that Kaysar is running around acting like he has the votes. Memphis says that if it is a tie breaker, he says 90% he will keep her. NicA says she understands. Memphis says until the votes are in, he has no say.


12:05PM In the WCA, Ian, Janelle and Cody talk about dressing up for eviction night and how BB tells them to wear athletic gear. They discuss it is because BB wants everyone to be equal and not have clothes that hinder anything. In the KT, Xmas is discussing how she had medical issues with her eyes and they are set back further then usual.



12:15PM BBT IN the KT, Xmas is telling David and Kevin how she reacts when people send her mean comments. She does not validate the comments.  She says she just sends back that she hopes they found what they were looking for by sending it to her. In the WCA, Memphis and Janelle doing ADLs.


12:26PM BBT Kevin in the KBR, tells Janelle and Kaysar that he just passed Day and told her NicA talked to Memphis and Day just shook her head no. They agree NicA needs to go talk to them now. In the LR, Memphis and Xmas talking about NicA. Xmas says she had a chance until NicA because crazy and neurotic. Xmas says that she will hug her and tell her to go out with grace. Memohis says he went in and NicA was packing and he said to her "oh, you are packing" and she told him "that's what happens when you are on the block". He says to Xmas, that's what happens when you are in the BB house.



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12:38PM BBT NicA and Xmas talking. NicA tells her she wanted to talk to her. NicA tells her what Memphis said. Xmas says that she will ask Memphis. Xmas says that she is being pulled into groups that she doesn't want to be forced into. Xmas says that she is a target due to her ability to win comps and she wasn't able to last time. She says that she hasn't felt like anyone wanted her on their team. She says that she has tried to talk to NicA but go nothing. She says she will go talk to Memphis right now. NicA leaves the area. 


12:44PM BBT Xmas and Bay talking about her convo with NicA. She is embellishing it. She says she went off on NicA. Xmas says they never got confirmation from Memphis about her staying. They go back and forth. In the PBR, NicA is crying and talking with Tyler and Dani. She is hurt by what Xmas has said to her. Others are comforting her. We get FOTH. And we have reels.

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12:35 PM BBT  Nicole is in the PBR sobbing on Dani.  She said she doesn't even want to go to a hotel or sequester, she just wants to go home.  Nicole said people are lying to her, or being sketchy.  She is so upset.  She continues retching sobs.  She said people are avoiding her, they won't tell her what they are going to do.  She said she is sorry she is inconvienencing these people.  Dani said she is playing to the end.  Tyler comes in to comfort her as well.  Nicole said Keesha told her jut wait until these people are in her place next week.  Nicole said they all know she is a straight shooter, she is a good person, she doesn't know why she is being treated like this.  Dani said Nicole is bubbly, happy, includes everyone.  Not to let go of that.  Enzo comes in, says it all sucks.  Nicole said she wishes everyone luck.  Tyler said she did everything right, she played it perfectly.  She stays true to herself, and that will make the healing process that much easier.  Tyler said the people that know her love her, they know her true character, and she should be proud of that.  Dani reminds her that she doesn't have to stay in contact with anyone in the house that makes her feel bad.  We get Stars/music


While that was going on in the PBR, Bayleigh and Christmas were in the upstairs lounge area, discussing why they are voting for David, even though they told Nicole A they would keep her if she had the votes.  Christmas said she is athletic, so she is a target. Bayleigh just agreeing.  They are justifying to themselves why they are going back on their word to Nicole A.


12:53 PM BBT  Kitty cam

1:20 PM BBY  Still on Kitty cam. Could be out until after the show.

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6:05PM BBT: In WA Ian and Nic are nervously sitting there.  Nic says Janelle walked away from her and said whiny whiny whiny.  Ian asks if they had these issues on The Amazing Race, Nic says no we helped them, I even invited her to my wedding and everything and then she got in here and she doesn't like me because Rachel Reily doesn't like me. Feeds cut.  Ian says well she threw our names out.  Nic says "well everybody" then stops herself.  She says I think I gained some respect sticking up for myself, whereas I would look guilty if I kept my mouth shut.  Ian says I know what you mean.  Nic says there are pros and cons to both.  She says it just came out and now I'm in trouble.  Cody walks in to WCA and says keep looking for trouble.  Nic starts laughing and says stop!  Cody says you know what they say about looking for trouble, you'll usually find it.  She says I already found it she has been talking about me every second of every day (eyeroll --jOrwell).  Nic says her name has been dragged through the mud, Ian agrees, she says she's been called the B word.  Cody interrupts saying alright alright alright.  Ian gets up to leave and Nic whispers "I messed up"  are you mad at me, and Cody doesn't reply.  Ian heads back and Nicole tells Cody "she said whiny whiny whiny". Feeds cut again. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 11.02.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 11.02.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 11.03.38 PM.png

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9:06PM BBT:  The feeds are finally back.  Tyler is wearing the HOH key in the LR, talking with Da and Memphis.  Jani is in the KBR with Kaysar and Ian.  Ian's +1 punishment is over and the announcement is made that he "did not get the part" in All-Star Wars. 


9:12PM BBT: Jani explains to Da' and Kevin why she has a problem with NicF.  She says that NicF backstabbed her friend (Rachel) on The Amazing Race.  Rachel told Jani to watch out for NicF because she's not to be trusted.



9:15PM BBT: Memphis joins Tyler and Enzo upstairs in the game area. Tyler said that everyone is scared of him.  Lots of laughs.  Kevin is fanning himself and his face mask in the WA.  Jani said that the other side now has enough votes to control the voice.  She says she needs to win the POV so she doesn't get backdoored.   Dani and David go to the SR and Dani says she doesn't want those "trash apples", that they're sour, and they turn around and walk back out.  


9:24PM BBT:  Bay and Da' joinsTyler, Enzo and Memphis upstairs in the game area.   Enzo says he's living his best life.   Enzo is hoping that he'll be chosen for the next +1 so that he can have a fun punishment.  They laugh at the possibilities.


9:26PM BBT: In the WA, Kevin tells Jani that when he was up against Keesh, he never said anything disparaging against Keesha - but he'd hear that he was.  Jani said that she always wanted to work with him and told him that he had his vote.  Christmas then told Jani that Keesha had the votes to stay and it made her second guess the house.  


9:30PM BBT: Kevin and Jani are working through their issues in the WA and who/how they were being lied to.  Tyler walks through to use the bathroom and while he's washing his hands, Kevin asks him if he can make an appt with him.  Tyler tells him to come up to his room anytime once he gets it.    He leaves and Kevin/Jani continue their rehashing of the first 2 weeks' misunderstandings.


9:35PM BBT: Ian is in the PBR with Dani, NicF, and Cody.  Ian names them the 4 Prime.  A new alliance seems to have been born!

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9:44PM BBT: Ian tells Dani, NicF and Cody that Janelle single handedly ruined NicA's game, and that they should just tell her what she wants to hear going forward.  They agree that the 4 Prime come before the 5 Prime, in case they add another member.  They are thinking of adding Tyler, but that could come across wrong since he's now the HOH.


9:47PM BBT: Kevin and Jani continue their conversation in the SLR where they analyze what has happened thus far and the stakes going forward.  Back in the PBR, the Prime 4 say that they hope Memphis doesn't win the safety, but Dani says "he's been hot lately".   Ian says he'll be in a bedroom with Kaysar and Kevin, so will keep an eye on him.



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9:09pm Big Brother Time


Tyler is sitting in the living room talking to Memphis about ordering clothes online.


Kevin, Davonne and Janelle are in the washroom area.


Ian is laying on a bed playing with his puppet.


Kevin is encouraging Janelle to start a fight, she says she doesn't play like that. She says people need to come directly to her (She mocks Nicole F's voice)


Kevin says he doesn't understand what has happened between them, Janelle says they are at odds since the Amazing Race, and Nicole told secrets to other teams followed by fake crying and manipulation during that game.


Kevin's face is stiffening, he can't move his lips when he talks.


Baleigh comes into the room, talk changes to general chit chat.


9:15pm Big Brother Time


Enzo and Memphis join Tyler in the loft lounge. They are talking about the puzzles they have been given being preschool type toys.


Cody and Baleigh also come to the area.


Just general chat about the HOH competition and napping attempts in the house.


Enzo is making jokes about being on slop this week. Baleigh is also on slop, and they are laughing about Janelle being on slop because of Enzo's expected gastric issues due to a diet of coffee and protein shakes.


Davonne joins the growing group in the loft lounge where Enzo is entertaining the group.


They are trying to figure out what the punishment is that goes with the Safety Suite competition. Enzo says “They should give me the punishment.” Everyone laughs. They are trying to think of punishments related to the word, “star”.


Kevin and Janelle are talking in the washroom. Janelle is telling Kevin about eviction votes. Kevin tells her that Kaysar told him there were confirmed votes that were not true. Janelle tells him Kaysar did not lie, that Davonne, Baleigh, and Christmas all said they would vote to keep Nicole A while Kaysar and Janelle were in the room, but that would change as soon as they left the room.


Kevin tells her that he heard there was a scramble to get him out, Janelle tells him that Christmas came to her later almost like a game of telephone. Kevin tells her there were days she wouldn't even look at him. Kevin asks about alliances he wasn't part of. Janelle tells him that she heard he was talking about getting rid of her and Kaysar, so she didn't feel good keeping him (Kevin) in the loop.


Tyler comes through to the lavatory, the two of them keep talking.

Kevin asks to talk to Tyler later, Tyler tells him to come whenever he wants to. He sincerely tells Kevin to come whenever he wants when he gets the room.


Janelle tells Kevin she was concerned that he was throwing her name out there, but he is convinced that Janelle, Keesha, Kaysar and one other person were in a lock when he was on the block.


Kevin says he was able to work his game last week while on the block, but that when stories came back to him, it went to Janelle.


Janelle says she was not discussing Kevin, she was listening. She tells him that people came to her, she didn't approach them. Janelle tells him that week was much like this week has been with people asking “what are you doing?” and no one telling.


Ian, Nicole F, Danielle, and Cody are in the Photo bedroom talking, and joking about an alliance they are making called “4 Prime”. Ian says they can extend the numbers if they need to. They are talking about whether or not they should use the Safety Suite on each other. They are assuming that Janelle and Kaysar will both go on the block and one will go home so it won't matter. (Not sure if this idea is truth or idea). They say if Memphis wins the veto and uses it on one of them it would put a huge target on his back.


They say that Baleigh is trying to attach herself to Enzo. Danielle says Baleigh camps out around other people talk. Ian says Davonne and Baleigh are super tight. Ian says Janelle has been throwing out names, he heard her doing it while he pretended to sleep. Ian goes on to say that Janelle throws out names of duos like Tyler and Cody, Ian and Nicole F.


Cody says Janelle has no idea that they all know these things. He says if she did,she (Janelle) would act differently.


Ian says Janelle was pushing for David to leave because she didn't want to play against strong players. Ian says Janelle is under the wrong assumption that he would work with her. He says anything she touches turns to s**t, and that she ruined Nicole A's game single-handedly.


Danielle says Janelle doesn't talk to her. She says she had a little tiff with Janelle.


Janelle and Kevin continue talking. Sounds like Janelle is working to get Kevin's vote in the event she is nominated.


They tell Ian to hide in his bedroom to spy, he tells them that he will just pretend to be asleep again.


Ian says they need to get Janelle out before America gets involved in the game, she is loved.

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9:54PM BBT: Kevin explains to Janelle that Cody and Tyler were together and Janelle tries telling him that there's no way, that they don't even talk that much - and why would Cody play the Safety Suite?  Kevin says "oh honey, I was in the HNR and one of the benefits of that room is that you see the traffic going in and out of the HOHR, and guys don't care that much about showering in private - so that excuse doesn't fly".  She honestly feels like Memphis doesn't see any alliances.

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