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Wednesday, August 19, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:10 AM BBT

Bayleigh, Kaysar and David are hanging out at the hammock just talking about general life stuff.

Ian is hanging with Cody, Dani and Enzo in the PBR. Enzo is asleep. Cody is waiting on his laundry. The HGs have been talking about how annoying it is that the washer/dryer take so long to cycle through.  [I feel their pain...appliances are all fancy now, but all the bells and whistles don't make up for the longer cycles, even on the fastest settings.   - MamaLong]


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Any extra reporting will be greatly appreciated, a couple of our regulars will be out today.  If you've never posted before, give it a try, we don't allow criticism, so don't worry!

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12:45 AM BBT

Kaysar, NicA and Janelle are talking at the hammock about general stuff

Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are talking in the Comic Bedroom. Bayleigh is trying to fix some of her braids.

Day- I'm like, shut your mouth, shut your mouth"  [she is very annoyed by David]

Bayleigh tells her that David is just now coming into his own...that he used to be overweight and now he has lost weight and he is beginning to feel better with his social game

Day- but he so aggressive

Bayleigh- I think he talks to everyone like that

Day- he doesn't add to my game at all

Bayleigh- play with your heart....Kaysar would be so happy right now

Day- I feel like everyone is missing the ball. This dynamic...WIN...WIN


1:30 AM BBT

Kaysar is pitching Ian to get his vote to save NicoleA. He pushes that this may be their last time in the game and he doesn't want another outcasts versus the cool kids. "This is All STars" Ian keeps sighing, but he is taking it all in. He asks Kaysar how Bay/Day are going to vote. Kaysar tells Ian if he can get him then he will have them locked in and no one has to know about it. They will never talk about it again.

Kaysar- Want to shake things up? Let's shake things up!

Ian- yeah, this house needs a shake up...NicoleF is never going to win over Janelle and that's a problem (NicF is Ian's F2)

Ian tells Kaysar that he will let him know "I want this whole thing blown up" Kaysar says "I will blow it up"

Ian asks if he can help Kaysar in any way other than eviction votes. Kaysar tells him he needs his vote. Ian tells him he needs to think and go through the numbers. Kaysar assures him they will have the numbers. Ian says that he has to go through the numbers and he won't take a chance for a slightly better percentage. Ian says he knew they will vote to keep David. Kaysar asks how, but Ian says he doesn't want to share it, but "it was a very clear tell". 

Kaysar- we can go in mathematically with an edge and blow this house up. Then it's game on. But this is the point of origin. Otherwise the cycle continues.

Ian- you are saying status quo....say Bayleigh wins...what's the noms

Kaysar- I don't know

Ian- well you have to figure that out....are they close with David?

Kaysar- yes and that's why we need to get rid of David

Ian- but how do we reconcile that Janelle and Nicole don't like each other

Kaysar assure Ian that he can fix that. "Everything can be fixed. This is a long game." He warns Ian that Cody will dominate the game with his alliance all the way to the end if they don't take action. "Statistically speaking this won't look good for us." Kaysar tells Ian they need to "put our big pants on and make some moves"...they can guise this by saying it's just week two and they are both neutral players" Ian begins thinking deeply. Kaysar asks him what he's thinking and Ian says that there was a big tell and he needs more information. Kaysar asks him what he needs. 

Ian- I just need to run tests. I need to run a couple of tests. T

Kaysar asks if he can answer or help in any way. Ian replies "the onus is on the other side....I need to ask a few things and figure out from there."

Ian asks about Kevin and Christmas. Kaysar assures Ian that Kevin will keep NicA and Christmas will vote however Ian votes.

Ian- Good Lord...let the games begin

Kaysar- you and I are going to be the biggest threats in this house. I guarantee you. And it will be an epic thing.

Ian tells him he is 50/50 and needs to think and count and he will let him know

[The vote this week really will come down to Ian  this week.   -MamaLong]



2:15 AM BBT

Janelle, Kevin and Kaysar are telling Da'Vonne in the bathroom that they begged Memphis to save NicoleA with the veto, but he got angry and they thought they may end up getting put up. Da'Vonne asks if they were working with Memphis. Janelle tells Da'Vonne that they were never working with Memphis "I asked and he said he doesn't do alliances" Janelle is worried that NicA will spiral again. Kevin says she just needs sleep.

Ian is in his bed alone in the KBR thinking deeply "about the numbers"   [I love this guy and really hope he saves NicoleA. He will have a much better chance with that side of the house.   -MamaLong]


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3:00 AM BBT

Kevin talks with Da'Vonne in the backyard. Da'Vonne said she caught Janelle in several lies and she doesn't trust Janelle because she feels she just wants her as a number. "I came into this game to play by myself. She wants me to be in her alliance because you know, she says 'Bayleigh is my girl, yada yada'...I'll do the alliance thing but I can't vote with y'all this week". She explains that she told them she can't give them a solid alliance and she already told them she will not be of any use to them, "I told Kaysar, I'm not gonna vote your way". Kevin warns Day that keeping David gives Cody, Tyler, etc. another number. Day says that's not a bad thing because they are cool with them 'Let's cha cha slide right through the middle...I told David that if he stays in the house he needs to chill out, but he was like 'No, I'm on the block'...that was a mess... A MESS...that's why I told Nicole that I'm not locked because he could be really bad for my game"

Kevin- I told you that, too!




3:46 AM BBT

Da'Vonne is the last one up. She talks aloud in the backyard letting us in on what she's thinking.

Da'Vonne says "let's break this down...how can I vote David out without pissing them off. How do I not piss them off?"

Day says she has to get rid of Janelle because she is with Bayleigh and that will secure that allegiance. She feels if Nicole has the house meeting it's going to cause problems. "I've told Cody and all of them that I have been propositioned by Janelle and Kaysar so it's good she told them so it can't be used against her. "Oh God, what is she gonna do if she really stays? I don't know. You better figure it out 'cause you got one day to get it together....I don't know (repeats 6 times) "Is Kevin a part of this boys' alliance. I don't know, I might be reaching with that one.... (the buzzer to the dryer goes off)  that's it....it's time for me to go to sleep. I've done enough...done enough...I'm going to bed....y'all ain't never seen me in game mode like this before...never...never. I'm in game mode. Am I playing too hard? I don't know. I've got to figure my life out. (she grabs her laundry from the dryer) I'm the last one up in this house.  I know y'all told me to stay up. I stayed up! Goodnight....Good night Cadence. I love you"


3:55 AM BBT

Da'Vonne gets in bed, waves to the camera and then the BB house grows dark and silent.



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0221 BY Da’vonne & Kevin

Da’vonne trying to figure out why Nicole A is SO upset, what was the trigger and why does Nicole A think Janelle is at fault. She said Nicole A must believe that Memphis & Janelle are working together because her reaction to being on the block was not ‘I got played’ it was deeper than that, she felt betrayed, she had tears as if you (Kevin) threw her on the block.

Kevin says, so why don’t you believe Janelle and Memphis AREN’T connected?

Da’vonne: I don’t buy it. Because Memphis told me straight up, and I’m saying this because between me and you, the conversation he gave me was if he didn’t put me up this week, later on down the line he might want to work with me later, but in this moment right now he made it very clear, I don’t want to work with anyone. I’m about to play this game by myself. He made it very very clear. Now the fact that David could possible be staying, I’ve seen him kiki with David, I’ve seen him kiki with Cody so if a boys alliance is going on, he may be part of that but I don’t think he’s aligned to them (Janelle & Kaysar). And I think he’s smart enough to know he doesn’t want to be aligned with Janelle since she has a target on her back, that’s dumb. It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t think he thinks like that, I don’t think he thinks I’m going to align with her just because we’re OG’s. Yeah, they sat up there and had the wine or whatever that was, it’s cool but perception is everything. Everything that you see you gotta analyze it. One plus one isn’t always two.

Kevin: So why would they work together for Keesha? They just work together week by week?

Da’vonne: yes! That’s what he said, he plays this game week to week and that’s just the first half, when I get to the second half then if I find a group, ok cool, that’s what I’m going to do.

Kevin: So he’s a flip flopper?

Da’vonne: If that’s what you want to call it, let him be. I’m just telling you I don’t buy it and I could be 1000% wrong and live feeders could be watching me right now like ‘Da’vonne what the heck, your intuition is so off, I could be so wrong.’ [Getting excited someone is finally seeing it! -SCRTsqrl] but I don’t buy it. I don’t.

Da’vonne goes on to say how she thinks Keesha & Memphis were aligned and they all wanted her to stay. She thinks Janelle wasn’t aligned with Keesha but she saw her as a number for her side and that’s why she wanted to keep her.

Da’vonne: Janelle & Kaysar 1000% maybe even Kaysar & Memphis, MAYBE. But that sh*t, Janelle & Memphis, I don’t buy it. And all this going into rooms, saying she left her makeup upstairs, she did that tonight. That’s strategy, she’s trying to figure out what the hell Memphis has going on. She saw how he was in the veto, she saw how he was in the HoH, she’s seen how he’s been in different comps so she’s like yup, I’m about to attach myself, that’s another number for me. She can secret squirrel all she wants to but I don’t think he’s taking the bait, I don’t. If he was taking the bait, truly, and she felt comfortable why the F is she up at 0700? You know Janelle doesn’t get up until after 12. If you are comfortable because your ally is in power why would you being doing all this extra work?

She says if Kevin sees it’s different let her know and they can compare and contrast, Kevin has nothing to say.

Da’vonne: I’m not going to say any names but when you catch on to what I’m saying and you don’t say any names either but you need to stop speaking about Janelle in front of certain people. [Kevin has NO CLUE who she’s talking about -SCRTsqrl] period. Moving on. Moving on.

Kevin: Dani?

Da’vonne: What the fudge did I just say?! And I’m not even talking about Dani but moving on [Kevin still clearly has no idea who she is referring to -SCRTsqrl]

Kevin: Either I’m terrible at this game or--

Da’vonne: No, I feel like your in it but I feel like you keep trying to see the good in stuff and there’s a lot of good in this house but there’s a lot of bad too and I get it, that’s your friend (Nicole A) and I know we’re going to try to fight for her but she put herself in this position.

Kevin: I know that part.

Da’vonne: So what is it that you’re missing? What happened tonight? I don’t think any of know what happened tonight [referring to Nicole A’s tantrum earlier -SCRT sqrl] Literally she came flying into the house, me and Bayleigh were in the middle of a conversation, and we were both like hey and she just kept going, took her microphone off and got into bed saying she didn’t want to talk to anybody. She said just do what you gotta do, if you vote for me to stay great, if you don’t want to vote for me to stay do whatever you want. She was clearly upset that’s why I didn’t take it personal. I was just like yo, talk to me and she said she didn’t want to talk to anyone because she didn’t want to ruin her game or someone else’s and I was like alright but I was still trying to talk to her but she wasn’t having it. When she wouldn’t talk to me I came outside and low and behold Janelle and Kaysar were sitting here.

Kevin: Just so you know, your name is being thrown out by Janelle & Kaysar, not positive things. I’m wondering if it has something to do with you why Nicole A is feeling expendable.

Da’vonne: Me? What did I do?!

Kevin: She’s making it seem like the expendable comment isn’t coming from them.

Da’vonne: Because I told Janelle I was gone to vote to keep David? I told Nicole I was going to vote to keep David directly.

Kevin: They are suggesting the expendable comment has nothing to do with them and told me ‘you need to go talk to Da’vonne’

Da’vonne: Because they are still trying to get me to vote for her to stay.

Kevin: So they are planting the seed to Nicole A. that the expendable moment isn’t them, it’s from you maybe.

Da’vonne: I don’t understand that because I told Nicole A. directly that I wasn’t voting for her to stay and she told me she understands. Yeah she’s been campaigning to me but I told her, I was very honest with her, wtf I told her.

Kevin: I know, I’m just trying to figure out why someone would be so emotional over a singular statement [Has he heard anything she just said?! -SCRTsqrl]

Da’vonne: It wasn’t the statement, it was the betrayal! That’s what you’re missing. It wasn’t the statement, the statement was just the cherry on top. Unless she’s feeling some kind of way over me telling her I wasn’t going to vote to save her and hasn’t expressed that to me yet but she has the opportunity, my door was open, I was like ‘talk to me’. I don’t even understand that because when Nicole A and I were talking upstairs today, I told her, I said hey, everything you said to me gave me something to think about last night and my vote isn’t locked yet. I told her to keep doing what she was doing but my vote isn’t locked yet. So I don’t think it has anything to do with me. I could understand if I was going around saying hey you got my vote and I was secret squirreling, different story. But I told her directly, so I dunno.

Kevin: So I think maybe that’s the problem, maybe Janelle & Kaysar thought you were in the numbers and you’re not.

Da’vonne: I told them directly I wasn’t voting to save her. They knew that. I haven’t been lying to anyone. I’ve been very straight forward. Kaysar was literally just talking to me about how he understands I’m not going to vote to save Nicole A. but that’s a vote for them not us. He’s still trying to work me and I haven’t budged. There’s no way they thought they had my vote, I’ve been very direct.

Kevin: (trying to find words, like he just can’t grasp the concepts Da’vonne is putting out there) I wonder if Nicole feels like she’s expendable from both ends.

Da’vonne: from me and them (Janelle & Kaysar)? I don’t know how because I told her how to get the votes so my vote wouldn’t matter. I’m still trying to help her. Me saying that I’m going to vote to save David has nothing to do with wanting David to stay in the game. I’m just saying I can’t be one of the votes to seal his coffin. That’s all I said. I literally sat with her on the sky bridge and tried to come up with ways to get enough votes so that my vote wouldn’t matter.

Kevin: Because your vote would be that. It would be the swing vote.

Da’vonne: No, because she doesn’t have the votes. She needs 7 because if she get 6 it will be a tie and Memphis will send her home.

Kevin says they got confirmation from Memphis that he wouldn’t and Da’vonne calls BS saying she talked to him today and he said he didn’t care who went home because neither of them contribute and he would just as well play innie meanie miney moe to decide. Kevin says, don’t you think he would want to curry favor with half of the house? Like if half of the house really wants Nicole A to stay he would want to be on their side and not make enemies, that he wouldn’t tell Janelle & Kaysar that in a tie he would send David home and then play then for fools. Da’vonne says she doesn’t know but she has seen Memphis be really chummy with David.

Kevin: So then all that racial energy was just like a fake front?

Da’vonne: I don’t think that, I’m not saying that at all. I’m definitely not saying that at all. I’m just saying Memphis & David have been real chummy these last few days. (looks towards the house) please don’t come out here (Janelle & Kaysar) I can’t. They need to take both their bums to sleep. When have you ever known Janelle to stay up this late? If you were secure with the vote would you be up this late?

Kevin: I’m just trying to figure out why it’s so strange with them. You’re telling me it’s strange because they are totally solo. [He still isn’t buying what Da’vonne is selling -SCRTsqrl]

Da’vonne: I think they are and like I said, I could be 1000% wrong.

Kevin: There’s no way they are running through this house completely alone.

Da’vonne: Then why are they trying to get numbers? (long pause because Kevin has nothing) and here’s another thing, when they talk about the alliance that they are trying to build they say them two, me, Bayleigh, Christmas, and Nicole A. They never mention Memphis.

Kevin: Why don’t they mention me, this is so frustrating!

Da’vonne: At this point I think she should do the house meeting. Because either way it doesn’t sound like she has the votes.

Da’vonne asked Nicole F earlier what she thought would happen if Nicole A. would expose Janelle’s game, if it would turn people off or bring more people to her side and Nicole F. thought it would help her rather than hurt her.

Kevin: I’m just shocked. You’re making me believe that the only way this story checks out is to believe that Memphis is a lone soldier.

Da’vonne: If you believe in your gut that Janelle and Memphis are attached, don’t let it go.

0244 Janelle joins Kevin & Da’vonne

Da’vonne mentions she’s doing her laundry before they get locked in the house but she thinks she’ll regret staying up in the morning. Janelle says she told Kaysar to go to bed and how he should take care of himself. They say it’s wild that it’s only day 15. Lots of awkward silence. Janelle says she needs to drink more water. They talk about the hammock. Da’vonne says tomorrow will either be real quiet or real explosive and Janelle says tomorrow is going to be horrible. Da’vonne asks Janelle if she thinks David has the votes to stay and she says no.

Janelle: If we band together and vote to save Nicole A. then she stays.

Da’vonne: What if it’s a tie?

Janelle: Memphis sends David out.

Da’vonne: Are you sure?

Janelle: 100%

Kevin: How do you know?

Janelle: I’ve asked him. He’s like, I would send David out.

Da’vonne: So if he’s been so secret squirrel [Do these count as shout outs? I’m counting them lol -SCRTsqrl] his whole HoH and real hush hush and not telling anybody anything why would he tell you that?

Janelle: Because I asked him, I was like if it’s 6/6 and you have to break the tie, what are you going to do and he said I would vote out David.

Da’vonne: Well, there’s that.

Kevin: He wouldn’t back track on that?

Janelle: No. I mean it’s week two, are you really going to lie [lmao -SCRTsqrl] he already put Nicole A on the block, there’s no reason to lie about that. What would be the point? It doesn’t benefit him in any way.

Kevin: Did he tell only you that?

Janelle: Yes. David doesn’t have the votes, if we band together, Me, Kaysar, Da’vonne, Bayleigh, Christmas & Kevin vote out David, Memphis breaks the tie.

Kevin: Is Memphis willing to make that stand against the other half of the house?

Janelle: psh yeah! (She’s confident in this statement).

Janelle thinks Enzo wants David gone, and Ian wants Nicole A gone. She thinks Tyler & Cody have something with David. She said those guys want David to stay because it’s an added benefit to their game.

Da’vonne: I told Nicole A earlier, keeping David doesn’t help my game, so keeping him is specifically about my morals. There’s no friendships, there’s no emotions, I didn’t know him before 14 days ago, it is what it is. I’ve been trying to ask her, let’s just say we can get the votes to where mine doesn’t matter and I tried to help her strategize. (starts to ask about something, then backs off but Janelle prompts her to say it) She says it was about Nicole F, and how Nicole F says she doesn’t have a problem with Janelle.

Janelle: Oh hell no. She F’n hates me. Like if you don’t think that, I told you the Rachel Reilly thing. I saw her backstab, you’ve played with her before. I don’t trust that in this game, that’s how I play. So if you backastab and you do that whole thing, backtrack, lie, I don’t really want… you know what I mean. I saw her do it to Rachel, that why I’m on the outs with her.

Da’vonne: But she didn’t do anything specifically to you?

Janelle: No, I just see how she works.

Kevin: So was she in an alliance with Rachel?

Janelle: Yes and she was in an alliance with me and she back stabbed Rachel like the first chance she got. Did she tell you she loves me?

Da’vonne: No she didn’t say that, she just said she doesn’t have a problem with you, she doesn’t NOT like you.

Janelle: It’s not that I don’t like her [wait is she backtracking hahahaha -SCRTsqrl] it’s just that I don’t like how she plays, she’s super dangerous. She’s got Cody, she’s got Ian, she’s got Dani. Did she say that yesterday or today because she wouldn’t talk to me today.

Da’vonne says it was like 2 days ago when she had a conversation with Janelle about it and Janelle asks what Nicole F said and Da’vonne relays that she asked Nicole F what the deal is, why don’t they talk and Nicole F said she doesn’t know, that Janelle never talks to her and Da’vonne says and you are telling me she never talks to you. Janelle says “Yeah, so we’re just not talking I guess”. Janelle changes the subject back to David.

Janelle: Yeah I think that if you do vote for David to stay, Nicole A is going home. It would 7 to 5.

Da’vonne: And you don’t think Memphis can get Enzo to flip?

Janelle: No

Kevin: And you don’t think we can get Ian to commit?

Janelle: No, they’ve got their crew.

Kevin: Even with Christmas? Why did Christmas give Ian safety?

Janelle: She just didn’t have anyone in the game.

Kevin: So she can’t pull that card? Like I looked out for you, vote with me

Da’vonne: I don’t think Ian is on that level.

Janelle: I think he would be really weirded out by that. He’s with Nicole F and Nicole F is with them.

Da’vonne: Dani, Cody, Tyler, Nicole F, Ian & Enzo am I forgetting somebody?

Janelle: No. And if David comes off the block they have 7 so if they win HoH next week they can send home whoever they want to which is extremely dangerous.

Da’vonne: I don’t disagree. I hope she doesn’t lock herself in bed tomorrow.

Janelle: Who, Nicole A?

Da’vonne: Yeah

Janelle: She needs to just come out, be social, do her pitches again.

Da’vonne: Get some confirmations. So I have a question, why didn’t she play the safety suite?

Janelle: I have no idea.

Da’vonne: Like did she ever ask you, like hey am I safe? Do I need to play?

Janelle: I think she did ask me and I was like, yeah if you want to be safe. I honestly thought when I asked Memphis to use the PoV he was going to put me up.

Da’vonne: I don’t get it like if she trusts you and you told her to play, why didn’t she play?

Janelle: I don’t know. And Memphis told me he told Nicole A. to play and she said I’m not going to play and he took that as like a direct,  ok.

Da’vonne: Why would she feel that safe?

Janelle: I think she felt safe because of me and that’s why she asked me if I played her. She got in her head that I did something.

Da’vonne: But how if you told her to play?

Janelle: I don’t know.

Da’vonne: That doesn’t even add up. If you told her not to play she can’t even put that on you.

Janelle: I know.

0304 Janelle decides to go to bed. Da’vonne goes to put her clothes in the dryer and on her way back to the hammock with Kevin she stops at a camera in the BY and says “she’s lying ya’ll” (Janelle)

Da’vonne: So I caught her, she lied. So remember Nicole A said she asked Janelle specifically should I play? She lied on that.

Kevin: That part I know she lied.

Da’vonne: She also lied about Christmas’ vote. I talk to Christmas, she told me she would vote with whatever Bayleigh and I do, she’s not locked in.

Kevin: Nicole A told me that too.

Da’vonne: With all of those lies I am led to believe she’s lying about Memphis breaking the tie and sending David home. I don’t buy it. There’s some other stuff going on. I know this is your man but I feel like if Cody says he wants David to stay, Memphis is going to want David to stay which is why I think he’s been buddy buddy kissing his butt these last couple days. I think Cody made it clear he wants David to stay. That stuff about Enzo, I don’t buy it. Enzo wanting David to go home?

Kevin: I don’t buy that either.

Da’vonne: I like talking to her without Kaysar, she fumbles. When she’s talking to me she fumbles. Eventually she’s going to want me out, even tonight every time I asked her something she looked at me like *itch.

Kevin: Then why does she wants you in her alliance though?

Da’vonne: Because she wants me to be a number. And because everyone thinks I’m a package deal with Bayleigh. Which I’m getting a little tired of that too because if you think I’m a package deal long enough you’re going to put me up against the person I’m packaged with. I don’t have time for that. She wants me to be in her alliance because she told me flat out she likes Bayleigh she wants to play with Bayleigh which could be BS but Bayleigh believes it so whatever. I told Janelle if you want to do the alliance thing I’ll take protection but I’m not voting with you this week. I never agreed to be in the alliance.

Kevin: That will put you some kind of way with them, rejecting their invitation. Janelle has a point, keeping David will allow them to do whatever they want. Like Tyler, Dani, Nicole F, Cody

Da’vonne: Is that bad? Because we’re good with all of them. And you said Cody is protecting you so is that bad?? If it’s a war, let the war happen and we can cha cha slide right through the middle. Let them fight. I was talking to David today and I told him if he survives this week he needs to chill out and play in the background. He was all, nah, he put  me on the block I’m already in, I gotta do this, I gotta do that. I said yup, I’m about to stick my neck out and you’ll be going home next week. What a mess. That’s why I told Nicole today that my vote isn’t locked because the more I talk to David the more I realize how bad for my game he could be.

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9:01AM BBT David is the only HG up and moving around. He is in the WCA and moving some hangers. The rest of the house is still dark.


9:03AM BBT BB tells the HG it's time to get up for the day and there are fresh batteries and we get FOTH.




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9:13AM BBT Feeds are back. Lights are on but no one moving except David who is back in the KT cleaning.


9:19PM BBT Memphis is drinking his coffee in the KT. David is giving him stats on an how often a african american male gets evicted out of the game in the first 3. Memphis says that he needs to remember that it is a game. He says that it will not define him. He tells David he understands his reasons. David says he would also like the chance to play in a Veto. They talk about the TV show The Challenge.


 9:35AM BBT In the WCA, Xmas is describing odd dreams she had last night to NocF and Dani. In the KT, Kaysar is washing dishes. David says these are the last dishes he is going to wash. he is done. Kaysar and David talk about what they want to eat when their HN time is over.


9:38AM BBT Dani is in the PBR talking to Enzo. She says she heard Bay, Day and Janelle whispering. She says she heard them say Enzo's name. Enzo says they need to win HOH this week. He says they are so paranoid and it's going to bite them. Enzo says the 6 of them just need to stay tight. Enzo says they have a FB live in 40 minutes. Dani kind of rolls her eyes and says something about loving FB.



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9:46AM BBT Dani whispering to NicF. Difficult to hear but she continues to throw Kaysar and Janelle under the bus to NicF. Enzo looks in thought. Tyler is still under the covers. They are whispering about NicA and David and who has what votes. Dani continues to bash Janelle. nicF says Janelle told her she doesn't want to win HOH. 


9:55AM BBT Dani and NIcF continue to whisper. The Janelle bashing continues. Dani says Ian doesn't like Janelle or the game she is playing. NicF tells Dani that Ian feels like there may be a 4 and if there is he is the Brittney of the group. NicF says they need to decide what to do. They are discussing about a new alliance (Enzo is right there but not included). Dani says that she thinks Xmas is so smart but she doesn't want that getting back to anyone. They are trying to figure out an alliance and Dani says she will make something up and tell NicF. Dani says that Bay is close to Janelle. Dani says that they have to give her something to get her to trust them. Dani asks who Bay would save if she got safety. NicF thinks Xmas.


10:09AM BBT Dani and NicF still whispering. NicF says they have a good chance of winning HOH. Dani says she told Ian that if Janelle wins HOH, she will most likely put up Cody/NicF or him and NicF.  Dani tells NicF to pitch the fake alliance to Ian. It would be Xmas, Ian, Dani, Nic F and Cody. They discuss if adding in Xmas would be too much. They confirm NicA is going. Dani says she hopes so unless someone is flipping.

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10:22AM BBT Dani wakes up Cody. he comes over to NicF and Dani. They whisper to him about Day. NicF says that she thinks Day wants NicF to get paranoid about a guys alliance. Dani says that she is putting that in Kevin's head too. Cody says he isn't surprised. He says he has to brush his teeth and will be back. They try to wake up Tyler but he doesn't really want to.


 10:28AM BBT NicF tells Tyler that Day told her that there is a guys alliance. NicF says she isn't sure if she is testing NicF so do not say anything. NicF says that she wants her alliance to know in case Day comes to them to try and flip. Dani says that she doesn't kow where Day is with her. She went from being a BFF to not speaking to her. Tyler says the same thing. Dani says it was after that one day. Cody comes back and crawls on the bed. NicF wants NicA to stay for a higher chance in safety suite but she isn't going to tell her that. 


10:36AM BBT Cody, Dani and NicF talking. Cody is to come up with a lie about her. She asks him what he is going to come up with. He says he has to think. NicF tells him she has to approve it. Dani laughs that they are like brother and sister. He says Day is freaking out that he is being nice to everyone. Dani says that Day is accusing everyone of everything she is doing. In the KT, Xmas, Bay and Tyler talk about Julie. Xmas says she is going to practice today with her dress and heels. They talk about being at a concert. Bay says she thinks she would have fun with Xmas at a concert. Xmas says they would get all access so they wouldn't have to go get drinks.


10:45AM BBT NicF goes into the CBR. Day tells NicF that  several of them were up until 5AM. She says NicA and Janelle had a blow up. She says NicA told Janelle not to talk to her. NicF asks if Janelle yelled at her or just took it. Day says she just took it. She tells NIcF she will tell her more later. We get FOTH and when we come back, NicF is gone and Day is folding her clothes. 



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10:32 AM BBT

Dani, Cody and NicoleF are discussing Da'Vonne in the PBR and the possibility of flipping to evict David. Cody tells the girls that he told Da'Vonne that the guys' alliance are locked in and not sending David home. "I don't understand what Da'Vonne is trying to do here. I can't be the one to convince her (to save NicA)....because Da'Vonne will be 'like there is all kinds of lying here'...so if you guys really want to do this, then..." 

NicF says "I want Nicole to stay because I have a higher chance of winning safety suite but I'm not gonna tell her that"


[What we need to understand in this situation is that Dani, Cody, and NicF are in a tight alliance, Core Four, but they each have extended alliances and openly tell each other about them. We have an intricate web of alliances this year, and we have players that are masterfully working each of their extended alliances with hope of achieving their "core" alliance's goals. Eventually, true allegiance will be revealed, but until then, they all know they have to work hard to carefully mold the game to benefit the Core Four (Dani, NicF, Cody and Enzo) Cody has to maintain a front for the guys' alliance (all of the guys minus Kevin, Ian, and Kaysar) and his extended alliance with The Commission (Cody, Memphis, Tyler, Christmas, NicF and Dani) as well as his new alliance of six (Dani, Day, Bay, Tyler, Enzo, Cody) Cody leaves it to the girls to figure out, and we spectators just have to wait to see what else happens today.    -MamaLong]


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10:50AM BBT NicA is in the WCA. Dani gives her a hug and says something but it is muffled. NicA says that she just wants people to be straight shooters. They agree they will talk later. NicA leaves and Dani and NicF do ADLs.


10:58AM BBT Bay and Xmas talking. Xmas says when the HOH looks at you and says that you need to play - then you need to play.  Bay tells her that there is word on the street that there is a guys alliance of the top 4 guys. Xmas says that David doesn't give her anything. She says she wants him to have a fighting chance since he is so green. She says she has told him to go out there. She says that David doesn't give anything to her. Bay says that is kind of a red flag for her that he wants to be one of the cool kids. She says that the fact that as of this week, 2 of the girls will be gone. Xmas says the rest of the girls are well rounded. Bay says it is All Stars.


11:08AM BBT Xmas tells Bay that she wants to be there for David because her BB experience wasn't what she wanted. She said she always felt expendable. She says she understands David's situation. In the KT, NicA tells Tyler that BB will want to talk to her since she stormed off.


 11:18AM BBT Xmas and Bay sill in the lounge talking about what other HG have said. Really just a gossip session no actual game talk. NicA and Kevin head into the PBR to talk. Enzo is getting some clothes and tells them to go ahead and talk. People are everywhere. NicA tells Kevin that she wants to thank him for sticking by her. She says she never questioned him. She says it is the same as she had with Cliff. NicA says she needs to talk to Day about the alliance they made. She says it is week 2 and people afre already throwing out their alliance. She says she is expendable to Day.



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11:27AM BBT In the lounge, Bay tells Xmas that she doesn't know why she is being so nice because she really isn't nice. Xmas tells her that she is very nice. Bay says she tried to act tough last year. In the PBR, NicA is telling Kevin she is wondering if she is just twisting things. She tells Kevin if it comes down to just him, to turn and walk away. Dani comes in and Kevin says they are talking. Dani says she is staying unless they won't talk in front of her.


11:32AM BBT NicA asks Dani has she made up her mind. Dani says she will be honest that she is leaning the other way because of her (Janelle). She asks NicA if she has spoken to Memphis. NicA says she has tried but he just doesn't talk. They talk about if it is a tie, Memphis will keep her. She says she doesn't know. NicA asks if there is anything she can do. Dani says she isn't voting for her to stay because she is associated with Janelle.


11:39AM BBT NicA talks about a house meeting. Kevin tells her that it might not work. Sometimes the house eetings are only beneficial for the others. NicA says she understands. Dani tells NicA sorry that she is in this position. NicA says it is what it is. Dani asks NicA what Janelle wants to talk about today. NicA says she has no idea. NicA asks Dani isn't she concerned about all the guys being good at comps. Dani says she is so bad this year it hasn't crossed her mind. NicA says if safty suite is such an issue, she won't play next week.


 11:45AM BBT Day and Kevin in the SR, Kevin says he told NicA not to have a conversation with Day on her voting to keep David based on race. He said he wanted to have the convo with Day and asked her to explain. Day says that in 21 seasons of BB no one that looks like her has won. She says they come in with additional layers others do not have. She is giving him reasons. She says there are layers when you look like her. She says the last time you saw an African American male in the jury house was S10. Kevin says he knows. She says it is out of control. Day says that even though NicA is better for her game, she doesn't want to go against her morals. 



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11:45 AM BBT

Kevin tells Day that he told NicoleA that it would be better for him to have this conversation with her, as a person of POC (Kevin is biracial) rather than NicoleA "optically it would look weird". He asks Da'Vonne to explain why she is so set on saving David. Da'Vonne explains "so throughout this game there's a cast and there's usually only one or two that look like me....and 21 seasons, no one that looks like me has won this game because we don't have the same chances as everyone else. The odds are not in our favor. Others come into the game and just know they have to play Big Brother...We have to come into this game into this mindset as 1. a black person playing this game 2. a fish out of water playing this game 3. somebody that is not going to have anybody that I can relate to in this game and 4. playing Big Brother.  It's an added layer, everyone else comes in ready to play. And...statistically, when have you ever seen an African American man in the jury house. It's out of control"


Day gets teary and says "I'm really battling with my morals and my game. My morals say to keep him but my game is saying he is bad for my game, and he's got to go". Da'Vonne begins full on crying and Kevin begins feeling terrible that his conversation caused this. Day goes on to explain (lots of great conversation here) about why she feels it is so important for her to protect David simply because he is POC and she sees a good chance of someone that is POC actually making it to final two. However, she knows he is not good for her game.

Kevin is so self aware "even though I am half black, I don't have the full African American experience"

Da'Vonne: it's not just in this game it's in the world...our black men are being targeted, our black men are being done so wrong, and our women...I just want to protect them and maybe that doesn't apply in this game, but I don't know

Kevin says he understands and just wonders if it really does apply to this game

Day says she has to figure that out

Kevin: between me and you, I think David is better for our game 

He says," me, you and Nicole are my ride or die." He will vote NicoleA just on an emotional level. He thinks gamewise that David would look of for them. Day says she is not friends with David and regardless of what the HGs think, she just doesn't have an emotional/personal connection with him.

Day: I want her to know she is not disposable to me....I can't risk going against something I believe in and then getting f*ed




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12:00 PM BBT Bay, Christmas and NicA are in the loft talking. They ask where her loyality is going to be and what is she going to do after. NicA says she never though about that. She is just in survival mode right mode. They talk about last night and why NicA just went to bed last night after being on the hammock. 

12:20 PM BBT Bay asks if she has talked to day yet? NicA says no she she hasn't yet. Bay tell she really thinks she should do it since she has more clarity. We get FOTH.  

12:25 PM BBT  we are still on the stars. 

12:33 PM BBT we are on Rancho Coastal critter cam now. 

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 1:20 PM BBT.  All cams on Ian and Cody talking in the loft.  Cody is pissed that he is being pegged on the side that's trying to be flipped on.  Cody says Kevin came up to him saying "will u ne mad at me if I keep Nicole?".  He says "why are u telling me this?".   They now sit in silence.  

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1:24 PM BBT.  All cams on Cody and Ian in the loft.  They are still sitting in silence.  Ian is playing with some game pieces (or something).  Christmas, Enzo, David and Kaysar sitting around the KT table.  Kevin is in the KT. They aren’t doing much talking.  

#BB22 1:27 PM BBT.  Ian is rocking back and forth in the loft.  Him and Cody both sitting silent still.  Now we have stars again.  

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1:31PM BBT Enzo and NicA talking. Enzo asks what Memphis told her. She says that Memphis told her first David was going but now it is "what the house decides". Enzo tells her to use every angle. He tells her he knows it's hard. Enzo suggests people she can talk to that may sway others.


 1:52 PM BBT NicA talks with Day. Day tells her that it is her morals vs what is best for her game. Sheworried that NicA will get back with Janelle. NicA saysthat she knows it will not happen. She says Janelle and Kaysar have said things to ruin Ian and NicF friendship. NicA says that she plans to keep her F3. That is what she believes in. Day says that Kevin told her that NicA is feeling disposable to her. NicA explains why to her about the F3 not wanting to keep her. She says that she felt expendable to everyone. She was frustrated. She says she understands Day's struggle but she just feels that her F3 doesn't want her. 


2:16PM BBT Xmas and Kevin have come in to talk to NicA. Xmas trying to help her spell out things she should bring up to others and we get FOTH. 

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2:33 PM BBT   

The feeds were cut today so the HGs could practice for the next HoH competition.  In the loft Cody, Dani and Bayleigh are discussing the practice session

Bay- how did your thing go when you were out there...how did your practice go?

Cody-not good.... I threw one right off...I pushed it

Bay- to the right or to the left

Dani- oh is that what you do? you push it?

Cody- to the right

Bay- ...because you are right handed? 

Cody: yeah,  the first one I threw it went right off and then I hit a 5, and then I hit a 3...but I pushed it and was going to the 5 then curved off to the 3...but is that what it's going to be?

Bay- Ours were always what they give us

Dani- ours were never  (they are referring to whether or not the practice comp is the actual comp or just a practice of the skill that will be used)

Bay........why did they bring those things if we aren't gonna use them?

Cody- (speculation) like we get three throws and you pick two people to go against each other...that would be fire

Bay- I think it will be just one time and if you're out, you're out

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2:20PM BBT We are back. Xmas asks NicA if she has spoken with Day. She says she has and that Day will talk to others. She doesn't want to be the swing vote. Xmas asks NicA if she has told Memphis who her targets are. NicA says that will cause a huge argument. NicA says that she doesn't know who Memphis is with but she thinks it would be Janelle and Kaysar.


 2:23PM BBT Janelle tells NicA that she tried to get her off of the block. Janelle says that she doesn't talk with Memphis. Nic tells her she was up there for 2 hours drinking wine. Janelle says they were trying to get her off of the block.  NicA tells her not hard enough. NicA tells her that she acted like they tried when they didn't Janelle says she can't make Memphis do anything. NicA walked out on her. She finds Xmas. Xmas tells her not to to anything right now. 


2:43PM BBT Cody and NicA go intot he lounge. She tells Cody what happened. Cody says if NicA stays it won't because of Janelle and Kaysar. Cody says they want to split the house. NicA says that Janelle was telling her who she could talk to. Cody says he can see how both sides are playing. NicA says that she talks to each of them because she doesn't have a problem with any of them. 


 2:54PM BBT Cody and NicA continue to talk. She knows she will lose votes if she yells at Janelle. Cody says it won't even be close to a split. In the WCA, Janelle is curling her hair.

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 2:59 PM BBT.  Janelle is curling her hair in the WA.  Cody and Nicole A continue to talk in the lounge.  She says she is fuming.  She says she has Janelle/Kaysar votes but she doesn't even want them, take them back.  She says if she yells at them she loses their votes & mayne Memphis as a tie-breaker.  Cody is telling her the vote won't be won't be close.  

3:03 PM BBT.  Nicole A is now in the KT.  Kevin is roaming around in the KT as well.  


3:05 PM BBT.  Enzo and Cody talking in the PBR.  Cody is telling Enzo what Nicole A just told him.  Cody says she keeps saying they're trying to cause a divide.  Enzo says if Nicole stays that's good for is, she's not coming after us.  Enzo says she'll go snap on Janelle, she is ready to go.  We get FOTH STARS.  

3:23 PM BBT.  Feeds are back.  Dani and Memphis are talking.  Memohis says bring on week 3 already.  Bayleigh and Janelle are in the loft.  Not much talking gping on.  

3:25 PM BBT.  Memphis says he forgot how boring the house is. He says I just figure nothing is

open out there (outside the BB house) anyway so...   Bayleigh and Janelle talking in the loft.  Janelle says she (Nicole A) is really pissed at me, it sucks.  Janelle says she blames me for getting nominated and she doesn’t believe me. 

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