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Monday, August 17, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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 4:37 PM BBT Bay and Enzo are talking in the loft upstairs whispering to each other. David and Christmas are in the Hammock talking.

4:45  PM BBT NicA tells Kevin if Janelle and Kaysar that if they win HOH NicA says  she is screwed.  Kevin and Nicole are talking in the KBR. Nicole says that she thinks they are making her look sketchy. Kevin tells her that is not right. Janelle comes in and the whispers stops. David is on the hammock swinging by himself. BB tells janelle to please put on her microphone. Janelle leave and they contuine the whisper. 

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4:45 PM BBT

NicoleA is talking with Kevin in the KBR. She tells Kevin about her talk with NicoleF and how she exposed Janelle to NicF with Franzel asked her if Janelle was really trying to backdoor her. She confirmed that Janelle was doing that and that she felt set up because she ended up on the block. 

NicoleA says she needs Kaysar and Janelle's votes so she has to be careful with her campaign to let people know she isn't working with them without losing votes from Kaysar/Janelle

Kevin- Thought bubble....pop if you want...I don't think it's good for Kaysar and Janelle to campaign for you (meaning it makes it look like she is working with them)

NicA knows this is a slippery slope "but I'm on the block, I need the votes. I'm telling you, if I wasn't on the block I would blow this up, like House Meeting...but I'm on the block."

Kevin- here's another thought bubble, you can pop this too...you could go ahead and blow up their game

NicA- now I don't have their vote

Kevin- I don't think people are solid with anyone as of today....that's just a thought bubble, though...I don't think you should do it...just scenarios

NicA- but I thought of doing it because this is the same thing that happened to me last season

Kevin- can we replicate that

She explains how she went to everyone individually last season and everyone turned wanting to get Nick/Bella out

Nicole- It makes me really assess myself...like, why do I always fall in with that type of person who f* me and I have to prove myself...what does that say about me? why does history repeat itself...am I just easily manipulated

Kevin- I don't know girl; I knew that was a spider from the very beginning, like Watch Out

NicA- yeah but if you stay on the spider's good side and they go after everyone else

Kevin- but you can get caught in the web

NicA- and that's what happened last season...Black Widows

NicA- I could blow it up, but if Janelle or Kaysar win HoH, I'm f*ed anyway

Kevin- you're right, it does make you more enticing but....

NicA- I can play nicey nice but if they keep me and I stay friendly with them, people will be like What the F*

Kevin- yeah because it's perception

NicA- if I blow it up Janelle will say...'What are you doing? I'm campaigning for you? I'm getting you votes'

As if karmically summoned, Janelle walks in and  joins them to provide an update on the vote status. 




(very difficult to hear)

Janelle- I think....

NicA- who do you think we'd have? 

I can't make out what Jani is saying

Big Brother calls for Janelle to put on her microphone  (thanks BB)

Janelle- oh God. I'm getting busted all season

Jani leaves to get her mic

Janelle comes back

Kevin- I feel David is cool and confident

Jani- yeah because Tyler told him he has the guys votes 

NicA- Damn It....but guys... there's Tyler, Cody, Enzo...that's only 3

Jani- but there's girls that are voting with them...you need Da'Vonne

Kevin- but what about Bayleigh 

Jani- you need Da'Vonne

Jani makes it seem that if they can get Da'Vonne to agree, Bay will vote to keep NicA

NicoleA counts votes Kevin, Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Christmas,  Da'Vonne

Kevin- and then Memphis will vote for her

Janelle- mm hmm

Kevin- it's going to be a tie breaker

NicA- if we get Da'Vonne

Kevin- you don't think Christmas is with Ian

Jani- no Ian is with Nicole (F)...you have to get Da'Vonne or it won't happen

Janelle tells Nicole she has to get out of bed because the guys are going to use it as ammo  'Nicole is depressed...already out of the game'

NicA- but to get Da'Vonne we have to make sure Bayleigh is locked in

Janelle- she is locked in

NicA- Christmas?

Janelle- she is locked in

Janelle tells Nicole to keep working and leaves

NicA- here's the thing. In the grand scheme of things I know she doesn't give a damn about me. But with the David debauchery...I need her

Kevin- yes

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4:59 PM BBT Kevin and Nicole are talking about David and she says that he came to her and told her that he had the votes. Nicole mentions the people who he thinks he gots the votes Dani CicF Enzo Dani Day and Bay. Day said she can't vote David out because he is a POC and NicA told her that not the day I know and to vote for her head. She said Day told her she needs to focus on her why and she needs to do the same. 

5:09 PM BBT the feeds cut to the stars. 

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5:11 PM BBT the feeds have come back on. Kevin is still talking to NicA in the KBR. Kevin says to talk to Ian he started to commit to him after the veto ceremony.  

5:18 PM BBT  Nicole says that it is going to be like a 7 to 5 vote. Kevin says what day is it and tells him it Monday and he says dang that a long two days. NicA agrees. Kevin says what he needs to do is make it seem like he is not in an alliance with her. Kevin says if she waits till Wednesday or Thursday to talk to people. NicA interrupts and says she not going to do that. Kevin gets up and says OMG why is this so complicated. 

5:24 PM BBT Kevin leaves the room and Nicole is in a trance in the bed. Ian and Kaysar are outside talking. Ian says they the only thing he needs is to be in the top half. Janelle joins the guys outside. NicA gets up and goes to the Wa where Dani and Christmas are. Feeds cut to the stars. 

5:30 PM BBT feeds come back on. They start talk=ing yoga with bay and Ian says he wants to do that. FOTH again and come back on. Kaysar gets up then shortly after Janelle leaves. FOTH again. 

5:34 PM BBT Bay and Day are in loft whispering doing a puzzle. Bay says when people give you cues and you know it . Tyler and cody are talking by the pool and he said we cant be caught to Janelle. Cody agrees. Enzo shares with Kevin that this not like the Keesha situation and let them marinate on it for a few day. Enzo says where they find me it took them 10 years to find me. They talk about avacado, twix and Snickers. Kevin says Snickers are not good. Feeds cut. 

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2 5:44 PM BBT Ian and David are on the Hammock, David makes a promise to him to say he would let Ian know if his name is being thrown out there but can't say names. Ian purposes a question to him where he sees the game direction.  David says that he knows both of them are winners and Ian says yeah she a friend and they are cool. Ian says this game makes him ill. 

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5:35 PM BBT

Day and Bay talk in the loft and discuss David. Day tells Bay that when she heard David told NicoleA he had the votes to stay "Girl, I was done"

The both agree that he is "doing some dumb shit"

Bay- oh my gosh Day

Da'Vonne- there is something to that story..I asked him what he was saying to that bakk (in the veto comp). He told me I was sayin' "you my bitch...you my bitch"

Da'Vonne- and then when he was pumping his little penis at it....like what are you doing?..I'm so mad at him because he was doing all the theatrics and he was holding the ball like this and then his ball was just rolling down

Bayleigh- but if you're gonna do that, be good at it

Da'Vonne- made y'all look like a fool

Bayleigh- yeah, like focus

Da'Vonne- He is building his resume because he survived just screaming, he survived that damn mosquito bite, he survived the and he survived that ball

Bayleigh- he has been kissing up to people today

Day- because he knows he is staying

Bay- no, Memphis was telling him  he is a comp beast

Da'Vonne- I guess keep your friends close and your enemies closer...I'll tell you, though. Nicole was working her ass off today. She was giving me her pitch...and she told me 'I get it, I don't expect you to vote for me 'cause that's your friend'...but, that's not my friend. I don't know him. I was telling Kaysar that he is not my friend....it's the principal (to keep David because he is a black man)....she was like 'everything you are doing for him, will he do that for you?'...and she right!

Bayleigh- yeah

Da'Vonne- she was like what you don't want to do is look up and see...she believes there is a boys' alliance and I do too

Bayleigh- but if there is a boys' alliance and they decide to go after Bay/Day would he warn us?

Da'Vonne- exactly....like Da'Vonne? What are you doing. You don't even know this man!

Bay- but if we voted for Nicole would there be enough votes for her to stay?

Da'Vonne- I don't know. Kaysar said you, me, Kaysar, Janelle, Kevin, Christmas

Bay- that's 6 and Memphis would break the tie

Da'Vonne- I think he would vote David out

Bay- I do too

*feeds cut to stars

Da'Vonne- he is stressing me the f* out...like, every step I take he is right behind me...so aggressive...let me breathe. I get it. You're scared.

Da'Vonne- I mean at this point, we can't ride the wave forever.

Bayleigh- yeah, we have to make a decision

Da'Vonne- At some point it's gonna come down to  *feeds flip to NicoleA talking with Christmas in the bathroom


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 5:55 PM BBT David and Ian are on the Hammock. Bay and Day are in the loft talking. Ian asks who he is tight with. He says he is tight with nICA and day for obvious reasons. Ian agrees and the feeds cut. They come back on and David says he feels tight with her thinking NicF and Ian says they are friends for sure and feeds cut again.  They come back on and Ian says he really curious where that came from and takes a deep breath. David then says you been HOH before and ian agrees. He says it all fact finding, 

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5:45 PM BBT

Christmas says she definitely wants to talk with her because there is a lot of strange stuff going on, but no one can name the origin

NicoleA- says she will answer whatever she wants to ask ... "I am not sketchy"

NicoleA says she was confused because they were close and working together and then she ended up on the block and Janelle acted indifferent

Christmas- you and I both know it can change any f*ing minute

NicoleA- I had a rough day yesterday but I don't want that to be perceived as

Christmas- acceptance

NicoleA- I want to be here

Christmas- implement yourself more

NicoleA says she is trying to talk with everyone. Christmas tells her to be daring, to be social and open the door to better conversations

Christmas tells Nicole that her veto speech was honorable because she didn't throw David under the bus




6:24 PM BBT

Christmas is leading a workout in the backyard



6:27 PM BBT

Ian is called to do the Captain Spacejammer scene as part of his Safety Suite punishment. He performs with NicoleA and NicoleF in the backyard. They perform the scene and the narrator asks them to do it again "Faster". They repeat the scene, faster, and perfectly. The narrator asks them to do it a third time but this time "make it epic". They do it perfectly, again. The narrator responds "Good Enough"

NicoleF- oh good

Ian-- that was great. Thanks you guys

NicoleA- that was fun...a great day at t he office

Ian- very nicely done




6:43 PM BBT

NicoleA is talking with Da'Vonne in the SR (talking about the conversation Janelle had with NicA about NicoleF)

NicoleA- I was like Janelle said it to me, but I never validated it...I was like be nice, be nice...

Da'Vonne- oooh

David walks in claiming to need Sqwinchers   he gets them and leaves

Da'Vonne- what kind of game is she playing? That's an ugly game

NicoleA- I know, and I'm just looking out for myself. Have you heard anything?

Da'Vonne- I haven't heard anything about you staying but I heard 100 thousand%  there is a buyback

NicoleA asks her how she knows

Da'Vonne- same person (Janelle) she made them tell her because if she has to go home she wants to go to her kids, but keep that between us

She was told if you go home first, it will be in September

NicoleA- yeah, I'm not gonna get in trouble

Day- so that's something to think about...keep that in mind

NicoleA- so are you telling me I'm gone? are people coming to you directly saying they are keeping David?

Day says she is going off what David tells her (about votes)

NicA- because I know I have alledgedly....5 (votes). That scares me. I'm being told I have 5....you would be my 6th.

Da'Vonne- okay....I'm gonna go fish, but keep that in mind







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6:00PM BBT: Day continues the conversation with Jani and Kevin upstairs on the bridge.  She is working at her puzzle while they quiz her about her season and her fellow HG.  Meanwhile, Christmas is holding a workout class while Enzo and NicF small talk on the BY sofa.


6:07PM BBT:  NicA and Dani join NicF and Enzo.  Dani says that there's a lot of instruction with very little exercise going on, referring to Christmas's workout.


6:15PM BBT:  Half the house is working out and the other half is lounging/yawning.


6:21PM BBT: Janelle heads downstairs to the KT where she is eating an apple and reading the cereal and pancake boxes.


[I used MamaLong's updates from above and will continue from where she left off]


6:51PM BBT: Cody and Memphis are talking up in the HOHR. They walk through various HG scenarios, starting with how Dani wanted Janelle backdoored.  Cody says he like her as a person.  Memphis said she seemed a bit spacey today and she's realizing that this season is very different than ones she's previously experienced.


6:53PM BBT: Memphis would love NicF or Dani to win the next HOH and then they will take the heat off of them.  If it's an easy comp, Cody says he can't throw it.  They wonder if Christmas would put up Janelle and Kaysar week 3 if she wins.  Memphis thinks that would be the best game.  Cody was trying to get info from Bayleigh, but

she wasn't giving much up.  He says that everyone in this game right now is flip flopping.


6:55PM BBT: Memphis feels like the only ones that are actually tight in the house are Tyler, Cody, him and Enzo. They are trying to figure Kevin's game out and how depressed he is, and is a floater. They feel like it should be week 6 instead of 2.


7:00PM BBT: Cody and Memphis continue talking about what they'll do up through week 8. 


7:24PM BBT: Memphis tells Cody that they hand picked their players and that they're all great. They'll need to re-evaluate when they reach 10 people in the house and not wait until they get to 6 because by then it'll be too late.


7:32PM BBT: In the KT, Cody is cleaning dishes while Janelle, Da' and Memphis work on making dinner.


7:43PM BBT: Cody, Kevin, Bay and NicF are in the BY talking about how maybe while they were in there that there was a breakthrough in the COVID cure and send out good vibes to the universe.


7:48PM BBT: The HG are asked to drop the shades in the BY.  Christmas talks about how her feet sweat all the time, so wears yoga socks.  [She broke her foot, ya know.]


7:50PM BBT: Christmas Fitness and Body by Bay are coming to a gym near you.  Christmas gives Bay lifestyle advice and how to promote her platform.


7:55PM BBT: Day and NicF are upstairs in the game area whispering.  Meanwhile, Dani is whispering in Cody's ear in the PBR.  It's hard to make out what they're saying.


7:57PM BBT: Dani tells Cody in the PBR that this house is so frustrating and weird.  "So annoying.  So annoying.   He is quizzing her on what she's heard, but she isn't giving much up.  "So annoying".

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08:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are Dani and Cody in the PR.  Dani is complaining about Dae flipping on her.  Dani says Dae has had three strikes in like three days.  Cody thinks Bae and Dae are trying to "disconnect" he and Dani because they seem them getting close.  


Feeds 3 and 4 are Dae and Nicole F on the balcony.  Dae is whispering to Nicole F about something someone said about Nicole F on her season of The Amazing Race.  Nicole F denies it and says all she did was ask her friend if she was going to be U-turned.  That was it.


08:08 PM BBT Cody and Dani continue to whisper in the PR about how Dae and Bae cannot be trusted.  Christmas comes in the room and talk turns to who they targeted this week.  Cody says they are the most embarrassing alliance due to their targets this week.


Up on the balcony, Dae and Nicole F continue to whisper Nicole F says Ian didn't want to talk earlier in the hammock because he was comfortable.  Dae says she heard that Ian told Janelle that Nicole F is number 1 like Kaysar is Janelle's number 1.  Nicole F is shocked and surprised.  Nicole asks Dae if she still wants to keep Nicole A.  Dae does.  Nicole F likes Nicole A and thinks she is a sweet girl.  Nicole tells Dae that her name has not come up in conversations, so that's a good thing.  FoTH


08:17 BBT Feeds back.  Feeds 1 and 2 are Dani and Christmas in the PBR.  Dani says "Do you know how much shit we're going to have to deal with.  Christmas is stressed out.  Christmas says they will have to jump out because her name is in with that association.  Christmas can't believe he laughed it off, which is what he just did.  Dani can't believe it either.  Christmas wonders where the BD plan came from.  Dani tells Christmas to tell anyone but she thinks it came from Janelle.  They joke calling Memphis "King Memphis" to themselves.


Kaysar talking to Nicole F about his seasons and his experience with slop.  Kaysar says he lost 15 pounds on the first All-Star season because of the slop.  All four feeds on Dani and Christmas now.


08:21 PM BBT  They both agree they love the team, minus him.  He's not looking at the long-term.  FoTH.


08:23 PM BBT Feeds intermittently FoTH.  Dani and Christmas think Nicole A is falling apart.  Enzo comes in to get a shirt.  He's going to jog and zone out for a bit.  Enzo leaves the room.


Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Kaysar and Nicole F on the balcony again.  Kaysar says in his season he only experienced one secret power in his previous seasons.  But this season they've already had one.  Kaysar says they never had anyone come into the house.  Talk to turns to production and FoTH.


08:26 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Ian and Janelle in the BY.  Ian is on the hammock and Janelle is sitting on the ground next to him.  There's no fish pasta left.  Ian says it's fine.  Both agree that they've had lots of naps today.  Ian says the "Votes are frozen..."  Janelle agrees.  Janelle wonders what is going to happen.  Ian says he feels so lost this season.  9 times out 10 during his first season he knew who was leaving after the veto ceremony.  Janelle asks what that means for this season.  Ian says it means people are keeping their cards close.


08:29 PM BBT Janelle thanks Ian for talking last night and believes that Nicole F and him could be a pair just like Kaysar and she could be a pair.  She thinks "they" should work together and protect each other.


Over on Feeds 3 and 4 Kaysar and Nicole F continue to talk on the balcony.  Nicole F says she could have probably prepared a bit more for this season by working out for the competitions.


08:32 PM BBT Nicole A walks into the PBR and asks what Dani and Christmas are up to.  They said they're just hanging out.  Dani asks how she's doing.  Nicole A says she's doing as well as she can.  Christmas asks if anyone is making slop.  Nicole A says David is, but then corrects herself and says he's making a protein shake.  David A walks in right on cue and says he's going to take a shower and make a protein shake.  Nicole A volunteers to make slop even though she doesn't know how.  The other two laugh and say they saw how that worked out last time.


Feeds 3 and 4 switch over to Janelle and Ian in the BY again.  Janelle thinks David has the fight to win.  Ian wonders if there will be a pre-jury battle back.  Janelle does.  Ian doesn't.  Ian thinks there will be a jury battle back.  FoTH.


8:35 PM BBT Feeds back quickly.  Janelle doesn't think there should be jury battle backs.  Because there is more blood when someone on the jury is brought back in.  Whereas with the pre-jury battle back, it's an absolute coin toss as to who goes home usually.  Janelle wonders where Christmas and Kaysar are.  She thinks they went to bed.  Ian doesn't think it would be allowed.


Feeds 1 and 2 switch over to Dae and David in the CR.  David asks if she wants to go upstairs to talk.  She whispers something almost inaudible.  Mic levels are increased.  Dae says someone said that David is in all-guys alliance.  David sits there stoic.  He says someone is planting seeds.  She asks if it's true, she doesn't care.  He agrees to it and says she's cool with one of them.  Someone walks through and Dae says she hates this house.  David tells her to "bring it down".  Dae asks "What are you talking about?"  She tells him to speak candidly.  David says he can't  She says she would speak candidly with him.  David is stuttering quite a bit.  Dae says she told Kaysar that she wasn't going to vote him (David) out.  David is fearful of the two of them (he and Dae) being on the block together.


 08:41 PM BBT Dae says someone with the guys is not being careful.  She asks if she guesses if he'll tell her who the alliance is.  He says no.  Dae is clearly frustrated.  David says he told her and Bae that he has their backs.  Dae visibly upset and clearly trying to motion him off.  David also seems kind of tense.  Dae enters the PBR with Dani, and Nicole F.  David stops Bae and says he told Dae to bring down.  Bae doesn't think that was a good idea.  She'll tell him in a bit.  Bae says Janelle told Dae what David told her.  Conversation over


Meanwhile over on Feeds 3 and 4 Dani is giving Nicole A a pep talk, telling her that it's never too late and to not give up.


08:46 PM BBT Dae comes out and Bae asks what David said.  Dae confirms that David is in an all-guys alliance.  Dae says she might of messed up.  Soemthing about what she said to Kaysar said.  Someone walks through and they decide to move to a different room.  They enter the KR.  David told Bae that he told Dae to calm down.  Dae says she agrees.  She's done.  FoTH.


08:49 PM BBT Feeds back.  Dae says this season she's not talking, but she will speak with her votes.  Dae says she keeps seeing Cody go upstairs while everyone's outside.  FoTH.


 08:52 PM BBT  Feeds 1 and 2 are Bae and Dae in the KR  They both agree they are in danger.


Feeds 3 and 4 are Janelle and Kevin in the BY in the hammock.  Kevin asks Janelle if she genuinely thought she was the target for week 1.  Janelle says she and Kaysar were in danger, with Kaysar being the main target.  Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the SR.  David and Tyler.  David says Kaysar told Dae about the all-guys alliance.  Tyler says he'll talk to Memphis.  If there's a tie vote then Memphis will have the final say who stays.  Tyler says Kaysar is just making stuff up.  Tyler asks him what he told Dae.  David says he told Dae that he's trying to protect Bae and Dae.  Tyler says Kaysar will vote to evict David.


08:57 PM BBT Back in the KR the girls discuss if they will try to vote David out this week.  They're not sure.  Conversation over.  Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Kevin and Janelle in the BY in the hammock.


Over in the SR the Tyler and David conversation breaks up.  Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Christmas, Kaysar and David in the KT.

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9:01PM BBT: Janelle and Kevin are talking on the BY hammock.  Janelle tells him that everything is speculation.  Kevin said he's noticed a lot of distractions.  "What's real, what's fake?"  Janelle feels like Kevin was singled out, Keesha was friends with her, Kaysar is friends with her, it's not that complicated.  She thinks that if Kevin had won the veto, NicoleA would go up.  She inquires about vote commitments for NicA and says she needs to get in a room with everyone. "where are these people??"


9:03PM BBT: Janelle wonders why anyone would want to keep David over NicA.  Kevin thinks he would be an asset.


9:04PM BBT: NicA, NicF, Dani and Bay are in the PBR talking about eating ants.  There's a lot of laughing.


The feeds cut out for about 10 minutes.


9:17PM BBT: Janelle and Kaysar are in the KBR.  Janelle says that David is very bad at the game, Kaysar agrees that he's a newbie.  They run down who they think we can get votes to get David out.   At this point they think they can flip the vote in NicA's favor.  If it's a split vote, let Memphis send David out.


9:19PM BBT: Cody and NicA are swinging in the hammock.  He tells her that his name is getting mentioned all over the house.  He tells her that "apparently I'm part of the other side of the house".  NicF says that she's associated with someone that literally set up her for the slaughter.  Cody agrees that "she kinda screwed you".  NicF thinks that it was a total set up, or a major miscommunication.


9:22PM BBT: NicA says that Janelle told her some opinions about NicF, and then told others that NicA said them.  She thinks that Julie is going to say to her "you put your faith in the wrong person".   Cody reinforces her doubts.


9:25PM BBT: Kaysar and Janelle have a pow wow in the KBR about when David is going to go after Memphis.  She said that David tells her she's the queen bee and has respect for her.  Kaysar said he doesn't want to waste another week without getting him out.  They are determined to get 7 votes for NicA.


9:26PM BBT: Da' joins Kaysar and Jani in the KBR and says she was just in a conversation and David said that he was comfortable with her, Bay and NicA. Jani said that David told her in the SR that he was going after Memphis.  Jani said she doesn't have a problem with Memphis, so where does she fit in?  He said that she's guilty by association, and that he'd give her a one week deal and respect who she is as a player and that she's a legend.  "So what then?  You'd go after Kaysar?".  She tells him to think for himself that he's being used.  "his pitch was terrible"


9:32PM BBT: Jani said David is gunning for them.  David told Kaysar that he respects him, which was his campaigning.  They're going talk with Cody tonight, but he has diarrhea of the mouth.  Kaysar makes a passionate plea to Da' to join them.   Christmas comes into the KBR as well and Kaysar says that we need to get on the same page and lock down an alliance.  He asks Da' to trust him....she says that she doesn't DIStrust him.  


9:35PM BBT:  Da' tells Kaysar that she needs time to process it.  He tells her to sleep on it and that he badly wants them to feel safe and have a position of strength and not get picked off.  Da' leaves to take a shower.  They repeat the conversation to Christmas.


9:34PM BBT: Cody and NicA continue the conversation in the hammock about bashing Memphis.  Cody spins more stories to throw NicA off by telling her that Kaysar and Jani were close with Memphis.  NicA says this season is version 2.0, same as last year when she put all of her eggies in a basket.  


10:04PM BBT: Kaysar and Jani have talked Bay into voting David out and will talk with Da' and Christmas.  Da' is with Kevin in the upstairs game room and repeats the entire conversation that she just had with Kaysar and Jani.  

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9:56PM BBT Kaysar and Janelle pulling Bay into their alliance in teh Key room. He says he was called to the house to fuck shit up. He says he will take Cody's ass out first. [His alliance with Ian from this afternoon may make that happen sooner rather than later - BBLurkerPlus]

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10:00PM BBT: Bayleigh, Kaysar, and Janelle are talking in the KBR. Da'Vonne and Kevin are whispering in the loft area upstairs. Kevin and Da'Vonne discuss Nicole A potentially going over to the other side of the house if she stays. Da'Vonne compares it to a "toxic relationship."


10:04PM BBT: Kaysar tells Bayleigh and Janelle what he and Ian talked about earlier. Kaysar says Ian can't be some "scrap" in their alliance, he has to be part of it. Janelle says she doesn't feel good about that. Janelle says she doesn't like large alliances, she says she was happier with six, not seven. Janelle tells Kaysar and Bayleigh that she is not interested in working with Ian if he is still working with Nicole F. 


10:07PM BBT: Kaysar says he wants to go into next week strong. He leaves the KBR. Janelle and Bayleigh talk in the KBR, Janelle says Da'Vonne is "so paranoid." Bayleigh says it's because of all the information she has. Upstairs, Da'Vonne and Kevin discuss votes.


10:12PM BBT: Bayleigh and Janelle laugh out Kaysar leading an all girl's alliance. Janelle says she'll try to calm Kaysar down. Bayleigh says it's fine as long as he wins HOH. Bayleigh and Janelle joke they're ready for a week off. They discuss Bayleigh's season. 


10:15PM BBT: The conversations turn into a game of telephone, repeating everything they've already said. Da'Vonne is upset, she tells Kevin she's not mad, she's just "annoyed." Outside, Tyler and Nicole A are talking. Nicole A says Memphis should know better than to put her and David up together on week two. Tyler says the way Memphis treated David wasn't right. Nicole A says she woke up this morning and decided to fight for herself, but not fight against David. Nicole F is called to the DR, Ian joins Tyler and Nicole A.


10:20PM BBT: Christmas, Bayleigh, and Memphis are outside by the hammock chatting. Da'Vonne and Kevin are still talking upstairs about the previous comp. Kevin says he tried to help Nicole A during the Veto, but she wasn't listening to him. 


10:24PM BBT: Many of the HGs are outside chatting and eating. Da'Vonne and Kevin are still upstairs. General conversation throughout the house, aside from Da'Vonne and Kevin who are talking about coming back to the game. Kevin says this is "so stressful." Da'Vonne says it's not the same game it was. 


10:30PM BBT: Kaysar burns his slop on the stove, the house is very smokey. Da'Vonne is irritated, she says this is not good for people with asthma. Da'Vonne says Kaysar should "eat a turkey sandwich" and "go home." She says it would make her life "so much easier." "This is ridiculous," Da'Vonne says. She tells Kevin if the sprinkler system turns on and her wig gets wet, she's "going off."


10:34PM BBT: Cody and Enzo are playing pool, while Nicole A, Tyler, Ian, and Dani sit and eat on the couches outside. Upstairs, Da'Vonne tells Kevin what Nicole F has been doing. Da'Vonne says she knows it's a game but she doesn't like the "lying." Kevin agrees. Outside, Kaysar and David join the others around the couch. 


10:43PM BBT: Kevin has left the loft area, he's downstairs in the KT but says he needs to use the WC. Nicole A is trying to make something in the KT. The group outside is still talking about food. Nicole F is out of the DR and joined the group outside, she asks if Indian food has noodles. Kaysar and Dani tell her it's rice. Nicole F says she wishes BB would give them take out.


10:50PM BBT: Da'Vonne gives BB a hard time for following her around right after she took the wig off, she laughs and leaves the CBR. David, Ian, and Kaysar are outside chatting. Tyler, Enzo, and Cody are playing pool. General conversation throughout the house. In the KT, Kevin tells Dani he hasn't been called to the DR "at all." 


10:56PM BBT: Kevin and Dani are whispering in the hammock, he tells Dani his theory of new school vs. old school. Dani says she should be in "old school" then. Dani is upset because Janelle hasn't talked to her at all and she feels like they have pushed her to the other side of the house. "I don't get it," Dani says. Kevin says it's a distraction for the "real alliance." Dani wants to know what "real alliance" is. Kevin says he doesn't know. Dani tells Kevin that Janelle is telling everyone that Dani wanted to make a four person alliance. Kevin says this is the first time he's heard this. Dani is upset. 


10:59PM BBT: Bayleigh joins Dani and Kevin, their conversation stops. General chatting throughout the house. 

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11:12PM BBT: Dani and Bayleigh are alone on the hammock whispering. Bayleigh tells Dani about her day, she says she cried for "twenty minutes" in the DR because she misses Swaggy. Bayleigh says she doesn't know if people in the house "have her back." Dani wants to know who. Bayleigh says Dani and the rest of her group. Dani brings up the four person alliance rumor. Dani promises she has Bayleigh's back. 


11:18PM BBT: Nicole A is eating pizza in the KBR, talking with Janelle. Janelle says the "other side is super scared." "Wow," Nicole A says. Nicole A says that makes her happy. Janelle tells Nicole A that David cornered her in the SR to campaign. He told her wants to go after Memphis. Janelle says David offered her a "one week pass" because she's a "legend." 


11:22PM BBT: Janelle tells Nicole A that she's "fine." Janelle says that Da'Vonne is struggling to vote out David, but that it's a "game" and she's coming to terms with it. Nicole A says she should go back and mingle with everyone else. Janelle tells Nicole a to "be positive" and to still "campaign hard." Their conversation switches to traveling. Outside, Dani and Bayleigh are still rehashing the same conversation from earlier. 


11:35PM BBT: Cody and David are sitting at the table in the KT while Enzo walks around. They talk about how tired they are. Nicole A is still in the KBR with Janelle. Cody tells David that the other side of the house keeps grabbing Da'Vonne and Bayleigh to talk. 


11:38PM BBT: Dani and Bayleigh leave the hammock and walk into the house. Da'Vonne and Nicole A run to the hammock outside. David tells Cody in the KT that "they're tying to take" Da'Vonne and Bayleigh. Cody says "these two" (Janelle and Kaysar) are a problem, because they screwed Keesha last week and this week they're screwing Nicole A. 


11:39PM BBT: Nicole A starts to campaign with Da'Vonne, she tells Da'Vonne that Janelle said she was safe because of the alliance they all have. Nicole A says she doesn't know if Janelle is being serious or if she's "just blowing smoke." Da'Vonne says Janelle isn't lying to Nicole A, that Janelle is trying hard to keep Nicole A. Da'Vonne tells Nicole A that she told Janelle she needs to "sleep on it." 


11:41PM BBT: Tyler, Nicole F, and Christmas are in the PBR whispering. Christmas tells them about the conversation she had with Ian earlier. Nicole F says Ian "loves alliances." Tyler tells them that David said there's "no way" Da'Vonne and Bayleigh would vote him out. Christmas isn't so sure about that, but she says they should keep David. Tyler agrees. Nicole F says that Nicole A still has her safety suite, which is another reason to keep David. Nicole F says she needs to talk to Ian and leaves the room. 


11:46PM BBT: Christmas and Tyler are still whispering, Christmas says Dani isn't just sitting back and being quiet. Christmas says Dani is playing. Christmas says if Enzo wins the safety suite next week, they're "screwed." Christmas discusses next week and what would happen and who would go on the block if Kaysar or Janelle won. 


11:47PM BBT: Kevin tells everyone outside good night. Da'Vonne and Nicole A are still swinging in the hammock. Nicole A asks Da'Vonne if there's anything she "should know." Da'Vonne says no. Nicole A asks Da'Vonne if she would be interested in an alliance. Da'Vonne says if she agreed to that, she would just be telling Nicole A what she wanted to hear. Nicole A says she's really upset with what the other side of the house did to her this week. In the PBR, Christmas is still planning out their next week in the house and who will win the comps. 


11:55PM BBT: Christmas is in the KT, she asks Cody if he wants to pay backgammon. Cody says he can't "focus on that right now." He promises to play with her tomorrow. Outside, Bayleigh is now with Nicole A. Bayleigh tells her she's looking to do "what's best" for her game. Nicole A says she "appreciates that." Bayleigh asks what Da'Vonne said. Nicole A tells her what Janelle told her, Bayleigh tells her it's all true. 

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