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Monday, August 17, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT

David and NicoleA talking in the Key Bedroom about the arrogance that comes out for some on BB. NicoleA wants to speak out against it. David tells NicoleA that it looks like she is the one going and he wanted to tell her because he owes her that. NicA responds that if that's the way it is, she will be okay with her journey, but she is "kicking herself" because she knows people at home are wanting her to fight. She mentions that her mental health is not where it should be. David tells her things could easily flip.   [He is right, the target has flipped back and forth all day, and this may actually be  tie on Thursday with Memphis making the decision   -MamaLong]


Ian and Janelle are talking in the upstairs loft.  Janelle says she just wants to know where is head is at. "Where do you and I fit in if we are going to work together with Nicole?"

Ian- that I'm not sure about. Are you working with Nicole?

Janelle- no

Ian- well, I don't think it's now (meaning now is not the time for a solid plan)

Ian tells her he doesn't have an issue with pairs working in the house

Janelle says she is sad about NicoleA. Ian is, too.

Ian tells Jani that the direction the game is gonna head is that the pairs are gonna get nominated together which causes problems when people lose their "friend". Jani tells him there is an alliance of 6

Ian- Hm, interesting...very much interesting

Jani and Ian discuss that noms will remain the same 




They go over the pairs in the house.

Ian points out that he sees Him/CoCo,  Day/Bay and Jani/Kaysar

Janelle says she thinks there are more: Cody/Tyler, Dani/NicF and she thinks those 4 are working with Enzo and probably David.

Jani mentions that she has walked in on several "pow wows"  

Ian is intrigued. She asks him to keep an eye on things. 

Ian thanks Janelle for sharing and asks "Is that all?"

Janelle says yes, she just wanted to talk with him because they hadn't yet.

Ian- Okay, good talk...good talk

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1:24 AM BBT

NicoleF and Christmas whisper about the game in the Have Not Room

NicF says she is glad she made it into their alliance. They are unsure what would happen if Janelle/Kaysar win HoH next week. They feel like Kaysar has been trying to spy on them for information, so they are both skittish when they hear noises thinking it's Kaysar sneaking in.

NicF asks Christmas what she would do if she wins HoH. Christmas says "I don't know. I'm in a love triangle"

Christmas- if I'm f*ing HoH I'm making that move (a backdoor)

NicF tells Christmas she is worried that they are reeling her in now (Janelle/Kaysar)

Christmas tells Nicole that they think they have Bayleigh and then that would activate Da'Vonne, but Bayleigh told her "I ain't f*ing jumpin' on no sinking ship" (she is referring to Janelle/Kaysar approaching Bay about aligning with them) and that she warned David 'If you don't open your mouth, you'll be good. Open your mouth, you're not"



3:30 AM BBT

NicoleA is the last one awake. She finishes up in the bathroom then heads to lounge and  delivers "Tea TIme"  (the audio is terrible). "Oh Boy!...If anyone is watching or listening, I know I suck, so don't tell me"...She says  "Tyler Cody Dani, Nicole, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh that's 6...I'm screwed. That's a huge group and I'm associated with the other group. I hate being associated with two groups. I know who my people are, so that sucks. I want to apologize that I let you guys down. My game is super sucky. It is what it is." She tells her mom happy birthday and her family that she is on the struggle bus, but she'll be okay. She shouts out her friends and Eric (her podcast partner and best friend) says she misses them. She asks the feeders to tell Eric and her sisters "Twilight parody" and they will know what she means...wants her journey to continue, but this is just a game. She wants to get centered and get her mental health in order. "Hopefully this struggle bus will get off at the next stop and I'll be alright." She says goodnight and heads to bed.



4:00 AM BBT

The Big Brother house is dark and silent

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8:26 AM BBT Memphis and David are in the HOHR talking. Memphis tells him that he letting the house who they want to keep. Memphis tells David to try and secure the vote it could go any way at this point since there are no assumptions. Memphis tells him he couldn't vouch for Keesha since there were assumptions already with him. Memphis wants David to go out and get the votes himself. Janelle and Kaysar talk about NicA and say that she needs to go. Janelle says NicA shares everything with her and they think David is the better player. They know she is spiraling out of control. Kaysar brings up the point that to them this game means everything is also a psychological aspect. Kaysar says he can understand where both are coming from as he and Janelle both on season 6 then going on season 7.

8:42 AM BBT Janelle tells she really feels bad for NicA and Kaysar says he feels the same. Kaysar says part of it is being up against David. Meanwhile, Ian is gathering for his skit BB wants all of them there. He apologizes. BB then tells him to go get his costumes on. He says okay. He starts his skit and BB tells him to reattach his microphone and he has to restart it. They all clap and say bravo. BB then tells him to show them how well to do scene 36.

8:58 AM PM BBT Memphis are talking outside. BB comes over and tells Ian that he needs to do scene 25   with 2 people. Ian picks NicF and David. They get their costumes on and go to their room to do the skit. Memphis and Janelle have a general chit chat.

9:00 AM BBT  Ian moves the skit where Day and NicA are in the bathroom talking and they do the skit in there they clap and BB tells him it would be better in another room. Day says he is such a trooper doing it. Ian says he feels bad doing it during the night. Day then says she been to all his shows. Tyler Memphis and Christmas are all outside chatting talking about frozen. Janelle get called to DR downstairs. 

 9:14 AM BBT  Christmas talks about Loyal her son and tells him to take note of this. BB comes over and tells Ian to do scene 79 with someone. Ian is trying to recruit for the scene. Its the alien scene.  He recruited Kevin to do this one. Kevin is in the bathroom looking over his lines as they wait to get into the SR for their costumes.

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 9:17 AM BBT Memphis and Janelle are talking NicA. Memphis says she needs her votes. Memphis says he felt the same with Keesha. Janelle says NicA needs to strike a deal with Enzo but she won't. Memphis says to be creative and offer to do their dishes Janelle says oh that's the worse. Janelle brings up that Tyler and David never looked at each other during the comp. They say that David needed to try harder in that comp since its life or death. Janelle says Tyler didn't want Memphis in on it like he is scared. 

 9:23 AM BBT Memphis brings Janelle a cup of coffee. Janelle then says so what your philosophy on backdooring and he said he believes i them. Memphis says that he is pissed that Christmas is mad about saving Ian. Janelle says that she and kaysar are like her and NicF. Janelle says she needs to win HOH next week and a bottle of wine. Memphis says we need to see the old Janelle and she agrees. Janelle asks Memphis is he saw NicF on her season and says she was a snake. Memphis then ask about what is battle back and Janelle tells him that it a competition.

9:27 AM BBT Bay and NicF are in the bathroom talking about her season. They both wonder if Ian is sleeping. Memphis says if ethier NicF or Ian win HOH they will probably backdoor any one of us and says he want to play in the veto so he has some kind of power. Janelle says ethier her or who will battle back will win. 

 9:32 AM BBT Bayleigh is in the WA sweeping BB tells her to reattach her Microphone. Janelle and Memphis talk about various types of conversations. Christmas comes in the WA where the bay is cleaning. Cody comes out and Memphis says they woke you up and Cody says he gets called to the DR and it only 8:30 am. Janelle says yeah wake up is at 10 am give us a break BB. 

9:34 PM BBT Bay asks NicF why the rumor this week was about her and NicF says she has no idea why they were about her. Bay says that is so weird and NicF says yeah it was maybe someone you're close with.  NicF says good morning to Tyler. 

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9:40 AM BBT Janelle Memphis and Cody are talking about their diets during the sequester and how now they are hardly getting anything to eat besides junk food. BB tells them to close the door and they say it just us three out here come on BB. No game talk going on 

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 9:47 AM BBT BB tells Cody to fix his microphone and says it must be annoying in their ears. He then asks if there is a Backdoor plan going on. Janelle says that no there's no backdoor plan going on. Cody says he was tense at first but he not now, Janelle then ask him if he had to pick who he wants to send out who would it be and he says it would be hard he likes both of them. He knows NicA is a superfan and she went far in her season and he feels like David is just there. 

10:00 PM BBT NicF gets called to DR downstairs. Memphis Cody and Tyler are outside talking about his work. Bay is putting makeup on and starts singing and feeds cuts. Nothing going on just waiting around for POV ceremony to happen. Janelle joins and talks about tequilla. Ian in the SR getting his unitard on. Janelle says that Enzo needs to wake up so they can do ceremony. They are talking about Ian and how he had to wake up everyone. 

10:15 AM BBT Ian is getting a costume on. Tyler are talking people dieing in Hilton Head where he lives. Ian doing his skit. 

10:33 PM BBT NicA is up and washing her hands. Day is up too on the WA couch. Dani Ian and Tyler in sr Ian is eating the banana, he asks if the by is open and ian says yes Enzo comes in and ask the same thing and then Cody gives a shout to his gf feeds cut off. 

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 10:41 AM BBT Cody and Bay are talking about Steve an Sam on Bays  season. Cody says she was crazy a little bit, Janelle and Kaysar are talking in KBR and they are talking about David and How he is playing. Janelle says she just dosent get it an Kaysar says me nethier. They says that will use Nicole as a excuse because she is sad. Hg just getting ready for POV ceremony 

10:46 AM BBT Feeds cuts to stars, Kaysar ian and Day all in the WA talking general chit chat. Janelle in KBR putting makeup on. 

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10:50 Ian taking his shower. Kaysar walked away with the wrong mic BB tells him to put his on. Day and Kevin in the CBR talking. Day says the guys are all questionable. They are whispering. Day is working on her hair. 

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11:00am BBT: Day and Kevin in the CBR talking about  Memphis and who he is working with, Day says she does not think he is working with Kaysar and Janelle and Kevin says  yes he is working with them,Kevin is trying to figure out what boys Memphis is working with as he knows there is a boys alliance in the house.
11:10am BBT: Janelle and Kaysar talking about Memphis being scared of the double alliances in the house and Kaysar says he needs to look at it like it takes the focus off of him if there are other alliances.
11:18am BBT: Cody and Bayleigh talking in the PBR about football games, Most HHG in the BY sitting in the sun with general talk going on as they wait for the POV ceremony.
11:28am BBT: Tyler, Kevin and day in the KT  walking around, Tyler leaves and goes to the BY where Christmas and Janelle are talking about drinking wine and their kids.
11:40 am BBT: Hg just doing ADl's  or sitting in the BY talking general talk and we get FOTH.
11:47am BBT: Dani is laying in the sun by the pool as Ian swings on the hammock,NicF laying out and Tyler sitting on the weight bench, Just general talk going on. David in the WA doing ADL's .
11:58am BBT: Kevin making breakfast as Day and Bayleigh eat , Cody makes a cold drink and Memphis walking around in the KT. Most HG in the BY sitting in the sun and talking general talk.
12:00pm BBT: Cody and Enzo in the BY talking about Howard the duck and Enzo says he calls him Howie, They then talk about farts and what Enzo sounds like. Enzo says he always sounds like he is under water when he is in this house but outside is louder, Talk then turns to missing food outside the house.
12:15pm BBT: Puppy cam starts for POV ceremony.
12:54pm BBT: Feeds are back with HG spreading out through the house and BY with Memphis saying he has to finish his workout now as it was interrupted. 
12:57pm BBT: Memphis talking to David in the KT saying that he was HOh and as HOh you have no control  and you have no voting control it is all to the house and we get FOTh.
12:58pm BBT: NicF and Christmas in the WA talking. while David in the STR talking to himself saying being apart of this game you got to visualize as he puts the Veto around his neck and then places it back in the veto box. Enzo comes in looking for food. Memphis did not use the Veto.

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1:05 PM BBT

David goes to the Have Not Room and talks to the cameras. "I think I am going to make it this week...I hate that it's either me or Nicole. Sucks! We were supposed to make it far." David tells her family that he will fight for her if he stays.

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1:14 PM BBT

Kevin, Janelle and Bayleigh are in the SR complaining that they are out of food. 

Janelle- what the f*...we got like the worst food supply this week  (the counters are covered in produce and processed foods, but they don't have proteins/meats)



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  1:20 PM BBT Kevin and Bay are talking and Kevin says that he feels like he is at the bottom of the totem pole. Kevin says he has all these pieces but he can't get them to fit together and Bay says we will help you but you have to communicate. Bay says that if David stay he is going to have to get HOh to change things up in this house

1;29 PM BBT  Kevin says to Day he think they want to keep Nicole but he has to talk to Memphis. Enzo says he is on a roll got chicken in the oven and washing her clothes. Day says that they aren't talking to her and she has no idea why. Kevin tells her it could be there is something there or paranoia. Day thinks her game is ruined. 

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1:33 PM BBT

Kevin and Da'Vonne tell NicoleA in the CBR that she did a good job in the veto meeting (sounds like Nicole delivered her humble pie speech)

Kevin- first of all that was a good little situation

NicoleA- thank you

Da'Vonne- you definitely added some tabasco sauce to that meeting

Kevin- I was like, okay...she's trying

well, looky here

NicoleA giggles

Da'Vonne- look who recharged...I was telling him your saving grace could be that if people think David is Memphis' target



1:40 PM BBT


Nicole says she found her strength when it was her turn to talk. Da'Vonne said she liked it because it was to the point. Kevin tells her everyone is going to want to talk to her. NicoleA says she will just speak in generalizations. Kevin leaves then NicoleA tells Day that she will campaign to her first...says she is kind of scared that she is not part of a group that she feels David could be. "If he has 4 or 5 people voting for him and he's a member of that...that's a big alliance that I don't know about and you don't know about" NicoleA pitches that she would be ANOTHER female going home. 8 males will then be competing that could be in an alliance together. Numbers wise it's smarter to keep her. She tells Day that she was inspired by Day asking her what her why is and that's exactly how she feels about everyone else. She will tell them to do what is best for their game. "and that's my spiel"

Da'Vonne- good...that's a good pitch


[Da'Vonne has already told many that she will vote to keep David because he is black and she just can't evict him  -MamaLong]

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1:30 PM BBT Day ask Kevin when he first came in he said he was playing with guys. Kevin says he is he feels good with Cody and Enzo. Nicole says that she is going to campaign some today. She said her fire is still here. Day says not feeling good and Bay is bringing her beats. Bay says they ar good Kevin says they taste like dirt NicA says her is celery. Kevin ask who she is going to talk to everyone. she says everyone. 

1:35 PM BBT Day tells her if you can get Franzel then you can get Ian they are a packaged deal. NicA says yes true. Kevin says you could also get Cody too then get Ian. Kevin also tells her you can also use generalities as well like saying your a smaller fish and there definitely bigger fish to go after. NicA says she wants to talk to both of them individually. Kevin then exits the room and NicA then says says her speech. The talk then stops and David comes in and the talk stops. 

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1:58 PM BBT

NicoleA tells Da'Vonne that David told her she (Day) was voting to keep him because he is black. Day is bothered that David did that "why would he do that?" NicA says she told him he shouldn't be going around and revealing Day's game. Nicole says that as a white woman she does understand Day's position on wanting to protect others like her, but she urges Day to consider that if her goal is for a black person to win, she needs to consider herself, first, and keep who will propel her furthest. Da'Vonne agrees that she is not sure if David would reciprocate the same sentiment down the line and that she understands completely.  [NicoleA is doing a good job with this campaign  -ML]



2:05 PM BBT

Next up on NicoleA's campaign trail is NicoleF. NicA joins Franzel on the hammock and asks her how she feels about everything. Franzel tells her straight out that she has been hearing so many things and she's actually confused. She tells NicA that she heard that Janelle had a conversation with NicA about backdooring her (NicoleF). Franzel asks if that's true. NicA says yes, it is true and she feels like Janelle set her up because then she ended up on the block. Franzel says that Janelle won't admit that she has said it. NicF asks why Janelle is against her. Nic A says that it is a general "I don't like her" thing. Franzel tells NicA that she believes her and she wasn't sure how she felt about her (NicA) because she hadn't talked to her yet, but now she feels a lot better. Franzel tells NicA that she is a nice girl. NicA asks where NicF stands on the vote. Franzel says that she doesn't know. NicA delivers her pitch, and Franzel agrees that she doesn't want to be down another girl. NicA says that she has been so upset about being nominated because she felt she was being set up. NicA also tells Franzel that she doesn't want to cause an argument but if Franzel wants to confront her on it, she will back her up "because I have receipts". Franzel says she prefers to take it in and keep it in her back pocket. She doesn't like to blow up like that. They both agree there are bigger fish to fry. NicA confirms with Franzel that she (Franzel) is not a target for her. Franzel tells NicA that she was really scared she was going to be put up today because she kept hearing her name. She feels better now. 


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 1:49 PM BBT NicA says these people David got votes from are they separate people, are they in an alliance with him like what. Day says yeah. She said the veto broke her and wanted to be like happy birthday mom I saved myself so now onto saving myself this way. She said she knows her mom is going to be like dang she is a strong girl and they go on to say that is her why. 

2:00 NicA says she understands where Day is coming from that she wants a POC to win this game because it never happened she then goes on to tell her that she needs to think about herself and how it going to help her game. day expresses she doesn't know if David will reciprocate the same actions back. NicA says she is going to make her rounds and that is her pitch and if she has any questions. NicA says the poor cameraman is probably thinking here she goes again. 

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2:45 PM BBT

Da'Vonne and Dani clear the air and get back on good standing with each other. They promise each other to keep in touch and keep each other in check.


3:06 PM BBT

Janelle and Kaysar in the KBR

Janelle- I should have protected her....Nicole was seriously questioning our friendship. That makes me so sad. She asked me if everything I said was true. I feel so bad because she's still on the block.

Janelle is crying and Kaysar is consoling her. "I'm sorry"

Kaysar- I'm sorry

Janelle- I'm fine....I just feel so bad for her. She asked me if she should feel embarrassed when she gets out of here... because I know she second guesses herself....feel horrible for her

Kaysar and Janelle both feel like they let NicoleA down. They both say they watched her last season and wanted to work with her. 

[this is genuine stuff, folks   -MamaLong]



3:10 PM BBT

The feeds cut to stars and when they return...

Kaysar- I don't think I have ever seen you cry

Janelle/Kaysar discovered yesterday that Day/Bay both plan to keep David

Janelle- we can't get the votes

Kaysar said they need to adapt "that's how you survive...let's try to save her and if we can't we just keep going...I love her too...we had nothing to do with this. We tried to change his mind. We did our best"




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Janelle- I just feel responsible

Kaysar- don't take it personally

Janelle- I just feel bad when she asked me that  (meaning when NicoleA asked her if she meant everything she had said)

Kaysar leaves Janelle so she can take a nap

*Janelle gets called to the DR downstairs

Janelle- oh my god, seriously? Oh my God. I look like shit. Seriously?


3:20 PM BBT

Some time went by since NicoleA's last campaign, but she is now talking with Enzo in the hammock. Enzo says he hasn't figured it all out yet.

Enzo- this house is on the verge of exploding....I like you....Long Islander...and my sister loves you....said to take care of you" 

Nicole tells him that her argument is that David can win comps and she isn't as much competition.

NicA says she is fighting for her place in the house. Enzo says he feels like she would be an ally for him.

NicA- Absolutely! David is a bigger threat than me but because of Janelle...

Enzo- that might have hurt you

Enzo encourages her to keep campaigning "I love you. You're East Coast like me. You're an ally of mine so I have to treat you right no matter what."




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3:43 PM BBT

David campaigns to Janelle in the SR. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her go

Janelle- you don't

David tells her she provides a sense of realness for him that he has come to count on and he needs that in the game. He appreciates that she cares.

Janelle- Well, I'm a mom

She tells David that she has heard his name floated around before but not by anyone she is working with. "Maybe someone floated that (the idea of putting David on the block) up there to him" Janelle tells him that she is working with Kaysar

David- I like him

Janelle- he is a straight up guy

David- should I talk to him

Janelle- yeah...I know this sucks. I mean, I was up week two and I survived the block. I think you'll be okay, just hang in there.

David says he wants Nicole to be okay  (Nicole Anthony)

Janelle says that she is questioning her friendship, too, and "I feel very responsible that I couldn't protect her"

David- yeah, that's hard.

David heads out saying he will talk with Kaysar

Janelle- I am glad we talked

David- me too



4:15 PM BBT

Janelle and Bayleigh discuss game in the backyard. Bay tells Janelle that she thinks Dani to got to Da'Vonne's head a little bit. Her loyalty is not going to be with me. They are both concerned about Da'Vonne because her iron is low and she's not feeling well. They discuss that NicoleF is sneaky Janelle says "she is dangerous"; Cody is charismatic.

Janelle says that Memphis' noms were stupid. Janelle says that Dani, NicoleF, Ian and Cody will vote the same. 

Bayleigh- the problem is that if you put them up they have the votes to stay

Janelle- not if you put them up together instead of with a wild card......and Da'Vonne would never be like 'sorry Janelle and Bay but I choose Dani"

Bay- she would never....she really wouldn't

Janelle- we have Christmas

Bay- yeah, but you have to be careful because I think she is working Christmas, too (meaning Dani and NicoleF)

Janelle- I need to win HoH

Bay- that would be awesome

Jani- I am definitely due....in more ways that one

Janelle asks where Christmas is and Bay tells her in the Have-Not room with NicoleF

Janelle- What?

Bay- they are besties....besties


Memphis, Kevin and Kaysar are on the backyard couch talking about prepping dinner. Taco Thursday and Fish Friday.




4:25 PM BBT

NicoleA campaigns to Tyler in the backyard "I don't want to campaign against David, just for myself"

Tyler tells her that's what he expected. He says it sucks because he needs to have both of them with him in the house. 

Nicole says "vote for me" then she backtracks saying I have to be careful how I word that   *laughing from both Tyler and NicA





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