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Sunday, August 16, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
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Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
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12:00AM BBT Ian has done the scene in the WCA, Kaysar carries him out. BB tells him to do the scene funny now. He does the scene again. The HG cheer. BB says "that's a wrap" and he says that was fun and good stuff. He heads to the SR to change.


12:05PM BBT Bay asks Tyler if he and Dani are good. He says yes. Tyler says everyone is either scared of him or they think they have him. Bay says that she has been doing good and is about to go on a winning streak. Tyler says they will save David this week. Tyler says they need 1 more. Bay says they can get Kevin. Tyler sys he has already won 6 comps and wants to win more.


12:16PM BBT All 4 cams on Kaysar and NicF in the KT. NicF having something to eat. They both wanted to play Veto but Kaysar is happy he isn't.


12:20PM BBT Janelle came into the KBR and told Ian it's probably happening now and we got reels. Veto time!

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3:12 AM BBT the feeds return. Enzo, David, Cody and Tyler are all in the PBR. Enzo is telling David that he did good on his first POV. Cody says that once your shoulders and forearms go.... They are discussing how heavy the balls were. David says that Memphis kept switching grips. Tyler said that Memphis had the perfect grip for this. David said that Memphis had the bicep grip and then switched to the forearm. Enzo "Memphis was just stone cold." Meanwhile Nicole A is crying in the SR. Kevin is trying to soothe her. Nicole is very upset and frustrated at herself because of how poorly she did in the comp. Kevin tells her that she is the pawn, so she is okay. The comp was hard. 


3:18 AM BBT Kevin continues to try to soothe Nicole A in the SR. He tells her that the comp was designed for people built like David. It was a bicep comp. It was like holding a 15 lb paddle and a 5 lb ball. And you had to hold it like awkward, weird sh*t. Don't worry about it. Don't self sabotage. It is okay to be like, d**n it. It is okay to be upset. Nicole A "I keep hearing outside cast members saying see, she don't win sh*t. The guy nominated me because he doesn't like me." Kevin "That is not true. You are the one that is too likable. That's why you are a pawn." Nicole "I have issues. I need a therapist."


3:23 AM BBT Nicole F and Christmas have joined Kevin and Nicole A in the SR. Nicole F tells Nicole A that the comp was hard. It should have been based on their weight. Nicole A barely weighs 100 lbs and all the stuff weighed exactly the same for everyone. David goes up to the HNR and talks to the camera. "I lost. I lost. I lost HoH. I lost safety suite. I lost POV. I tried. I lost focus and in an instant, that was it. I sucked. It sucks to lose when you are competitive. It sucks to lose when you feel like someone wants to get you out. It sucks to lose. It makes you want to train harder. Fight harder. I am motivated, but don't know what to do with this motivation. I can't eat anything. I am on slop. I wonder if the weakened state of being on slop made it harder. I wanted to have the POV. F**K man. I hope there is not a backdoor on Tyler. I don't want to campaign against Tyler. I also want Nicole to stay. But Tyler is a better competitor. If he backdoors Tyler, people will keep him as a stronger game player." 



3:30 AM BBT Dani, Enzo and Nicole F are talking in the PBR. They are discussing Janelle. Enzo says that he told her that she needs to calm down. Nicole "I lasted 36 seconds and she is afraid of me? Get over yourself" They discuss the POV and that the comp was just too heavy for the girls. The only girl in the house that had a chance in Hell was Christmas. 


3:34 AM BBT In the PBR, Nicole F tells Enzo that she is very frustrated with Janelle."She was even invited to my wedding and this is how she treats me. I just hope that I last this week." She says that Ian may be working with Janelle and them. "They don't know that I know people are talking about me. I have friends. I weigh 100 lbs. I am not a threat. I play a social game. I can't win comps. I am not a threat."


3:40 AM BBT Christmas and Cody are talking quietly at the dining room table. Christmas tells him that Janelle has been trying to milk her for information. She just tells Janelle what she knows Janelle already knows. Christmas says that people start believe the s**t and that is how alliances implode.


3:47 AM BBT David is in the shower. Christmas and Cody are sitting at the table in the KT. Christmas says that they can save Nicole. Cody "She was aligned with Janelle and Kaysar." Christmas "They threw her under the bus." Cody "So, now that they throw you under the bus, you want to join us?" 


3:50 AM BBT Da'Vonne is with Nicole A and they are hugging in the LR. Nicole wants to get away from everyone but there is no where to go. "There are too many people in this house. There is someone in every room."  David approaches her and tells her that the comp was not fair. David and Nicole go to the lounge. He tells her that she tried. He says there is no way she could have won it. She says it isn't that she didn't win. She just went out so fast that it was a joke. 


3:54 AM BBT Nicole A is venting to David in the lounge. She doesn't like the way Memphis talks to people and that he shoved his win in their face. "I mean, say what you mean, but don't say it mean. I wanted to win so that I could shove it in his face." David tries to calm Nicole by getting her to close her eyes and breathe slowly in and out while he counts to 4. They do this numerous times. Dani joins them and tells Nicole not to be embarrassed. That comp was not designed for girls. Nicole keeps beating herself up saying that her performance was laughable. 

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4:00 AM  Dani and David continue to try to soothe Nicole A in the lounge. She is devastated by her performance in the comp and how Memphis is acting since his win. Nicole "Does humble pie not exist?". Dani says that she needs to stop focusing on that and she needs to distract herself. Nothing in set in stone in this house. Dani tells her to start think of the different things that can possibly play out now and to focus on that. Be careful what she says until the veto is used and they will come up with a plan. 


4:05 AM BBT Dani tells Nicole A and David that she adores both of them and she is open to any plan to help them both stay. She has their backs, but don't tell anyone about this. Dani leaves. Nicole "She is a good person. We can do this." David "We have to try." 


4:08 AM BBT Nicole F enters the CBR where Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are. Nicole says that the others are talking about peeing in the shower. Nicole admits that she does it at home because she always has to go as soon as the water hits her, but that she doesn't do that in the house. After Nicole leaves Bayleigh says "That's disgusting."


4:10 AM BBT Nicole F and Dani are talking in the SR. Nicole says that Janelle was staring her down during that comp. Dani says that Janelle went up to Bayleigh demanding to know if Dani talking about her. Nicole "Ian knows that she wants to backdoor me. I think I am telling too many people things and it is getting me in trouble." Dani "That is good. Tell them little. Tell me everything." Dani tells her that Memphis is not going to put Nicole up. If it were someone else as HoH, she might be in trouble. But, not with Memphis.  


4:16 AM BBT Cody, Tyler and Enzo are in the PBR. Dani goes in there and cautions Cody that their whispering is traveling. Their mumbles can be heard. Cody says that everyone is talking in secret. He sees lips moving and when they see him, lips stop moving. Meanwhile Kaysar has joined Nicole A and David in the lounge. He says that he has a lot of respect for them for taking a beating like they have and they keep going. That's strong.


4:20 AM BBT Kaysar is telling Nicole A and David that they have so much integrity and inner strength. People are watching and seeing this. And that matters. It mattered to him when he watched them before. It matters to him now. It means more than anything. Always remember that if you don't stay true to yourself...then you have done nothing.


4:23 AM BBT Kaysar continues his inspirational talk to Nicole A and David. He has gone through some stuff. But, things are better now. He has not had any racial slurs thrown his way in a while. Things are good in his career now. Nicole and David are making a difference. Kaysar tells Nicole not to be so hard on herself because she is such an amazing person.


4:26 AM BBT Christmas and Nicole F are talking in the HNR. Christmas tells Nicole to calm down because even if Nicole ends up on the block, they have the votes to save her. They have the votes to flip the house. Christmas "He (Kaysar) keeps trying to lock me in an alliance." Nicole "Just do it." Christmas "What? Be in an alliance on both sides." Nicole "Well yes, but not really. That's what Ian did and he won his season. He has a great resume." 


4:29 AM BBT Christmas and Nicole continue to talk in the HNR. Christmas is afraid if she tells Kaysar that she is willing to lock into their alliance, the outside viewers are going to be upset with her for playing both sides of the house. She has no intention of being loyal to Kaysar's side. Nicole tells her that Ian did it and no one cared. Maybe if Christmas is open in the DR and explains why she is doing it, and that she has Nicole's blessing to do it, then the viewers will understand. 


4:39 AM BBT Cody and Bayleigh are talking in the CBR. He tells her that Enzo just talks and talks but he needs it so bad. He needs an Enzo to make him laugh. Bayleigh is trying to find out what Memphis' plan. She mentions that others are talking about a backdoor plan. He acts surprised. Bayleigh "Come on. Don't play. We had an entire conversation about this yesterday." Cody "I don't remember all that happened yesterday." They agree that there is some scheming going on in the house. Alliances are forming. Cody "I know you guys are getting recruited heavy. What is the name of your alliance? Is the name funny?" Bayleigh "What?" Cody "You are in the love lounge 90% of the day. 


4:43 AM BBT Da'Vonne has joined Bayleigh and Cody in the CBR. Bayleigh tells him that Janelle is trying to get her to believe that he is aligned with her (Janelle). Cody plays it off "She said that? Oh, yeah. I am aligned with her. We have a F2. I am scheming with the entire house." Bayleigh says that when she schemes that she shares information with him. He needs to start sharing his scheming with her. "You are a liar and half. We do not have good communication. Don't treat me like Nicole F." 


4:49 AM BBT Cody tells Bayleigh that paranoia turns into truth in this house. He says that Kaysar puts stuff in Janelle's head and he stirs the pot. 


4:54 AM BBT Cody and Bayleigh continue to talk about Janelle and Kaysar in the CBR. They know that Janelle and Kaysar aren't even trying to hide it anymore that they are working together. Cody "It is BB. I am not mad about it. It can't stay all Kumbayah." 


4:55 AM BBT Bayleigh tells Cody the whole point of them branching out with others is to get information but Cody is getting information but not giving any. Cody says that it is because they are not able to talk. It is nearly impossible to get in a room together for more than 3 minutes. 


4:59 AM BBT Cody approaches Enzo in the WA. Cody tells him that Bayleigh is getting on to him for them not comparing notes. Cody says it is impossible when Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are constantly hanging out with these people they are supposed to be getting and sharing information about. Enzo says that they need to lay out some ground rules about spending too much time with the enemy. 


5:01 AM BBT Cody and Enzo are talking in the WA. They are discussing how Bayleigh is upset at them for not sharing information. Meanwhile, Cody and Enzo are complaining how Bayleigh is not sharing information. 


5:03 AM BBT Cody and Enzo vent that Bayleigh and Da'Vonne demand that they act like they are in an alliance while they go and do their own thing. No one knows how to roll with things. During previous seasons, alliances members would tell you if someone from their alliance was going up on the block. Now, they hear from multiple people that an alliance member is going up and they pretend like they hadn't heard the first thing about it. That's not how an alliance is supposed to be. 


5:10 AM BBT David enters the WA where Cody, Enzo and Dani are talking. They encourage David to go and talk to Memphis to find out where his head is at. David "I need to talk to him and congratulate him for winning." Cody "No, you need to go and talk to him because he is the HoH. You don't have to congratulate him for winning." David "Yeah, I know." 


5:12 AM BBT Enzo and David are not alone in the WA. David is trying to figure out who is behind the BD Nicole F plan. Enzo says that he isn't sure, but everyone knows about it including Nicole. David admits that he is concerned that this is all just a smoke screen. That's why he wants to know the source. 


5:18 AM BBT Cody and Dani have been whispering in the KT. Cody half jokingly accuses her of plotting with Janelle because she seems to know everything that is going on in this house. He says that he can't look left or right and not see people he is supposed to be working with talking and scheming with the other side of the house. She tells him that he needs to go to bed.


5:22 AM BBT Dani, Cody and Enzo are in the lounge. BB tells Dani to get her microphone. Dani says that BB is trying to get her out of the house. They keep calling her out about her microphone when she is talking to people. After she leaves, Enzo tells Cody that Dani is literally playing with everyone in the house.


5:52 AM BBT Enzo is now talking to Nicole A in the WA. He tells her that it appears that the BD plan to get rid of Nicole F is legitimate. Janelle is really trying to get her out. Nicole says that for all she knows, this is smoke screen. Nicole F and Janelle may actually be working together. Nicole says that she is suspicious because every time she hears about the BD plan, the source of information is always Nicole F. Nicole says that this could just be them trying to act like they are trying to save her so they have her vote later on. 


5:32 AM BBT Nicole A tells Enzo that she just wants to win the HoH so that she can show all her cards. She can nominate the ones that she is going after and be very up front about it. She continues to discuss how embarrassing it is to go out of the comp as fast as she did. 


5:35 AM BBT Enzo tells Nicole A not to give up. She says she is struggling with finding middle ground. If you stand back to far then you look like you don't care. If you step forward too much, you look like you are playing too hard. Enzo tells her that he is here for her. He doesn't give a f**k. He doesn't care. Sometimes he just wants to get away from people. 


5:39 AM BBT Enzo tells Nicole A that she needs to talk to Memphis. She says that he isn't very receptive to her. He tells her to talk to him anyway. She has to play the game. It is what it is at this point. At this point, he doesn't even want to play the game. He just wants to play pool. Nicole says that all the dead time between comps just makes things worse. Enzo says it causes way too much paranoia. Enzo tells her that he thinks if the noms stay the same, David is Memphis' target. But, no one is talking that far yet.


5:45 AM BBT Enzo and Nicole A are still talking in the WA. They say this season is so hard because you don't know who is really working with whom. He says that his season was much easier. Nicole is still not convinced about the BD Nicole F plan. Why would Janelle put herself out there like that for her? Enzo tells her that you need safety nets. You need help. Enzo "This is the season of rats. You have to weed them out. The crazier you are in this house, the better off you are going to be because this is insane."


5:48 AM BBT Enzo has gone to bed. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Nicole alone in the WA. Feeds 3 and 4 show the HN room with all the lights out. It appears Nicole is the only HG not in bed at the moment. We get FOTH.


6:14 AM BBT The feeds finally return. Cameras 1 and 2 are on the KBR. Cameras 3 and 4 are on the HNR. All the lights are off and it appears that everyone is asleep. 


6:27 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are in the darkened KBR. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the HNR. Camera 1 turns and zooms in on Ian. We see Ian wake up and he immediately gets out of bed. BB must have told him to get up without allowing us to hear the audio.  He heads to the SR to get costumes.  


6:32 AM BBT Ian gets instructions from BB but they are impossible to hear. He goes into the CBR and turns the lights on. He apologizes to Da'Vonne and Bayleigh who were sleeping in there. They tell him it is okay. To go ahead. Ian is wearing his space costume. The script appears to be a space romance novel. Ian is playing at least 3 characters himself while BB narrates. He is playing two space travelers as well as a space robot. One of the space travelers is playing hard to get. Each time he has to be the space robot, he has to add the mechanical arms and helmet of the robot. He then has to take them off again when the robot is not speaking. 



6:38 AM BBT As soon as Ian is done with the script, Bayleigh and Da'Vonne clap for him. Ian thanks them. However, before he gets out of the room, BB gives him another task. Ian needs some help to complete this task. He needs someone to play a space creature to battle with in the LR. Da'Vonne volunteers to help and goes to the SR to get her costume. Bayleigh is the audience and she goes and lays face down on the LR sofa. Da'Vonne exits the SR and they enact their battle in the LR which results in Ian's character avenging the death of his family and killing the space creature. 

Script 1.jpg


Scipt 2.jpg


Script 3.jpg


6:41 AM BBT Da'Vonne has been watching the show while laying down in the LR. She said that one was her favorite skit so far. They hope that Ian is done and they can go to bed. Bayleigh "We don't know. We have to wait for word from the man." BB "That's a wrap." Ian thanks the ladies for their support and apologizes to them. He goes to put his costumes back in the SR. Da'Vonne goes to the bathroom before going back to bed. On her way back to bed she says "That was not nice Big Brother."


6:45 AM The house is finally all quiet with everyone in bed and all the lights out.

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6:30 AM BBT

Several houseguests were up until near 5:00 AM. They know they will get the backyard today, and Dani said production told them they get to sleep until 10AM. 


Ian is called to perform; he heads to the CBR. He apologizes as he enters the room, Bay and Day were fast asleep. He performs the scene, complete with narration from Big Brother,  trying to rush through to get it over with,. But Da'Vonne tells him it's okay, he can take his time. He completes the scene.


The narrator then asks him to do the battle. He needs Da'Vonne to help. They get their costumes and head to the LR. Bay follows but lays down on the couch and closes her eyes.





They complete the scene then wait to hear if the narrator is satisfied. Narrator says "That's a wrap"

Ian feels terrible for waking Da'Vonne and Bay. He thanks Da'Vonne over and over again.

Performing both scenes and putting away costumes took about 15 minutes.They head back to bed.

[Da'Vonne did a great job in her role, and she was super kind to Ian despite having just an hour of sleep   -MamaLong]

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8:42 AM BBT The feeds return. Everyone is still in bed with the lights out.


8:52 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the HoH room. Memphis has stepped out and looks over the balcony railing. He goes back in the room to grab a hoodie and walks downstairs to check the time. He heads back upstairs and crawls back in bed. He appears restless. He grabs his headphones and listens to his music while he lays there in bed. 


9:24 AM BBT Memphis gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom. He is walking around the room brushing his teeth while the water runs continually in the sink.


9:28 AM BBT Memphis has gone down to the KT to make a pot of coffee.


9:41 AM BBT Memphis has been sitting alone in the KT waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. Once done, he takes a cup of coffee back to the HoH and sits in the chair, sipping his coffee and listening to his music. 



10:00 AM BBT Memphis has gotten up to use the the bathroom. He then goes back to sitting in his chair with his music.


10:28 AM BBT Memphis is still the only one awake. He heads back downstairs for more coffee. There has not yet been a wake up call, most likely due to an POV that didn't end until 3 AM BBT [and all the resulting shenanigans~Goldylucks] 


10:35 AM BBT Memphis has finished his second cup of coffee and pours himself a third cup, which he takes back up to the HOH. After going to the bathroom he sits down again in the chair next to his bed.


10:44 AM BBT Memphis is back downstairs in the KT. He is rifling through the fridge for something to cook for breakfast. 

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9:25 AM BBT  Memphis is laying in the HOH bed with his headphones on.  He gets up and goes to the HOH WA, turns on the water and is brushing his teeth as he walks around the darkened HOH room, water still running.  He goes back to the bathroom, turns off the water, camera doesn't follow him.  Still no lights on.  He gets dressed and goes downstairs to the KT.  The other HGs are still sleeping after a late night Veto comp.

9:40 AM BBT  Memphis gets up from the KT counter, where he has been staring off into space, and takes his coffee to the HOH room. He turns on the lights, gets a blanket and sits in a chair with his coffee and his headphones.  All other feeds on sleeping HG's.

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10:00 AM BBT  Camera follows Memphis to the HOH WC, he flushes, then comes out and washes his hands.  He is still the only person up. He puts on his hoodie, moves some clothes from the chair, and sits back down to listen to his headphones.  We get Stars for a moment, but then back to Memphis with his headphones on feeds 3/4, feeds 1/2 on dark BR.

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10:30 AM BBT  Memphis is finished listening to his music, goes downstairs to refill his coffee, and sits at the KT counter.  No one else is awake.

10:36 AM BBT  Memphis back up to the HOH room with coffee in hand, unlocks the doors, sets down his coffee and goes to the WC.  Didn't turn off mic.

10:37 AM BBT  Memphis is out of the WC, puts his hands in his pockets (no washing), and goes back to his chair and coffee.

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10:52 AM BBT: Memphis is in the KT chopping vegetables & making food.  No one else has woken up.  He used a carton of eggs for the breakfast he's making.


11:00AM BBT: Dani woke up and greeted Memphis in the KT.  She said she's excited because they opened the backyard.  She went to the WA...& back to bed for her.

11:05AM BBT: Kaysar is awake and checked in on Memphis in KT to see what he was making, proceeded to the WA for morning routine.

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10:50 AM BBT  Memphis goes downstairs and starts to fix himself something to eat.  Looks like he is cutting up peppers. (never saw him wash his hands from before).  He has cut up peppers, red onions and mushrooms. He also has milk, eggs and cheese out of the refrigerator. He is whisking together a whole carton of eggs with some milk. (actually stirring with a whisk, not doing it right...) He puts all of the raw veggies into the egg mixture, and whisks some more.   The BY is open!!  Dani walks in and notices, Memphis said they just opened it.  She is excited to see it available.  All feeds on KT, Memphis is alone, still cooking..

11:00 AM BBT  Kaysar is up and goes into the KT.  Asks Memphis how its going.  Memphis doesn't answer, he is busy putting pats of butter into a small baking dish.  He rubs the butter on the bottom and sides, then adds his egg/veggie mixture into the dish, completely filling it.   Kaysar leaves, all 4 feeds on Memphis as he sprinkles cheese on top of the egg mixture and puts it in the oven to bake.  

11:06 AM BBT  We get Stars, possible wake up call


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11:07 AM BBT Memphis is in the KT making a quiche; eggs, milk, cheese, mushrooms, red peppers and onions. He puts it in the oven to bake. Kaysar comes into the KT and notices that the BY is open. 


FOTH Wake up call


11:18 AM BBT Feeds return. Cody is in the WA brushing his teeth. Da'Vonne is also in there getting ready for the day. Janelle, Kaysar and Janelle are sitting out on the BY patio. Janelle plans on getting in her swim suit today. The first time since she came back in the house. 


11:23 AM BBT David is talking to Memphis in the HOH. David says that Memphis got him. He is playing now. Memphis says that he has no target. His job was to put 2 people and now it is up to the house to decide. Memphis says that if David hears anything about someone saying he is pulling for one person or another then they are liar. 


11:26 AM BBT Memphis tells David that he isn't trying to be an a**hole. He isn't worried about who is coming after him either. David needs to do what is best for him and not to stick his head out for anyone else because there is only one winner. 


11:31 AM BBT Memphis tells David that he feels like he has the numbers to stay. Nothing is set in stone. He tells him not to give up. David has fair game to shift whichever way he wants. Take your time and try to confirm your votes. Don't promise your life away, but do what you go to do. 


11:34 AM BBT Janelle and Kaysar are on the patio. They agree their 1 goal needs to be to save Nicole A. Kaysar says he is going to tell her to spend all her time trying to talk to Ian, Enzo, Dani and Kevin. Kaysar says that he can get her the rest. Janelle "We will never get Enzo." Kaysar "I know, but we can't make it look like all we care about is securing Ian. 

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11:18 AM BBT  Feeds are back, all 4 feeds on WA, Cody brushing his teeth while sitting on the couch.  Day comes in, can't hear her.  Kaysar is in the BY with Janelle and Memphis.  Janelle is talking about not going into the sun, and Keesha said it was because they are 40.  Memphis says that is the quickest way to age.  Janelle asks if they think Keesha is in "the house" (sequester).  Memphis says he doesn't know, then we get stars.  Comes back, Memphis is talking about keeping them for jury in case someone can't play, and BB says they are not allowed to talk about production.  Memphis goes inside to change clothes.  Janelle and Kaysar talking about what to say to Memphis.

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11:30AM BBT: Memphis and David in HOH discussing the game.  Memphis is giving David free advice, don't worry about your alliance's opinion.  Play for yourself because at the end of the day, making final 6 doesn't matter if you didn't WIN.  Memphis tells David he is not trying to sway the house one way or another to NicA or David.  He says he plays the game in 2 phases, phase 1 is survival, and if you make it to a certain point then you can worry about phase 2 which is more strategic.  

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11:23 AM BBT  David follows Memphis up to the HOH room.  Memphis tells him he isn't going to use the POV, and he isn't targeting David or NicA.  Memphis said it won't come out of his mouth to keep either one.  If David hears anyone saying he wants someone to stay, they will be lying to him.  Memphis says the only way he would vote would be if it was a tie,  and he would have to break the tie.  He thinks David has a good chance of staying.  David says they might think David would come after him.  Memphis says the game changes every week.  He talks about winning a classic car in his season right off the bat, and he thought he was done.  He said he kept it on the down low, and it didn't hur him.  Memphis is saying people are trying to backdoor, and he said there are 15 people in the house, that is a bold move.  He says an alliance says they made it to the final 6, but if they went out 4th, then he didn't win, he helped someone else win.  Memphis reiterates he isn't targeting either one, and if David hears anything, it is a lie.  Memphis says there is nothing set in stone, David has a good chance, he needs to go talk to people.

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11:39 AM BBT Janelle and Kaysar are sitting on the patio. Ian is called by BB to perform Scene 36 in the LR. He is instructed to wake up the entire house for it. 


11:43 AM BBT Ian is going room to room apologizing as he tells everyone that they have to come into the LR to watch Scene 36. 


11:44 AM BBT BB "Ian, go and get your costume and props." Ian "I got them."

Scene 36.jpg



Not Enthused.jpg


11:49 AM BBT Ian finishes the entire skit and they clap. BB instructs Ian to do the scene with everyone in the LR. They notice that Dani is not in there. BB calls for Dani and Kevin. Dani and Kevin go into the LR and, unfortunately, Ian has to do the same skit all over again. Dani "Why do we have to get punished too?" [Ian was just punished twice because you couldn't be bothered~Goldylucks]


11:53 AM BBT BB to Ian "That's a wrap."

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11:30 AM BBT  Memphis says he played with Keesha, but he wasn't going to vouch for her, it was too early in the game.  David thanks Memphis for talking, congratulates him for winning an endurance comp, then leaves the HOH, saying he is going to get ready for the pool.  David goes downstairs.

Janelle and Kaysar in the BY on the couches.  Kaysar says they have to keep Memphis calm, only give him info that he needs.  Kaysar says it is like his corporate job.  If he gets too nerdy or into details, he has to scale it back.  They only want the plan, not the details.  That is how they need to treat Memphis.   Janelle says she likes the BY.  She wishes the couches were bigger, but it is nice.  Kaysar said he liked the camping one, but that he is probably the only one.  Janelle didn't like it, she said she would get tired of it quickly.  Kaysar asks if she likes the outdoors, she said she loves it, but the camping one reminded her of Minnesota.  Kaysar is saying both David and Nicole are having a hard time, but they are playing back to back.  They understand that, as they did season 6 and 7 back to back.  Janelle said when she got out, she was drinking 2 bottles of wine a night.  She feels some are playing for followers, she doesn't care about that, she has probably lost followers.  David comes out and said there is something in the oven, Janelle suggests it is Memphis, so David goes to find him.

Janelle said Boogie used to joke with her about sleeping all day, then rolling out of bed and winning the Veto.  She isn't sure she can win anything anymore.  Kaysar and Janelle talk about not sleeping in the house. 

Janelle asks where everyone is, Kaysar thinks they are all sleeping.  They were up late last night.  He said it is too bad that one of them has to go.  Kaysar said Bay and Day are taking this seriously, and they need to put that aside and play the game.  He said David is looking up to Cody and Tyler, and how does he squash that?  David is excited to be a part of something. 

11:45 AM BBT  Ian comes out to get everyone so he can do his punishment/acting. They all gather in the LR.

11:47 AM BBT  Ian starts his speech.  BB tells him to reattach his microphone, so he has to start over.

11:50 AM BBT  Kevin and Dani were missing, so BB tells them to go to the LR, and that Ian has to do it over again!


Ian finishes, and thanks them all and apologizes that they are being punished too.  They all get up and start wandering around and chit chatting.  Dani and Enzo are called to exchange their batteries.  Someone asks what time it is.  (it is almost noon).  Christmas is the only one that stays, she and Ian discuss the costume.  It doesn't particularly care about the cape or head piece, but he likes the leotard.  Christmas says and the shoes.  David comes in, Ian finally get a "that's a wrap", so he can leave.  David asks if anyone is going to have some quiche.  Ian goes to the SR to change, most people go outside or back to bed.

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11:55 AM BB "Ian, pick 2 scene partners and do Scene 25." He heads to the SR. David comes in there. Ian "Wanna be a robot?" David "Hell yeah." Nicole F will be Ian's other scene mate, a green alien type queen.

Scene 25.jpg


12:00 PM BBT BB tells Ian that the scene would be even better if done in the bathroom.

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11:55 AM BBT  As Ian is changing, BB tells Ian he has to find people to help him do scene 25.  David comes in and says he will help be the robot.  Ian still needs a queen.  Nicole F comes in, she said she won't be very good at this, Ian says it doesn't matter.  Ian finds her the costume.  She, Ian and David are getting dressed for the scene.   They go to the CBR  to do the scene, no one is in there.  As they are almost done, Bay comes in to watch.  When they finish, BB tells them it would be better in the bathroom.  So they go to the WA to do it again.

 (I am out if someone can take over from here)

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12:11 PM BBT Production calls Janelle to the DR downstairs. Ian just finished another scene of his punishment.  Memphis is telling a story about Loyal to Christmas and Tyler. Christmas then tells a story about her kid. BB comes on and tells Ian to do another scene, Da'Vonne Kaysar Ian and Nicole F are in the  WA. Ian says alright it the alien scene again. 

12;17 PM BBT Kaysar comes out to the BY and joins in the conversation with Christmas memphis and tyler. Ian gets called to the SR where his costumes are and says okay. Dani goes on abut the comp last night being so hard and Ian says he just didnt have the Forearm strenth. Ian figured him and none of the girls had it he thought maybe christmas would have it. one of the rooms is not letting them in and Dani says they finally let her in. 

  • 12:24 PM BBT Ian is dressed and doing a skit. Memphis Christmas and Nicole A outside talking. Ian finishes his skit and Tyler an Nicole and David clap and cheer on for another skit. Tyler says man they doing them back to back and Ian being a good sport says it alright no worries. 

12:30 PM BBT Ian and Da'vonne doing a skit in the lounge. Christmas Nicole, Bayleigh, David are outside talking. Christmas is called DR downstairs. No game talk going on. Ian and Davonne finish the skit and Davonne clapped and Ian says thank you thank you. 

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12:40 PM BBT Memphis comes in and offers Ian some of his keeshe he made and says thank you. Davonne says oh come on let Ian have some hammock time. Ian says he dont mind the outfit. He goes outside and the ask him your going to go in the heat in that and Ian says well they haven't told me it a wrap yet so yeah. They ask him if he wants in the shade. Bayleigh and Janelle in the kitchen cleaning up some while Janelle is eating something. They thank BB for opening the BY Tyler tells the outside group that he was up at 7:30 and the sheild was up some and could see daylight outside. 

12:50 PM BBT Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are in the WA and Da'vonne says she wants to see if Dani can tell her about the 3 and Bayleigh says yeah. They then move to the loft upstairs. Da'vonne says she wants to get Dani to tell the duo or trio. Davonne says if Nicole F goes up there that's a different conversation. Bayleigh agrees. They said they need to find out where Memphis is before the veto. David comes up and says he wants to talk. Bayleigh says what wrong. They mention Memphis changing nos and they don't think he will change noms. They ask David if he stays does he have anyone he tells them that he has Nicole and Kevin and they say they are cool with that they like keviin and they say this is the core.  

 12:55 PM BBT Both dav'vonne and Bayleigh don't think Tyler is working with anyone. Davonne said she made some stuff up out of thin air to see if he would believe it and Tyler said come on im loyal. They mention Cody and how he is trying to play like derrick. they said it gonna mess up his game and the talk changes to general chit chat for a second. 

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1:04PM BBT Xmas and NicA talk. She is telling her how to give her speech. She says make it short and spicy. She explains to her she needs to be a warrior. This is for the Veto meeting. 


1:07PM BBT Enzo and Cody have just woken up. Bay says that she is being perr pressured to go work out outside. Enzo wants to work out. In the BY, Janelle and Ian talking about David. Ian says that David is his buddy. Janelle says that David is hungry for this game.


1:13PM BBT Enzo, Dani and bay talking. They are talking in circles about the alliances. Bay says the HG need to put in a good word for her because she wants to host them. Xmas comes in and they talk about Enzo's hosting. Dani says it was underwhelming. They joke about his hosting. 



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