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Saturday, August 15, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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4:45PM BBT Feeds are back. Cody and Enzo in the WCA talking about Bay and Day flip flopping. Cody says they are targeting him.   HG are eating.


4:48PM BBT Kaysar talking in the KT. Ian has 4 costumes he has to wear throughout the week. He is currently trying them on.


 4:52PM BBT Dani and Janelle talking. They talk about Memphis and how he is playing. Dani says she doesn't see how he can keep playing this way. They decide to go their separate way so no one knows they are working together.


4:55PM BBT Veto was not played. It is possible it had to do with Ian's punishment costume. HG says it will be a couple of hours before they play. 


4:56PM BBT Dani, Xmas and NicF talk about the Veto. Xmas thinks it will be something messy. Dani says she was told my BB that since there is no POP, they can do more night competitions and we get FOTH.


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5:00 PM BBT Bayleigh and Nicole A are talking in the WA while Bayleigh is cleaning the bathroom. Bayleigh says that she feels like the cliques are forming and that she is being bullied. Nicole feels like she is in a similar place. David walks in. Da'Vonne tells them that she has heard that there is a back door plan in the works. So, they may both be safe. She just hopes the BD plan isn't about her.


5:03 PM BBT Dani and Nicole F are talking in the PBR. Dani is telling her about a conversation she had with Janelle earlier. Dani tells her that she assured Janelle that Nicole is not after her. Dani offered to initiate the 3 of them talking together to squash any mixed feelings that Janelle has. Dani "I just had to get your name out of her freaking mouth." 


5:08 PM BBT Da'Vonne and Nicole A are cleaning the bathroom downstairs. Cody comes in there and offers to help and compliments how much bigger it looks in there now that it is clean. Nicole attempted to locate a sponge to clean the sinks but was not able to find one because they don't have access to the SR at the moment. Janelle offers that there are cleaning wipes and goes to retrieve them.  


5:13 PM BBT Janelle is cleaning out the sinks downstairs and points out the small hairs all over the sinks from the guys shaving in there. "Nasty. This is just not okay." 

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4:59 PM BBT

NicoleA and Bayleigh are cleaning the bathroom floor. Nicole tells her that "it's complicated" and she needs to talk with her about it later. Bay says she feels they are in a similar predicament. David joins them in the bathroom area. Bay tells them "I have heard there is a backdoor plan. So it's possible y'all could stay. I just hope I'm not the backdoor."

Kevin walks in.




5:17 PM BBT  Cody and Enzo have an interesting conversation on the SR about the girls talking to everyone but not bringing them details. They are questioning the loyalty.

Enzo- use them like they use us

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5:15 PM BBT Cody is venting to Enzo in the SR. "They are trying to get in Memphis' ear about Nicole F. The problem with that is, if they are going after Nicole F, then they are going after her closest ally. That's me. They are always in a room together. Don't play loyalty to me only when I am HoH. Enzo "We can use Da' and Dani as long as we can and then that's that. The game hasn't even started." Cody "Yes it has." Enzo "Everyone is scared to get blood on their hands. Pretty soon there will be blood all over the place." 

Cody Enzo.jpg


5:28 PM BBT We keep getting FOTH as Dani, Christmas and Bayleigh talk about conversations that took place before entering the house. Da'Vonne says that she told her fans not to get excited because she hadn't gotten any calls about BB All-Stars. 2 days later her phone rings. She thinks someone else had backed out. Meanwhile, Janelle is telling Enzo that this is the quietest she has ever seen the house. Enzo says it is because they are always locked inside.


5:36 PM BBT Bayleigh and Janelle are playing Jenga in the loft. Enzo and Nicole A are whispering in the WA. He tells her that Christmas and Janelle are definitely talking game together. And Christmas has Ian. Dani is all over the place. Nicole says that she is just at the point where she wants to win HoH and show all her cards. Nicole says she heard rustlings again that there is a BD. Enzo says that she will have Janelle and Kaysar''s vote as well as his and Cody's votes. She just needs 3 more.


5:40 PM BBT Da'Vonne is talking to Kevin. They both think that Josh won because the jury was voting more against Paul than for Josh. They also feel that the votes for Kaycee were votes against Tyler. Da'Vonne says that Paul forgot during both seasons that jury management is a part of the game. 


5:46 PM BBT Nicole A, Da'Vonne and Kevin are talking in the PBR. Nicole tells them that she has been asked twice if she was aware of a backdoor plan. She says that she also heard that Janelle is working Memphis wanting him to put up the other Nicole. Kevin thinks this is all red herring. She may be throwing that out there to see if it comes back. Da'Vonne says that Nicole F looks very scared. She is saying it is her because of her medicine. But, that is fear.


5:52 PM BBT Nicole A. tells Da'Vonne and Kevin that Janelle asked her if Kevin had been talking bad about her. She also asked Nicole if Kevin and her were together. Nicole says that she told Janelle yes, they were playing together but no, Kevin never said anything bad about Kevin. Kevin tells her to be very careful of Kaysar. As much as he likes him, he can't be trusted. He is getting very tight with Memphis.


5:56 PM BBT Nicole A. tells Kevin that she had a conversation with Memphis. Memphis told her that anytime he was on the block during his season, he had to save himself with the POV and that is what she needs to do. If not, the house is going to do what it does and he has nothing to do with that. She expresses frustration and says that he is the one that put her up on the block so yes, he has something to do with it.

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6:03 PM BBT Bayleigh is talking to David and Cody in the lounge. She says that she wants to vent. Memphis has been snappy towards her today. He acts like he is the only one who cleans and she has been cleaning all day today. She says the first week they were great. The minute he gets HoH, he won't make eye contact with her. He has changed. It is a different energy than Cody's HoH.


6:08 PM BBT Cody tells Bayleigh that Janelle and them are just making stuff up now. Cody says that they are just stirring the pot.


6:12 PM BBT Janelle and Kaysar are talking in the HNR. Janelle says that Kevin is an idiot. He is telling people that she and Memphis are working together. He is being a crybaby, walking around the house wrapped in his blanket. Kaysar and Janelle and discussing their desire to make a move this week to get someone like Kevin or Nicole F out. Janelle says that there is only a 50% chance that the veto will be used. Worse can scenario is for Nicole F to win the veto and not use it. Janelle says that Memphis is warming up to it, but doesn't want blood on his hands. It might work out if they tell Memphis that Kevin is talking about him and telling people that they are all working together. He might get mad enough to put Kevin up. Janelle and Kaysar agree that Memphis is not wanting to make any big moves and that Nicole A leaving is very bad for their game. 


6:22 PM Janelle and Kaysar are still talking in the HNR. Janelle is furious that Memphis put one of their own on the block. She says that they have the numbers to keep David. Kaysar disagrees saying that they have the two of them, Kevin, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, and maybe Christmas to keep Nicole. Janelle is not convinced that the others haven't turned Da'Vonne and Christmas is only a maybe. Janelle "Memphis f***ed us." She says "They have already turned the entire house against us. Yeah, it's not good."


6:28 PM BBT Janelle and Kaysar are still talking in the HNR. She says that Cody is downstairs working his magic because of the way that David has been treating Nicole. 

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6:12 PM BBT  

Janelle tells Kaysar in the Have Not Room that Kevin is f*ing idiot because he keeps telling everybody I'm working with Memphis..."he's a f*ing moron"

Kaysar asks if Bayleigh told her and she confirms saying Bayleigh said we need to get rid of Kaysar, Janelle and Memphis

Janelle says she can't stand him "I'm so sick of him whining. I can't take it anymore. I can't take a 40 year old man whine...it's very difficult...it's awful"

Kaysar says he walks around sulking with a blanket on

Kaysar- I don't know what he is whining about

Janelle- because he has no one

Kaysar- he keeps walking in circles and everybody...

They hear noises so the conversation stops

Janelle goes on to say that NicoleF has already won so put her up there

Kaysar- If NicoleA gets off who will he put up

Janelle- probably Kevin....it doesn't matter if there are other pairs in the game. We stick out the most

Kaysar says he hopes they can blend in as the game goes on


6:20 PM BBT

Janelle and Kaysar go through all of the HGs and where they stand

Janelle brings to his attention that they don't have the numbers  "We need 6 for Memphis to break the tie....Ian is with NicoleF"

Kaysar freaks out a bit 

Janelle- yep, We're f*ed

Kaysar- Holy fuck. Oh my god. Oh my god

Janelle- Yeah, Memphis really like f*ed us because it's obvious to the house we are working with him...we were targeted last week

Kaysar- Kevin would keep Nicole

Janelle- but we would have to have Christmas. 

Kaysar- let's wait and see who wins veto

Janelle says "Memphis is crazy and he'll target them. We are on a slippery slope."

Kaysar- I think Cody is running the numbers and trying to get Kevin as close as possible

Janelle-but they've turned the house on us because Memphis is shouting things and infuriating and scaring these people....the house gets scared of Memphis

Kaysar- who cares at this point in time; they will forget by next week...there should always be someone they are scared of...let it be Memphis

6:37 PM BBT

Christmas and Cody talking in the bathroom about Memphis...their conversation basically reviews all of the complaints HGs have about Memphis and results in them saying they need to backdoor Memphis next week

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6:33 PM BBT Janelle says that if the noms stay the same, she is very worried about Christmas' vote. Kaysar "I'm not." Janelle says that she and Dani haven't talked in a week so that is why there is all this dissension. Kaysar thinks that something Janelle said to Bayleigh or Da'Vonne has gotten back to them and that is why they are in this situation. Kaysar "You aren't going to get any information from Dani." Janelle "She is attached to Nicole F's hip." 


6:37 PM BBT Janelle tells Kaysar that she loves Dani outside the house. But she is weird to play the game with because she doesn't talk to them. Tyler, Cody and Nicole F have more numbers. Dani probably trusted Janelle, but not the ones that Janelle is working with.


6:40 PM BBT Christmas and Cody are whispering in the WA. She says that if she hadn't won the safety suite, she feels like Ian would be on the block. Cody says he doesn't understand that there are 2 people who are clearly working together and trying to increase their numbers. Cody "This is a number's game and they are trying to go after our numbers." [I believe he is talking about Janelle and Kaysar~Goldylucks].


6:47 PM BBT Janelle and Kaysar go to talk to Memphis in the HoH room. Memphis "You know what I am going to tell you. Use your brains and wait until the veto and then talk." Kaysar "Have you worked through the numbers." Memphis "My brain can't work that way. I can't be here, there, there. My goal is to win. If I don't win, then I will go down that rabbit hole with you." Memphis says that they will see how bad David wants it. 


6:50 PM BBT Memphis tells Janelle and Kaysar that everyone is on edge. Janelle says that the ones downstairs are very scared of Memphis. They are young and don't understand how direct he is. They feel that he was rude to Nicole and she has been crying for 2 days. Memphis "We will see what happens. My goal is to win it and call it a day. Then the house decides." Kaysar "But we don't have the votes to keep Nicole and she is a vote for us." Janelle and Kaysar say that they only have 5 votes. The other side has 7. Memphis says that he doesn't believe that Ian isn't sway-able.

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6:47 PM BBT

Janelle and Kaysar head to the HoH Room to talk with Memphis. Kaysar tries to run scenarios with him, but he stops Kaysar saying his brain doesn't work like that. Memphis holds steady with his "let's wait to see what happens with veto" stance

Janelle tells Memphis that David is ready, he's been bumping into walls and running around yelling "I'm grown! I'm grown!"

Memphis- my goal is to win it and let the house decide

Kaysar- but we don't have the votes if Nicole wins it

Janelle- they have 7 votes

Memphis asks them what makes them think they don't have Ian's vote "I don't believe that Ian isn't swayable"

6:55 PM BBT

Bayleigh, Enzo and Da'Vonne whisper in the CBR about someone being a "comp beast"  (not sure who they were talking about)

Da'Vonne- maybe someone needs to plant the seed with Tyler that he is the backdoor plan so he guns for it and keeps the noms the same

NicoleF comes through and they stop talking

Enzo- this is like the worst spot  (meaning the location to talk game)

Bayleigh laughs then says "Dani is trying to assure me she has Tyler wrapped around her finger.....we gotta get rid of some of these people

Enzo- we're good for this week

Bay- yeah

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6:55 PM BBT Janelle and Kaysar are in the HoH talking to Memphis. Memphis does not believe that Dani, Tyler, Cody and Nicole F working together is a big deal because that is only 4 people in a house of 15. It won't hold for 2 weeks if 2 of them end up on the block. They don't have the cards. It's 4 people. Janelle says that they have Enzo too. 

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7:06 PM BBT Janelle, Kaysar and Memphis are talking in the HOHR. Memphis says if there are any aliances going on in this house it day to day.  he says that they would save themselves before sticking their necks out for anyone else. He also says that normally in a season there are 4 or 5 people that have their head in the game and the rest dont. He also said this season he feels like 12 of them dont have their head in the game. Kaysar and Janelle try to tell  Memphis they will ban and disban and then reban afterwards. They also say Memphis dosent believe in loyalty. They then switch to talk about kevin and how he is a floater. How he just ant to gather and get information and give information. They say that he is just a man with a blanket wrapped around him. 

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7:19 PM BBT Janelle and Kaysar are in the lounge in the lounge how they need to solidify  a alliance. They mention the two of them Da'Vonne and Bayleigh and Nicole A if they can save her. Janelle says to Kaysar to start talking to Christmas about getting a alliance together. They then talk about how they think Bayleigh would be good because she is a comp beast. Kaysar says just be careful giving out information to them and to do it as a just needed basis. 

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7:25 PM BBT

Christmas jokes with David that he is never going to listen to her again "I f*ed up the chips....I think the mistake was that we rolled them out on the aluminum foil"

David- it's an experience with unlimited supply

Christmas- we made slop granola

David- yeah, I'm just gonna eat it like this

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7:25 PM BBT Janelle says Memphis just wanted to have an easy week. Kaysar he still could have an easy week with nominating David and Nicole A. He said also that now they are rallying against us downstairs. Janelle then says she need to talk about Kevin and Kaysar said he dosent want to do that. They both rather self evict then work with kevin. They then say they need to talk to Nicole A about Kevin but they say Nicole A is in denial about him. They mention how Kevin is so cluleess when Nicole A say there is 4 aliances and he had no idea and said " on no" they said he hasn't change since being saved. They got rid of keesha instead of him. 

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7:33 PM BBT

The houseguests are getting tired

Janelle tells Kaysar she is so exhausted. Why are you so tired? he asks

Janelle- I'm 40

Kaysar tells her she always uses "because I'm 40" for her answers

Tyler is sitting at the dining table looking really bored- "come on, man...call Enzo!" 

7:37 PM BBT

In the upstairs loft Janelle asks Kaysar why she has such disdain for Kevin but then answers her own question..."Oh...I don't like floaters"

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7:35 PM BBT Janelle keeps telling Kaysar to please talk to Christmas to about getting an alliance together. Kaysar says Memphis is playing the wrong way by being a jerk to David. First he put him on slop. Then essentially tell him to man up during the nomination then every time he come out of DR he yells at them. Janelle says she is done with the game. Then talk about her diet and what she eats. Janelle says she cant stand Kevin and she said she knows why because he is a floater. She wonder why she has such a distain to him she cant stand to look at him and Kaysar says if you  dont like floaters im sure others dont like floaters. Kaysar also says who he dosent trust in the game but then mention the 6 they could have Bayleigh Da'Vonne, Nicole A (if they can save her), christmas, janelle and him. Janelle then says she going to get up and mingle with the other and says she so sore and kaysar if she did streches with Bayleigh. 

7:48 PM BBT The cams then change to the WA where Kaysar David and Christmas talking about candy. Nicole A and Janelle in the KT talking. Christmas is sharing what she had on her season and what she would like to eat on this season. Nicole A says that there no sense in making a plan until veto and Janelle agrees with her. Nicole A then asks if there would be a case they would use the veto and Janelle says there no way. 

7:53 PM BBT Nicole A says she get nervous and dosent eat so they told her to eat. (she is eating Roast beef she wanted ham but couldn't find it). Janelle has some Ham and Honey Dijon. They still haven't had the Veto comp yet just waiting around for it to start. 

8:01 PM BBT Christmas and Kaysar are talking about what the stressful days are. Christmas says she just pulled it out of the oven it hot and feeds cut but then come on. Kevin and Nicole A are talkin, He tells her he eats then he sleeps then repeat. All general chit chat going on while they wait to do Veto comp. 

8:08 PM BBT Bayleigh, Dani, Da'Vonne, Ian, Cody and Janelle all in the CBR asking different questions. One was about a manicure. Another one about a dress. The last one was Da'Vonne hair. Over all, just general chit chat going. Production come on and ian mimicks it saying your not aloud to talk about your foot fetish. Ian ask a question about how many out would make a perfect game and they all say oh gosh. The answer is 27. Cody then ask if there is any guy question. Dani question is about make up what is the first thing you put on and Ian gets it right with a hint. Janelle question is eye brows and the answer was microblading and Tyler gets it right with a hint. 

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8:20 PM BBT Cody and Memphis up in the lounge are whispering. He says they are going down a rabbit hole and playing what if scenarios. Memphis says they are scared and who know what they will do if they win HOH. Cody says it a clear cut now.

8:26 PM BBT Ian says he think his named is getting dragged around and Dani say how do you know he said he heard christmas say it in the bathroom. Ian says he used his card because he said Memphis is such a wildcard. Ian said him and Nicole are close. He said they are just friend outside of here. he dosent want it to be thrown around all the time. 

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8:31PM BBT: Danie is with NicF and Ian talking about how they didn't get a full cast picture before Keesha left.  Ian said that he has his signed picture framed with the key.


8:32PM BBT: Ian also received the keys for those that voted for him, but got them backwards so he didn't have all that voted for him to win.  Da' joins them in the PBR and they all say that they're ready to play.  


8:35PM BBT: Enzo, Bay, Jani, Kaysar and Tyler are in the KT.  Da and NicA are whispering in the WA and NicA has a bad feeling that she's leaving if she doesn't win the veto.  NicA said that when Ian's name was picked, Ian sat back down and winked at Janelle and Janelle nodded back to him.      


8:47PM BBT: NicA and Tyler are talking in the WA.  They agree that people are tiptoeing around Janelle, that she can be upstairs with Memphis for hours and people are afraid to even ask to use the HOH bathroom.


8:49PM BBT: Dani and Ian are chatting in the PBR.  Ian says that he's not that close to NicF, like Janelle and Kaysar.  WIth the backyard closed, there's no place to talk without being overheard.  Ian says that they're on the same page.  Kaysar and Janelle wanted Keesha to stay and were trying to flip the vote until the end.


8:51PM BBT: Ian said that on some reality shows, the players will eliminate some random POC and he doesn't want any part of that.  Ian is worried about David being eliminated first for 2 seasons.


8:53PM BBT: Ian is going to try to win the POV.  If he wins, he says he doesn't know what Memphis will do, that Janelle won't leave his side and is heavily guarding him.  He may not use it because he doesn't know who Memphis will put up, so he will probably not.  


8:54PM BBT: Dani doesn't feel that David will win because he's in his own head, and that NicF won't win because she's low on potassium and not feeling well.   Ian says he didn't come in with much baggage, so he has an advantage.


8:57PM BBT: Ian is putting on his costume from "scene 25", which is "In the cockpit".   He needs a queen and a robot.  He is going to do all of the roles from that scene.



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8:57 PM BBT

Big Brother calls Ian to perform "scene 25"

Ian goes to the SR then to the houseguests "guys, I need a queen and a robot"

Big Brother says "I need you to do all the roles in scene 25" (Ian now understands he has to do all of the roles on his own)

Ian begins changing but asks BB if he can pee first....no response


Ian performs his Dirk Space jammer scene  [it is quite suggestive....Ian is doing great]



Big Brother calls to Ian to put on his microphone and try being more inspiring.





Ian completes the scene and gets applause from the HGs

A voice tells him "Again" so Ian starts all over

Ian continues performing. The voice asks him if he is crying (through particular lines)...he does that part of the scene, again, and finishes it

The voice says "That's a  wrap"

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9:01PM BBT: Ian finishes the scene and gets applause.  He asks production if it was ok and they answer "it didn't suck".  Then he hears ENCORE and has to do the scene over again.


9:10PM BBT: Production tells Ian that it was acceptable when completed - after telling him "more crying!".  There are four different scenes that he'll need to act out.  


9:16PM BBT: Christmas and NicF talk about pulling David and Ian in if things don't work out with Memphis.  NicF says it's really uncomfortable.  Kevin joins them and they talk about what a great distraction that was and how Ian was really in his element.  They love how Ian has taken joy in his punishment.


9:19PM BBT: Da' and Tyler talk at the KTT.  They agree that Memphis has no reason to backdoor anybody right now.  Tyler is going to try to win.  Day tells him to not risk his game and stick his neck out.  


9:22PM BBT:  David tells the others in the KT to ask Ian "what does a penguin say to an owl?"  He answers "he he he who".   They're all very silly and antsy waiting for the comp.


9:26PM BBT: NicA, Bay and Kaysar are in the WA.  Bay is sassy and practicing her "I'm not taking your crap" stance.  NicA is up next and starts turning it on as they tell her to perfect her angry stance.  Sh says she can't pretend to be angry if she's not actually in that mood.


9:28PM BBT: Kevin and Christmas are in the CBR discussing how condescending Memphis was to NicA after the noms, telling her that he told her to play for safety and she didn't, so that's why she's on the block - trying to make her look/feel stupid.  Kevin said that emotionally, it hurt her, but rationally, she knows the game.


9:33PM BBT: Bay is with Christmas and Kevin comparing her season to this one and how much more in control she is this time.  In her season, people thought there was something wrong when she had a bad/off day.  This year, she can be herself and not worry.


9:34PM BBT: Ian is called by production to act scene 54.  


9:40PM BBT: Da' helps Ian with the next scene, which is 79.  She is Baron Odious, the alian villain.  The HG are dying laughing.


9:44PM BBT: Ian avenges his father by killing Odious.  Production says to take it from the top again.  {this is absolutely HILARIOUS!]


9:54PM BBT: Enzo is sleeping in his bed.  David and Kaysar are chilling in the LR.  Christmas is going to go lay down.  NicF put pads under her eyes because they're puffy.  They're all fairly bored and the silliness has warn off.  Christmas and NicF whispering about how Janelle has been up with Memphis for the last hour or two.


9:58PM BBT: Bay and Day are talking in the CBR.  Day tells Bay that Tyler doesn't really want to win the POV because he doesn't want the pressure that goes with it.  

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