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Saturday, August 15, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT

Bayleigh is showing Cody her notes in her bible. She uses multiple annotation tools (highlighters, underlining, etc) for important passages. Cody is impressed.


David and Kaysar go to the SR to get Advil. Kaysar says the cot in the Have-Not room is messing up his back. David mentions that his throat is sore.


12:15 AM BBT

NicoleA and David discuss being nominated in the lounge. David says he feel Janelle, Kaysar and Memphis have a F3. He feels Keesha was a part of that, too, but they couldn't get the votes. NicoleA says that Janelle and Kaysar claim they have no idea why Memphis nominated her "because we are supposed to be working together...but you Da'Vonne, Kevin and Bayleigh are my core."

David- that's my core, too

NicoleA says she was hoodwinked and either they have some reason for wanting her out or they have an elaborate backdoor plan.


[These two have no idea that, according to game talk with his F2 Cody,  Memphis plans to backdoor Janelle, and if that plan doesn't pan out and noms remain the same, Memphis wants to get out NicoleA. If Janelle wins veto, he may put up Ian, because he does feel he can work with NicoleA and/or David down the line with his "gentleman's agreement", although I don't believe Memphis has really thought that out yet. I have confirmed with my sources that Memphis did use the word "boy" in his original nom speech by saying the 'big boys table' or something similar, but production made him change the wording to 'grownup's table'. We will likely not see the original speech air on tv.]



1:22 AM BBT

Bayleigh and Cody talk in the CBR. Cody tells Bay that people are making comments about him working with Tyler and he doesn't feel like he actually spends much time with Tyler. Bay tells him that he "bros it out" 

Cody says he would never sit down by Kaysar and talk that way...that he talks with Enzo that way, too

Bay says that she wants to wait to "play hard until numbers dwindle then run this"

Cody tells Bay that he likes talking with her because she keeps him calm.

NicoleA walks through and Bay plays off a comment that has nothing to do with game.

When NicoleA is out of earshot Cody then tells Bay, "did you hear that...how do you fucking do that?...I can never do that" He is impressed with Bay's ability (he wasn't as obvious as he thinks he was, though). He wishes he was that chill....feels he gives it away that the person just walked in on game talk.

They discuss how difficult it is to talk game in the house, especially because they rarely get the backyard.


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12:00am BBT: Cody, Enzo, Dani and Tyler in the Loft talking about  Memphis locking his HOH door and they can not figure out why he does this. In the KT Ian goes to see if they have Coffee and steps on something  and yells, He can not find what he stepped on. He ask if there is no coffee and Kaysar says there is none.

12:10am BBT: Janelle and NicF. wondering where BB got them nasty cots at, NicF. says they are so dirty and i like being in a pretty room not an ugly dirty one. HG are scattered all over the house talking about the nominations and Memphis speech.

12:15am BBT: David is talking to NicA. in the lounge. He tells NicA. he thought maybe  Day might have been going on the block, NicA. says she thought it was going to be Kevin and  David and was totally blindsided it was her picture that come up first as a nominee. Nic tells him that Janelle can not be trusted as she told Nic  that she was safe and not to worry and here she is on the block, David says  they are working together Janelle, Kaysar and Memphis.

12:30am BBT: David and NicA. still going on about noms and who might be working with whom. Enzo taking to Day telling hr that Cody is a wild card and that Memphis  did these noms so he would not get his hands dirty it was an easy way out. Enzo wants to see what happens if David or NicA. wins Veto who will Memphis put up then?

12:45am BBT: Ian and Tyler talk about the Veto and Tyler says he wants to play he can not wait to win comps this year, they then wonder what the veto comp will be. Tyler tells Ian he likes him and has him in this game, Ian tells Tyler he likes him to and trust him and he also likes Christmas.

12:55am BBT: David and NicA. still talking about Memphis David said he knew the minute Memphis won he was going on the block this week, NicA. ask him if he is ok and he says yeah i am ok but i really do not want to sleep in that room with them people that want to get him out of the game.

1:05am BBT:David and  NicA. still talking about the noms as Janelle and Dani talk about missing their families and how they cry at times , Kevin comes into the KT and Janelle asking what the time is and Kevin tells her 1am and she says she needs sleep and heads to bed. Dani, Christmas and and day continue talking about their babies and feedings.

1:30am BBT: Dani talking with David  and David ask her to save him she ask why would i do that i can not win anything, David tells her she is the star of BB and among the best moms, Dani says i am the best mom ever. David then tells her he has been up all day and  eating slop and now on the block and he is just an emotional wreck.


1:35am BBT:Cody and Tyler talking about NicA. feeling betrayed by Janelle , Cody says he wants Janelle out of this house she is dangerous, But he says Kaysar is more dangerous that Janelle and wants him out, Tyler says if  someone uses the POV the replacement might be Kevin, Cody says that is a waste as Kevin wont win and Kaysar will.Tyler is worried about backdooring Kaysar or Janelle as they would then come after Memphis and Cody.Talk continues as they repeat themselves over and over. 


2:05am BBT: Enzo talking to NicA. about all the alliances in the house  and some of them are maybe fake ones and who might really be working together, Enzo then says he does not understand why Memphis was not ok with NicA. not using her safety pass but it was ok that he didn't use his and NicA. says she does not know why should it matter to him.

2:30am BBT: Enzo and Cody now talking about alliances and how Janelle and Dani talk a lot and could be an alliance but Dani never tells them anything that Janelle says. Enzo goes on about who they should keep in their alliance and who not to keep but Cody says it is to early to cut anyone. They have bigger targets right now that need to go.

3:00am -4:00am BBT: Cody and Dani continue talking after Enzo leaves and keep repeating themselves as to weather or not NicF. would put Janelle on the block but they think it is still to early for all that.


4:00am-4:30am BBT: Kevin and Enzo and NicA. talking in the WA about the POV They tell her reasons not to pick Kaysar to play the veto and to not stress over the veto that they think David is the target. Enzo keeps repeating himself about the alliances  and how Janelle is fishing for information and making it look like they are friends.  They then realize how late it is and they say it is time for bed Enzo goes to the WC as Nicole heads to bed, Enzo out of the WC and grabs a blanket and goes to bed. All Lights out in the house with all HG snuggled in bed.

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1:48 AM BBT

Tyler talks to Angela while he is alone in the PBR

Tyler- Angela I miss you, I love you!....David's gotta stay. Memphis I got to send out of here at some point. Janelle has got to go...she and Kaysar are too powerful. Dani is always scheming. We can rock with this alliance for a little bit. It's not BB20 anymore, Baby. Cody, David, Christmas, I feel like I'm the tightest with them...I'm tight with Enzo. I'm trying to work on Bayleigh but I don't think she will ever trust me fully, At least we are friends now. I love Da'Vonne. I love NicoleA, too. That sucks, man. I'm not trying to picking her over David....I want them both to stay...she is just Janelle's pawn. Whatever. I'm chilling. If they try to backdoor me....let 'em. I could have won veto last week, but I didn't need to...a last minute dink...oops. I'm feeling pretty good about it. I think I can make it far. If not, that's okay. I can win comps. I can pull out some tricks out of my pocket. I already have some lined up. I need David to stay, though. That's my dude. He's got my back. I don't want to tell him about the Memphis alliance yet. I do have a plan to get Memphis out of here. Don't you worry....that's for when the time comes. The time is not now. Memphis, you aren't going to be playing the fence for long Buddy. 'Grown ups table'...so, he says. In case you missed it, Memphis put up David and told him 'you're at the grownups table now. You have to earn your place.' Fuck that! Get out of here! Forget the grownups table...you oughta check into the retirement home by now....you got to check that...got 80 more days..power trip award of the year. Yeah, I'm in an alliance with him, but you got to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Sorry I don't talk to you live feeders much. I've been in the DR a few times. I'm not important in this game...yet.


He tells Angela that he is doing better...that the first few days were rough and he was fighting wanting to just go home to her. He tells Angela he is proud of her and he loves h er so much. "I'm doing fine, babe. Just you and me...remember that...just know I think about you every day, every second...every time I get a second to myself I think about you and it makes me happy. I'll see you soon. It will go by quick. For the record, I am not having fun. This house sucks. Cooped up inside...driving me nuts. I'll get through it and I won't give up. We don't give up."



4:30 AM BBT

There was random chatter and a little of the same repeated game talk among houseguests throughout the wee hours of the morning, but Memphis went to bed early. NicoleA, always the night owl,  is the last one up. She heads to bed and the BB house is dark and silent


7:45 AM BBT

The houseguests are still sleeping. There was mention last night of a 9AM wakeup to pick players for the veto competition today.

[This will be an important veto for Janelle, and the noms, of course. Memphis told  Janelle he would choose her to play in veto if he gets HG choice, so the veto picks will be very telling today. -MamaLong]

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8:30 AM BBT

Tyler is up to use the restroom. Everyone else is sleeping. The feeds cut to stars.

The feeds are back just a few minutes later. It appears Tyler is heading back to bed and the lights are still out in the HNR and KBR.

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9:10 AM BBT

Kaysar gets out of bed in HNR and heads downstairs

Feeds cut to stars then back to Kaysar in the WA washing his hands. The rest of the house is still dark.


9:35 AM BBT

Daiv is now up chatting with Kaysar in the WA

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9:47 AM BBT

David and Kaysar discuss how there are no coffee filters...haven't been since they got in the house. They use paper towels in place of filters and now they are out of those. Kaysar says he will ask the DR for them AGAIN

David- we haven't had music yet

Kaysar- they really didn't...I guess we wake up late

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 9:00am BBT: All HG still snuggles in their beds asleep.
 9:09am BBT: Kaysar now up leaving the  HNR, He slams the door shut and Christmas sits up in the bed  then lays back down. Kaysar goes down the stairs  and takes his glass to the KT then heads to the WA and looks in the mirror  then to the WC. and we get FOTH
 9:13am BBT: Kaysar out of WC then washes hands and dries them. he then goes to the KT then to the STR to exchange his battery.
9:21am BBT: Kaysar alone in the kT making Coffee.
9:28am BBT: Kaysar in the WA brushing his teeth, David comes in and sits down. Kaysar says personally i would like you to stay  to him and he tells him  that he and Nicole A. are good so let me think about this and how you guys can take yourself off the block and we will go from there. Kaysar says i have made no promises to anyone. He tells David i hope you win the veto and then we can go from there. David says thats cool. Kaysar ask how are you feeling and David says win or go home.
 9:32am BBT: Kaysar says when he seen  their faces pop up on the nomination wall he was shocked he did not know that was going to happen. David says just know i like you as a person and i know this is a game. David says if you work with Memphis just let me know i understand. Kaysar says no i like you  and i would like to work with you in the future.
9:35am BBT: Kaysar tells David he can see his face in this house and he would like to work with him. He says the best thing for him is to be aligned with other people and Kaysar says thats where i am confused  because it is early in this game it is stupid making crazy decisions, it did not work day three and it is not going to work now.
9:39am BBT: Kaysar says he is just trying to navigate this house and he is not sure where he stands in this house or where anyone else stands  so that is why i have not made up my mind yet you know? David says yeah i understand your position and it is cool.
: 9:42am BBT: Kaysar says if he gets picked for Veto and obviously i am not asking you to pick me you pick who you want but if i get picked to play i might have to use it but you pick who you want  but if i get picked i will play. David says i get it. David then talks about how in the last 15 years they are always out in the first  three Kaysar asked how far Howard got  and David says i do not know maybe he made jury , David says i just want to stay and make History for us you know what i mean. He says i like talking with you in the KT and i love your stories in the mornings. Kaysar says me too lets figure it out as i would like to see you continue in this game and us get. closer together.
9:48amBBT: David still talking about  being on the block and feeling like an outsider as he did last year, He says he has to go in a room and sit down and still feels he is not there  he then says even at his job he feels like an outsider all the time, Kaysar tells Him that in here people like him a lot
9:57am BBT: Kaysar now making coffee in the kT and just walking around.

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10:03am BBT: Kaysar and David cleaning the KT BB says for all HG to change batteries and we get FOTH for a wake up call.
10:17am BBT: Kaysar and David still in the KT cleaning, Janelle  in the KT talking to Memphis about the hot water situation in the house and how it does not last long. Christmas laying in bed  awake and NicF. laying awake, NicF, and Christmas whispering very low.
10:20am BBT: Memphis says the Coffee is really good today and Kaysar says it just took his special touch and Memphis laughs. Janelle and David now pouring themselves a cup.
10:22am BBT: Bayleigh walks through the KT , Everyone tells her good morning  as she heads to the WC. Just general talk going as as David washes the dishes.
10:25am BBT: Christmas and NicF are now up and heading downstairs. Janelle tells Christmas good morning as Christmas heads to the WC. Bayleigh in the WA doing ADL's.
10:30am BBT: Ian now up in the WA doing ADL's, NicF in the WC and Christmas waiting to get in. Bayleigh in the KT  making breakfast as Kaysar is making more coffee.
 10:37am BBT: Dani and Christmas in the WA doing ADL's and laughing. Kaysar says he is missing the good old days as he sits in the KKT with Janelle and Bayleigh, NicF. getting  a protein shake and Ian waiting for the Coffee to finish making and David still doing dishes.
10:44am BBT: In the HOHR Dani is talking to Memphis  about Alliances and  how he told Cody that they all need to spread out and that they can not hang out and Dani is getting upset, Memphis says have you not not seen how Kaysar and Janelle play this game? If Kaysar gets HOH he is coming after two of us. Dani says i know that but this is week two and i know they are coming after us and i would protect our alliance .Dani says if they are coming after our alliance  why not use the veto and get one out and he says oh you want to backdoor one of them. Dani says yeah.
10:48am BBBT: Memphis says i hang out with Janelle to get information from her and as soon as she left here i went and told Cody, He says that Janelle says that they have an alliance of 4, Dani says what i am saying if she has four people  and we can backdoor one of them then thats good for us.
10:50 BBT: Dani trying to get Memphis to backdoor and Memphis says it is week two and i was not putting Janelle up on the block and  mess myself up.

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11:02AM BBT: In the HOHR, Dani and Memphis continue their conversation about who the threats are in the house and who to believe.  Memphis feels that Kaysar is spinning lies to plant seeds of doubt and that Janelle is out of her element.   Dani says they should keep their options open and to think through things that they hear and to not believe everything.


11:05AM BBT: Memphis tells Dani that he has to tell Cody who to hang out with, or more importantly NOT to hang out with - to hide their alliance.  


11:06AM BBT: Memphis and Dani agree that Janelle was using NicA for information because NicA was fangirling with Janelle doing her make-up, etc. 


11:07AM BBT: Memphis said that they hand picked every person in their alliance, not just those because they were hanging around in a group.  Each person they "picked" would give something different to the group so that they'd be successful.


11:09AM BBT: Janelle, Day, Kevin and NicF are in the WA getting ready for the day and talking products.


11:10AM BBT: Memphis said he was pissed off that Christmas chose to keep Ian safe because what if he wanted to backdoor Ian this week.  Dani was thankful that she wasn't chosen.


11:11AM BBT: Dani said that Christmas chose Ian because he was stressing and she was just being nice.  "I'd never be that nice".


11:14AM BBT: In the KT, Ian, Kaysar, Christmas and Tyler talk about boundries, conflict and how to grow from it.  Christmas then goes into how she'd teach Crossfit seminars.  She calls it "Positive correction"


11:16AM BBT: Janelle and Kevin are straightening up the KBR.  NicF joins them and starts to apply make up.  Janelle starts her beauty regimen as well.


11:19AM BBT: Memphis is called to the DR.  NicF says "oh - it must be time to draw".


11:23AM BBT: Kevin and Bay are left in the KBR.  Bay said that the next HOH will decide how the house turns.  Kevin feels like he'll be a replacement nom if NicA or David come down off the block.  Bay wants to know what's behind the targets.


11:26AM BBT: Bay and Janelle are in the KBR talking about how everyone is pissed at how Memphis treated David.  Apparently NicA was nominated for the block because she didn't play for the safety after Memphis told her to.  Bay said that Memphis has been avoiding eye contact with her.


11:28AM BBT: Bay and Janelle said that they're mostly wearing yoga wear because that's mostly what they own.


11:31AM BBT: In the PBR, NicF and Tyler said that NicA came into their room last night crying because she thought that they liked her.  NicF asks if he thought it was strategy and he said "no, it was real....she was really crying".


11:38AM BBT: Lots of small talk in the KT, LR and WA as everyone gets ready for the POV player picks.


11:40AM BBT: Janelle and Bay are working with weights in the SRL, which they've made into a gym.  They're hoping that the next HOH comp is endurance and that one of them had better win.   Bay tells her that Kevin wants to break up their alliance.  Janelle is in disbelief and says that they need to get that little rat out.  


11:45AM BBT: Janelle said you can tell who's working together by who plays safety.  Cody played, Tyler didn't.  That means they'll save each other.


11:46AM BBT: Kaysar joins Bay and Janelle and Janelle fills him in on what Kevin told Bay.  They agree "why did we save him??"


11:48AM BBT: Kaysar tells Jani and Bay that NicF told him last night that Ian is her best friend in the house.  


11:51AM BBT: Janelle tells Bay that they tried to poach her and Kaysar.  They all laugh.  Day joins them in SLR.  Bay says that she feels much more calm with them, that it's a different environment there with them and that she doesn't have to be on guard or defensive.


11:54AM BBT: Danie, Christmas and NicF are in the PBR.  They agree that if NicA stays and Janelle goes, that NicA will be lost.  


11:58AM BBT: Dani, Christmas and NicF continue talking in the PBR.  They can mess up NicA's comp by saying something ahead of time that throws her off her game.  Kaysar isn't good at the game to begin with, and if they try that with Janelle, it'll just make her stronger with "game on" attitude.  

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12:00 PM BBT

NicoleA talks with Memphis alone in the HoH Room

Nicole tells him that she was shocked to be nominated because she thought they were good "I talked with Janelle and Kaysar the night before". Memphis says he doesn't see the house wanting her out and to wait and see what happens with veto...."I don't think the cards are against you."  Nicole leaves.


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12:02PM BBT: NicA is up in the HOHR talking to Memphis. She apologizes to him, and he says "there's nothing to apologize for, someone's gotta go home".  He says "the house will decide who goes, just like they did with Keesha".  


12:05PM BBT: NicA says that she cried because she was shocked.  Memphis says that nobody knew who he was putting up ahead of time.  "Let's get to the POV and see how everything folds out".  


12:10PM BBT: While continuing to work out with Janelle in the SLR, Bay and Kaysar agree that they think there will be a battleback.


12:13PM BBT: Dani and NicF are whispering in the PBR.  NicF is worried that she told Day that she didn't trust Janelle and that it might have gotten back to Janelle.  Dani says that Janelle's game is messy.


12:16PM BBT: Day and NicF agree that Memphis is trash and not likeable.  They want nothing to do with him after he showed his true colors.  Dani laughs, "we couldn't get Dan, so they give us Memphis"   They say he's aggressive and doesn't shut up, that his girlfriend probably can't get a word in edgewise.


12:28PM BBT: Cody, Christmas, NicF, Dani continue  talking in the PBR agree that Memphis needs to feel out of danger and devise a plan to "honor his power". 


12:34PM BBT: Dani thinks that if one of them wins HOH next week, that Memphis will be telling them what to do, thinking he still has the power.  


12:43PM BBT: Dani, Cody and NicA are in the PBR discussing what the POV comp may be and hoping what it might be.  NicA is hoping for spelling and Dani asks if she has a word in mind.  Dani is wondering what Bay, Day, Kaysar and Janelle are discussing in the love room.


12:45PM BBT: Dani says that it doesn't make sense why they would want NicA to go home.  They're trying to figure out if they're telling NicA the truth that they didn't know she was going up and Memphis was going rogue, or if they did know.  David comes in and they continue speculating about the comp.


12:48PM BBT: Dani asks NicA if Janelle has talked bad about her.  NicA spills the beans and tells her that Janelle likes her, but doesn't trust her, etc, but that it's mostly coming from Kaysar.  Kaysar has told Janelle that Dani is coming for her/isn't with her.   Dani says she was cool with Janelle, but she'll keep that  info to herself, and for NicA to keep acting like she's in with them so that she can get more info.


12:55PM BBT: Feeds cut to FOTH, but no kitty or puppy cam, so not sure if this it's meeting time.  Will update further as soon as we know.

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1:36 PM BBT

The feeds are back

Playing for veto: Memphis, NicoleA, David, Ian, NicoleF...haven't determined the final person for sure. Bayleigh said she hopes it's not a spinning one 

Enzo is hosting

Enzo discovers a map on the floor under the rug in the LR "oh, ship this is a Goonie's map, like One Eyed Willie"  Ian says they probably just decided to cover it because it was too much *feeds cut probably to tell them to stop lifting the rug up


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1:44 PM BBT

NicoleA tells Janelle in the Key Bedroom that she was just hoping that Janelle or Kaysar would be picked. Da'Vonne walks in and tells NicoleA "just remember your why"

NicoleA- it's definitely a group thing, because we have a host

Janelle- huh?

NicoleA- it won't be one at a time because we have a host

Janelle- oh, I don't know

Janelle looks physically sick with worry. She tells NicoleA that this is so stressful...Memphis told her he would break the tie in their favor.

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2:06 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Kevin, Ian and Nicole A are talking in the CBR. They are discussing the different types of comps that the veto comp may be. Meanwhile, David is talking to Christmas and Cody in the WA. David "I am going to win."


2:15 PM BBT We currently have FOTH. The HGs appear to be anxious about the upcoming Veto competition. Ian thinks that his costume is going to match the theme of the comp. 


2:21 PM BBT David and Nicole F are talking in the WA. They are hoping the comp is not a really long one. With them being on slop, they think it will be hard on them to be in the heat for a long period of time.


2:25 PM BBT Enzo, Tyler and Cody are talking up in the loft. Enzo is telling them about the former HGs that have stayed overnight at his house. He specifically mentions both Lane and Brittany spending the night there. Enzo says that he is going to be the host with most (POV) and he just hopes he reads the cards right. 


2:31 PM BBT Nicole A and Nicole F are talking in the WA. Nicole A hopes the comp doesn't involve anyone shooting balls at her, because she won't be able to catch them. Nicole F says she hopes they skip that comp all together. 

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Update: Twitter is blowing up that Tyler is playing in the veto. When feeds came back he was telling Cody something about "all vetos except two" so I'm not sure. I have not been able to confirm him playing yet and based my call on Bayleigh's statement about spinning...maybe I am wrong.

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2:37 PM BBT Dani and the two Nicoles are talking in the WA. Nicole F mentions that the HN room is very quiet. The wake up music can be heard in there, but it does not make you jump out of your skin. Nicole A prefers the bed she is right now. She says she is sleeping much better now that she is in a good bed. 


2:41 PM BBT Bayleigh is in the KT doing dishes. She and Christmas make plans to work out after the POV competition. Da'Vonne, Dani and Nicole F are talking in the CBR. They don't know why the Angela comic on the wall was given such large and pronounced breasts. Da'Vonne "Why are the so big and on display?" Dani "I don't think her boobs were even that big. I mean, is this appropriate for a family show?" Nicole "If you don't remember them, they aren't up in your face."


2:45 PM BBT Janelle is called to the DR. Da'Vonne tells Dani and Nicole F that no one admits that they are hardcore playing this game, but look at all these DR's. Something must be going on with all these DR's. FOTH. When the feeds return, Dani is saying that she is glad that the rumors about Josh, Paul and Christmas coming in together weren't true. She starts to talk about how unfair that would be for the 3 of them to be in the house together but we get FOTH again. 


2:55 PM BBT Memphis is chopping up some tuna in the KT. Ian and Bayleigh are cleaning up the KT. Da'Vonne, Janelle, Dani and Nicole F are passing the time in the CBR. Da'Vonne is hoping that there won't be any comps about the photos in the PBR. Da'Vonne "There are too many. There are just too many." Janelle says it might come into play in a What is Missing Comp.

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3:00 PM BBT

The HGs are just waiting around for the veto competition. Bayleigh and Dani made chicken stir fry and the houseguests have eaten.

Nicole mentioned that she wishes the slop was more like oats instead of pellets. She found oats in the SR, but Dani told her "those are mine"

Nicole was teasing "oh special order for Dani" and Dani replied that NicoleF gets her juice every morning. Nick replied that she can't have it while on slop. Dani asks "but what if you get sick?" Nick tells her they told her to do lots of Sqwincher packets.

3:04 PM BBT  Comic Bedroom (Janelle, Day, Bay, and NicoleF)

Bayleigh is asking Da'Vonne about her physical type in men. Day answers that she likes tall and Bay asks for minimum height. Day says 6ft. Day mentions that men have to be 6ft to talk to her.....and she told Paulie "you gotta be 6 ft. to talk to me" which started their quarrel. His comeback was about her daughter.

Bayleigh- that was a low blow....you pressed that button

3:09 PM BBT

Ian and NicoleA are washing dishes at the kitchen sink. Memphis is hanging around in the kitchen and they do not have any discussion about veto. Memphis tells them "a little secret" that he puts a little sugar in his rice for taste. Nicole then joins the girls in the CBR.

Bayleigh proposes a new tv show called "Dating Da'Vonne"

Day responds in third person "she's ready"

Bay- let's do it BayDay Productions


David has been talking to the cameras in the PBR. He is just talking himself up for the veto "I want to win this entire game....my goal and hope is to at least make it to jury. People that look like me, that are males, don't make it to jury" He closes his "self talk monologue" and thanks the feed watchers for listening.


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3:01PM BBT Memphis is making a version of tuna poke. He says he isn't going to put it in marinade but just cut it up and put it in the fridge and then you can put it in the marinade when you are ready to eat it. In  the CBR, NicF and Bay are talking about cooking at home. NicA and Ian are doing the dishes.


 3:08PM BBT Bay is interviewing Day about being single in the CBR. David alone in the PBR. talking to the feeds. David says when was the last POC to make it far. He says he feels they are usually out in the first three. He is wondering if he should bring that up to the HG to see if he could get some votes. He says he doesn't want sympathy votes. He says he is going to play.


3:22PM BBT Memphis and Janelle in the KT. Memphis says that you can't play this game without making some enemies. Janelle doing dishes and Memphis cooking. other cam still has David sitting alone.


3:28PM BBT Kaysar is in the loft talking to Tyler, Ian and Xmas. He is talking about an interview where the boss told him that he Googled him. Kaysar says he wasn't sure what he was supposed to say since there really isn't anything exciting there. They talk about being in the house is so strange compared to outside. Kaysar says it is beautiful in a way because he has met people he wouldn't have normally.

3:37PM BBT Memphis and Cody talking. Memphis says that BB should be able to clean up the comp quickly and give them the BY. He says it would change the demeanor of everyone. In the loft, Tyler talking about who he has met before this season. He had met David and Day and NicF.


3:43PM BBT In the loft, they are talking about the first all-stars. Ian says that Cowboy was so upset not getting in. They are talking about BB events. Xmas says she hopes she will get invited to events. She says for BB20 she was really pregnant and for BB21 she still had bad postpartum. She says that she and Loyal's dad are now in a good place.


3:47PM BBT We have animal reels. Must be time for Veto.



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4:42 PM BBT 

The feeds are back

It sounds like they may have just recorded something for Ian's punishment. He will have 4 different costume characters and scripts. No one is talking veto. No one wearing the necklace.

David is bouncing around.


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