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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto Week 1

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, with 16 returning players off to the racers, the battle for the half million dollar grand prize was underway and Cody took a crucial first step. With power on his side, Cody quickly solidified some allies on his side. First Nicole, then Tyler, then Memphis, then the miao miao. Cody considered targeting some old school legends, but a safety twist changed things up. When Janelle and Kaysar didn’t get the assurances they were looking forward, they both declared their intentions to play for safety.


At the first ever Safety Suite competition, it was a Twinkle Twinkle show down and Kaysar earned safety for the week, but he wouldn’t be alone. So Janelle was also safe, with one little caveat. With Janelle and Kaysar no longer eligible for nomination, Cody went with two other old school players instead. Tonight is the first veto competition of the season. Will Keesha or Kevin be saved? And is there a bigger target waiting in the wings?


We pick up on day 2 after the nomination ceremony. Kevin asks everyone not to shun him. Cody says he doesn’t have a good relationship with Keesha and Kevin and he’s super excited to kick off the game of Big Brother. This is all-stars so let’s get the game going.


Nicole F. says it would have been cool if Cody could nominate Janelle or Kaysar, but with the safety suite it wasn’t an option. She doesn’t trust Janelle as far as she could throw her. Kevin says he’s embarrassed and he feels like he’s letting people down. But he needs to set that aside and play the game. We see him talking to Cody. Cody says Kevin was a safe nomination, but he wants to do damage control because he could see himself working with Kevin. Kevin isn’t sure if he trusts Cody, but he wants to smooth this over and not drown and keep swimming. Cody and Kevin hug it out and Kevin leaves.


Janelle and Kaysar are talking and Janelle says she feels bad for Keesha. Kaysar says it would have been one of them. Janelle says it sucks Keesha is nominated, but the best game move for her and Kaysar is to lay low.


Nicole F is talking to Cody and Keesha is coming up. Cody doesn’t know if he wants to talk to her and Nicole F leaves. Keesha says it smells good in the HOH. Cody says he’s so sorry, he has nothing against her. She says it’s not personal. Cody says he didn’t know what to grab out and she asks what he DID grab out. Keesha says so I’m not necessarily your target and Cody says he’s letting the house decide. Cody tells us he’d rather Keesha go home because he doesn’t see them working together. Keesha says this conversation is not reassuring her at all.


Kaysar is talking to Da’Vonne and he says he feels like she came back a lot more relaxed. Kaysar talks about his experience in season 6. Nicole A is also in the room. Kaysar says the world is crazy and people have lost their minds and he says he’s not happy with where they are as a society. Kaysar says people are shouting because no one has been listening in the first place. Kaysar gets emotional. Kaysar tells us he’s become a father since he was on the show last and he wants his son to grow up in a better world. Da says when they have conversations about this, it isn’t about the game. It’s about people being able to relate and using their platform for something good.


Tyler is talking Nicole F and he tells us he didn’t want to be jumping into a million different alliances. But this is Big Brother and people come up to you with a deal, you don’t say no. We then see Tyler talking Da, and then Kaysar, and Christmas, and then David, and then Memphis. Tyler says he has a deal with pretty much everyone and then we see him talking to Janelle. He says he knows down the road this is going to come back to get him.


Enzo goes to the HOH with Cody. Enzo says they are going to work together and he wants to take him to the final two. Cody is his guy. Enzo thinks maybe Kevin should stay and Cody agrees. Enzo wants to name their alliance The Roo. Cody says he’s still really loyal to Nicole, but he’s going to stick with Enzo to end. He was loyal to his final two and that’s what him got to the end, but this time he’s taking him to the 500 grand.


Enzo, Ian, Nicole A, Kevin, and Nicole F are talking about wanting the backyard. Ian says people complained about him rocking on the hammock during his season. Ian says he’s on the spectrum and he’s not ashamed it, but he leads a normal light. He’s pretty uncomfortable right now because being on the spectrum isn’t his identity. Kevin says that could be a huge inspiration for kids who have that. Nicole A says that is so important to talk about so people can understand more about it. Nicole says she’s seen the misconceptions and the biases and she wants people to know it’s not a limitation and something that holds you back.


Kevin, David, and Enzo are in the bathroom area. Kevin is looking for someone who might help him and play in the veto competition. He tries to talk to Enzo, but David comes out of the WC and washes his hand and Enzo goes into the WC. Kevin says he probably shouldn’t try to make allies in the bathroom.


When Enzo comes out and Kevin tells him he would never come for him and he’s asking if it comes to HG choice and Enzo says yeah because Kevin makes him laugh. Enzo says Kevin is a good kid, but he’s scared and looking for allies. Ian comes into the bathroom and Enzo heads off to bed and Kevin wants to ask Ian something. Kevin says he doesn’t want to put Ian in a bad situation but would he consider HG choice and Ian says it’s a tricky situation. Ian heads off to bed and Kevin is by himself and says he doesn’t know what to do. Kevin is getting emotional and says he must have done something wrong.


Time to pick players for the veto competition! Only six people will compete: the HOH, the two nominees, and three others selected by random draw. Cody draws first and he picks Tyler. Kevin reaches in and draws HG choice and asks if Enzo is cool playing and Enzo says let’s go. He’s surprised Kevin picked him, but he feels like Kevin has nobody. Keesha reaches in she tells us she’s hoping for Kaysar or Janelle because they have her back and they need to stick together because they are from the older seasons. Keesha draws Ian.


Kevin says he’s so nervous because his life is on the line and this is a huge deal. The only person he can trust is himself and he needs to win this.


Da’Vonne says it’s time for the first veto competition and tells them to get in their workout gear. There are big bananas with saddles on them. When the clock begins they will hop on their bananas. When they hit 20 reps they get 90 seconds and they can stack their produce in their basket. To get more time they need to get back on their banana. When they think they’ve stacked enough produce to win, they should lock in their time. The person to stack the most produce in the fastest time will win. The class is only 30 minutes long and they must lock in a score before time is up.


Kevin wants to prove he’s an all-star and can carry his own. Keesha says she needs to win this because there’s a very good chance she’s going home. Cody wants to win this so he can make sure nominations stay this same. Ian wants to win because there is no sure thing in this house. He thinks the best way to get the banana moving is to use the back and forth motion. Enzo says it’s his first time straddling a giant banana. He says he knows they are going to put music behind it and make it go slow motion.


Tyler recaps the rules and he says he feels safe with Cody but he promised he’d never throw a competition. Better safe than sorry. Kevin is thinking he needs to get as many veggies and fruits as possible and have as many points of contact and as straight as possible to stack.


Cody’s time is running out and he drops and has to run back to his banana. Keesha drops one. Tyler drops all of his. Enzo drops a few and Ian drops and they have to go back. Enzo has 17 and then 18 and then they all fall. He says he’s not going to get frustrated. He says it’s like playing Jenga. Bayleigh tells him to watch his clock. Kevin says he has 16, should he lock it in? No, this is all-stars. Cody has 14 and he wants to get more before he locks in and he drops. Kevin had 19 and they fell while he was on the banana. Keesha was at 14 and they fall. 10 minutes remaining. Enzo had 17 but then some feel and he was down to 8.


Cody decides he’s going to use the grapes and carrots while adding…and his clock runs out and he is now eliminated. Ian says Kevin has more stacked and he just wants to add a few more before hitting his button but his clock runs out of time also. Enzo says he’s looking around and he has 18 pieces so he’s going to go ahead and clock in. It’s down to Tyler, Kevin, and Keesha. Tyler says he needs two more placed and hit the buzzer and veto is his. Tyler’s stack drops.


Kevin has 19, but Keesha is still in this so he wants to keep going. Keesha is at 14 and then 15. Kevin’s clock runs out and he doesn’t hit his buzzer in time and he’s now eliminated. Kevin says his shot is over. It’s done. He’s actually embarrassed. It’s down to Keesha and Tyler with 10 seconds. Keesha says it’s really close. If she can stop shaking she’s got this. Tyler drops and then Keesha drops. Enzo has won the Power of Veto!


Enzo says let’s go! Papa got the bling bling. He did this for his kids. Keesha says losing is really disappointing and she doesn’t know where Enzo’s head is and she’s so bummed. Cody couldn’t be happier and they can figure out what to do with the veto that is best for their game. Kevin says he stacked more than Enzo and choked.


#BB22 Nicole A is talking to Ian about their significant others. Ian says Nicole is definitely the person he trusts the most, but they’ve known each other for five years and they are the only winners in the game. Ian says their best chance of winning this season is against each other. Nicole agrees and Ian says they have made a final two deal. Ian wants to make sure he’s the first two time winner of Big Brother. Nicole says her top allegiance is to Cody, but it’s important to have a back-up plan. Cody comes into the HOH and conversation becomes awkward.


Enzo and Kevin are alone in the SR. Kevin is glad he won because maybe he’ll feel obligated to win veto. Maybe he can talk to him and dig himself out of this situation. Enzo says he’ll talk to Cody and see what he says. Kevin says he just didn’t want to put Enzo in a bad spot and he really appreciates Enzo talking to Cody. Kevin says Enzo won’t do anything without Cody’s blessing. He says he’ll do anything to smooth things over with Cody so Enzo can use veto.


Kevin goes to talk to Cody and they are talking about the veto. Kevin asks if there is a scenario he can see them working together and Cody says 100%. Cody says he wants Kevin to stay this week and he would love to work with him. Kevin says he’s grasping at straws right now and if he won HOH and he’d keep Cody safe. Cody says Kevin is offering up a pretty suite deal and it would be crazy not to consider taking Kevin off, but he really doesn’t have a good reason to put someone else up instead.


Da is talking to Bayleigh and they are talking about being on the same team. Bayleigh says Da’s victory is her victory. Bayleigh says she’s been a fan of Da and she wanted to work for her and this is a dream come true. She says this is more than she could have asked for. Da says her and Bayleigh is a force to be reckoned with and so is she and this is black girl magic at it’s best.


Nicole and Ian are in the bathroom area whispering and they are checking to see if anyone is watching and Enzo pops around. Enzo says he knows what’s going on. Enzo immediately goes to tell Cody that Nicole F is with Ian. Enzo says he doesn’t trust Ian. He likes him, but he doesn’t trust him. Cody says we can’t forget this kid is a winner. Cody says Enzo is right. Ian is a wild threat. Ian went against one of the best players to play the game and beat him. Maybe this would be a good time to get Enzo to use the veto and maybe this is the time to make some moves.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Keesha and Kevin have been nominated for eviction, but Enzo can veto one of the nominations. He has decided…not to use the power of veto! He says it’s just too early. This veto meeting is adjourned!


Enzo says he wanted to pull a big move. Maybe a backdoor, but it’s just not the right time. It’s only week 1 and the miao miao still has a lot of game to play. Kevin says not coming off the block isn’t the great thing, but he’s built a relationship with Cody and Enzo and they both have power. Keesha says at this point her social game is in full effect and she wants to charm the pants off everyone. Da says Cody did what was expected of the first HOH. But this is all-stars and she doesn’t think the house is going to stay calm. A storm is coming!

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