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America's Got Talent Season 15 - Quarter Final Round 1


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We're going into a new era & sometimes when you're forced to change, a lot of beautiful things can happen. It's going to be different but the contestants are ready. The regular world is so hard to balance, but on this show, anything can happen. It's America's Got Talent! 

Welcome to Season 15 of America's Got Talent - The Live Shows! Please welcome your host, Terry Crews! And your judges, Howie Mandel! Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara! And substituting for Simon Cowell (who broke his back this weekend), a special guest judge, Kelly Clarkson!

The judges are physically separated in an empty stage with floor-to-ceiling Zoom boxes ringing the studio representing the audience. There will be acts performing on stage, but also all around Universal Studios Hollywood, as well as acts beaming in via satellite from around the world.

The prize is $1m and a headline show in Las Vegas. Kelly says she's been waiting years for this and the chair is so comfortable. There will be 11 acts performing tonight, but only 5 acts will survive.

For the first act, we go to the Universal Studio lot for Porkchop Review. This season, it's all about the hogs as the porcine performers run though their act while the judges watch on a theater-size screen. The pigs do some amazing things in an old west setting.

It's an amazing act considering I didn't know pigs could be taught tricks. The thing is, the act is pretty much a traditional dog act but with pigs.

The act is now on stage. Howie says its amazing because they're pigs but its like a lethargic dog act. Heidi says it was boaring. Sofia says she could not love it, it was perfect. Kelly says she had never seen anything like it even if some pigs didn't perform as expected.

Now we go international with a 13yr old Taiwanese Ukulelist, Feng E. His father traded ukulele practice for Lego playtime, but now he builds ukuleles out of Legos. From an outdoor digitally electric stage, he rocks his electric ukulele with recognizable tunes.

Howie calls him the Jimi Hendrix of the Ukulele. The sound and look were great. Heidi says she loves his vibe, he's so cool. Sofia says he looked like a star, makes the ukulele sound unbelievable. Kelly says he is insanely gifted, rock'n'roll drama, you control the arena.

AGT taught Shaquira McGrath that her voice, not her looks, define her. Singing from the AGT stage, her voice is strong and proud, confident and dynamic with a country flavor that rises above genre. She hits the power vocals with dramatic pause, always maintaining control.

Sophia says Shaquira puts her soul into everything she sings. Kelly says that's a hard song to sing, there's nowhere to breath, your voice is beautiful and powerful. Howie says you have passion but the first audition is still your top. Heidi says your voice is larger than life.

After a private tour of the Universal Backlot, Youth salsa duo Simon & Maria perform a 50's salsa routine in Mel's Diner, with spandex, quicksteps, blue jeans and a white t-shirt. They perform some amazing acrobatics but their polish reminds you of their age. 

Now in front of the judges, Kelly says how cool to use the whole lot for that performance. Your faces are as fun to watch as your feet. Howie says each time you keep getting better. Heidi says your talent is only overshadowed by your cuteness. Sophia says she's so proud of her fellow Colombians.

Contortionist FrenchieBabyy is putting the family pieces back together after Simon called his mom. On a dystopian themed digital stage set, the combination of body art and contortionism tells a quirky, and at times grotesque story. Virtual reality on steroids, Terry Crews says.

Heidi says you're hard to watch but you can't look away, you have snake arms and a super cool look. Sofia says I can imagine you performing like this for a living. Kelly says she's never seen anything like that, one-of-a-kind. Howie says Wow and Ow.

Father/daughter Daredevil duo Bello & Annaliese Nock suffered a setback during rehearsal and Bello is unable to perform on the wheel of death with the judges present and no safety equipment, with her brother stepping in as counter-balance to her solo performance.

 Annaliese gets the wheel spinning while running and jumping inside one wheel (with her brother on the other end). She walks backwards then climbs outside, her dad looking on with concern. Out comes the jump rope but she trips and nearly loses balance. She gets it on second attempt.

That's when Annaliese brings out the blindfold. Her brother begins spinning the wheel, fire is added to the ring, and she begins walking forward, up to the top of the wheel, through the fire, then down the other side. She rips off the blindfold and takes a victorious pose atop the wheel of death.

Back inside, Terry says his heart was in his mouth. Kelly was unable to see it live but watched the video, saying she had every emotion in the world happening. Heidi asks do you play Truth or Dare at home? It's always spectacular. Sofia says nerves of steel. Howie says spectacular.

Next to perform is 10yr old power vocalist Roberta Battaglia, standing on an island in her digital virtual environment, singing I Believe What You Say Of Me (Lauren Daigle), her voice strong and clear, mature well beyond her years, her stage presence equal to her vocal.

Sofia wants her Golden Buzzer to win, she sings so spectacular. Kelly says you're incredible, hello. Even if you were 27, your tone is beautiful and effortless, your potential is insane. Howie says you have a good chance to win the season. Heidi says much respect, incredible voice.

Comedian Michael Yo went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, having caught CoV-2 and suffered severe COVID-19 respiratory complications. He thought he'd never see his kids again. He fought and won, returning home to his family. 

Performing live well in front of the judges and the digital Zoom audience, he tells jokes about not being strong enough to deliver a baby. It's a more emotional, humorous monologue than a stand-up routine, but he gets the laughs in 

Kelly says comedians are needed more than ever and acknowledges she has known him for years. Howie says this is the hardest art form without an in-person audience and you delivered. Heidi says you are a lot of fun, your face was a smiley emoji. Sofia says better than last time.

Double Dragon sings for carbs, but settle for your votes as they perform Bang Bang (Jessie J) on the old west backlot. With a little rap thrown in, they deliver a strong dual-language duet with strong, powerful vocals, expansive choreography, and cactus pyrotechnics. 

Howie says judging Double Dragon as singers isn't fair - they could be a sitcom. Heidi says double the energy, double the fun. Sofia says they deserve a reality show at least, and the voice is fantastic. Kelly says love the energy, song choice and singing in Spanish.

A spoonful of sugar makes Brett Loudermilk's sword go down. He moved to Vegas to street perform but Vegas closed due to the coronavirus. Heidi is on stage with Brett and a deck of stunt cards as she signs a 6 of diamonds and reinserts it into the deck. 

Brett compliments Heidi on following directions, then calls Sofia up for a chance at redemption. Tonight the act is all about her - she will shoot a crossbow at his face to find Heidi's card. Sofia moans and tries to runaway. He puts the deck of cards in his mouth and says Fire!

The deck of cards flies everywhere and Brett begins choking. Sofia runs away thinking she shot him in the neck, but the arrow is still in the crossbow. Brett grabs the arrow, sticks it down his throat, and pulls out Heidi's card. 

Howie says he raised the stakes, more dangerous, more magical, more in control. Kelly asks, what is happening? I wanted to shoot the crossbow. Such a great job. Heidi says Heimlich wouldn't have been good with physical distancing. Sofia wants to know what he'll do if she's not available. 

The final act of the night waited 37 years for this night. It's Archie Williams, singing  Love's In Need of Love Today (Stevie Wonder) in front of the judges, his voice wavering with emotion, soft and sincere, paced with the practiced patience of a weathered and leathered vocal.

Sofia says you deserve this more than anyone. Heidi says I feel the pain in your voice, the song couldn't be more perfect. Kelly says that was a beautiful performance, your tone is a beautiful gift, a storyteller. Howie says you preach to us rather than sing to us, an inspiration.

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Live, it's the America's Got Talent Results for the Quarter Finals Round 1! Here's your host, Terry Crews! Last night, 11 acts performed but only 5 will go through. Please welcome your judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and substituting for Simon Cowell, Kelly Clarkson!

Last night, Porch Chop Review, Feng E, Shaquira McGrath, Simon & Maria, Frenchiebabyy, Bello & Annaliese Nock, Roberta Battaglia, Michael Yo, Double Dragon, Brett Loudermilk and  Archie Williams all performed for your vote. Who will make it through to the Semi-Finals?

The 11 acts are in the studio, physically distant from each other and the judges. Based on your votes, 3 acts will go straight through to the Semi-Finals. The acts that came in 4th, 5th and 6th are in danger of going home, but you can save one with the live Dunkin Save Vote.

In no particular order, here are the acts in danger: Brett Loudermilk, Feng E (who is by remote in Taiwan), and Double Dragon. One of these acts will be saved by your Dunkin Save Vote. The vote is open now and you have 30 minutes via the AGT App online.

The Zoom Audience Wall is back, and they too can vote to save either Brett Loudermilk, Feng E or Double Dragon. The waiting is over. Let's find out who your votes have put through. Good luck to all of you, this is it.

Archie Williams, Bello & Annaliese Nock and Michael Yo, please step forward. America has voted. The first act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Archie Williams!  We say goodbye to Michael, Bello and Annaliese.

Back in 2014, Matt Franco became the first magician to win America's Got Talent and tonight he's back with us to make history with 2 decks of cards and physically distant Heidi Klum and Kelly Clarkson. Coincidence? Or magic?

There are 5 spots available for the Semi-Finals, but only 4 left. Let's see who is next to get in. Frenchiebabyy, Shaquira McGrath please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Shaquira McGrath!  Thank you, Frenchiebabyy.

That's two acts through on your votes, with one more to go. Roberta Battaglia, Pork Chop Review and Simon & Maria, please step forward. America has voted and the next act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Roberta Battaglia!  We say adios to Pork Chop Review and Simon & Maria.

You're almost out of time to vote in the Duncan Save. But first, here's the singer who forever changed America's Got Talent - last season's winner, with Break My Heart Again, please welcome Kodi Lee!

The Dunkin Save votes are now closed and the three acts are waiting for your results. Did you save Brett Loudermilk? Or did you save Feng E? Or did you save Double Dragon?

There are now 2 spots left and one of them goes to the winner of the Dunkin Save. Who will it be? Brett Loudermilk, Feng E, Double Dragon, please step forward. Good luck tonight. The act going through to the Semi-Finals is...   Brett Loudermilk!

We are down to the last two acts, Feng E and Double Dragon, and this time it is up to the judges to decide who is the final act going through to the Semi-Finals. This is it, judges, please consider your decision.

Next week, 11 more acts will perform your your votes in the 2nd round of the Quarter Finals. But tonight there is unfinished business - one final act to go through to the Semi-Finals, Feng E or Double Dragon. Who will the judges choose?

Heidi, who do you want to put through to the Semi-Finals? Heidi votes for Double Dragon. Sofia votes for Double Dragon. Kelly Clarkson votes for Feng E. Howie votes for Double Dragon! We say goodbye to Feng E.

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