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Wednesday, August 12, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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1:43am BBT Cody, Tyler, Memphis, and Dani sitting in the BY talking. It comes up that Kaysar demanded bidets [not clear which brand, but assuming cheap biobidet or brondell rather than premium Totos - BBLurkerPlus] on both the house toilets as a condition of coming back for All Stars 2020.  He's the reason there are bidets in the BB house for the first time and Cody says he's so fuckin' grateful.  Production cuts away as they start to explain to confused Grandpa Memphis in more detail.  Here's the scene...



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12:00AM BBT: Enzo says it's "early" and people "are scared." BB cuts the feeds for a minute, when they're back Janelle, Nicole F, and Bayleigh are sitting in the KBR. Enzo and Cody are still talking in the HOHR about what might happen next week. Cody worries about going into the safety suite if Kaysar wins HOH. Enzo says that's how the game works and Cody shouldn't feel weird about that. "It is what it is, yo," Enzo says. Cody gets up, he says he needs to eat. They leave the HOHR. Meanwhile, the HGs are counting down the seconds for the havenots to eat. 


12:04AM BBT: The entire house cheers when their clock hits midnight at the havenots are very happy to finally eat. BB cuts the feeds a few seconds after the countdown.  


12:43AM BBT: Feeds are back after being down for about 40 minutes. David, Memphis, Enzo, Tyler, and Ian are sitting around the table in the KT talking about hair cuts. Da'Vonne and Dani are outside swinging in the hammock talking about family. Da'Vonne says her letter will be from her mom if she were to win HOH. Dani explains how the letter process works, she says when BB gets the letters they switch up the sentence structure to make sure there's no hidden codes or anything. Kevin walks over. 


12:44AM BBT: Kaysar and Cody are in the storage room, Kaysar says he wants to "catch up" with Cody. Cody says he's frustrated because they "came to play" and he didn't want to nominate these two people and now everyone is just waiting to see "what the house is going to do." Cody is upset no one is telling him anything. Cody says Kevin is telling him what he wants to hear and he thinks Kevin is here to play Big Brother. Cody says he's also talked to Keesha. 


12:45AM BBT: Cody starts to circle around in his explanation, so Kaysar takes control and says he's going to tell Cody where his "head is at." Kaysar says he hasn't made a decision, but that he wants to take "inventory" of where everyone is out. He says he doesn't want to be on the wrong side of the vote. Cody tells Kaysar not to start conversations with anyone so people don't blame him for the vote. He tells Kaysar he'll let him know if he starts to hear people saying "well Kaysar said..." or "Kaysar wants..." 


12:47AM BBT: Cody says he thinks "more will happen tomorrow." Kaysar says he's tried to talk to people today, but no one wants to talk. Kaysar says Keesha is a stronger player than Kevin, so he leans towards "getting her out" and "being done with it." Kaysar says the "neutral" plays in the house are "Ian, Nicole A, and Kevin." Ian is called to the DR. Kaysar continues to tell Cody that he's also thought about getting Kevin out to get rid of neutral players so there are more "targets" in the house. Cody says if Keesha really is a threat, then he would definitely be her target if she wins HOH. "You don't think Kevin would do that?" Kaysar asks. Cody says he's had conversations with Kevin and he doesn't think Kevin would do that. He says Kevin has taken the blame for him being on the block, and he's not blaming Cody. 


12:50AM BBT: Cody says Keesha basically told him the same thing Kevin said. Cody says it comes down to which one of them is a bigger threat to him. He says he didn't watch their seasons, so he doesn't know how they are as players. Cody says he's huge fans of Kaysar and Janelle because he watched their all-star season. Cody says he's trying to let his relationships develop organically in the house. Cody says he never wanted to target Kaysar or Janelle because he's huge fans of them. Kaysar says he feels the same way. They talk about how no one is playing BB yet. Cody thinks everyone is "nervous." 


12:53AM BBT: Cody says if everyone is still "confused" tomorrow then he'll make a decision and tell the house what to do. He says he'll get all the blood on his hands. Bayleigh and Christmas are in the CBR talking about endurance comps. In the storage room, Kaysar and Cody are still whispering about the upcoming vote. Cody believes the house will come to a conclusion and all vote that way. He says he does not want the season to be like Tyler's season where one group pulled the strings and the other had no idea what was going on. 


12:56AM BBT: Cody and Kaysar talk about Cody's season. Kaysar says he loved it and how Cody worked with Derrick. Cody says he wants the person who will not target him to stay. He feels like that person is Kevin. Kaysar says it's "Big Brother" and it comes down to who is more emotional. He asks Cody who's more emotional, Cody doesn't say anything. "That's your answer," Kaysar says. Cody says Kevin told him that he's not emotional and he doesn't blame Cody. "I would rather keep Kevin," Cody says, "I'm not cutthroat enough, because I love Keesha." He says having a conversation with Kaysar is "refreshing."


12:58AM BBT: Cody says he doesn't know how Memphis plays. Kaysar says he doesn't know either. Cody believes the next HOH will really start the game and they'll see how it goes when the next nominations come around. Kaysar tells Cody again that Nicole A, Kevin, and Ian are neutral floaters. Cody says he likes Nicole F, he says she was a "good winner" but that it could have gone "elsewhere" if his brother hadn't been so "nasty." 


1:01AM BBT: Cody begins to repeat himself about wanting to keep Kevin and how next week will be the actual start of the game. Kaysar agrees, he says people aren't "showing their cards" yet and are waiting until next week to show them. Kaysar says no one is going to say anything until there's a new HOH. Cody agrees, he tells Kaysar he plans to play the safety suite next week because he can't play HOH. "You'd be dumb not to," Kaysar says. 


1:04AM BBT: Kaysar tells Cody that all these people hanging around him are just groupies and they won't know who wants to be on who's team until week three. He says the first three weeks are the hardest. The only way to be safe is to play, Cody says. Cody says they've been in the storage room too long and they need to move. Kaysar opens the fridge and Cody looks through the food. Christmas walks in. 


1:06AM BBT: Bayleigh is in bed in the CBR reading her Bible, Kaysar walks into the KT where Cody is opening a yogurt and Christmas is rinsing something out in the sink. Memphis and Tyler are on the couches in the BY. Cody joins them and Christmas follows a few seconds later.  General chatting throughout the house. Kaysar is now alone in the KT, he has a hard look on his face and appears to be thinking. 




1:09AM BBT: Enzo, Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are in the CBR. Enzo says tomorrow will be a "long day." They start to laugh and joke around. The group in the BY is also laughing and having fun. Eventually Kaysar joins the group in the CBR. 


1:14AM BBT: Dani joins the group in the BY and eventually Da'Vonne leaves the CBR and joins the group in the BY. Still general conversation throughout the house. 


1:25AM BBT: Still generation conversation throughout the house, BB cuts the feeds on and off when they talk about production or personal things. 


1:43AM BBT: The HGs outside in the BY talk about bidets and how Kaysar said he wouldn't come back into the house without them. (That conversation is clipped above by BBLurkerPlus)


1:51AM BBT: Ian, Kevin, Da'Vonne, and David are swinging in the hammock while Dani, Memphis, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, and Christmas are chatting outside on the couches. General conversation throughout the house. 


1:58AM BBT: Christmas and Memphis are alone on the couches outside, talking about who they would want to stay. Christmas tells him that it's too hard to ask people what they think right now. She says you just have to "let it play out" right now. Memphis agrees. They talk about not knowing who anyone would put up if they win HOH. Memphis talks about Nicole A, Christmas says she's pretty sure Nicole A has already been "picked up." 


1:59AM BBT: Christmas asks Memphis if he has any relationships in the house. Memphis says "just with Kaysar." "Good," Christmas says, "keep him calm." Memphis laughs. Christmas asks if Kaysar has indicated if he's working with Janelle. "That's pretty obvious," Memphis says, he tells Christmas their alliance started because Kaysar knew Cody would put him on the block. Christmas asks Memphis who else Janelle and Kaysar are working with. Memphis says he thinks it's just Janelle and Kaysar. Christmas says Janelle pumps Nicole A for info, but not her. Christmas says Bayleigh told her Janelle likes her. 


2:04AM BBT: Memphis tells Christmas that communication should be open these next few weeks. Memphis doesn't believe anyone is locked into their relationships or alliances right now. Christmas says she doesn't think anyone is "hitting" David up. She says maybe Bayleigh is. Christmas says if she wins HOH and someone comes to talk to her immediately after that's a "red flag." Christmas gets up, she says she's going to bed. She walks over to the group at the hammock and gives Kevin her blanket. She says it's "bedtime" and tells everyone outside "good night." Ian agrees it's time for bed and leaves to go inside. 


2:10AM BBT: Nicole A, Da'Vonne, David, and Kevin are outside by the hammock talking about going to sleep. Nicole A invites Kevin into the hammock, he gets up to try to get on. Da'Vonne says Kevin can have her spot because she's going to bed. 


2:12AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes, when they're back Kevin and Nicole A are swinging in the hammock. Kevin says he's trying to get Tyler on their side, because they need someone like him with them. Kevin says he also likes Da'Vonne. Nicole A says she would "love to come into power." Kevin says he feels like it's a group of "genuine people." Nicole A says Tyler, Dani, Ian and Enzo are going to keep him. She says Christmas told her she would decide Thursday.


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2:20AM BBT: BB keeps cutting the feeds throughout Nicole A and Kevin's conversation. Nicole A thinks she could keep Kaysar and Janelle from putting Kevin up, and she thinks Kevin could return that favor. Nicole A tells Kevin that he should put his game first. She says don't throw her under the bus, but it's ok for him to put his game first. Kevin agrees, he says they should both prioritize their games before others. 


2:23AM BBT: Kevin tells Nicole A that she needs to be careful with Janelle, because Janelle is "so smart." Kevin says Janelle analyzes words and they have to be careful what they say around her. Nicole A says she's opened up to Janelle because she wants Janelle to trust her. Nicole A says they need to be careful so that no one knows they're working together. Kevin says once he gets off "slop brain" it'll be better. 


2:26AM BBT: Kevin says he only needs seven votes. He says if he gets Ian he'll have eight. Nicole A says Nicole F scares her. Kevin says she's in an alliance with Cody. "That's blatant," Nicole A agrees. BB cuts the feeds again for a few seconds. Da'Vonne is in the lounge talking to the cameras, she says she's not playing the game perfectly, but she's "trying." Da'Vonne says she knows a lot of people wanted her to team up with Keesha, but she "doesn't know what to do about that." Da'Vonne says she can't put herself in a position that would mess up her own game. Da'Vonne says she thought she would come in and team up with Janelle, but she doesn't know "what's going on with that."


2:30AM BBT: Nicole A says Janelle and Kaysar are "hell bent" that Cody, Tyler, and David have a final three and they brought in Nicole F. "That's some bullsh*t," Kevin says, he disagrees that David is working with them. Kevin says "Cody and Tyler are for sure together." Nicole A says David and Tyler are friends. Kevin says he hasn't seen that. Nicole A says they hang out in the real world. Da'Vonne is still talking to the cameras in the lounge, she goes through the house and says who she thinks is working together. 


2:31AM BBT: Nicole A says she's pretty sure Tyler has a side deal with Janelle because she always walks in and they're alone together. Kevin thinks Tyler has a lot of side deals. Da'Vonne says she "doesn't know" about Nicole F. She just keeps saying "I don't know." "She says she's sorry," Da'vonne says, "but I don't know." "Can I trust her?" Da'Vonne asks, "or am I walking down that same path...again? I don't know."

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8:56 AM BBT  Kaysar is in the WA, brushing his teeth, Memphis still in KT.  No one else appears to be up.   Kaysar and Memphis go into the SR.  They exchange their mics/new batteries.  Memphis is whispering low, can understand him  Kaysar wants to know how he got that out of them? (Not sure what)  Memphis thinks Keesha would be better for his game, at least for a couple of weeks.  Kevin comes in, they say they aren't talking game, joke about getting rid of Kevin, then they walk out to KT and keep talking.  Kevin comes out, after getting new battery, they ask how he slept.  Now talk is about the coffee not being hot.

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2:32AM BBT: "Whatever I'm going to do, I'm going to figure it out," Da'Vonne says. She says she hopes she's right. She says she's going to sleep and just wanted to take a moment. "I love ya'll," she says, "say some prayers for me, because I'm sure I'm gonna need them." Meanwhile, outside Kevin and Nicole A are still chatting. Da'Vonne opens the backdoor, she waves to them and says "good night." They yell back "good night" to her. 


2:35AM BBT: Kevin tells Nicole A that eventually they'll have to bring in some muscle. He says he's trying to work Cody and Tyler, but it's hard to have conversations with Cody. Nicole A says it takes her "awhile" to "warm up to people." Kevin says he has to entice Cody into believing that working with him is valuable. "It's just so early," Kevin says. Nicole A agrees.

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9:02 AM BBT  Memphis and Kaysar are still whispering in the KT.  Memphis said Keesha needs to start campaigning.  She has to start playing the game.  Kaysar doesn't want to blow up his game for the rest of the time, if she doesn't stay.  Memphis is making another pot of coffee, hard to hear with water running.  Kaysar says Kevin came to him and promised him everything.  Memphis said he can't save everyone.   It's a game.  Memphis said he never won an HOH or a Veto. 

Memphis is still making coffee.  Says he thinks they have the AC a little better under control.  Not much going on.

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2:38AM BBT: Nicole A says they have to be careful so that things don't come back to bite them. Kevin says he needs to "work Nicole F a little harder." Nicole A says that's why she was direct with Tyler and Christmas because she wanted a real answer. Kevin says he heard from Dani that Cody is supporting him. Kevin says that's a "good thing" because Cody is working with Tyler. 


2:42AM BBT: Kevin says he "can't stand Memphis." He says his energy bothers him and that last night Memphis threw a tantrum because the lights wouldn't turn off. Nicole A says she and Kevin both understand it's a privilege to be on the show and Memphis doesn't agree with that and thinks it's his show. "It's just part of the game," Nicole A says, "you're just lucky to be here." She says she understands Kevin's point. Kevin says Memphis is a "ticking time bomb."


2:50AM BBT: Nicole A and Kevin continue to talk about Memphis and him yelling at production. Meanwhile the rest of the house is in bed and the lights are off. Kevin says he's irritated that Janelle doesn't wear the star costume. "They're a little diva-ish," he says. "I'm just happy to be here," Nicole A says. They talk about being havenots and they're so happy to be almost done with it.

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9:12 AM BBT  Kaysar and Memphis are chatting in the KT.  Memphis didn't think the HOH comp was live.  Kaysar says if it is an endurance one, they will show the start, then say goodnight houseguests, and show the highlights on the next show.  If it is a short one, the winner is shown on the live show.  Memphis said he has forgotten a lot from when he was last here. Memphis is not sure when he will use his safety.  He said there are a lot of people still in the house, and it depends on who gets HOH, and if he feels he will be targeted.  Also, If he sees a lot of people going up, the odds would be against him.  He said Kaysar went at the right time.  Memphis said by week three it is game on.  Just don't step on a landmine (before then).   Kaysar is whispering again, can't understand him, but Memphis says she (Keesha) should know by tomorrow, and if she needs more votes.

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2:52AM BBT: Nicole A tells Kevin they just need to keep having conversations with everyone, especially Kaysar and Janelle. Nicole A hopes to get Tyler alone tomorrow. She says a lot of people tend to gravitate towards Tyler. Kevin says Tyler actually pulled him aside to talk to him. The two share their "paranoid thoughts."


3:17AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for a bit, when they're back Nicole A and Kevin are still on the hammock and everyone else in the house is asleep. Kevin says Memphis is trying to keep Keesha. "He's trying to make people think they're not that close," Kevin says. 


3:21AM BBT: Kevin and Nicole A continue to talk about who they talked to earlier in the day and what their thoughts are. They talk about Memphis, Janelle, and Kaysar working together. Nicole A says she was with Christmas earlier and was planning on talking to her alone, but Janelle came in and wouldn't leave. Kevin wants to talk to Janelle tomorrow, he hopes to convince her not to try as hard. Nicole A agrees to talk to David tomorrow. "Tomorrow is a crunch day," Kevin says. "I feel like I should go," Kevin says. Nicole A says she'll let him go first and then leave.

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9:20 AM BBT  Memphis says there hasn't been a wake up call yet, there has been a lot of complaining, so maybe since they are stuck inside, they are letting them sleep, at least until 10.  Talk has changed to working out, and the bikes outside.

Kaysar leaves and Memphis is again alone at the KT counter.


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3:24AM BBT: "We never had this conversation," Nicole A says, Kevin agrees, he tells her "goodnight" and leaves the backyard. Nicole A stays in the hammock, she talks to the cameras for a bit, telling them about her day. She talks to her family.


3:41AM BBT: Nicole leaves the BY, she makes sure no one left anything before leaving. She says good bye to the yard, "see ya next time." 


4:18AM BBT: Nicole A gets ready for bed and finally goes to bed. The house is dark and everyone appears to be asleep.



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9:00 AM BBT Kevin is up and in SR changing his battery for the day. Kaysar and Memphis are in the kitchen whispering. They are saying she got to secure the votes (talking about keesha).

9:08 AM BBT Memphis and Kaysar taling in the kitchen Memphis said he feels like they are getting the ac controlled he said it is not as cold.They sit around the table sipping on some coffee. 

9:13 AM BBT They talk about what time they think the live show is. They think the HOH is going to be a luck of the draw type HOH competitions. Kaysar thinks thinks half the house will play safety. Memphis says if says there is 8 people up there what are the percentages. He says its a total mind F**k. 

9:30 AM BBT Kaysar leaves the KT and then we get FOTH. It is wake up time for the HG. 


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9:35 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  David is in the KT with Memphis and Kaysar.  David said he is having weird dreams. Bay walks through, no one says anything.  She goes to the WA where Kevin is doing ADLs. General chit chat in KT

9:37 AM BBT  Kevin asks Day what he should do today.  She keeps asking like she can't hear him, then says she doesn't know.  Hard to hear Kevin's plan, as Day is running water.  Bay comes out of the WC, Kevin asks if they want him to fix them some breakfast.  He leaves, Bayleigh asks Day what time she went to bed, Day thinks around 2.  More water running, teeth brushing, not much talking. 

9:42 AM BBT  More people are starting to get up and moving.  Kaysar is tidying up the KT while David and Memphis sit at the counter.  Keven comes in with something he got from the SR, and Ian walks in, putting on his mic.  Ian keeps walking.  No game talk, as people are coming in.  Just general good morning pleasantries.

9:45 AM BBT  Ian is rocking in the WA, talking to Bay and Day about what he ate once he was off Have Nots.  Day said at least that is over.  Ian said he doesn't know, we will see.  Bayleigh asks if he is dressing up tomorrow, he said yeah, he might.  He can wear a tie.  Bayleigh said she has an outfit all picked out, it is really cute.  She said to let her know if anyone sees her flip flops.  Not much going on in there either.


(I am out for a while, will be back later)

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9:35 AM BBT Feeds come back on.  David is talking to Kaysar and Memphis. Kevin tells Bayleigh and Da'Vonne good morning. Kevin ask Da"vonne what he should do today. Da"vonne tells him they are kind of boring. 

9:41 AM BBT Bayleigh is up at the sink. Da'Vonne is on the WA couch brushing her teeth. David Memphis and Kevin are in the KT Ian joins them and they all say good morning to him. 

 9:45 AM BBT Ian joins DaVonne and Bayleigh in the WA tells them good morning. Ian asks how they slept they said they slept well and ask Ian how he slept he says he slept good considering he ate decent last night.  Ian said he had pizza some potatoes and a cookie.


9:51 AM BBT Kevin and David are talking about their fitness. Kevin says he lost weight after using Hello Fresh and Blue apron type delivery services. David says he has a route he runs started out with doing 5-mile runs and it went up from there. The girls are still in the WA getting ready. 

9:59 AM BBT Kaysar and Kevin are talking about when Kaysar was on the Paleo diet. He tells him he does for it 90 days.  Production comes over and tells Christmas to come to the DR downstairs. Kaysar mentions he saw a Personal Trainer that helps out movie stars and what not. Bayleigh and Davoone are in the CBR Davoone is reading her bible. General Chit chat. 

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10:05AM BBT Bay and Da are reading their bibles in bed. In the KT, Kaysar and Xmas are discussing meal prep.


10:14AM BBT In the WCA, David and Dani talking about what to do tomorrow. David says if there is an alliance, he isn't in it. Dani says the same. Dani is whispering names and asking David if he likes them. David says this is still so new to him. David says it would be nice to be HOH but he isn't sure he wants to make the decisions. Dani says it definitely a Catch 22. Dani says she will be so mad if anyone picks her for a HN this week on her birthday. She says they will be her number 1 target. She laughs. 


10:23AM BBT Dani and David giving each other a pep talk. Dani says that she has no idea what Janelle is doing. She says she has spoken to Janelle the least in the house. David asks if Memphis is trying to keep Keesha. Dani says she has no idea. David says Memphis seems closed off. Dani says they were really tight in their season but that was 10 years ago. She thinks they must still have some type of bond.

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10:15 AM BBT  Talk in the KT is about diets, working out, eating healthy, etc.  No game talk, a lot of HG's are in the KT.  In the WA David and Dani are talking.  David is glad he isn't on the block, but is stressed about having to vote.  He likes everyone in his BR, hopes one of them gets the next HOH.  He said this whole experience is different for him.  He said he won't put Cody up if he wins, because Cody didn't put him up.  They both think he is a nice guy.  Dani said in addition to HOH there is the safety suite and Have Nots.  David thinks being a HN won't be so bad, Dani said it is much worse than he can imagine.  You can't sleep or eat, so your brain gets fuzzy.  She doesn't want to be on slop, but she said since her birthday is this week,  if someone puts her on slop, they will be on her hit list.  She said she will do it later if she has to.  Dani and David both like their beds.  They feel like it is their safe place.

Dani says today will be tough, she wants to know if David has decided which way he is voting.  She likes Keesha a lot, but Kevin is a really nice guy, and she feels bad that in his season he was on slop so much.  They talk about who they are talking to.  Dani said she has probably talked to Janelle the least.  They both like Kaysar.  Dani said in their season they were really close, she doesn't see that going away.  She thinks Kaysar is playing a better social game, just not ruffling feathers.   Dani asks about Nicole A.  Dani feels she has a gentle soul, and wouldn't put David up.  As they are talking about her, Nicole comes in.  They asked her how many comps she won, she said 3, two were HOH. 

(out again)


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10:28AM BBT Keesha and Ian are chatting in the LR. Ian says he is pretty straight forward. Keesha says she is too and that she thinks he is pretty cool. She says he wouldn't have any issues with her and not because she is on the block. Talk changes to wishing they had orange juice and what the HN ate last night.


10:34AM BBT David and Dani talk about that they didn't win the first comp and were embarrassed but also that they were lucky because they weren't HN. Dani says she would be brokenhearted if she had won HOH because he didn't get letters or pictures. Keesha comes in and David asks her about if she dreamed last night. She says if she did, she doesn't remember them. They have a discussion about dreams.


10:42AM BBT IN the KT, Xmas is telling Kevin and Kaysar about an AT&T commercial she was flown to LA and shot it in less then half an hour. She got 50K for it (she says this was before BB.) 

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11:30 AM BBT  Recap:  As Janelle does her hair/make up and gets her Star on, she is in the BR with Kaysar who is making his bed and folding his clothes.  They think they are keeping Kevin, but Janelle wants to let Keesha know so she won't be blindsided.  Kaysar says to wait, she might hear it from someone else, they don't want her to panic.  Kaysar said he wants to let Kevin know, so Kevin will think they had a lot to do with it.  Kaysar told Janelle that Nicole A was really happy with the makeover that Janelle did on her yesterday.  He says she really looked good, and was so proud of it.  He asked if Janelle showed her how to do it, she said she tried.  They talk about different people they want to work with, but a lot of whispering.  Janelle is finally ready for the day, leaves Kaysar to finish folding his clothes.  Feeds switch to KT, no game talk there.

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11:01am BBT:In the LVR Kaysar,Ian,David, Cody,Enzo and Bayleigh talking about how things will work tomorrow for the live eviction and talking about  HOH. Bayleigh is also working out as she talks. IN the KT Memphis, Keesha. Tyler and NicA are making breakfast and eating. Not a lot of talking going on.
11:06am BBT: Tyler telling Keesha that BB will not tell them what the HOH comp will be till the day of the competition. Nicole, Kevin and Memphis just listening. Keesha then tells about buying a new car that looked just like the car she had before and no one knew it was a new car.
11:10am BBT: Keesha says her car she drove into a flood and got stuck in the middle of the street in the water. She says she had to call SOS and wait and that higher trucks and Suv's were going right through the flood. Memphis asked if they have flood insurance for cars and keesha says yeah i got paid but i miss that car and no one would help so she walked to Maceys to get help.
11:16am BBT: Christmas . Dani and NicF in the WA talking general talk and doing ADL's.
11: 20am BBT: Kaysar and Janelle in the KBR talking, Janelle ask who Cody would keep safe if he won safety and Kaysar says Memphis i think. They now start whispering as Kaysar makes his bed, Janelle says i know i brought so many beauty products  but i know i need more. Kaysar says that so so sweet what you did for NicA she was so happy. Janelle says she looked so good, Kaysar asked did you teach her how to do it and Janelle says i tried yeah. Janelle then whispers about they need to win HOH.
11:27am BBT: Kaysar says he is thinking about going to Kevin and telling him he is good before he hears things from someone else . Janelle is putting her star on while Kaysar folds his clothes. They whisper back and forth very lowly as to not let the other HG they are working together. Janelle leaves the room with her coffee leaving Kaysar to fold his clothes.
11:33am BBT: Cody explaining to Memphis in the LVR about how to play pick up sticks as David listens. most HG in the KT eating and drinking coffee just general talk going on.
11:42am BBT: Cody, David, Ian, Kevin and Enzo in the LVR talking about  different comps and shaving heads, Enzo says every Thursday you are a new person. IN the KT at the table Bayleigh and Christmas and Janelle talking  about evictions and when they might have a double eviction and Janelle says there might be a battle back too. Christmas says i do not know it is a short season and Janelle says  there was only 80 something days my season too.
11:48am BBT: Kevin in the CBR with Kevin, Kevin is reading scriptures from the Bible to her, She is sniffling, Kevin ask if she is ok and she says i am fine physically i am fine. Kevin gets up and leaves the room as Day is  asking BB to get the camera off her.
11:53am BBT: Kaysar goes to the KT, NicA ask what he is going to eat , Kaysar says tofu. NicA. says i have never had tofu. Tyler, NicA, Keesha, Kaysar at the KT island talking while Janelle. Christmas and Kevin talk at the KT table , Just general chat going on.

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12:06pm BBTL Dani and Cody talking about how Ian feels uncomfortable in the house, NicF walks in and they talk about her  drinking lemonade. NicA leaves the room and Cody says i had a conversation with Kaysar in the STR about where his head is and Dani says they want to keep Keesha and Cody says no Kevin. Dani says it could be revers phycology. Cody says maybe. Ian comes in a sits down. 
12:15pm BBT: Cody and Dani talking about not having the BY, Cody said on his season they would have the BY for 3 long days not like this were we all feel like we are on top of each other. Dani agrees with him. Most hg sitting around the house talking general talk.
12:20pm BBT: Cody has Ian take his shirts off and gives him clothes to put on. Memphis says a Cody make over. feeds switch to the WA with Bayleigh and day doing ASL's and david just getting out of the shower.

12:26pm BBT: Just general talk going on throughout the house . Kaysar cooking and telling Tyler and Kevin that technology is taking over and since the pandemic it has cut it to five to ten years off so it is starting earlier.
 12:33pm BBT: Day and Bayleigh in the WA talking and doing ADL's, Most HG sitting around in the KT and LVR and LL just talking about past season and general talk.
12:41pm BBT: NicA. telling about wearing her superhero costume on Halloween and people seeing her and saying how she was on BB and she would tell them yeah thats me. Janelle laughs. In the WA Day is doing her make up while Tyler brushes his teeth.
12:48pm BBT: Memphis and Cody have weights in the LVR doing curls as they sit on the couch, Bayleigh is laying on the couch watching, Janelle, Keesha. NicA, and Enzo in the LL talking  about going shopping.
12:55pm BBT: Tyler now in the LVR doing sit ups with Memphis, Cody still doing the weights as Bayleigh watches. In the LL Enzo, Keesha and Janelle and NicA. still talking and telling travel stories.

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1:02PM BBT: In the WA, Day and Kevin make a deal that the first person to cuss will cook for the other.  Tyler, Memphis and Bay continue working out in the common area.  Cody then makes an announcemnt that they have an activity and to grab a bowl.  Everyone gathers together.


1:06PM BBT: Cody reads to the group that they now have a stream on FB Live where they have questions to answer based on their cumulative knowledge.  Ian picks the first question out of the bowl.  "Which former HG cried the most while in the house?"


1:08PM BBT:  Most cried:  they guess Vanessa, Bunky, Christy Murphy, Josh, Keesha, NicF, Tiffany.   Josh wins the most votes.


1:10PM BBT: Which past HG do you wish was playing this season and why?  Derreck, Rachel Reilly, Britney, Josh, Kaycee, Dan, Eric Stein, Victor, Danielle Reyes, Michie, Johnny Mac, Cliff.    Rachel, Eric and Derreck were the most named. 


1:13PM BBT: Next Q: What's your all time favorite comp on BB?


1:15PM BBT:  Answers: Pressure Cooker, Graveyard, Classic Car one, OTEV, SlowMo comp - they're having trouble remembering the actual names of the comps.  OTEV was unanimous.


1:17PM BBT: Next Q: What's the worst punishment a HG had to endure?


1:19PM BBT: Answers:  The robot, Chicken George being on slop 55 days, Alex having to carry the backpack/grill hotdogs/deliver them/pack up the backpack/go back to HOH room, Britney on Cody's season kicking the soccer balls, Brendan and Britney tied up together for 2 days, ,   Chicken George is the group vote.


1:20PM BBT: Next Q:  Who is the most attractive HG in BB history. (Bay says she's sorry she's not in the running since people in the room were excluded)


1:22PM BBT: Brittany Martinez, Amber, Holly, Zakia, Jeff, Dom, Vic, Cassie, Jess, Angela, Jose, Brett, Corey, Annalyse, Monet, Erica, Swaggy, Howard, Hayleigh, Dr. Will.    Jeff and Amber were the winners.


1:30PM BBT: Next Q: What is your favorite BB twist?  Answers:  Hated It, coup d'etat, Pandora's Box, Project DNA (twins),  Battle of the Block, Ex-Factor.   Favorite was Twins.


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1:14 PM BBT

The Houseguests are all sitting in the living room in a circle answering questions in a round table setting. 

"Which former houseguest do you wish was in the house for BB22?"


They are taking turns asking and answering


Christmas pulls a question from the bowl

"What is your favorite Big Brother Competition?"


NicoleA- I didn't do it but the Pressure Cooker





Tyler pulls "What's your all-time favorite BB twist?"


They all laugh and say "nothing"



Nicole F pulls "Who was the funniest ex BB houseguest in the Diary Room?"


Most houseguests agree that Britney Haynes. David says Nicole A. Johnny Mac is voted from a few. Janelle said Howie. Bayleigh said Da'Vonne.


"What's your favorite season of BB?"  pulled by Cody     [I'm actually surprised they're letting this air on the feeds!  I wonder if it was an "OOPS!" -MamaLong]


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