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Tuesday, August 11, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:15 AM BBT

Nicole goes out to the backyard to complain to Christmas and Cody about her life in this BB house. She just wants to go to bed but she's annoyed by all the talk."I try to go to sleep and they're having a party. Bayleigh, Janelle...they try to bring up COry...Janelle brings up everyone I don't like and then I say shit and I'm gonna be in trouble. There's no point

Christ- there is a point for her

NicoleF- to make me look bad....and they are talking about Instagram posts for dildos and I want to cut my eye out with a butter knife

Christmas- just figure out a way to not tell her....say you don't remember

Cody- who was in the room? 

NicoleF- Bayleigh, but I have nothing against her...Keesha, Janelle, Kaysar, and Nicole A....and she was shouting out her partner (podcast)...I don't like that

Cody- why?  (he begins shouting out all his social media accounts

She begins to cry "it's so fucking annoying...like, I hate being tortured by people....I'm tired I just wanted to go to bed at like 10 o'clock and I swear they are talking to keep me up...and she never has to wear her costume...I couldn't not carry my sausage for like two seconds"

Christmas  "oh my God" and she gives her a hug telling her to just get it out "like my eyes were covered and I was ready to go to bed....I've cried more already this season than my other seasons combined....my life is really, really, really, really good. I left a good life. I'm happy to be here, but I would have been content. I was very happy where I was and now we are just opening up our life to everyone again....like, here we go. We'll be up all night. They won't turn the lights off until everybody is in the room

Cody- that's what I don't understand

Nicole F- see Christmas, I told you I cry when I'm tired. I'm tired  *Christmas heads inside

Nicole F- Christmas don't tell anyone I was crying    Christmas- no, I'm just gonna go assess


12:20 AM BBT

Cody and Nicole F head to the hammock and catch up on game talk. Cody tells her to be careful because Enzo walked in on her talking with Ian "he said he walked in and 'both of them were nervous'...I just want you to be aware"

Nicole F- I thought we were supposed to have the 4 and he is already worried. I told him I was gonna infiltrate that side and he would do the other

Nicole sees Da'Vonne coming and says "she is scared of us, too" She asks Cody who she should put up if she gets HoH. He tells her Janelle. 

Nicole- Noooooo...it's too early.

Nicole tells Cody that she has her speech ready...that she barely won, just by one vote....I got lucky as shit...I owe your family because of two votes. Your brother voted for me and Zakiya because of him

Cody- you aren't indebted to me...it's to my brother     Cody says he likes Da'Vonne and feels really comfortable with her and Janelle...

Nicole- Be careful! Everything you tell her she tells Janelle and then Bayleigh because Bayleigh and Janelle had a pre-house alliance so make sure you're being careful

Cody- Paulie told me that Bayleigh called her right away    *feeds cut


2:15 AM BBT  Have-Not Room

Ian enters the room quietly to go to bed and Memphis yells out "what time is it" Ian tells 2AM

Memphis- 2AM?! Then why are the lights on?  *yellingThe f'ing lights should be off. He waits a few minutes then angrily gets out of bed, rips his shirt off and throws it across the room heading out of the room and letting the door slam behind him. He marches to the DR


2:17 AM BBT Nicole A is talking alone in the lounge saying that it's "Tea Time....I can't for the life of me figure out who the target is...I'm usually more perceptive. but I have Ian telling me the target is Kevin and  he was told that by multiple  multiple people....I'm like, really? *feeds cut  

back to NicoleA  ....but Kevin's the target. So, that concerned me...then I talked to Enzo who said he wasn't using the veto because he wants noms to stay the same. Then I talked to Dani and she wants to keep Kevin. Oh man, I don't want to be on the opposite side of the vote. I talked to Christmas, Bayleigh, Cody, Nicole...why would Memphis be indifferent? I talked with Dani who says there are no alliances...I don't buy that shit.....there's a f'ing alliance of 9 and that's ridiculous...no way...I"m going crazy already in this house   

*camera cuts to Kevin leaving the Have-Not room and follows him to the DR door where he puts his ear to the door




2:20 AM BBT

Dani and Cody are telling in the backyard alone near the washer/dryer. Cody tells her that she is the only one he can have normal conversations with. Dani laughs and says well, I have a secret for you and telling you will show you that you can really trust me......[Oh goody, this must be a real juicy one.  I'm on the edge of my seat   -MamaLong]

Cody is intrigued and listens closely. Dani tells him that the Have Not shower is switched in the bathroom and that's why they couldn't get hot water "but don't tell anyone"  [LOL  -MamaLong] Cody thanks her for filling him in.  Cody debriefs Dani saying it's a good time to talk since no one is around...describes conversations with Enzo as being kind of crazy and conversations with Nicole F as tough because she's so skittish thinking everyone in the house hates her.

Cody- I think the only one really going after Nicole F is Janelle

Dani says she has had great conversations with everyone, and Janelle is the one she talks with the least. Cody tells Dani that Janelle wasn't going to play the safety, but Kaysar got up. Dani tells him that Kaysar said he had "bad vibes...they are the obvious clear duo...he's paranoid because they (Kaysar/Janelle) are a huge duo"  She asks him about the alliance saying that Christmas hasn't talked to her. He fills her on Christmas: He says that Memphis talked with everyone already, including Christmas and Christmas then approached him today saying "I'm going out on a limb here"  and delivered the "plan" ..."like I knew exactly what she was going to say....we have to not be seen talking and all that"

Cody then goes on to say that  Christmas tells him that she would rather keep Keesha

Dani- Keesha?  That's because Memphis wants to keep Keesha      *they hear someone coming so they shift the conversation

Kevin comes out and tells them that Memphis is going off and yelling about the lights being on and he is scared of him. He's like, "mother f'ker turn off the lights."

Dani- he yells a lot,  Man

Cody- he does...is he awake in the Have Not room?     

Kevin- he was yelling and then he ran down to the diary room and was yelling at them...I'm gonna wait a few minutes before I go back up

Dani leaves to use the restroom.

Kevin says that he feels like there is a shift coming and he's been talking with everyone. Cody tells him that he thinks so, too.  Kevin tells him that he really thinks it's because he has been getting Cody's support and thinks everyone in the house respects him and wants to please him...do whatever he thinks is best. Kevin says he thinks he has 8 votes. Cody asks him who he is not sure about and he mentions Memphis, Ian, and Christmas. Cody tells him he will talk with Ian and Memphis... he thinks they will do whatever the majority of the house wants. He feels like he never sees Christmas, but he is not worried about her. Kevin is very appreciative. Dani comes back out to tell Cody it's 2:30 AM so he decides to head inside

Kevin is so happy that when Cody goes in leaving him alone in the backyard, he does a happy dance.


3:00 AM BBT

Nicole A appears to be the last one up; she heads to be in the Have Not room where Memphis is now tucked quietly in bed.

The house is dark and silent.

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12:00AM BBT: Cody tells Christmas he likes the number six. Christmas says other people have tried to talk to her, but she tells them that she wants to wait until after the first eviction. Christmas says to keep Keesha because they can beat her easier than they can Kevin. "But I go back and forth," Christmas says. Cody says he hasn't had any conversations with Keesha, only Kevin. Christmas says that's because Kevin knows he needs to campaign. Christmas says Kevin almost won the comp and they need to keep who they can beat later on. BB cuts the feeds. 


12:07AM BBT: Feeds are back, Tyler, Kevin, Dani, and Da'Vonne are talking about previous comps. Cody and Christmas are still talking in the BY. Christmas is talking about "negotiating" safety. She says she and Cody are "good." Cody says he already knew that. "You were never going on the f***ing block," he tells Christmas. He says he wants people who want to play and win to be here. Christmas talks about her season. 


12:11AM BBT: Nicole walks into the KT, she's upset that no one is letting her sleep. She walks to the BY, she's very upset because no one will let her sleep in her room. She says everyone in the KBR is talking about "instagram ads." She says they need to "get over themselves." She's very upset that Janelle brings up "everyone" that Nicole F doesn't like. 


12:14AM BBT: Nicole continues to tell Cody and Christmas that she's very upset. Cody wants to know who all was in the KBR. They talk about Instagram. Nicole starts to have a meltdown and cries, BB cuts the feeds. 


12:20AM BBT: Nicole F says she's cried more this season than she did during her other seasons. Nicole continues to cry because she needs to sleep. "I don't want people to see me," Nicole walks over to the hammock. Meanwhile, there's general conversation in the KT. Cody joins Nicole in the hammock. Cody tells Nicole F that he trusts Christmas. He says he also trusts Dani, but he says she gets "nervous." [MamaLong outlines the rest of their conversation above]




12:32AM BBT: The HGs walk around the KT while Nicole F and Cody talk about Kaysar. Nicole A walks outside, followed by several other HGs. Nicole F goes back to complaining about not being able to sleep. Ian joins Nicole F and Cody in the hammock.


12:35AM BBT: Dani joins Nicole F, Ian, and Cody in the hammock. Keesha and Janelle are in the KBR whispering, Janelle says Kevin has been campaigning. "I've gotta get Ian and Nicole" Keesha says. Janelle says she could get Nicole A on their side. "She's very trustworthy," Keesha says, Janelle agrees. Janelle says she talked to Ian, and that Ian is 50/50 right now on who to send home. Janelle says Ian asked her what she was doing, Janelle says she told Ian she would go with the house. Janelle says Ian agrees. Janelle tells Keesha that she needs to campaign hard to Da'Vonne tomorrow. "The girls need to stick together," Keesha says. Janelle agrees.


12:38AM BBT: Keesha is frustrated that everyone keeps saying they're "going with the house," but no one is saying what the house is doing. Kaysar walks in and Janelle asks him to close the door. Keesha asks Kaysar if he's heard anything and then BB cuts the feeds.


12:40AM BBT: When the feeds come back Keesha is telling Kaysar and Janelle that "she promised me she had my back," but we're not sure who Keesha's talking about. Janelle tells them that she hasn't "voiced her opinion" to the house yet because she doesn't want them to think she's pulling all the strings. Kaysar says Cody keeps asking him what he's doing. Janelle suggests they don't say anything until the last minute. Kaysar says he'll "poke around tomorrow."


12:43AM BBT: Kaysar asks what Bayleigh is thinking. Janelle says she needs to talk to Bayleigh more tomorrow. Kaysar says he's trying to avoid people thinking they're all three working together. Keesha says "no one" is going to say a name first. Kaysar says he'll talk to Bayleigh and Da'Vonne tomorrow because he trusts them. Keesha says Da'Vonne has her back, she's just afraid to say it to the house.


12:45AM BBT: Janelle tells Keesha that she needs to go up to Bayleigh and Da'Vonne and tell them that if Keesha wins HOH she'll let Bayleigh and Da'Vonne pick the nominations and Keesha will take the blood on her hands. Keesha and Kaysar laugh. Kaysar says he gets a "good vibe" from Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. Janelle says Keesha has to get Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. Janelle leaves to use the WC. When she's gone, Kaysar tells Keesha that Janelle "doesn't give two sh*ts." Kaysar tells Keesha about his conversation with Kevin from earlier. "I don't know where the house is at," Kaysar says. Keesha says she doesn't know how to persuade anyone. 


12:48AM BBT: Kaysar tells Keesha he has to be careful what he does because he doesn't want every one know that he, Memphis, Keesha, and Janelle are working together. "I'll cook something up tomorrow," Kaysar says. Kaysar says the house's decision should come from Cody. Janelle walks back into the KBR, she tells Kesha to talk to Nicole A tomorrow. Janelle says everyone else is outside. Kaysar says "good," he wants them to talk and figure it out so he knows what everyone is thinking tomorrow. 


12:50AM BBT: Janelle says Keesha has to put herself "out there" tomorrow and tell them why she's better. Keesha says she doesn't want to enter "the danger zone." Kaysar tells Keesha to give it another day or so because someone will come forward. Kaysar says he'll act like they've "convinced" him if they tell him they're keeping Keesha. He says if they say they're keeping Kevin he'll try to casually fight for Keesha so no one knows they're working together. 


12:52AM BBT: Janelle says he could use the fact that Kevin is a floater for a reason to get rid of him. Kaysar agrees, "that's Big Brother 101." Keesha says this is "stressful." Kaysar tells her he'll have game conversations tomorrow to see where everyone's heads are.


12:56AM BBT: Kaysar tells Janelle and Keesha that Kevin talked to him earlier in the KT. He says that Kevin thinks he has the numbers. Kaysar says he doesn't know how Kevin has come to that conclusion. "He's coming on really strong," Kaysar says. He thinks the other HGs could be telling him they agree with him just to "appease him."


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1:00AM BBT: Ian, Cody, Dani, and Nicole F are still swinging on the hammock in the BY. Keesha, Kaysar, and Janelle are in the KBR whispering. Keesha is worried, she says her game plan is to make it seem like she has no one in the house. She doesn't want anyone to know she's working with Memphis. Kaysar gives Keesha some suggestions on what she should say to Cody and other HGs. Kaysar likes the floater angle, "but it's not a strong one."


1:05AM BBT: Kaysar says the HGs will vote based on relationships this week and who they are closer to. Kaysar tells Keesha not to promise safety to anyone, but give a generic response back that seems like she might. Kaysar tells her not to worry about Ian, but suggests talking to Bayleigh. BB cuts the feeds.


1:08AM BBT: When the feeds are back Janelle has returned to the KBR and the group outside is still just chatting. Kaysar tells Keesha to glide through tomorrow and wait until Wednesday to start heavily campaigning. 


1:10AM BBT: Janelle is called to the DR. Nicole F has left the BY, she walks inside. Kaysar and Keesha continue to whisper, their conversation circling back around on what Keesha should do. Janelle walks back in and gets back into bed. Nicole F has walked back into the KBR and gets in bed as well, she takes her microphone off. They talk about who has been called into the DR. 


1:16AM BBT: Keesha asks Nicole F where she stands. Nicole F says she likes Keesha and would "love" to keep her here. Keesha asks Janelle, Janelle says both she and Kevin are really nice and she's "trying to figure out everything." Outside in the BY, Ian talks about being on the spectrum. BB tells Nicole F to put her microphone on. in the KBR, Nicole says both Kevin and Keesha are likable and she doesn't know what anyone else in the house is doing.


1:19AM BBT: Tyler and Kevin are chatting in the BY on the couch, Kevin thinks someone is in Ian's ear, but he doesn't know who. They compare this season to all the other seasons. 


1:21AM BBT: Nicole F tells Keesha, Janelle, and Kaysar that no one "in this room" are making the decision in the house. "But who is?" Keesha asks. "I don't know," Nicole F says, "maybe we all just vote separate." 


1:26AM BBT: Most of the HGs in the BY break up and go inside, leaving Cody, Dani, and Ian in the hammock. The four in the KBR have also settled down and are now trying to go to sleep. Janelle and Nicole have covered their eyes.


1:30AM BBT: General conversation throughout the house. David is up, he and Kevin join Cody, Dani, and Ian in the BY to chat.


2:00AM BBT: Kevin and David are in the KT chatting. Kevin says he's "tallied it up" and in all the conversation's he's had people are giving him a "solid yes." BB cuts the feeds. When they're back, Kevin is talking about season 11. 


2:14AM BBT: Cody is doing laundry, he tells Dani that Nicole F came out and was crying and had a meltdown. Cody says Janelle is the reason she was crying. Kevin is in bed in the havenot room, Ian is getting ready for bed. Dani wants to know who else was in the room and who upset Nicole F. Cody tries to list off all the people he can remember, he fills her in on what Nicole F told him when she came out crying. 


2:18AM BBT: Nicole A is in the lounge talking to herself. She says "Kevin is the target."  Nicole says she doesn't want to be on the opposite side of this vote. Cody is still in the BY with Dani, Dani says she has a secret for Cody. [This conversation is outlined above by MamaLong]


2:26AM BBT: Kevin, Dani, and Cody are in the BY. Cody says he's going to bed. Dani follows him, they tell Kevin good night. Kevin dances in the BY. Nicole A is still in the lounge drinking tea. 


2:28AM BBT: Dani is washing her face in the WA. Kevin walks in, he wants to know if someone is in the DR. Dani says she has "no idea." Kevin apologizes to Dani for not telling her who he's talked to. Dani says she's not upset at all. Dani says she's been telling "everyone" that she wants Kevin to stay. Dani says she talked to Ian today, and that Ian likes him a lot. Kevin tells Dani that sometimes he "messes up" his words. Dani tells him to stop saying "sorry." Kevin says he totally trusts her (Dani) and Nicole A. Kevin says he feels like Ian is distant. Kevin says Cody told him he wants him to stay.


2:35AM BBT: Cody is in the HOHR talking to the cameras, Nicole is still up in the lounge, but she isn't talking right now. Cody tells the cameras in the HOHR he's going "f***ing crazy."


2:56AM BBT: Nicole A is the last one awake, everyone else is in bed. She leaves the lounge, walks into the WA, then the KT to get water and clean up a few things.


3:30AM BBT: All the lights are off in the BB House and it looks like all HGs are asleep.


8:45AM BBT: Enzo is awake, he gets out of bed and uses the WC. When he's done he looks around the house before going back to bed.


9:00AM BBT: BB throws up the feeds, when they're back everyone is still asleep.

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9:07 AM BBT We have stars and music on the feeds. Its wake up call time. 

9:50 AM BBT Stars and Music still. 

 10:14 AM BBT HG are finally up. Dani and Cody are in the HOH Bathroom talking. Bayleigh, Ian, Kaysar, Keesha, David are on the outside lounge area talking.

10:22 AM BBT Dani and Cody are talking about previous seasons about who was good and who was not. No game talking going on at the moment all general chat.

10:27 AM BBT Bayleigh, Ian Memphis, Kaysar David, Keesha are all talking about places they have been too. Keesha has been White water rafting. Meanwhile, Bayleigh and Memphis are talking about the Midwest. 

10:30 AM BBT Dani and Cody are talking about her kid. Dani says she doesn't want to miss her 2nd birthday. she said that is her and her kid's day. Cody agrees with her. The talk then switches to Tyler telling Cody they never have to talk. Dani asks if this is coming from the Memphis group, Cody nods yes. Dani tells him that it not going to work.

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10:43 AM BBT Feeds cut out again. Dani and cody were going back and forth with different seasons. Feeds come back on. 

 10:47 AM BBT Dani talking to Cody about how this season there will be no showmances because either they are married or in a relationship already. She then says they actually have to bond and make friends with each other. The outside group still talking general chit chat as well. 

10:50 AM BBT Dani then leaves the room and Cody has a mini Monolog while in the HOHR. Cody then leaves the room and says he is pissed. Dani and Nicole are in the WA and asks Nicole A what she is going to do today. Nicole A says she is going to eat tonight. Cams switch to Ian talking about Ihop to Da'Vonne.

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11:02am BBT: Tyler. Cody, David, Memphis and Day in the KT talking about water bottles as Memphis is making his  shake, Memphis is then called to the DR. Most HG in the BY. 
 11:05 am BBT: Nicole comes to the KT to Make a shake and ask Cody how he slept and he said he slept fine and wished he could have slept another  three hours. Dani and Nicole F. in the CBR talking , Dani tells her she is beautiful and smart and not to let anyone  treat her differently , Dani says do not let them get to you we have all the numbers right now just relax you are not alone ok. Nicole F. continues to dry.
11:08BBT: Nicole F: Still crying and tells Dani this is the first time she has had her period in the house and it is kind of freaking her out  and we get FOTH.
11:15am BBT: Christmas in the STR talking to Memphis  as she gets meds. Memphis leaves and goes to the KT saying we are all out of almond milk. In the BY Keesha, Ian and Kaysar at the couch area, Keesha asking what she should do today maybe ride the bike. Kaysar is putting his shirt on. In the WA Nicole is getting ready to go to the BY While Bayleigh is in the shower.
11:23am BBT: Nicole in the STR drinking juice as she wears a big hat on her head. In the BY Keesha and Memphis are talking about places they have gone to visit.
11:28 am BBT: Ian and Keesha in the BY talking about animals, Keesha ask him if he will get a dog after this and he says no i do not think so, She says what about a cat? He says no his girl friend is not a dog or cat person.
11:38am BBT: Janelle and Nicole F. Talking in the lounge room  She is telling her how Kevin played his season and how he got Jeff out of the house by lying. She then says they are different type of players and we get FOTH.
11:42am BBT: Janelle ask Nicole if she thinks people are working together. Nicole F, Says in my brain Kevin is more and Janelle says a flip flopper. Nicole says she feels Keesha will keep her word. Janelle agrees. Janelle says Kevin is dangerous for us if we are going to work together. She says if he comes back in this game he is dangerous. Janelle then says he will probably never get nominated again. Nicole says you think? Janelle says yeah.. Nicole F. says so we need seven votes and Janelle says yeah so we need two more.
11:47pm BBT: Janelle says you can see who hangs out in the house you know. Nicole F. says yeah i want to talk to people more today and i do like Keesha alot. Janelle says yeah of course. Then talk turns to Janelle can not play for safety next week.
11:49am BBT: Janelle's says Kevin is one of the people that do not have anyone and thats dangerous. She tells Nicole A. that he will float all the way since he has no one.
 11:52am BBT: In the WA Day is putting on her swim suit to go to the BY, Keesha is getting changed in the shower. Day says she is so nervous about this swim suit, Keesha ask why and we get FOTH.

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10:17am BBT Dani is back with again her idea that Ian uses his autism as a strategy. Cody comes back with the correct read, saying that Ian doesn't USE it, it's just who he is. [She really needs to stop bringing this idea up - it's a bad look - BBLurkerPlus]


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12:00pm BBT: Kaysar in the KT cooking, Kevin talking to him about making soup. Janelle and Nicole A, still talking about Nicole season she was on.
12:06pm BBT: Nicole A. says she hates thinking to far ahead this year. Janelle says you have to take out these big players. She then tells Nicole that the men will keep winning and she can not beat a man. Nicole ask Janelle what everyone would say about keesha? Janelle says i do not know. Janelle tells her that i think you and I are the only ones that have talked about anything. (Janelle is pushing for Kevin to leave.) Nicole says she was teetering and going back and forth for eviction so she is not sure what to do. Janelle says i do not see Kevin making a stand for anything.
12:10pm BBT: Janelle repeating herself to Nicole A. about why Kevin should leave and what others are saying. IN the KT Kaysar talking to Kevin as Kevin  does the dishes and cleans the KT. Most HG out in the BY.
12:21pm BBT: Janelle and Nicole A. are still talking in the LL about their past seasons and how they would get embarrassed. Christmas and Enzo in the BY talking about making salmon.
12:27pm BBT: Cody Joins Janelle and Nicole A. in the LL. Nicole and Janelle stop talking and act like they are playing backgammon. They then complain about getting up early and BB playing the music before 10am. In the BY Most HG are in and around the pool  enjoying the sunshine and talking general talk.
12:37pm BBT: Kaysar and Christmas talking in the BY about who to vote out and Christmas says there is no target though. Kaysar says are we all going to come together and vote? Christmas says i am waiting to for an opinion. She says the first 2 people out are just casualties. And Kaysar agrees.
12:40pm BBT: In the LL Janelle leaves and Nicole A. and Cody are talking about how everyone wants to be the big shot and he does not want to be a big shot. Cody says i wonder when things will go in here but then i do not see anyone fighting. Nicole says it is going to go off sometimes or another.
12:41pm BBT: Cody says he has not has a conversation with Keesha at all to this point about Kevin talks to me all the time and i like the kid. Nicole says i am thinking we are keeping Kevin. Cody says yeah. Cody says keesha tells him that she does not want him to feel like he is being attacked. Nicole says yeah you had to do what you had to do. Cody says yeah. Nicole says i have heard both pitches and i feel like Kevin would not put you up he would keep you safe if he won HOH next week. Cody says well thats a plus for me.
12:48pm BBT: Kaysar and Christmas in the BY talking about who to vote out Keesha or Kevin. Kaysar says Cody picked neutral here and we do not know which way to go. Christmas says yeah their seasons were so close together that it is hard to pick but i do like the way Cody picked a male and a female.
 12:52pm BBT: Enzo joins Cody and Nicole A. in the LL  and they talk about  being constipated and taking milk of magnesia.

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1:35 PM BBT

Nicole A and David are in the SR.

Nicole- I think we should have a therapeutic watermelon smash. Nothing against last season  Nothing against anyone in general, just a general cleansing. And I was hoping the stool would be here... I wanted to baptize it in the pool. I wanted to go out there and be like this is a baptismal ceremony.
David- guys, that would be so funny

Big Brother, if you're listening....if you know where the stool or a similar stool...

David- guys, bring back the stool

NicoleA -I really want to baptize the stool in the pool and then smash a watermelon. It will be like a rebirth

David- like, we are changed

NicoleA- yeah, we are changed

Nicole turns to the cameras - I hope you guys are rooting for us

David- BB21 in the house         *they leave                                       [I completely support this ceremony  -MamaLong]






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#BB22: 1:01PM BBT: Janelle and David are in the KT talking about who they might vote for, Keesha or Kevin. David says at first he was feeling Keesha, now he’s not so sure.

#BB22: 1:05PM BBT: Dani comes into the kitchen and talks about Julie asking questions on the live show and how she dislikes it because she's so unprepared to be asked anything. She grabs a snack and a glass of water and heads back in the BY.

#BB22: 1:09PM BBT: Cody and Nicole A head downstairs to the BY, while Janelle and David are cleaning out the refrigerator. 

#BB22: 1:17PM BBT: Cody telling Dani in the backyard he's having a rough day because he's so tired. They start talking about unhealthy foods and how bad certain foods are for you.

#BB22: 1:29PM BBT: Bay and Janelle talking about curling irons and their hair while Janelle tries to curl her hair.

#BB22 1:36PM BBT: Janelle, Bayleigh, and Nicole F. in the WA talking about their hair and being locked in soon.

#BB22: 1:40PM BBT: Enzo cooking in the KT talking to Dani, Bayleigh, and David about indoor lock down in 10 minutes. 

#BB22: 1:41PM BBT: Janelle and Nicole F in the WA talking about Mike "Boogie". Janelle says he's a nice guy. Nicole asks her if she thinks he got asked to be on the show, and Janelle says "no, he's being going through a lot." 

#BB22: 1:43PM BBT: Nicole F and Janelle talking about their seasons and the people they hung out with the most. Their conversation then goes to Nicole's face and the products she uses.

#BB22: 1:49PM BBT: Enzo, Janelle, and David in the KT. Enzo is sitting down eating. Nicole in the WA putting on makeup. Nicole A showering. Almost time for indoor lockdown.

#BB22: 1:51PM BBT: FOTH. Time for indoor lockdown.

#BB22 1:56PM BBT: Kaysar and Janelle in the KBR. Kaysar is telling Janelle that he went to talk to Cody about game and how he thinks that him and Janelle have to go talk game to people. Nicole F comes in and the conversation turns to her and her cloths. She leaves, and Kaysar starts whispering again.

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1:58 PM BBT  KBR

Janelle and Kaysar discuss Keesha. Janelle tells him that she is terrible at campaigning "she says things like, 'I won't eat your food' ...and like last nigght she was talking game...I went under my covers"

Kaysar- she doesn't know what she's doing....talking with Nicole, but Nicole gave her nothing...I told her "Like, if you make an association with us, you are out for sure out'

Janelle- I know that was so stupid I could see it on her (Nicole's) face...I was like, Oh my God....it's frustrating

Kaysar says he doesn't really care anymore...that it would be nice to keep her, but it's so early it doesn't matter "doesn't really affect my game"

Janelle- I know

*Kaysar leaves



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2:05PM BBT Dani and Janelle talking. Janelle says she is over the costume. She says she walked by the kitchen counter today and knocked over a glass of water. Dani says that the worst costumes were the pixels.


2:10PM BBT Dani tells Janelle that she thinks Memphis is going to lose his mind soon. She says that she said good morning to him and he yelled about the lights being left on. Janelle says she tries not to complain but the pillows aren't good etc. Dani laughs and they agree that they know they are the worst ever. Janelle says she is an old crabby woman.


2:12PM BBT Janelle and Dani are talking who should go up. Janelle says David for sure and asks Dani what she thinks about Christmas. Dani says that she agrees. They feel Christmas is a guy's girl and that she can be dangerous. Dani says that is how Christmas played last time and rolled with the guys. Janelle says she doesn't trust Christmas.


2:20PM BBT Dani tells Janelle that she doesn't think Kevin has anyone. Kaysar comes in and Janelle asks how his shower was. Kaysar says if you turn both showers on, one gets really hot. Dani says she figured that out this morning. She says don't share the info with the other HG. They talk about Memphis being so grouchy. 

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2:29PM BBT Janelle asks what Dani has heard about who is staying. Dani whispers (it sounds like Kevin is staying but difficult to hear exactly what she said). They talk about how everyone they talk to only say they like both of them. They agree they have to decide by tomorrow.


 2:34PM BBT Xmas and NicF talking in the upstairs lounge. Xmas is saying she isn't sure if Dani is really close with Janelle. She thinks Dani would be a great player but she isn't sure if she is with Janelle. NicF says she thinks they have no other choice but to trust that group until they have no choice.


2:39PM BBT In the KT, Enzo and Dani laughing about hating people who do shout outs but they are going to be those people. Enzo jokes he is going to do it during the voting because he doesn't get any DRs. Enzo jokes that he is going to bring in the Veto with him. HG making lunch.


2:46PM BBT In the upstairs lounge, Bay, Kevin and Xmas talk. Bay tells them she was on "Say Yes To The Dress" but says she needs another dress now due to COVID. Says she may wear it to the reception. Xmas says she needs to be hooked up because her guy will be proposing before the end of the year. They talk about their dresses.


2:54PM BBT Dani and Enzo talking about not getting the outside. Dani says they are all going to be pale and complaining. She says again how she hates shout outs but she is wants her daughter to hear her name every week. They joke Tyler is just going to wear swim trunks. Tyler says less laundry that way and doesn't wear many clothes in the season. Enzo says he washed a pair of underwear today. He says that's it. He doesn't smell. He says it's too cold in the house to sweat.


2:59PM BBT Xmas and Cody talking in the HOH BR. He says he wants to have more convos with Kaysar but he says that Kaysar went out and played for safety right away and didn't even talk to him about it. Cody says that he doesn't think that Janelle would have played except that Kaysar decided to play.



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3:00pm BBT: Most HHG in the KT talking about having top go take a Covid 19 test today. Janelle says if they test positive they get removed from the house. Memphis says no way and Janelle says i asked and i think if you get  positive you get quarantined again. Feeds switch to Bayleigh and Kaysar in the LL talking about how everyone is playing the game this timer around. In the HOHR Christmas and Cody are talking  Kevin and if they will keep him or not.
 3:10pm BBT: Hg sitting around talking about Covid testing and some in other rooms talking about who to keep Thursday and who to vote out. and a lot of General talk going on.
 3: 20 pm BBT: Cody in the HOHR talking with Christmas about how he knows how this game is played and how he wants to play. Christmas says she is chill and focused  and she does not want to be under estimated . In the PBR Tyler  talking to Dani and Dani saying everyone is being totally tight lipped but i trust you Tyler. Tyler says yeah i trust you too and no one is going to mess with us.
3:29pm BBT: Ian and David playing chess, Cody in the WA talking to Memphis about  talking to Christmas then goes into the restroom. Memphis  leaves and goes to the KT. Most HG in the LL just talking general talk and about being have nots.
3:31pm BBT: Janelle and Keesha whispering low in the KBR. Janelle tells Keesha to go hang out with the others, Keesha says i am fixing to. She says she is going to go talk to bayleigh herself. Janelle says yes  it is girl power/ Keesha says I think David will go with the house as he is to new and he is to scared. Janelle closes her eyes. Keesha says she is going upstairs. 
3:34pm BBT:  Cody and Nicole in the KT , Nicole is cooking as Cody says where the cameras are pointed. Keesha comes in and sits at the KT island and just smiles. HG are complainiong how cold it is in the house.
3:40pm BBT: NicF is in the KT cooking pasta , Keesha and Cody go to the WA to talk , They whisper as Keesha says she is not going to go around and make promises to people as it is the first week. Keesha says i promise you can always shower in the HOHR if i win and Cody laughs and says that is all i need to hear.
3:45pm BBT: Cody tells Keesha he does not want to give her any false hope as Keesha is still talking about staying in the house and wanting votes. Keesha says no one wants to talk and it is part of the game. Cody says i know but tomorrow we will be locked in all day and more people will gather together as it is easier to talk when you are outside where there are smaller groups. Cody says you know i love you and i do not want anyone to go. keesha laughs and says i know  and i knew  i was going up.
3:52pm BBT: Janelle goes to the WA and talks to Cody and Keesha about wearing her star and  Keesha says i love your star, Cody says it sucks you got to go without wearing it then all of a sudden you have to wear it all the time. Janelle does not want to wear it on eviction night but she has no choice.
3:55pm BBT: Most HG are in the LL lounging and playing games and talking general talk and complaining about being cold.

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4:00 PM BBT Nicole A and David are upstairs talking in the HN room. Nicole is trying to figure out where she is going to put all her belongings. She expects that she will get bed space after moving out of the HN room, but she doesn't think anyone is going to be giving up dresser space. Their conversation switches to the eviction. Nicole tells him that she wants Kevin to stay so bad. 


4:07 PM BBT Kevin, David and Nicole A are in the HN room. They are discussing BB merchandise. Kevin asks BB to give them some swag to merchandise and advertise. Nicole says that they got really great mixer cups last year. 


4:09 PM BBT In the HN room, Kevin tells David and Nicole A that he feels good energy working with the 2 of them. David "Same" Nicole A "I agree." 


4:14 PM BBT Nicole F and Memphis are talking at the KT table. She tells him how Victor cleans up after her all the time and she feels bad about it. She suspects that he is going to get rid of a lot of her stuff while she is in the house that she has never gotten around to putting away. Meanwhile Janelle and Keesha are talking in the WA. Keesha tells Janelle that she is getting nothing from Cody. He keeps acting like he has no preference when it comes to the votes.


4:18 PM BBT David has gone down to the CBR and joined Ian, Cody, Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. He asks Da'Vonne to do his hair. She says that they need to do it for the live eviction tomorrow. He asks her to give it a trial run today. He wants to look fabulous tomorrow. He says that it is his very first live eviction and he wants to look good in case he gets to do a shout out to his mama.


4:25 PM BBT Nicole A, Janelle and Christmas were talking makeup in the KT. Janelle and Nicole go the KBR. Janelle is giving her a makeup makeover. Nicole "Wow, Janelle is doing my makeup." Nicole tells her that it is an honor. 







4:39 PM Nicole is smiling from ear to ear as Janelle does her makeup. She is getting the full treatment; eye shadow, liner, mascara, foundation, blush and lipstick. 


Nicole Full Makeup.jpg


Nic A.jpg

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4:51 PM BBT Janelle is going room to room and showing everyone her makeup that Janelle did. She is very proud of it. Kevin tells her that it looks natural, just a little bit, and that she should do that more often.  


4:59 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Enzo and Kevin are talking in the CBR. We keep getting FOTH as they talk about the BB goodie bag that they get mailed to them from BB after the season is over. 


5:04 PM BBT Janelle and Cody are in the KT talking. She tells him that one time, she had seen Cody and addressed him with a "Hi Cody" but he ignored her. Cody "What? No way. No. No." Turns out, he had just been in an argument and was not talking to anyone. He wasn't all there. When Cody goes into details about the argument we get FOTH. When the feeds return, Cody apologizes to her.


5:10 PM BBT David, Enzo, Nicole F and Christmas are lounging in the CBR. Nicole says she isn't going to be working out on the feeds because she doesn't know what she is doing. She can't sell it like she does. 

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5:24 PM BBT Nicole A and Da'Vonne are talking in the lounge. Nicole says that Janelle has really been working her to keep Keesha. Da'Vonne "She has been working you for days." Da'Vonne asks Nicole who Janelle thinks is voting to keep Keesha. Nicole says there is Janelle, Kaysar, Memphis, Ian, she thinks she can get Enzo and wants to get me. Da'Vonne she asked me to be the 8th vote. 


5:28 PM BBT Kevin has joined Da'Vonne and Nicole A on the loft. Kevin says that he knows he has both Nicole A and Da'vonne, Nicole F, Dani and he is doubling down on Bayleigh. Kevin starts to put himself down about the HGs that are supposed to be there. Da'Vonne tells him to stop thinking about that. He is there because he deserves to be there. He earned it.


5:32 PM BBT Nicole is trying to figure out where to keep her luggage. The dresser space is all used up and she moves out of the HN room tonight. 


5:40 PM BBT Nicole, Christmas and Kevin are talking in the lounge. They are talking about how laid back and talkative everyone is. Nicole says her season was so bad. When someone was on the block, no one hardly spoke to them. They agree that it is so nice that everyone is engaging Kevin and Keesha in conversation. 


5:43 PM BBT Nicole F and Cody are talking in the WA. Neither of them are sleeping good. Nicole says that she is lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a night. She has nothing to cry about but she is crying anyway because she is tired.


5:49 PM BBT Nicole F. continues to talk to Cody about her inability to sleep at night. Meanwhile, Christmas, Janelle and Nicole A are talking in the loft. Janelle says the loft is her favorite place to lounge around. The love lounge is nice for big ole costume but it is too cool in there. 


5:56 PM BBT Cody, Kevin, Nicole F and Dani are talking in the WA about the live move in. Nicole was so nervous she wanted to throw up. Cody thought the set was really neat and he can't wait to see what it looked like on the show. FOTH

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6:00 PM BBT Christmas, Nicole A and Janelle are in the upper lounge area talking about different alcoholic drinks they have had. The feeds cut.

 6:06 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Kevin, Cody, Nicole F, and Dani are in the bathroom are talking about their season and how people thought certain one looked like. Feeds cut then come back on. They ask "bob" for better songs to be played tomorrow am. They mention one of the songs was the eye of the tiger. They get all excited they finally have water bottles with their names on them.

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6:14 PM BBT Janelle is in the upper lounge trying to clean to up someone red makeup stuff. she trying to get rid of the red in the rug. Ian and Kevin join here while she is cleaning. Christmas and Bayleigh are in the storage area talking about what they want to eat and then talk about Kaysar and how he is playing. He apparently is very trustworthy. 

6:22 PM BBT Ian and Nicole F upstairs playing backgammon.  Ian says he thinks he has a perception problem and Nicole F asks him what he means by that. Ian tells her people are asking about him winning and he is trying to downplay it and he says but it very hard. He says oh your very smart etc. He wants to play like he doesn't know how to play and play like a fish. The rest of the HG are downstairs eating and drinking in the kitchen. 

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6:28 PM BBT Ian and Nicole talk about how he knows Janelle and Kaysar are a pair because this is their 3rd season on the show. Nicole mentions how people wont even know they are aliance at all. Ian mentions how bayleigh approached him and complimented how smart he is. He also mentions other asking how he is such a smart player in the game trying to get some insight. 

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