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Sunday, August 9, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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11:07 pm Big Brother Time


Enzo and Cody are laughing about Kevin coming down while he was talking to Keesha in the kitchen, but Cody leaves before we find out what the humor was.


Camera returns to the kitchen, Janelle, Ian and Keesha are getting snacks and drinks. David and Kaysar are cleaning out the fridge, they are trying to decide what is “good” and “bad” We hear a lot of mumbling by Kaysar.


Talk turns to way to combine peanut butter with other foods while the refrigerator is being cleaned out.


Cody and Nicole F are in the storage room, Nicole is telling Cody that “she” thinks they are working together because “she” put them together. (again, the camera came on late, so we have no way to know who “she” is.)




Kevin and Janelle are talking in the lounge area. Kevin wonders if Cody would be happy if Enzo used the veto. Janelle says she feels bad for Kevin, she says it has been awful because both of them are so sweet. Kevin tells her that he would appreciate her looking out for him, and he would be willing to show that appreciation to anyone who helps him stay. Kevin tells her he is trying to not be star struck by her. Janelle tells him if he can get the votes, he should let her know and she “would..;yeah..yeah”

Janelle puts him off just a little, no promises come Kevin's way from her. Kevin tells her that Cody told him he didn't have long before the decision.


Kevin tells Janelle he is the only person who has no previous connections in the house. Kevin says he feels alone in the house, he is a fighter not a floater. He says he tried hard in his earlier season to protect the people he worked with. He says he has something to offer and prove in this game. He says he was embarrassed at loosing the veto competition, Janelle commiserates with him. He says he can't even believe he is having a conversation with her. Kevin says when he questions why he is here, he tells himself he should be here. He asks if he is moving towards tipping the house in his direction, could she help him. They go on to talk about her being gracious to him.


Janelle tells him she will think about it, Kevin tells her the delay in talking to her has to do with his intimidation where she is concerned. Janelle tells Kevin that knowing the others in the house does not make a difference about how she feel about any of them.


Kevin tells her he will understand either decision. When she says Keesha would work with her, he tells her he would, but is very honest and says, “Keesha would work with you too.” He is being very honest in this conversation.


Janelle tells him neither of them are pawns. Kevin tells her that when he talked to Cody, it seemed very wishy washy. Kevin tells her that both of them seemed to have the same conversation with Cody. He says Cody just repeated the same to him later in the storage room.


Kevin tells her if she has any advice for him, he would be happy to hear it.


Janelle says she has no idea, but mentions the guys vote. She seems to be hinting that she would like to compare notes and Kevin makes the offer to help her find out.


Kevin and Janelle are agreeing on Cody's double talk and wishy washy responses to them. Janelle thinks there were four or five people he was thinking of. Kevin is upset he did not know to seal a deal with Cody. He tells Janelle he will talk to the guys, that he would love to work with her. He tells her that he understands that she may choose not to do that. Janelle gives him the standard answer we have heard for 21 seasons, the non committal “i could be open to that.” She does tell him she will let him know, she tells him that he may be talking to early. Neither of them think Enzo will use the veto.


Janelle tells Kevin that Enzo would have to have some incentive to use the veto, she hints that if he didn't care what the HOH thinks, he may do that. She feels like he doesn't play like that, but she throws out the possibility. (Hard to tell if Kevin picked up on that).


Conversation goes to Nicole A, Kevin tells Janelle that Nicole A is just very timid about approaches. He thinks it is because she was ostracized in her season and is being very cautious.


Kevin tells her again that he hasn't talked to her because she is such a legend in the game. He refers to himself as a potato compared to her in the game. He says he has times that he is overwhelmed by being in the game with her. Janelle tells him not to be intimidated, she is wearing a star outfit.


Janelle thinks no matter who leaves, they will have the opportunity to come back. She insists that “it is happening.” She repeats three times that she believes that. She says “they are not going to interview you and send you home.”


Kevin smiles and says, “so Keesha can come back. I am not going anywhere.”

Janelle has a slip and says, “I know.”, then covers it up really quick.



11:53pm Big Brother Tim


Enzo, Cody, Baleigh and Davonne are talking in the HOH room. They have formed an alliance, Cody tells them to name it and tell him what it is.


Keesha invades the HOH room, she comes into the room and settles into a chair.


They are laughing about Enzo getting hurt on the back yard bicycle. It wasn't serious, he is goofing around about it, making it sound much worse than it was.


Cody says he doesn't like the HOH, it is too isolated. Baleigh says during her season everyone came up there to hang out, but they had music.


Talk moves to back yard.


They say Kaysar's birthday is in a few minutes, they are going to bake him a cake.


Enzo says his belly is uncomfortable. He says it is the vegan food messing him up.


Christmas comes to the HOH and tells them they are making a HoHo cake for Kaysar while he is in the diary room.





Enzo says he needs to check on Nicole, she is ill.





There is a group in the kitchen, some making the special cake, some watching.


Nicole F, Christmas, Danielle, and Keesha are stacking the HoHos on a plate with cereal. (I have to say the thought is sweet, but the look of this thing is pitiful)


Nicole F and Christmas are making up a little dance for the happy birthday song. There is a lot of shaking going on!!! They go to the washroom area, but Danielle is in the room choking. She seems to be dealing with it, but she is coughing and wheezing. The girls say the dance if off....Danielle says she is okay and the girls go back to the kitchen, leaving her with Kevin.













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6:09 PM BBT: Christmas talking to herself in the Comic BDR that the girls scare her. Dani and Janelle. "Me, Tyler, Bayleigh, final 3 - damn that'd be nice" 


6:17PM BBT: Tyler and Memphis are arguing about apples and if Granny Smith is the name of the orchard or the actual apple.  They laugh and want some fact checking done.


6:19PM BBT: Tyler and Memphis continue their conversation about restaurants.  Memphis said his have recently re-opened with limited capacity, but they were just doing delivery for a month or so.


6:20PM BBT: Nicole F and Christmas are in the BR comparing what board games they had during their seasons.


6:22PM BBT: A lot of the HG upstairs are discussing what kind of ground meat they have and will they be making tacos.  Lots of small talk.


6:24PM BBT: Nicole F and Christmas are in the BR talking about when they talk to other HG, are they really on their side or will just turn around and spill their conversations to others.  Memphis, followed by Tyler, come in and Christmas asks them if they want to exercise later. (running/yoga)


6:27PM BBT: Kaysar and Janelle are in the KT cooking dinner.  Memphis is at the KT table keeping them company



6:31PM BBT: Nicole and Christmas talk about how much Nic's and Vic's family are alike.  Christmas said she's been repairing relationships with her family since her season because she didn't make time for them before then.


6:37PM BBT: Janelle is complaining about the stove, the pots, cooking soup in the crock pot, not finding the salt, etc.  Kaysar tells her it's like camping.


6:40PM BBT: Dani joins Christmas and Nicole F and they talk about how their stomachs are bloating.  Then the topic turns to their necklaces.  Christmas' necklace was given to her by a fan, Dani's is a T for Tennessee.


6:53PM BBT: Dani and Cody are in the photo BDR talking about how everyone wants to play with Tyler. Cody says that Christmas is a wildcard and she'll talk over everyone and never shuts up.  They want to keep her close, but not tell her everything.


6:58PM BBT: Cody tells Dani that he can have genuine conversations with Janelle, but Kaysar is too calculated/analytical.



7:03PM BBT: Dani tells Cody that she has had no conversations with Bayleigh.  Not even small talk.   He tells her that he didn't even tell Day or Bay who he was putting up.


7:05PM BBT: Dani and Cody start to discuss Ian, who they can't get a good feeling for, and then David walks in and they start talking about working out


7:10PM BBT: Janelle and Bay are doing stretches in the Key BDR.  Jani says she's going with the house.  Bay asked what Cody wants, and that someone should ask him.  Bay wants to know how Ty is going to play the game this season, that he's playing dumb about how things work.

7:12PM BBT: In the Photo BDR, Kevin tells Cody and Dani that he's down.  Dani tells him that lack of vitamin D will affect your moods and that she can always tell when Dom is deficient.


7:16PM BBT: David, Kevin, Cody and Dani are reminiscing about all of their seasons and pointing at pictures in the Photo BDR.


7:17PM BBT: They HG wonder what happened to Chelsea.  She was at Dani's wedding, but she hasn't heard from her since and has been trying to find her.  "I think she's like a missing person".


7:20PM BBT: Bay and Nicole F tell Jani she looks like a Barbie.  Jani asks how long she's supposed to stay in yoga poses while on the floor.  "A week".  "WHAT?"  She repeats the question and is answered "30 seconds".


7:28PM BBT: Dani and Nicole F are talking in the Photo BDR. Dani says it’ll be you, me, Memphis, Cody, Tyler.  The OG Alliance. Nicole says that Christmas doesn’t trust Janelle because she doesn’t wear her star outfit when she’s supposed to and it’s not fair. But that Christmas trusts Kaysar.



7:34PM BBT: Dani asks Nicole F to get information from Ian to find out where he’s at.


7:35PM BBT: Bay and Jani are talking in the Key BDR. They don’t see a guys’ alliance this season, nor any bromances. But they also don’t see the same of the girls. They don’t feel that the next comp will be endurance. Janelle tells Bayleigh that Kaysar is unpredictable. Jani says she wants White Claw in her HOH basket if she wins.


7:38PM BBT: David is chatting with Cody in the BR talking through (again) previous seasons and what went down.


7:40PM BBT: Kevin is talking with Dani in the Photo BDR. He asks her for her vote and she assures that he has it, but that Keesha is really nice. She tells him to stop talking down about himself and get his head in the game. He’s just “going through my feels”.


7:44PM BBT: Nicole A and Day are talking about the slop. She is not feeling well because of the slop and then she says “3 more days”. Day goes to get her some chocolate milk.  She asks Ian if they can have that – “I don’t drink chocolate milk”, then she asks Memphis “if I can, you can pour me a glass!”.  Day reads the manual at the KT table to make sure it’s ok. Nicole F tells her yes, they can have chocolate milk – they didn’t drink it on their season because they saved it for the have nots


7:56PM BBT: In the KT, Nicole tells Ian that she’s up for another game if he is. (chess)


7:57PM BBT: Dani is working out in the Photo BDR by herself, using the resistance rubber band


7:58PM BBT: The rest of the HG are eating in the KT and chit chatting.  No game talk.  The BY is still not open, but they're hoping for it tomorrow.


8:00PM BBT: Backyard is now open!


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