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Sunday, August 9, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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2:24 AM BBT

Kevin visits Cody in the HoH and proposes a "down-lowmance" to work with Cody in exchange for safety. Cody buys in saying that he loves that and he will continue saying that. He tells Kevin their relationship will continue to grow. Kevin laughs about the term he used "down-lowmance"  Cody-"We're gonna have a down-lowmance and I'm gonna call it a down-lowmance. Hashtag down-lowmance will be constantly going when we say it"  [Cody is trying to insure that he is safe with Kevin after putting him on the block] Kevin heads to DR



Cody talks to the cameras: I've never heard of a down-lowmance before. Has no one ever said down-lowmance before? I like it. It's good. Clever. Is that a thing? Have I never heard that before? *laughing I mean, could you imagine he wins HoH and I don't get put on the block? Couldn't have worked out any better. (Cody looks at the camera) What are you doing over there...creeping around? (Okay, so we'll have a late-night chat. We have a camera on over here he gets in bed)  What time is it? 2AM? Probably not many on the feeds. This has been absolutely wild. The first week! I normally don't do this. Sorry if I'm awkward. I have no idea what I'm going to do going into the 2nd week.



Cody mentions that he is blown away that conversations have been going really well - he says he feels horrible and didn't know all that stuff happened on Kevin's season, especially with Jeff "I had no idea about that. It kinda sucks". "I wonder how many other alliances are starting" (begins counting on his fingers and going through all of the alliances he is aware of)


Cody- So, I've got

-Da'Vonne Bayleigh Enzo

-Dani Nicole (Franzel) Enzo

-Enzo final two

-Memphis final two

-Nicole final two (Franzel)

-Ian wants to have a final two...I don't know about that one

-Kaysar? I don't know about him either    


It was just so much easier when I could say everything to Derrick and then he could figure it out, ya know? It's not the same having a one-on-one conversation with Enzo. As much as I love Enzo...not the same as talking to Derrick. I still feel a little...I don't know how to take Tyler. I feel like he doesn't really say anything. I feel like I keep trying to talk and open up but he doesn't say anything, just I don't know, I feel like he was going for the veto today  (Tyler told Cody he would try to win to keep noms the same). Ian? An interesting one. When I had a conversation with Ian he actually sat up and  

had the most normal conversation but every other time he makes these faces and is so awkward. He was telling me how he played the game...he calculated that.


-Nicole A, Kevin

-Ian, Memphis


I don't know. I could be in a good spot or everybody is bullshitting me because I am the HoH   [a little of both  -MamaLong] I wish I was better at reading a situation or a group of people 

Every time I look at this tv I see Derrick in the background  staring back critiquing me. Look Derrick, playing this game without you absolutely sucks. It is not easy....I couldn't have a conversation with a single person. Dani is the only person that I could actually say stuff to talk to and she would actually give me - send back...taking that information in and tell  me what she's thinking. But Nicole, she's too nervous to have a conversation. I don't know what's going on. She doesn't realize that Derrick and I would have conversations.in a room by ourselves.


-David? David would be on my side or wouldn't nominate me next week.


Cody says he is playing for safety next week.



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2:30 AM BBT


Cody continues to provide his summary of the week's happenings to the camera in HoH Room:


Hmm? I wonder what is going on with  Christmas? We got Kevin David, Ian, Kaysar, Tyler, Memphis, me....There is always an all guy's alliance. I wonder if there is an all guy's alliance forming and I'm not in it? Could you imagine? Who would the ring leader be? David? Imagine it's Enzo and he's forming one on the outside without me? Doubt it? Tyler? 



This sucks that I have to stay up this late. And I got to get up at 10 and drag ass the entire next day. David only would....there's a solid chance that Kaysar would put me on the block. I feel 100% that he was more the leader for the competition than Janelle was  (Safety Suite comp). Okay, that's all I got for the night. Just wait til you guys watch this veto comp. I sucked! Man, I sucked! I'm also calling it here now.. Ian, the backgammon champion...I'm gonna smoke him. He wins a lot of money outside of here. I'm gonna take it all. I'm gonna beat him. I'm gonna take all his winnings. I'm taking it this year in BB22.  Man! Fucking Derrick. You could just fucking play. I love it.  (COdy uses the restroom then gets in bed, lights off)


2:45 AM BBT

In the bathroom, Kevin has been talking with NicoleA. He relays his conversation with Cody. He tells her to keep it 100% between them. He asks her to pinky swear. She promises. Nicole says it's good that he has an in with him and that he should just share everything with her and Da'Vonne.






3:11AM BBT

NicoleA is in the shower and Keesha says goodnight. As Keesha leaves Nicole says "Oh my God" and the camera switches to follow Keesha to bed. The camera pops back to NicoleA. SHe gets dressed.


3:42 AM BBT

Kevin joins NicoleA in the bathroom. She tells him that the slop is like hamster food and powder. SHe hates it but she realizes there are people that have no food, don't have water, or a cot to sleep on "so shut the fuck up". SHe tells him it's driving her crazy because she doesn't have her things organized in the house "I have a pile of shit here and a pile of shit there" she said last season she had her own dresser "like that is Nicole's dresser" (she split her dresser with Kemi and when she left it was just her dresser) They both agree that being Have Nots makes things more awkward because they have no place to call their HUB and they don't feel comfortable hanging out in people's bedrooms.


Ian comes in and asks Nicole if he can speak to Ian alone. Nicole- "that's fine. I'm gonna go get milk"  Kevin asks him to vote to keep him. Ian says he likes Kevin and he is up for voting either way. He says he hasn't made a decision. Kevin tells Ian that he thinks BB put them in the house together to work with each other.


4:00 AM BBT

Nicole is alone in the lounge talking to the camera. She says she understands a lot of the HGs are parents but no one is up late "what's up with that?" She mentions that it's obvious they are working together.



4:18 AM BBT

Nicole heads to bed in the Have Not room


The house is dark and silent.

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12:15 AM BBT Bayleigh and Janelle are talking in the KBR. Janelle tells her that she wants to work with people who actually want to win sh*t. She says that everyone is just waiting and it is super weird. Bayleigh asks her about Nicole F. Janelle "Yeah, but we got to work out our other stuff from, well, whatever." Janelle says that she (Janelle) is very loyal. She is not scared to make moves. Bayleigh says she knows and that is why she is excited to work with her. Janelle "It is horrible to try to get people in an alliance and no one can win anything." Bayleigh assures her that she is there to compete too. 


12:29 AM BBT David, Dani Enzo and Cody are chatting in the PBR. She is trying to draw attention to a draft just over her bed. The guys get up but they don't feel a thing. David jokes that Dani is making it sound like 80 degree winds blowing her over and there is nothing. Dani hates her room. Cody tells them that he hates the HoH. He says he keeps hearing weird noises which has caused him to have some screwed up dreams. 


12:34 AM BBT Janelle, Keesha, Bayleigh, Ian and Kaysar are laying about in the KBR. They are discussing how Dani has no filter at all and tells it like it is. Bayleigh recalls Nicole F. talking to her and Dani about how much she loves her rock shaped diamond. Dani just piped in and said how ugly they are, despite hearing how much Nicole loved it. Janelle recalls that the first time she met Dani, Dani was pointing out how horrible someone looked. 


12:40 AM BBT Janelle, Nicole F, Keesha, Bayleigh and Kaysar are in the KBR talking about Enzo and all his crazy stories. Keesha says that she has got to hear his meow meow story one day. Kaysar gets up and goes to the other room to get Enzo. Enzo joins them and says back in the day he was hanging out with his boys. They were hitting the bars to see who they could pick up. Doesn't matter, they could be a train wreck, whatever. He and his boys pick up some girls. He was driving drunk as f**k, and the girl in the front seat of his car farts and tries to blame him for it. He is like "That's my own car" and she says "Whatever, Meow Meow Meow." So, the meow meow came out of her a$$. He doesn't even know who she is. No name or anything. "I just got a strike for that one, I know it. Every race, every gender. Every time. There is no way that I am going to survive this season." Kaysar asks him the story about the parole officer. Enzo says it was in the 6th grade with a substitute teacher FOTH.


12:50 AM BBT Most of the HGs remain awake, lounging around in the PBR and KBRs, talking about the game or their seasons of BB. Ian calculates that he calculated that he has less than 1% chance of winning his season at one point. Everything had to line up just right. He says that luck is very important when it comes to winning BB. They are discussing that anyone who makes it to the end and wins it, deserves it. They say that they don't like hearing that someone was carried or that someone didn't deserve to win. 

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1:03 AM BBT Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are talking in the WA. They are discussing Bayleigh's conversation with Cody. Cody asked her about Christmas. Bayleigh told him that her biggest concern about Christmas is that she talks a lot. She is very loyal, but she talks so much. They have both also noticed that Tyler is up Cody's and Janelle's butt a lot. Da'Vonne "Tyler would be a good shield, because he can win. But I wouldn't trust him. For sure, for sure."


1:08 AM BBT Everyone keeps asking Enzo for his stories. Kevin asked him what his game was to get girls as a kid. Enzo says that when he was a kid, everyone knew everybody. You knew who you could get drunk, whatever. When asked about dating today, he says he is not interested in a relationship, whatever. He has his bootie call. His "In case of emergency. You don't have to be hot, just whatever." He knows who to contact based on what he is feeling like that night. Keesha "Do they know they are bootie calls?" Enzo "Yeah, I am up front about that, they know." Kaysar "Do they know that they don't have to be hot?" Enzo "Yeah, they know that too." He admits that right now, he isn't interested in a relationship. Maybe because of what he's been through. His guard is up. It's just about his kids right now.


1:12 AM BBT In the KBR, Kevin tells Keisha, Janelle, Nicole F, Kaysar, Nicole A, Enzo and Ian that he was pulled into a summer internship program at a hospital when he was 17. He was chosen for the program because he was considered low income. These nurses saw something in him. He had never had any reason to think he should go into college. HIs family were Jehovah's Witness so they discouraged college. These nurses and counselors crowded around him and lifted him. They referred him, pushed him. These nurses probably have no idea how much they shaped his life.


1:18 AM BBT The HGs are speculating that the 10am-10pm time frame that they have to be awake is probably due to that being the time that more fans are watching the feeds. Ian tells the others that he first started watching the feeds was when they did Showtime After Dark, Season 8. He would get bored with people just sleeping. He was finally old enough to get the real feeds for BB12 because then he had a credit card number. He tells them that when you watch the show, you only see the exciting stuff. The feeds see all the boring stuff too. But, what makes Showtime After Dark worth it for him was the huge fight between Jenn and Dick. It was a huge fight. 


1:21 AM BBT The HGs are trying to figure out what we can see on the feeds. Nicole thinks that we get to see 4 different rooms at once. Janelle thinks we can pick which HG we want close ups on. Ian tells them (correctly) that the feeds only cover 2 rooms. Feeds 1 and 2 will be two separate cameras in one room. Feeds 3 and 4 will be two separate cameras in another room. He also says that Showtime showed nudity. They would flip the camera to show someone nude. 


1:37 AM BBT Enzo says that he thought they were going to get weed in the house since it's legal there. "We don't have bottled water, but they are going to get us weed." Kaysar "You thought you were going to come in here and have the ice breaker in the LR and there will be weed on the table?"


1:45 AM BBT Janelle, Kaysar, Enzo, both Nicole's, Cody, Kevin and Keesha are still hanging out in the KBR. Enzo and Kaysar are talking about the POV. Tyler was choking out the banana trying to hit that sensor. Enzo "you had to hit that back man, you had to hit that back hard. That thing swallowed Ian up. It swallowed him. I had respect for him. He was just cursing. He was serious now." Enzo says you can tell that Tyler threw it. He was just running around. Keesha had a lot of grapes. Cody says the grapes kept falling. Nothing but grapes stayed on the bottom. Enzo liked the beets too. They were great on the sides. The mushrooms came in late. The bananas and carrots were bad. Enzo says he thinks had 18 in the beginning and he should have just clocked out. Cody said the number he was going to stop on was 20.

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2:01 AM BBT Cody and Kevin have broken off from the rest of the group and are talking in the HoH. Kevin tells him that he is not going to sh*t on Keesha, because he really likes her. Cody says that he is not going to sh*t on either of them, and that he really likes Kevin too. He appreciates that Kevin came up to him directly. It really affected him. In that moment, they were being so honest with each other. It started a connection between them. 

Kevin and Cody.jpg


2:04 AM BBT Cody talks to Kevin about how much they have in common. Cody is not going to have any problem with Kevin staying. He is in his corner. Kevin says that he 100% would give Cody his plus one and be in his corner if he had Cody's support to stay. Cody says he would rather the nominations stay in the same, but he is willing to be in Kevin's corner for him to stay. Kevin offers to coral others to Cody if Cody is able to sway others to keep him.


2:06 AM BBT Kevin admits to Cody that he is desperate and is willing to do anything down the line if he is kept safe. Cody says he would really enjoy working with Kevin. 


2:07 AM BBT Feeds switch to Nicole A. and Keesha in the WA. Keesha asks if she has heard anything. Nicole tells her that no one is talking to her. She has no idea where people's heads are at. Keesha says that she may just go to Cody to see if he knows what the house is thinking. Nicole says that she hasn't heard anything. 


2:12 AM BBT Back in the HoH, Cody is telling Kevin that he is getting much more comfortable. He still isn't ready to poke his head in when others are talking. 


2:19 AM BBT In the HoH, Cody is telling Kevin that no one is talking about alliances yet. He hasn't heard anything. Meanwhile in the WA, Keesha is with Nicole A. Nicole is telling her that no one is talking game to her. She has no idea which way the house is leaning.  [All anyone wants to talk about is what no one is talking about~Goldylucks]


2:24 AM BBT Everyone is starting to peel away from each other. Enzo is in the WA brushing his teeth. He is still wearing the POV around his neck. Cody and Kevin are no longer talking and have agreed to have a Down-lowmance. Cody "Wouldn't is be something for him to win HoH and not put me up on the block?"

Enzo POV.jpg

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2:26 AM BBT Cody is now alone in the HoH and talks to the cameras. He says he now has the following alliances: Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Enzo--Dani, Nicole, Enzo--Enzo F2, Memphis F2, Nicole F2, Ian wants to have a F2 (I don't know about that one). He doesn't know about Kaysar either. It was easier to just say all this to Derrick and he would tell him what's up. Talking to Enzo is great, but it isn't like talking to Derrick. He doesn't know what he thinks about Tyler. Tyler just takes it in. He doesn't talk it out. He just agrees with him. 


2:28 AM BBT Cody tells the cameras that had a conversation with Ian. Ian talked about his season. He totally sees why Ian won. Everyone talks about how everyone was bitter towards Dan. Ian calculated that. 


2:29 AM BBT Cody says that it sucks playing this game without Derrick. Nicole is too nervous to even sit here and have a conversation. It is okay to sit down and have a conversation. Cody feels like he is in a good spot. David won't nominate him. He is going to play in the safety suite anyway though. If he doesn't get to play in the veto, he can still be back-doored. But he feels safe with: Kevin, David, Ian, Kaysar, Tyler, Enzo, Memphis. There is always an all guys alliance. What if there is an all guys alliance already and I am not in it? Cody feels that his best chance of going on the block would be by Kaysar. In fact, he would be surprised if Kaysar didn't put him up there.


2:33 AM BBT Kevin and Nicole A are whispering in the WA. Kevin says that he needs to keep close to Dani because Dani is talking to Janelle. He might be able to get some information from her. Nicole says that her ideal to go to F3 with are Kevin and Da'Vonne and she would be content getting 3rd behind them. Nicole continues to say that Keesha thinks she already has 6 votes and asked her to be the 7th. They calculate who those votes may be. She has Janelle, Kaysar, Memphis, Christmas, Tyler, maybe Dani and David, maybe Ian. 


2:40 AM BBT Nicole A and Kevin are trying to determine how they can get votes. Memphis is a done deal. Janelle and Kaysar can't be swayed. Maybe David can find out about Ian. Kevin asks her if it is a stupid plan to try and convince some people that Janelle is trying to get the old school people in line and run things. And that Janelle has Keesha wrapped around her finger because of Memphis. Nicole says he can do that, but be careful who he says it to. If it gets back to Janelle, she is going to f**k him so hard. 


2:46 AM BBT Kevin and Nicole are in the WA discussing how to get him votes. Kevin is going to try to get Enzo's vote telling him that he doesn't want to jeopardize Enzo's game by asking him to use the veto on him. He understands why Enzo would want to keep the noms the same, but he would really appreciate his vote in return. Nicole thinks that is a good way to sell it. 

Kevin and Nicole.jpg

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7:43 AM BBT We got FOTH. When the feeds return, Bayleigh is in the WA. She washes her hands and heads back to bed.


8:37 AM BBT Ian leaves the HN Room to use the WC.


8:51 AM BBT Ian is sitting alone in the WA, just rocking back and forth. Eventually Kaysar joins him. 

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8:56 AM BBT Ian and Kaysar in the WA talking about challenges and social game. Ian says he was in better shape last time he was in the house to take on challenges. Ian then tells Kaysar that he was nervous during nominations because it’s the first nomination ceremony where he didn’t know what to expect. The two talk about social game, and Ian says he has a sort of comfort with Janelle because he played with her last time.


9:07 AM BBT Kaysar leaves the WA and Ian is alone rocking again.


9:10 AM BBT Kaysar returns to the WA and they continue their conversation about Ian’s social and physical difficulties in the game. Memphis is awake now and in the kitchen making coffee.


9:15 AM BBT Ian talks about being made fun of in his last season. He says he felt like he was trying to punch his way out of a paper bag because he was made fun of openly.


9:17 AM BBT Memphis is cleaning the kitchen while he makes coffee saying the place is a pigsty. Dani is awake now and goes to the WC.


9:20 AM BBT Ian talking about when he was bullied in his season before. He talks about Mike bullying him in his season and saying he regretted picking Ian to be on his team that season. Ian says that was a top 5 most defining conversation he has had in his entire life. Kaysar talks about a hard time he had in college.


9:28 AM BBT Memphis still cleaning the kitchen. Kaysar and Ian still in the WA talking about anxiety and different ways to approach things.


9:33 AM BBT Kaysar says he used to be afraid people would bully him, but he learned how to calculate things and handle things. Ian says him and Kaysar were in the same boat with their previous seasons and being socially awkward. Ian says he didn’t realize until after his last season that he was on the medical spectrum until someone posted that he was.


9:36 AM BBT David is up now. He is in the kitchen getting coffee. Memphis us upset about how messy the kitchen is and says there was food everywhere.


9:37 AM BBT We are back to Ian and Kaysar’s conversation in the WA. Still talking about Ian and him being on the spectrum.


9:43 AM BBT Ian and Kaysar still talking about Ian and the difficulties he faces from day to day.


9:53 AM BBT The houseguests have been given a wake up call. Memphis and David still cleaning the kitchen. Ian and Kaysar still in the WA talking about Ian and a conversation he had with Mike on his previous season. Ian says there was in incident where he ran to the shower after a competition because he felt he needed to, even though he didn’t compete. Afterwards, Mike had a conversation with Ian about why he ran to the shower when he wasn’t soapy from the competition. Ian talking about how embarrassed and hurt he was after that conversation and how the conversation is in the top 2 that have had an impact on him.

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10:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Keesha, Ian, Kaysar and David in the KT. Keesha's legs are sore from the comp last night. Feeds 3 and 4 show Memphis sitting alone in the loft with his coffee. Cody comes out of the HoH and they greet each other. 


10:36 AM BBT Memphis and Cody are talking in the loft. Memphis says that between the two of them, Christmas, Tyler, Dani and Bayleigh, they make a good 6 person team. They need to be on the down-low and each person branch out a little. Play the game as needed to keep others close and get information. Cody is tasked with reaching out to Christmas and Memphis is going to reach out to Dani. 


10:49 AM BBT. All 4 feeds show Christmas, Cody, Ian and Keesha hanging out in the KT. Christmas is making breakfast. Dani and Kaysar are in the WA. They are grossed out by the fact that have not been able to wash any towels yet.


11:00 AM BBT Cody and Tyler are talking in the SR. Tyler asks him about the veto. Cody tells him that isn't going to use it. Cody also tells him about his conversation with Memphis. Memphis wants them to work together. Dani walks in there, so they joke and tell her they are discussing evicting her this week. 


11:09 AM BBT Memphis and Kaysar are at the KT table talking about the effect of Covid on the economy. Memphis says that for now, businesses need to be shut down. But, after the first of the year, it will be (middle finger). He says that people are going to have to start being responsible for protecting themselves from the virus because the economy won't survive driving all the businesses into poverty. Memphis discusses the bill designed to save the independent restaurants. He describes it like being a CARE ACT for restaurants. 


11:23 AM BBT Nicole F, Nicole A, Da'Vonne and Kevin are in the WA getting ready for the day. Christmas, Cody, Bayleigh, Ian. Kaysar and Tyler and chatting in the KT. They really miss being in the sun.


11:28 AM BBT Memphis is spraying cleaner on the bottom of the showers. Apparently someone has gotten athlete's foot while being in the house. Da'Vonne "I knew it would happen, that's why I brought shower shoes." 


11:32 AM BBT David and Enzo are talking in the PBR. David would be exercising if he were at home. On Sunday's, he meditates, runs, meditates again to remove Covid anxiety, and he cleans. He loves Sundays. Da'Vonne walks in and hugs them. She notices that David is wearing an all white shirt. She says she is going to check her stuff, but she is pretty sure BB took hers. Enzo says he has a white shirt too. 


11:37 AM BBT Kevin is alone in the HN Room, butting on his belt. He is getting on to himself for being upset about his current position in the game. "Fixated on a game. It's a game. Shut up. There is real stuff going on in the world. People are losing jobs. This is awesome. This is awesome."


11:46 AM BBT Lots of ADL's and sitting around, general chit chat. The HGs are anxious in hopes of getting some BY time today. 


11:51 AM BBT Nicole is looking for a camera to say Happy Birthday to her brother, Jessie. She looks directly at one camera, but it isn't focused on her, so what we see is the back of her head. 


11:54 AM BBT Christmas is in the KT talking about her $50 flip flops that broke after just one week. Memphis is called to the DR.


11:59 AM BBT In the KBR, Janelle is telling Kaysar that she isn't sleeping. She has insomnia and BB took her Ambien. She is so tired, she almost fell asleep during the POV. Meanwhile, Tyler and Dani are celebrating in the SR because they found tofu and tempeh. Dani "Thanks BB for not killing us. We can eat." Tyler "We aren't HN's anymore." 



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12:01 PM BBT Janelle and Kaysar are talking in the KBR talking about sleep. Dani, Bayleigh and Christmas are in the CBR talking about different outfits. Production calls Christmas to the DR and she remembers it is for her medication. 

12:08 PM BBT Bayleigh Enzo and david are in the star lounge streching working out. All cams go to Kaysar and Janelle talking about what she is going to eat when she gets out of bed. Janelle then says not playing in the saftey comp is going to send one of them home. Kaysar tells her they got to find that balance. 

12:15 PM BBT Keesha and Christmas are in the WA talking about her medication that she is on.(I think she is bipolar.) Janelle is finally up from her bed. Keesha and Christmas then go to the CBR. Nicole F and Da' Vonne are at the dinning table playing Domnioes. Ian joins in on the dominoes fun. He says he will teach backgammon if they teach him dominoes. 

12:25 PM BBT Kaysar and Keesha are talking about what Enzo told her. Keesha is saying that Enzo told her she got to fight to win to stay in the house and how he wants her to stay in the house. They then talk about something with DR feeds cut they come back on and the compatetion. Kaysar tells her she has to go talk to everyone and figure where they are at because they all will comapre notes. he also mention getting the most votes you cant just get the minimum amount of votes. 

12:31 PM BBT Keesha tells Kaysar she dont know what to say or ask Cody and Kaysar kinda tells her what her best approach is . Janelle hits something and says ouch and they tell her to go enjoy her breakfast she leaves the KBR. 

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12:45 PM BBT Kaysar whispering to Keesha in the KBR. He tells her that Cody dosent trust anybody and that is why he is not sharing any information. Kaysar also adds in to mention saving him.He also said he dosent know the numbers as well.  Keesha says yes. Kaysar says she needs to tell him that she wont be mad or upset if she goes or stay in the house and he will apperiate it. He also says to not game so hard then just have a general chat after that and  too play  it cool. 

12:52 PM BBT Keesha then leaves the room and goes to the WA. Christmas is giving some excersize leeson in the star longue. Nicole F, Cody and Da'Vonne are playing dominoes. They then break into singing baby shark song. Bayleigh is reminded to put her Microphone on. 

1:02 PM BBT Ian NIcole F Da'Vonne and Cody are playing dominoes. Bayleigh Memphis and Christmas are doing Yoga stretches. Nothing exciting going on at the momment, 

1:13 PM BBT Bayleigh asked Ian if he was feeling any better and he tells her he is defiantly feeling better then yesterday. He was glad to still play in the Veto.  He just felt drained. 

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1:20 PM BBT Tyler, Kaysar and David are talking about his season an why he think he didn't win versus Kaycee in the star Lounge. They are Talking about how she won and how personable she was on her season

1:34 PM BBT Kevin is talking to Dani, Keesha, and Enzo about his religion he is Jehovah's Witness. He is sharing his experience about excommunicated with his religion. He wanted to be a minister but his brother outted him. Feeds cut and then come back on. He said he had mini-reunions in the hospital since his dad had heart attacks

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1:58 PM BBT Christmas, Kaysar and Memphis are sitting in the LR discussing their diets and how they eat healthy, while enjoying the occasional sweet treat. Meanwhile Da'Vonne and Nicole F are laying down in the loft. Da'Vonne "I am coming to the realization that I need to start concentrating on this game".


2:04 PM BBT Kevin approaches Ian in the WA and asks him how feels. Ian says that he is in much better shape than yesterday. Kevin notes that he woke up in the middle of the night because he was so cold. Ian says it is more than shivering. It is more like full on convulsions. It is very odd and uncomfortable. 


2:10 PM BBT Da'Vonne and Nicole F. are up in the loft whispering. Tyler walks by and says Hello as he enters the HoH room to take a shower. The girls were surprised to see him. Da'Vonne "That one right there creeps me out. We never hear him coming." 


2:12 PM BBT Da'Vonne and Nicole F confirm that they are in support of each other and are good with each other. Nicole says that regardless what happens, it is worth it to come on this show because of the relationship that the two of them have developed. Nicole would be so happy to see Da'Vonne win. 


2:15 PM BBT Dani and Memphis are talking in the SR. Dani says she feels bad to keep complaining to the DR, but she is not a HN. Why must she always take a cold shower? Janelle walks in and joins their conversation. Janelle "Why do we have to get up early to do nothing? These pillows are not even to my standards. The quality of life. Come on." (said in jest)


2:20 PM BBT In the SR, Janelle and Dani are comparing Keesha and Kevin. Dani has a better relationship with Kevin. She feels really bad for him. He doesn't feel like he fits in. It would be horrible to come in, have a miserable experience and then leave. She also thinks that Keesha did not try to win the veto. She walked. She didn't run. Janelle agrees and adds that Kevin is more of a floater. Keesha will be more loyal. If Dani had to choose today, she would choose Kevin. 


2:29 PM BBT Kevin and Ian have joined the girls in the loft. He is telling them that he likes to pretend to be a girl. Tyler exits the HoH after having taken a shower. Kevin notices him and says that his hair makes him look like a blonde Jesus. Dani  "Jesus is not white. You have watched too many movies." 


2:34 PM BBT Christmas and Tyler are whispering in the WA while Tyler brushes his teeth. She has noticed Dani and Janelle together a lot. Tyler feels closer to Kevin than Keesha. Christmas feels Keesha is likely better at comps. It might be better to keep her around. Meanwhile, Ian is teaching Da'Vonne and Kevin how to play Backgammon in the loft. 


2:42 PM BBT BB "Da'Vonne, please make sure your battery tray is plugged in." Christmas "Well, that is specific."


2:44 PM BBT David and Memphis are playing Jenga at the DR table. They are taking it very seriously. David is making weird faces as he concentrates on moving the piece without knocking the tower down. Ian is playing Backgammon in the loft with Kevin. Da'Vonne is watching them to learn how to play. 

David Jenga.jpg


2:53 PM BBT The Jenga game at the DR table is getting serious as the tower gets taller and starts to lean a little. 

Memphis Jenga.jpg


2:54 PM David wins. The Jenga tower has fallen. 

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3:30 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Christmas and Tyler playing dominoes at the DR table. Feeds 3 and 4 show Dani and Memphis talking in the PBR about their significant others. Memphis was very cautious before introducing his girlfriend to his kids.


3:36 PM BBT Kaysar, Kevin and David are talking in the KT. Kevin was shocked at how much data is collected online. He learned just how much when he got his Alexa. Kaysar replies that the data collection is not what they should be afraid of. What they really should be afraid of is the security susceptibility of the big platforms. They are extremely vulnerable.


3:41 PM BBT Memphis and Dani are talking in the PBR. He introduces his plan to have a 5 or 6 person group of people who are more socially comfortable on their own. Then, not being obvious by all being in a room together; Being able to hold their own and keeping an eye on each other without having to group up all the time. Dani says that is so hard because there are people who have connections that they don't know about. There is loyalty there. You never know who you bring in that is going to turn around and share what you are doing. 


3:52 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Janelle, Christmas and Kevin are talking in the WA. They are talking about pregnancy and how big/little babies are when they are born. Da'Vonne wants a small baby, around 6 lbs. Janelle and Christmas inform her that 6 lbs is a bit smaller than average. Da'Vonne can't imagine carrying around 8 or 9 lbs of baby. She grabs a throw pillow from the sofa and puts it under her shirt. "Oh my God, look at me. I am not about that life." Janelle tells her that this is what it will be like at 9 months when you are about to pop. 

Bayleigh Prego.jpg


4:00 PM BBT Christmas and Janelle are educating Da'Vonne on how the body will change during and post pregnancy, particularly how the breasts enlarge and the ab muscles separate. 


4:11 PM BBT Enzo and Nicole F are sitting together in the lounge. She confirms with him that he is not using the veto. She asks him why Kevin picked him to play. Enzo says that he likes Kevin, but he doesn't know. They can't wait to get to go outside so they can start to playing the game. 


4:18 PM BBT Cody, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Keesha, Dani and Memphis are sitting around in the KT. They are discussing the Netflix Documentary Series, Waco. Keesha is trying to recall the name of the cult leader. No one is able to come up with the name. She manages to come up with David. "David Kursh?" [David Koresh~Stacey]


4:24 PM BBT Enzo and Nicole F are whispering in the lounge. They don't think they can get Da'Vonne without also taking Bayleigh. They are together. Nicole also really trusts Cody. She trust him so much because she played with his brother, and he was the best ally she ever had. 


4:26 PM BBT Nicole F tells Enzo that the two biggest threats in the house are safe this week. He agrees. She continues to say that no one is really going after them either. And the pre-show alliances are really scary too.


4:29 PM BBT Tyler and Cody are alone in the PBR. Cody tells him that Derrick was absolutely open to coming back into the house for a moment. Derrick told Cody that he was definitely sneaking a cellphone into sequester. Cody told him that he wasn't going to dare try that. According to him Derrick's reply was "You fu**ing Boy Scout." Tyler laughs "Camp leader right here." 


4:31 PM BBT Dani has joined Nicole F and Enzo in the lounge. She tells them to be careful being caught talking together. They confirm their 4 person team with Cody and Dani leaves. Meanwhile, Bayleigh approaches Christmas in the HoH bathroom area. Bayleigh asks her who her best buddy was in the house so far. Christmas "Well, I actually talk to you most of all." Bayleigh "Yeah". 


4:46 PM BBT The HGs are just sitting around. They are rather upbeat considering most of them are bummed that they have not yet been given access to the BY. The talk is about general chit chat such as the types of foods they would like to see in the house. No game talk is going on at the moment on camera. 

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4:51 PM BBT Cody, Dani and Tyler are talking in the PBR. Cody wants a celebrity to come in the house. He recalls that someone famous came in during the first All-Stars. At that point, Janelle walks in. She tells them that she was there when Neil Patrick Harris came. She said that the reason he came was because Will mentioned him every single day. And, Neil Patrick Harris was a big BB fan. So, he got his wish. Cody "I talked about Zac Efron every single day. I didn't get my wish. Instead, we got Kathy Griffin." 


4:55 PM BBT Cody, Dani, Tyler and Janelle are talking in the PBR. They make note that Nicole A and Tyler are the youngest in the house. Tyler was born in 1995. Janelle "Wait, so you were like 10 during my season." 


5:02 PM BBT Kevin and Da'Vonne are talking in the lounge. He tells her that the only ones he trusts right now are her and Nicole A. He says he needs to network more. She says "Hmmm, I don't know." She tells him that he will know when he can trust someone. He will feel it. Meanwhile, Tyler and David are talking in the SR. Tyler is looking for reassurances because no one is approaching him to talk game. David tells him that people like him, and that no one is approaching him because no one is approaching anyone. Tyler tells David that everyone likes him too. David has a shot a shot to go far. 


5:12 PM BBT Kevin and Da'Vonne are talking in the lounge. He is sharing the details about his conversation with Nicole A earlier. Keesha had approached Nicole and asked if she would be her 7th vote to stay. Keesha did not divulge the 6 votes that she has. While Kevin and Da'Vonne are whispering, they hear something that makes them think that someone is listening in. Da'Vonne leaves and goes to the SR where she sees Tyler and they hug each other. 


5:22 PM BBT Tyler is sitting alone in the chair under the TV in the LR. He is eating peanuts. The camera is focused straight on him. Tyler looks at the camera and says "Why do you have to stare at me? Can't a man eat his peanuts in peace?" Nicole F joins him and they chit chat about how they don't feel like themselves yet. Nicole is still trying to find her people. Tyler says no one wants to be the first to break the ice. It's not as easy at it was last time. 



5:33 PM BBT The house is really quiet. A lot of just sitting around. Nicole F and Tyler are sitting under the TV in the LR. They are discussing the comp when they first came in the house. Tyler admits that he was super nervous about it. He said it was the most nervous he has been in the house. 

Nicole and Tyler.jpg


5:42 PM BBT Nicole F continues to chat with Tyler in the LR about her wedding and how she has left some tasks for Victor, but most of it will be waiting for her. She starts to tell him how there was a rumor going around that she called production crying. The feeds quickly cut. 


5:45 PM BBT Nicole tells Tyler "So, people believe that the only reason that I am on the show is because I cried about it." She tells him that the rumor is that Paul called her about aligning up in the house and that she got all upset because no one had called her. So, she called BB and had a fit. She tells him that the rumor was started by two people. One is in the house, and the other is outside the house. He asks her who in the house did that. She makes him promise not to say anything and then whispers "Janelle". 


5:46 PM BBT Tyler and Nicole continue to talk about social media rumors and how betrayed they feel. He reads awful things about him and Angela too. Nicole says it is because they are jealous.


5:51 PM BBT Dani has joined Tyler and Nicole in the LR. She tells them that she first auditioned for the show for Season 6 and she made it to finals at the age of 18. It was later that they made the minimum age 21. She says it was a good thing she got on later because she was too young then. You have to have thick skin on this show.


5:53 PM BBT Dani, Nicole and Tyler are talking about how mean people are on Twitter. Tyler says that Twitter hates him. Dani says that the Jeff and Jordan fans were nasty to her. "Let them fight their own battles. It was just a show." Nicole says her fans are so nice, and they don't hate on others either.


5:55 PM BBT Nicole recalls the Hide N Go Veto she played 3 years ago. Natalie says on Twitter 8 months ago "So much for Nicole being a girls' girl. She threw my underwear all over the floor. It came out of no where. Paul tweeted to her and said that this was 3 years ago. Get over it.


5:58 PM BBT Tyler tells Nicole and Dani that when he gets out of here, he is going to spend a lot less time on the phone. He is worried that Angela is having to deal with all of that alone right now. Nicole says that when she gets up, Victor calms her down. She says Twitter hates everyone. They even hate Derrick. 

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5:37 PM BBT

Nicole F is talking with Tyler at the chess board in the LR. She tells him that her wedding is going to cost a lot of money and now she can't work until October. She talks about how she has a 6 month contract with (someone) and she has to do a post each month She did August and September but left the others for Victor to do. She said she was scared to tell them she was coming on BB because she thought "people would try to ruin it for me. People were sending people to me to try and find out...because there was this rumor that I called production and started crying...it was on Twitter..."  *feeds cut




When the feeds pop back they are still chatting about how people try to destroy them and make up lies. She said she knew they were trying to discredit her game before she came in. Tyler says there was a rumor about him saying he had to have Angela here with him. Nicole tells Tyler "one person is in here that started the rumor. One is in here and one is on the outside. They don't know I know it. But I know it....straight from their mouth"

Tyler asks her who and says she can test his loyalty with the information. She whispers "Janelle"


Dani joins them and they continue talking about Twitter and how so many on Twitter are just rude. Tyler says Angela doesn't do Twitter. 

Nicole- "yeah, we all just suck"  She said she thinks Derrick gets hate Tweets, too  [There is all kinds hate on Twitter, but there's good stuff, too, when you look in the right places.  -MamaLong]   

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6:19 PM BBT:  Day is working on the cube puzzle up in the loft.  Cody says that if she gets it, he will be mad if someone ruins it.  Keesha said that she couldn't imagine Cody getting mad and yelling.  Ian and Cody then start talking about Ian's performance at the POV. Bay gets called to the DR and gets excited for her medicine.


6:22 PM BBT:  Cody asks what type of meat they have.  He says that he is going to make tacos.  Nicole A stares off into space.  Keesha says that she would be game for some veggie tacos. 


6:23 PM BBT: Bay says that there is nothing to do.  She said that she asked "them" if they could trade the dominoes for a deck of cards. (For the LOVE OF ALL THINGS SACRED open the backyard, please!!! - Sheldon) Talk returns to food. 


6:25 PM BBT:  The camera swaps to Janelle and Kaysar cooking soup in the KT.  They are talking about wanting a crock pot.  Dani says that she has never used a crock pot.  Memphis sys he doesn't plan his life out that far in advance to use one. Kaysar jokes that he now has enough time to watch paint dry.  Memphis quips that he is now planning his life 3 months in advance. 


6:35 PM BBT: Janelle exclaims that things will finally cook now that she has a normal size burner. (Remember in BB7 when her and Diane were "Domestic Divas"? Here is the link:

  It is odd to see her cooking.... - Sheldon)



6:51 PM BBT:  Feeds swap to Dani and Cody talking in the Photo BR. They are making fun of someone (later confirmed to be Memphis) for not knowing much of the game. They bring up Nicole F when this mysterious person wanted him in the alliance.  Cody asks how Nicole is doing in the game.  Dani says that she doesn't know.  They then talk about Christmas and how they want to have her close, but not really close.  They both agree that she wants to go to the finals with two guys. 


6:57 PM BBT: Cody says that he wants to get closer to Janelle in case she goes on a roll with competitions.  Cody said that he cannot have a conversation with Kaysar because he is too analytical. 


7:02 PM BBT: Cody and Dani say they like their 4.  They said it needs to be a secret as long as possible. They feel like they are in a good spot for the first week.

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6:50 PM BBT

Christmas and Nicole F are talking in the bathroom. Christmas asks her who she feels good about, who she trusts. She tells her that she honestly doesn't really trust anyone and that no one really talks with her about any game. Christmas says it's the same for her. Christmas asks her who she likes (now that they've gotten to know the cast). Nicole F names Day and Bay, Ian, and Kaysar. Nicole F tells Christmas that if they (her or Christmas) don't win HoH she is going to play her pass for the safety. Janelle passes through the bathroom and tells the girls that there aren't enough pots in the kitchen for her to make the chicken soup. She asks Christmas and Nicole who cooked on their seasons. Nicole says they ate like college students and didn't really cook. Christmas says someone cooked but it was a stretch. Janelle asks her who and she names Raven. Janelle is surprised by that. SHe says Jess and Cody cooked, but Kevin didn't know how and she tells a story of how Mark never cooked but would eat everyone's leftovers "like pull your fucking weight." Janelle leaves then Nicole F says production is being really lenient (referring to Janell's costume)..."because I had to carry around a weiner and a stein"  *the feed switches to Cody and  Dani in the PBR for a minute then it pops back. Christmas and Nicole F continue chatting. Nicole tells Christmas that she is scared. She doesn't want to be sent home early or be an easy target. Bay rolls in and tells them she is bored and just wants to take a nap....tells them they will have to entertain her. They really wish the yard would open [so do we!]  Christmas said she told herself this morning that it wasn't going to open so she wouldn't be disappointed.

7:19 PM BBT

Bayleigh and Janelle are doing yoga in the KBR. Bay encourages Janelle to talk to Da'Vonne. She says that she feels the girls are all really strong and should work together not against each other. Janelle agrees. Bay tells Janelle that she has such a cool, calm, and collected personality and she literally doesn't think anyone expected it. Janelle- really? Yeah I'm calm.


7:26 PM BBT

Nicole F and Dani are talking in the PBR. She tells Dani that she talked with Christmas. Dani said she is worried about her talking to Janelle. Nicole F tells her that she is annoyed by Janelle not wearing her costume and that Christmas doesn't trust her.  "Christmas said she doesn't really trust anyone but me."

Dani- perfect, let's bring her in!  So, the OG Alliance: you, me, Cody, Enzo, Tyler, Memphis, and Christmas

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7:26PM BBT: Dani and Nic F talking game in the Photo BR -- Nicole says she talked to Christmas and she said she trusts Nic the most.  Dani says this is perfect because her and Cody were talking about bringing in people on the outskirts of their OG 4 alliance, Nic F/Dani/Cody/Enzo, would be Memphis, Tyler and Christmas as well would give them the majority.  Nic F says she had to talk Enzo out of trying to get Bay & Day in their alliance.  Dani says they can't get caught with too many hands in the cookie jar.

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8:09 PM BBT Nicole A and David are ouside lounge area talking about what she has aten today Kevin is also with the 2 of them. Nicole A said she ate so well in sequester and starts listing some of the food she has had.

 8:13 PM BBT Memphis and Nicole talking in the lounge chairs by the pool. Nicole is dancing and saying what a great day to be alive. No game chat going on currently.

8:18 PM BBT Kevin says "we have made it" to Keesha. She agrees with Kevin. Kevin says "this is probably the best backyard ever".

 8:22 PM BBT Christmas, Nicole A, Dani and Kevin are all talking about what other shows they want to be on after Big Brother.  They are talking about survivor. Christmas Hollars out and says OHHH, she sees David get in the pool and ask him if it is cold or not?

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#BB22 8:35PM BBT Janelle is telling Christmas and Keesha that her hsuband will let her kids see her on TV. Christmas says she left a bunch of videos for her son and asked that his dad let him watch her a bit on TV. She says that her son says "Momma Momma". They talk about how nice it is outside.


#BB22 8:40PM BBT Memphis joins Keesha and Janelle on the BY couch. He and Keesa are discussing about trying to make deals. He tells her that if someone comes to you and makes a deal on voting that you can call on it. Keesha tells him that some said they would wait until after the veto but they haven't said anything. Memphis tells her to go to each one.


#BB22 8:47PM BBT Bay and Kevin are in the KT. Kevin is asking for her vote. He says he wants to work with her. Bay tells him that David likes him to. Kevin is happy about that. He says he never knows because he feels out of place. Bay says she was feeling insecure today. Kevin says he had no idea. 


#BB22 8:53PM BBT BAy is cleaning the kitchen counter top. BB keeps telling the HG to stop moving the furniture. They are trying  to move the pool table from it being slanted.  Janelle is doing dishes. Kevin tells them Nicole A is in the HN room. She has been sick. Cams change to all 4 on the guys playing pool in the BY.



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10:18pm Big Brother Time


The back yard is open.


House guests have captured a grasshopper.


David has come in to eat a bagel, he is talking to Keesha, but general chat


Cameras move to the back yard


Kasar and Janelle are talking about previous seasons. Tyler and Christmas are with them.


Nicole F has come to the hammock with Davonne. She will not tell the others where she hid the grasshopper when she took it inside the house. She tells Davonne she hid it where it could escape if it wanted.


The two of them are talking very low, Davonne is talking behind her hand. It seems they are discussing who to evict. Nicole F says she doesn't see a real benefit either way. Davonne says she wants Kevin to stay so she can see his alter “lady”personality. She says he has told her he will dress as a female, although he isn't a drag queen. Davonne asks who “they” want to keep, Nicole F says “they” might want to keep Keesha. Nicole F says neither of them have campaigned to her, Davonne says Kevin has talked to her. Nicole F says maybe Kevin knows something she doesn't know.


Ian walks over the hammock, when Davonne sees him, she says “He makes me nervous.”

Nicole F “who”

Davonne, “Ian.”


When he walks away they whisper, we can hear them discussing Ian, Davonne saying she love him but he scares her in the game. Nicole F seems to try and talk Davonne down. She say she thinks anyone there would put her up, she wonders if Janelle likes her.


Davonne, “I don't think she wants me and you to talk.”


Nicole F says Janelle is watching, and seems to watch her any time she talks to anyone. Nicole says she thought she had a good relationship with Janelle but maybe that has changed. Nicole says she doesn't want to make Janelle mad. She asks Davonne to talk to Janelle, she says there is no reason for them to go after each other.


Davonne says they have no idea what is going on in the house, and “new school” is f***ed.


Both of them complain that Enzo seems to be the star of the show, they have only been called to the diary room one time each for a short visit.


Davonne asks if Cody would work with her (Nicole F), Nicole denies talking game with Cody. She says he is the HOH.


Danielle joins them on the hammock, lots of giggles while she climbs aboard. They are still giggling and talking about Nicole A, who was in the diary room sick earlier. Danielle says she told Nicole A to go rest in the have not room, she is concerned that Nicole A is getting ill from not eating.


Memphis and Keesha are in the kitchen, she says she likes Kevin, and it is a shame,


They are talking about forgetting they were on television, and this time isn't really different. They have to remind themselves often.


Enzo comes in, grabs a snack and heads back outside.


Both say they were worried that they would come in the house and have no connections to anyone else.




Baleigh has gone to the have not room to check on Nicole A. She is talking about missing Swaggy while she is here. Kevin commiserates with her, he tell her that people like her.


Baleigh says it is really hard to figure out what people are thinking. She says it bothers her when she enters a room and someone leaves. Kevin and Baleigh both say they understand that. Kevin says Baleigh can sleep next to Swaggy's picture on the wall, Nicole A says she is going to sleep next to the picture of Cliff. Kevin says he doesn't want his partner to worry, he wants him to know he is okay. (Not sure if Partner or Husband is correct


Camera return to kitchen area, Keesha, Enzo and Kaysar are snacking. Kaysar wanders away while Enzo wonders if potatoes are good for you. He tells Keesha that Cody does not want him to use the veto.


Enzo, “So what am I gonna do?”


Keesha tells him she has wanted to ask him about it.


Enzo says “I like you.” he tells her he hasn't talked to her, she tells him if he needs her later for a vote or anything she is there for him.


10:51 pm

Camera moves to have not room, they are wondering when the have nots will be able to eat again.


10:52 Camera 1


Enzo tells Keesha there is nothing to go on. He says Kevin has approached him as well and asked him what he is thinking. Enzo says he told Kevin when he knows what is happening he will tell him. Enzo says either way, he will say “This is what I'm gonna do.”


Keesha keeps repeating “this is the first week.” “we haven't even go to know each other.” (she isn't really flirting with her mannerisms, but she isn't really not flirting either.)


Enzo says he would never want to be the first HOH, especially this season when it started right away.


Kevin comes in and Enzo repeats to him that he would not want to win the first HOH, Keesha expounds on that, saying that everyone is chill and cool. She says using the veto the first week “would be silly.” “that would be completely silly.”


Enzo says she should not give up, she should keep tallying her votes up.


Kevin has moved to the washroom lounge and does not hear this.


Enzo leaves the room, says he is going for a shower, leave Keesha alone in the kitchen.



Camera 3



Kevin is telling Baleigh that Cody told him he would rather he (Kevin) stay. He says earlier conversations were confusing and he did not really do well with them.


Baleigh says she is worried that if Kevin stays, what will happen. Kevin says if he stays he is going for the safety suite unless he is HOH. He says he just needs a shot, one week at a time.


Baleigh says he is doing a great job keeping calm after being evicted.


Kevin says he thinks he has 7 votes and Baleigh says she will feel people out. She tells him to ask people, he has no idea what they are thinking.


Kevin mentions Tyler, Baleigh encourages him to ask Tyler for a vote. He says Janelle doesn't make eye contact with him, Baleigh tells him to talk to her anyway. She tells him that people generally go with the house, so he should campaign with everyone in the house.


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