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Blog: Zing by Zzzing904

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Zing! by Zzzing904


Join Zzzing904 each week to discuss the Zings of the show. Who is throwing shade at who? Which HG most deserves a Zing this week? Bring some Zings of your own!

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So a little bit about me. I am a 40 yr old teacher who lives in Florida. Yes, right now my state is like one long crazy season of BB. I've been an avid fan of BB for the past 2 decades! My favorites include Dani, Ian, Rachel and Memphis! So, I am pretty stoked about this season.  My favorite player of all time though is ZingBot!


My question to y'all is who deserves to be Zinged first and why? 

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I think they all could use a good Zing. Janelle came on too strong trying to save Keesha, who deserves a zing for not playing hard enough. Kevin could be zinged for acting so sad-sack. Dani could be zinged for wearing the pants in her marriage. Memphis could be constantly asking WWDD. Enzo could be zinged for not bringing in new material. Nicole F could be dinged for her constant whining. Nicole A could be zinged for, well, I actually like her more this season than last. David could be zinged for not actually being an all-star (or star of any kind). Cody should be zinged every time he pretends he and Derrick were working together instead of Cody just being Derrick's muscle. Ian could be zinged for aging so much in just 8 years. Da'Vonne and Bayleigh could be zinged for having the same arrogance and attitudes as before. Kaysar should be zinged for being so obvious in realigning with Janelle. Christmas can be zinged for being carried through her season after braking her foot because she was an easy beat. Tyler should be zinged he's not actually doing anything in the game.


And the truth is that ZingBot should be zinged because really, we all know there's going to be a robot apocalypse and for the zings themselves,  there's an app for that!



Who is looking forward to your zings here and the zings in the entrees for the Morty's TV Big Brother USA Season 22 All-Stars Live Feed Meme Contest...

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As we start Week 3 it is time to look at who is really ZZZing worthy.  As Fuskie pointed out most HG's at this point have had a ZZZing worthy moment.  There is also plenty of ZZZing worthy content of the tiff that happened between David and Da'Vonne as well as the drama between Nicole A. and Jasar (LOL).


However...  While these are ZZZing moments.... the one  big ZZZing that stands out is Memphis' HOH reign. 


See the source image



His entire week was hair pulling, face palming, ZZZIng worthy. 


The biggest question though is.... what moment would ZZZing Bot choose?

Would the bot choose Memphis' constant refusal to listen to his alliance? Cody definitely wanted to knock some sense into the gone to his head HOH Memphis...


Or would Zingy choose the way he flat out said no to Jaysar tipping his hand on where is alliances truly lie?


Maybe, the zingriffic robot would choose they way he demanded Nicole A. use the safety suite and then put her on the block when she did not cower and obey him....  Like seriously, who does he think he, is... He acted like she was his daughter and he could ground her...


I would posture, however, that Memphis' most ZZZing worthy moments were during the ceremonies.


The Veto ceremony was bad: lines in the sand and doing things his way and all that...


Yet I truly believe that ZZZing bot would choose...

See the source image


...The Nomination ceremony...


Facepalms, gray hair sprouting, groans and many other things worthy...


...The fact production made Memphis re-tape and change his words is a huge tell...


When he nominated David his comments were atrocious. 


What aired was, " at the grownups table now and buddy, you’re going to have to prove yourself."


It is rumored that Memphis actually said big boy's table... 


Hey Memphis,


Don't run with the big dogs, if your only an overgrown puppy...... ZZZING!

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It has been a ZZZing worthy week in the house.  So many ZZZing's we could throw around.  Nicole, and Bay definitely could be zinged for their attitudes. (Yes, Nicole, you really said that. It is called Deja Vu, Zing!  The only thing that has more glare than California sun is Bay's face, Zing!!!   While we could endlessly Zing Dani for her game play along with the fence shouters and the airplane.... Obviously Dani would be zinged for her seed planting (Is that a Mary Jane seed or endless blowing smoke up players derrieres, Dani?   Zing!!!)  On the other hand we could zing the outsiders for disrupting game play, (The season has been so boring fans had to intervene, Zing!!!)


Thanks, to ZingBot we see Zings as funny/negative.  But, alas, this week it wasn't ZingBot nor I to deliver the best Zings. Hell, I won't even try to compete with the Zing Master himself, Kaysar. 


See the source image


Reminiscent, of Dan's funeral but not as successful, when it came to his eviction night speech, Kaysar brought the drama. He literally blew up half of the players games, and left the house in a wake of destruction, lies exposed and chaos.


After, telling all the house guests that their game play sucked, he went on to name several alliances.  If you are like me you have watched the speech endlessly.  


Great job to Kaysar, for zinging most of the house, and shaking things up. 


However, I am sorry Kaysar, but I am going to have to throw a Zing and maybe, a glare your way.


I was thrilled he told them they sucked (they really do, Zing!) and I shouted with glee as he called out several alliances (Death to the Commission, Zing!)


But what really got me, Kaysar, as a man of God, is the love triangle comment....


Kaysar, implied that Cody has a love triangle going with Dani and Nicole. 


I am extremely satisfied you called out the trio, exposing Cody as the duo-snake headed creature he is.... (Does this face lie? Yes, Cody, it does. Zing!) It also shows how gullible Dani and Nicole have been, (You have been duped, Zing!)


HOWEVER, I HAVE BIG ZING TO YOU STUDENT KAYSAR. The reading teacher here needs to give you a lesson on WORD CHOICE! 


LOVE TRIANGLE - flat out was the wrong one!


It implied that these ladies with significant others were doing something nefarious (I am not talking about the their ratchet game play, Zing!).

It is one thing to blow up your house guest life and game play.

It is a whole different level, to blow up their personal lives. 


I was pissed along with them! 

Not much as been mentioned about, this implication that Cody would stray from his cancer surviving girlfriend.

I will be outraged for him.


Blow up someone's game all you want, but blowing up their personal lives, is a new low Kaysar.


For someone who says, family is everything, you truly are the Big Bad Brother Wolf, Kaysar, ZZZING!!!!!



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I probably screamed when I heard..... "Wake Up Losers!!!!"


My favorite episode of the season was finally here....


Tiger King Bot was in rare form!


Let's take a gander at his Zings!!!



  • “I can’t believe I’m here on ‘Big Brother All-Stars.’ And frankly, I can’t believe you’re here, either, David.” - This one was way to easy! Weak sauce for the first one out of the gate. 


  • “Enzo, what’s more pathetic than a man in his 40s still calling himself the ‘Meow Meow?  Nothing.” -This is just straight truth. At least Enzo seemed to take the advice. 


  • “Memphis, most people think of you as Dan’s number one. But to me, you’re more of a giant number two.”- Hilarious- but extremely tame with all the material they have for this arse. 


  • “Cody, you are a perfect ten, but enough about your IQ.” - Yup, Cody - you really are not the brightest player in the house. 


  • “Dani, from your first season on ‘Big Brother,’ you looked like an old pro. Now you just look old.” - Really???!!!  This one is just way too easy!


  • “Christmas, what’s the difference between you and the holiday season? One is cold, stress-inducing and annoying, and one is the holiday season.” - Absolutely brilliant despite the fact they went with her name. The jokes on her name have been getting old but - this one was liquid gold.
  • “Kevin, I came up with a nickname that captures you perfectly and has a great ring to it: boring.” - This one was way off base. I actually really resented them saying this about someone who is passionately representing the LGBTQIA+ Community and really has an amazing soul and personality 


  • “Tyler, what do you call someone who says the real winner gets the girl, not the $500,000? A liar.” - Again extremely eye roll boring from my favorite bot....


  • “Da’Vonne, you’ve done three seasons of ‘Big Brother’ and two seasons of ‘The Challenge.’ So I’m dying to know, which reality show do you plan to lose next?” -  Who wrote these this season's Zings? - blehhhhhh!


I was just about to lose faith in my favorite bot... but then... they say the Zing Bots save the best for last...


  • “Nicole, I wrote a song for you. ‘Here comes the bride, she loves to whine and cry. Every time I hear her voice, I want to f--king die!” - YEAH!!! WOOO!!! HOLY MOLY ZING BOT!




Perfection served up in a song. I laughed so hard I cried. Thanks Zing Bot.... That made my week, maybe my month.


I hope you enjoyed my favorite bot this week. 





Big Brother 2020 Shirt Tiger Bandana | Spreadshirt



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  • 1 month later...

ZZZING to me for not updating more often... #zingbotzingedthemselves


I promise to get better next year.... #2020isrough


As the season comes to a close and I realize I spent a total of 2 full work weeks (80 plus hours) dedicated to watching and following Big Brother I am extremely disappointed in the season....




#ZZZING to the fact that Cody basically won this week 1

#ZZZING to Nicole for not figuring out sooner Cody wouldn't take her

#ZZZING to Enzo for losing his shit the last few weeks


Additionally, some #ZZZINGS that came to mind as the season ended


#ZZZING to the outfit Nicole wore finale night - She looked like something out of Pretty Women

#ZZZING to that sweater donned by Cody on finale night

#ZZZING to the live feeds constantly having stars

#ZZZING the final part of the HOH comp - snore fest


Big Brother rumors: Nicole Franzel unfollowing All-Stars on social media


Things I will not #ZZZING:


Da'Vonne Winning AFG

The First Part of the final HOH Comp - That was killer

The Second Part of the final HOH Comp - That was really creative


Who wins Big Brother All-Stars 2020? A look at finale night for BB22 cast


It has been a weird year - #ZZZING904OUT






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Nicole could not wear the dress she had planned to wear because she gained too much weight and it wouldn't fit anymore. Cody looked like Mr. Rogers. Ian is a better dresser than all the other HG.


I give Enzo a Zing for not pointing out that the only reason Cody made it to the Finale is because Enzo turned on Tyler and Christmas, and then told Cody what Tyler had tried to do. Were it not for those two things, Nicole would have been gone and Cody might have soon followed.  He probably wouldn't have won but he might have earned a vote.


I Zing the shortness of the Finale. Part III of the HoH comp is always less exciting than Parts I and II because it has to be over quickly. If Nicole had not missed that one, it could have gone to a tie which is about as random as throwing darts at jurors and hoping you hit the right one (Cody probably would have won that too, though). I always think the finale needs to be 3 hours, with more time for the Part II comp, which was edited too short, and for more clearing of the air with the jury and first five evicted. For example, giving Nicole A the opportunity to apologize to Janelle, to find out once and for all what the definition of non-game information is, and to ask Memphis why he was so adamant about getting David out when David was never a strategic, social or competitive threat.


I Zing production for apparently giving the HG a lot of off-camera privileges, including extended FotH after competitions.


I Zing you the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat member if you haven't donated at https://mortystv.com/donate because this site is not free to operate and is dependent almost completely on voluntary donations, so what are you waiting for?


And I Zing myself because your 80 hours pales in comparison to how much time I spend on each season.


Big Brother Canada will be here before you know it, coronavirus permitting. Will you?

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