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News about the Houseguests..


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or you could just wait till Julie tells you, instead of beliving the word of someone who CLEARLY is not an insider, and is just alluding to things for the heck of it.

CBS has strict confidentiality agreements with their employees, people who were to break that agreement, and 'leak' stuff to the media, or on a message board, would be opening themselves not only to the loss of their job, which in today's job market, who really wants to voluntarily set themselves up for? Not to mention the lawsuit they would be slapped with, because leaking such information could reduce the viewership and affect the ratings for the show, and thus have a result on revenue to an extent, etc.

All reasons why this person is a hoax.

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Everyone would have a going away party. Not that there is any proof that this was a going away party .. what's with the costumes, and the wizard of oz gettup?

All the HG's are going to Cali for the taping of the first show, when we find out whose going to be in the house. And since they wont know till they actually go in if they made it or not, it would make sense for ALL of the potential HG's to have a going away party, since it may be the last time that they're seen for 3 months.

So that information on that other website is also false.

I personally think whether I voted for her or not, Janelle is going into the house .. just cause she was so popular last year. So it's a reasonable guess, but not proof of everything.

As for the 'shockwaves through america' bit .. Julie herself has said that they've saved the best twist for them since they're allstars, which will change how the game is played.

Not a big leap there, to say it would send shockwaves .. without revealing anything.

I'm sorry, is my skepticism showing?

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I am wondering if we all may be wrong about the houseguest who are going to be in the house..

Julie said only the top six vote getters were guaranteed to get a key to the big brother house, so, what if the lowest number of vote getters will be the other 6 houseguests who are guaranteed to make it into the house?

Need the list..now of votes

Okay from the list of votes if it is true, then

Total vote percentage

KAYSAR - 9.7%

HOWIE - 9.3%

MICHAEL - 8.3%

JAMES - 8.2%

JANELLE - 7.9%

DIANE - 7.7%

That would leave Erika Will Nakomis Lisa Danielle Alison and Jase out for new twists which could happen..I know on one site it said that Will and Lisa were going to be moles...

WILL - 7.1%

ERIKA - 6.6%

NAKOMIS - 6.4%

LISA - 5.7%


ALISON - 3.5%

JASE - 3.2%

IVETTE - 2.9%


GEORGE - 1.9%

MIKE - 1.7%

MONICA - 1.6%



What if the top 6 vote getters pick the other 6 houseguests?...

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Guys I just want to say that it's possible that lovely does indeed work for the show... There are some things you have to remember... CBS and the producers now know about Morty's because of the house guest adding us to their schdules... Also you have to understand that the producers of Survivor have, every season since spoiler sites have been up, sent someone to leak certain things... It has kept some people watching if for no other reason than to see if what the person said was true... I don't know how these sites have found out that these people were "plants", but they did... So again until we know for sure, I can't say that Lovely's information is wrong... I can't say it's right either though... Another thing is that last season for Survivor a guy that was working on editing the finale posted the vote count and pictures of the new logo for next season... This information turned out to be 100% correct... So yes people do risk their jobs to put spoilers out there, I don't know why they would do so... They don't get paid to leak the information, but it does happen... :)

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New list of top votes


Total Votes: 2088914

Diane 273496 13%

Janelle 216918 10%

Kaysar 206992 10%

Howie 170377 8%

James 118092 6%

George 117477 6%

Marcellas 116032 6%

Will 112892 5%

Danielle 111096 5%

Monica 108522 5%

Lisa 93451 4%

Nakomis 81462 4%

Erika 78411 4%

Alison 74993 4%

Ivette 52651 3%

Jase 45495 2%

Dana 43569 2%

Bunky 32861 2%

Michael 17108 1%

Mike 17019 1%

Last year there were 15 HG(Kaysar got evicted twice), 2 Double Eviction weeks and the show ended on Sept 20,

There is only 12 HG or 14 HG"S and BB ends on Oct 5th.

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Not really a spoiler. But I heard Tuna or Spam is going to be the new treat....

Also,. 12 are getting voted into the house and the other 8 will have to compete in a competition for the other 2 spots to get into the big brother all star house.

Don't know if this is true...

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I am sure only a handfull of people over at CBS knows who is "IN" and who is not. that is how they keep things from being leaked. there are a lot of people that work on BB... but i would gather that they all have their own job to do and they are not privy to a lot of info.

Big Brother has always been really good at keeping things hush hush. it is different from most shows as it is not pre recorded and then shown to us months later. even the people on the list of 20 cant know everything that is going to happen..... but that didnt stop a few from saying things in interviews that make it seem like they know more than they really do. weither its to throw fans off or just to make it look like they know something... its all in the eyes of the beholder.

there are hundreds of fans that have probably written down that same "list" as their dream list. i doubt it came from CBS and if it turns out that those people do enter the house, well.... there were only 20 on the list to begin with so how much "off" could it be. still doesnt mean it came from an insider.

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Diet I didn't mean you sweetie... I am not saying anything to anyone per se... I am just saying it's hard for me to say I don't believe a person when they say they have information... I will say this though... I do find it hard to believe that ANYONE would post from their computer at work... That's what I would call foolish... That is just a way to insure you will lose your job... It's hard to say that lovely isn't who they say, but it's not hard to say IF they are they have really put themselves at risk...

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lol I know. I am honestly not arguing here .. I just like to debate.


Look at this picture from her goodbye party. Why does she have a 'vote' sign pictured there.

Are we sure that this party wasn't a 'vote for me' event, and not really a 'good bye' party?

I still don't get the Wizard of Oz theme though.

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my friend e-mailed me and I don't know where she got it from I am trying to find out...

Look at this picture from her goodbye party. Why does she have a 'vote' sign pictured there.

Are we sure that this party wasn't a 'vote for me' event, and not really a 'good bye' party?

I still don't get the Wizard of Oz theme though.


That's a good observation casper. could very well be a vote for me event and noe a good-bye party, but all the 20 hg's are gone so if she isn't in the top 20 it could be a good-bye party too before she left to go to the house with the other 19 hg's.

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Janelle did have a good-bye party... She talked about it in chat one day... Not here, but at another site... Just about all of them had a good-bye party, because they ALL had to go to Cali to be sequestered... That doesn't mean they are one of the producers picks... Although I have information from several source's that says Janelle WILL be a producers pick if she isn't voted back in...

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Probably cause I wasn't the only one who noticed the vote for Janelle sign.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm :lol:

And yana, I think everyone will have a good bye party too .. but the party doesn't prove too much.

Though I agree with you, Janelle will probably be there with bells on.

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I was on this board and someone had this to say.

I saw those Wizard of Oz pics at tvclubhouse. That was a campaign rally the first day of voting. Apparently Judy Garland is from the same place Janelle is and it was Wizard of Oz days or something like that....

whether that is true or not I don't know either.


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Janelles Mother gave her a "goodbye" party in her hometown so that all of her family members could see her before she went into sequester.

The Wizard Of Oz theme was probably because she played a small role in an episode of Charmed entitled...

""We're Off To See The Wizard."" This is just MY guess. Nothing more.


Also...Here is the first picture of ALL of the 20 together. Compliments of US Weekly!!


Heres a link so you can see the bigger picture on Janelles website!


Does that look like the inside of the house to anyone else??

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Where is the link for the picture of all the 20 hg's? Hiya Cherokee...thanks for that tidbit.

Another list..I don't know if it is the same as the other vote tallies haven't checked yet.


Can there be seven producer picks? I though tit was only 6 that the producers picked , then again this is speculation.


Thank You CiCi....for that...still trying to understand what re-pinned means.

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Of course on the other hand living in the BB house is like living in the land of Oz!! A Fantasy World - "We're off to see the wizard,the wonderful wizard of Oz"

hmmm.....Now I want to go to Oz :D

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Yeah it took a few minutes for it to show up is all Cherokee...after I posted that question it came up...I can't believe what happened in BB Australia... here is another link to the story I think it is utterly terrible that this happened!


Is this all the rules for the US BB too/

Kind of harsh I think!!

Were they really fined because of it?


My friend e-mailed me and said she got the tuna and spam as the treat added to pb/j from a website that was speculating on what the food would be..so it was just a guess by someone....sorry guys

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