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News about the Houseguests..


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If you have news about any of the houseguests, or, gossip. please post it here.

New Twist?

Voice: The Big Brother summer of All-Stars is about to begin...

Julie: ...and we've saved the biggest twist just for them.

Voice: Find out who's moving in and how far they'll go to be the ultimate all-star.

Jase: I'd like to get a little revenge.

Mike: This time it's a whole new ball game.

Voice: The all-star cast will be revealed on the season premiere of Big Brother, CBS next Thursday.

Why Cowboy is an all-star...from youtube..

Voting ends today!!!


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Taken from Marcellas blog


Marcellas Blog.

I am loving the picture on it ...great body!

So the voting ended. I'm glad. It's in the hands of fate now. Or the cosmos. Or God. It's been a week. Such a week. Long. Tedious. Exhilarating. Hard. Exhausting. I feel like I spent more time on the net than ever. Did I campaign hard enough? Did I vote for myself enough? I resisted the lure of the auto-voter. On a personal level, I thought that was cheating. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered some of my fans did it for me but is that what CBS/Shapiro Groedner really had in mind? And watching some of my fellow contenders actively beg for their use? Gross. Yeah, I went out there and did some press, a few TV spots, a bunch of interviews and chats. Heck I even made a t-shirt. But @ the end of the day if a computer can send out 50 bijillion votes a minute should I have even bothered?

Campaigning gave me a chance to re-connect with fans. I got to witness 1st hand the good and the bad that accompanies being a "reality star." Again. Some things never change! I'll never understand why I'm bashed over something I said in passing 4 years ago. Talk about holding a ridiculous grudge! And it's not even being held by the people of whom I spoke. The thing is I spoke of those I knew. We all gave as good as we got! If we can forgive and move forward why can't the viewer? How can anyone be judged by 12 weeks of their life? Unless of course they murder someone and then... I don't know, I guess I'm having one of those "is it really worth it" moments. But that's what the naysayers and haters want. To kill your buzz. Your dream. You have to push past that. Ignore it like so much white noise. And keep moving toward your goal.


Did anyone know that Mike.Boogie partnered a restaurant with Ashton Kutcher?


The voting hasn't even started for which past Big Brother contestants

will be voted back in to the house for Big Brother All-Stars this

summer, and the trash-talking has already started!

Take, for example, contender Mike "Boogie" Malin - house guest on Big

Brother 2 turned Hollywood restaurateur partnered with Ashton Kutcher,

Wilmer Valderrama, Chris Masterson, Danny Masterson and Jamie Kennedy

of celeb-packed Hollywood joints Dolce Enoteca, Geisha House, Bella

Cucina Italiana and Les Deux Caf

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But did you know that Ivette was warned by the producers for calling Kaysar a "sand n____r"? Did you know the real reason Scott freaked out and threw chairs was because of a case of genital warts? And does everyone remember when Howie started calling Jennifer the "BJ Queen" after April said that she gave oral sex to an entire frat house (consisting of 26 guys) in one night?

Apparently the people with the live feeds know this already...news to me

Go to this page...and read on.good stuff! I don't know if it is true ...someone who seen BB6 will know


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Scott/Genital Warts - never knew it. All I can say is ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That explains a lot more than chairs flying around.

BBfans----don't worry you're all original. 50 states and millions of number combinations can only mean that the bbfan screenname will outlast the show! :):):)

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Possible spoiler from a webpage

I didn't until you mentioned them fizzle..they are hypnotizing to say the least and I love it! How do you do a search on a name here anyways?


According to this page here are the top vote getters..







Total vote percentage

KAYSAR - 9.7%

HOWIE - 9.3%

MICHAEL - 8.3%

JAMES - 8.2%

JANELLE - 7.9%

DIANE - 7.7%

WILL - 7.1%

ERIKA - 6.6%

NAKOMIS - 6.4%

LISA - 5.7%


ALISON - 3.5%

JASE - 3.2%

IVETTE - 2.9%


GEORGE - 1.9%

MIKE - 1.7%

MONICA - 1.6%

BUNKY - 1%

DANA - 0.8%

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I'll give it to you bbfan100 you are a dedicated fan. You joined in June 2006 and I've been here since March 2005 and you already have more posts than me.

You Go Girl !!

Now get back to work and find us the low-down on BB :D


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Yes, thank you BBFan100 for all the info.

See me, I have more posts than many posters combined and I never look up anything. I've watched the show and the feeds and visit Morty's...then I let everyone do all the hard work for me. :D

Seriously...thanks to all the posters who keep people like me informed! :)

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Ummm....I didn't see Erika's name on that list Lovely!!! She did a chat here and was sort of promised

a big vote count!! ( I missed the chat) :unsure:

HEY...Howies name is missing too!! What the.... :angry:

Let me guess...You're a cameraperson!!! LOL :P

Edited to include Howies name too....bad list!!!

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Howie ain't there either... I don't like that list... I ain't saying it's not a true list, but if it is I sure don't like it... :(

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Well crap Yana...I didn't even notice Howies name wasn't there either. I don't like that list at all either!!! :angry:

Theres NO way in hell that Alison or Bunky will get in the house before Howie!! Nope!! Never believe that!! :huh:

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