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Songland Season 2-Usher


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Tonight, Usher is joining Songland to find a new song. He typically looks for something versatile and it has to take people on a journey. Ryan asks what he might be looking for and Usher says you have to leave space to make magic happen. He wants something that comes from three different perspectives to create something people can grow from and feel something from.


Our first writer is Miranda Glory from New York, NY. Her song is called Salty and it’s about the freedom you get when you get over someone. She introduces herself and performs it for the producers and Usher. Ester says this is a girls song and it’s for a guy and girls speak differently than a guy would. Usher agrees and doesn’t think he would say that. Ryan says he would write a completely new hook. Ester tries a different beat and Usher wants to come over too. They freestyle a bit and he changes a line and he says it switches the direction of the song.


The next writer in is Ryan Cam from Leesburg, VA.  His song is called Staying Over and it’s about a relationship he had but she was moving and he was long distance. He steps in and introduces himself and he performs his song. Ester wants to know where the hook is and Ryan says the chorus didn’t seem like the chorus. Ester wants to know how to make the song more rap for Usher. Ryan says you need Swag for Usher.


Next we have David Wade and he’s from Newark, NJ. His song is called Horse ‘N Carriage and it’s a love song. He introduces himself to the producers and performs his original song for Usher. Shane says this song could be bigger than R&B and it needs to be a little more universal. Ester wants to take some of the production away and hear it stripped down and simple.


The final writer to pitch their original song is Fatherdude and he’s from Long Island, Ny. His song is called Billions and it’s about the improbability of finding the right relationship. Shane says that was awesome and Ester liked the D’Angelo falsetto and she wants to hear it again. Usher says it felt like a pop record and then went to a R&B style.


Usher says he’s all about new ideas and concepts and collaboration. Miranda is brought in first and he thinks what has been shared with her will help and she will be moving on to work with a producer, along with Ryan and David. Fatherdude is not moving on because Usher said the song doesn’t fit with him right now, but he will move up.


Miranda is working with Ryan. Ryan says her melodies were fire, but Salty isn’t going to work for Usher. They just need to re-approach the lyrics. David is working with Shane and Shane says the song is so sexy and they are talking with Usher. Usher says it can be a global song. Shane says they are going to edit and take the best parts and he wants to give him something to sing.


Usher talks with Ester and Ryan and they are working on lyrics and story structure and the production to make it more R&B. Ryan with Miranda says they are doing surgery on the track. Usher meets with Miranda and Ryan and he tells them he wishes they started the record simple and sparse and then let it crescendo.


Shane and David are talking about the lyrics and the chorus. Shane says they need a few things a listener can repeat and dance to. David says the song was originally more urban, but Usher wanted something to feel more international and Shane made it a crossover record. Ryan worked out some lyrics for Ester and she thinks they have a better flow. Ester changed the production to make it feel more like Usher.


David is back in first to re-pitch the original song he and Shane worked on. They have changed the name of the song to Personal. Usher says he feel all of the improvements and the changes that made it significant to who he is was dope.


Miranda is in next to re-pitch the song her and Ryan worked on. Ryan is going to join Miranda on stage and they have changed the name of the song to No Cap (Missing You). Usher says he’s really happy and that doesn’t happen often to be happy hearing a sad song.


Ryan is in last to re-pitch the song he and Ester worked on. They changed the name of the song to California. Usher says the song feels relevant and super cool and it could be on the radio right now.


Usher says this is what music making and creativity is about. He gets to pick one song to record and the song he is going to pick is…California. Usher says he’s looking forward to it.   

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