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Songland Season 2-Ben Platt


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Tonight, Ben Platt joins Songland. Ryan says he’s a triple threat because he sings, dances, and acts. The first time Shane seen him was in Pitch Perfect with Ester. Ester says he’s looking to put out a pop leaning album. He’s an Oscar away from an EGOT and he’s 26. Ben says he’s such a big fan of the show. Ben is looking for stuff that feels specific to him and he wants to go a little more into the pop lane.


The first writer in is David Davis from Wheaton, IL. His song is called Everything it Took to Get to You. Ben says the lyrics resonated him with him. Ryan says some of the lyrics are incredible. Ryan says he veered off from the melody, but there wasn’t a good reason to do that. Ryan sings it and adjusts it and Ester says it’s simple, but it keeps the melody intact. Ben says the first two lines of the chorus are out of this world. Shane says he doesn’t even need a chorus. Ben suggests changing it to Everything I Did to Get to You and they can list those things.


The next writer in is Kylie Rothfield from Danville, CA and her song is called Lonely. Ben wouldn’t like it to be a little vibier. Ryan says you could get through the chorus without a lot of production. Shane asks Kylie if they need all the questions as the lyrics? Ryan suggests a lyric change to flip it. Shane thinks the second stanza could be about New York City, with the first verse being set in Los Angeles.


Next in is Caroline Kole from Clearwater, FL and her song is called Fool’s Gold. Shane was so impressed with her phrasing. Ryan says the ultimate goal is to lead up to the payoff because Fool’s Gold comes out of nowhere. Shane wants to know who she’s talking to in the song because it feels like a relationship song. Ryan says what if the Fool’s Gold is the relationship. Shane says it could just all lead to a bigger setup. Ryan thinks the song goes to Broadway so he wants to change some of the melody and bring it down a bit.


The final writer in is Anna Hamilton from Bucyrus, KS and her song is called Deathbed. Ben loves the sentiment of wanting to leave behind good. Ryan says it’s an incredible concept, but you can’t land on death bed. Shane suggests when I draw my last breath, I hope there’s only love left.


Ben says he’s impressed by all four song writers. He brings in David and he’s going to work with a producer, along with Kylie and Caroline. Anna is brought in and Ben says he doesn’t think this is going to be the song for him because he’s looking for something different.  


Kylie is working with Ester on Lonely. Ben is hoping for some classic R&B and fine tuning the lyrics. Kylie and Ester start working on the lyrics. Shane is working with Caroline on Fool’s Gold and Ben can’t wait to hear them include the rainbow in the song. Shane says the melodies are stunning, but lyrically they need to get it worked out. He wants to make sure the lyrics support the melody.


Ryan is working with David and Ben wants to hear the lyric changes while maintaining the soulful melody. Ryan wants to use the lyric Everything I Did to Get to You because it makes it more specific. David says it feels like the purpose of the song is a lot clearer. Ryan wants to use a choir. Ester wants to figure out how Kylie can break out into a chorus.


Shane says when you have a melody that’s so intact, you don’t want to mess with it. Caroline says the new theme of the lyrics are from a relationship stand point. She wants to build a space for Ben to do some runs. David is at the piano and singing for Ryan. Ryan is working on the tempo and the syncopation.


Kylie is in to re-pitch the song she and Ester worked on and they have changed the title from Lonely to Ghosts. Shane says Kylie’s tone is out of this world. Ben says the song feels so much more introspective and heartbreaking and haunting. He thinks it’s so gorgeous. He says she’s really special.


David is in next to re-pitch the song he and Ryan worked on. Ben says he loves all the lyric changes the most. He loved the production of the gospel feeling, but the story is so clear to him. He says the chorus lands in such a different way and it’s amazing.


Caroline is in last to re-pitch the song she and Shane worked on. Ben says with the new lyrics, the beginning went to one specific relationship. He says she hit the bullseye. It was beautiful. Ryan says some of the lyrics were a masterclass.


Ben says he’s only been a song writer for the last couple of years and he’s very new. He says they are all so gifted and he’d be honored to sing any of the songs. He sang each of them and the song that’s going to work for him right now is…Everything It Took to Get to You. Ben says it’s amazing and he feels so lucky. Ben says Ryan brought it to the finish line.

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