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The Masked Singer Season 3-Finale

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It began after the Superbowl. 18 masked celebrities set off in pursuit of the masked trophy. Three are left. Turtle. Night Angel. Frog. Who will win?


First up is frog. Frog reflects on his overall experience and what being on the show has meant. He says this experience has allowed him to get back to his first love, his music. He wants to take home that trophy for his little tadpole. He takes the stage and performs Bad Boy for Life by Black Rob, Mark Curry, and P. Diddy.


Jenny says that was amazing and Nicole says that was a way to kick off the show. Robin says to be able to be able to perform and sing is hard, and it’s even more difficult to rap. Frog says whatever you want, even if you think you can’t do it, if you put your mind to it then you can. He says he never did choreography before until he got here.


Jenny says she’s been all over the place. She thought Lil Bow Wow, but she seen a No Limits clue and that’s Lil Romeo. Ken says there’s a rapper he thought of, Kid Cudi, and he’s an actor. Nicole says she thought Omarion, but the clues mentioned a lot of haters, so maybe MC Hammer.


Turtle says when he started this journey, he had no idea how much this competition would change him as an artist. It’s allowed him to take risks he never dreamed of. In his career, he had a lot of almost moments. He almost got this or almost did this. He’s only grown a thicker shell because performing is what he’s meant to do. He takes the stage and performs Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi.


Nicole says this is the first time turtle made her cry. Nicole says he should be so proud of himself. Turtle says this has been an unbelievable experience and he’s learned he can pick things up quicker than he thought.


Nicole says they’ve tossed around a lot of different names. She says they saw a surfboard and some stuff about acting and she thought Zac Efron, but then she thought it could be Jesse McCartney. Ken says with the Mrs. Turtle clue he can’t stop thinking about Priyanka Chopra, so maybe Nick Jonas. Jenny says she doesn’t hate Ken’s guess, because of the just got married thing. She thought Adam Lambert, but the married clue doesn’t fit. She thinks maybe Nick Carter, even though she likes Ken’s guess better.


Night Angel is up next. Night Angel says when she first got here she was terrified because she had convinced herself she wasn’t enough. This experience let her channel fear into something far more powerful. When she didn’t find success as a solo artist so she developed other businesses. She says but when she had kids it got hard to tell them to chase their dreams, when she wasn’t chasing her own. She takes the stage and performs River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner.


Jenny says she believes Night Angel can win this competition. Night Angel says she shied away from the microphone because she felt like she wasn’t that good anymore, but their words have helped.


Nicole says she thought it could be Keke Palmer, but she doesn’t have babies. She thinks it’s Taraji P. Henson. Jenny says that’s a good guess, but she’s mentioned Kandi Burress and Robin agrees. His gut instinct leads him to Kandi Burress.


Voting is on and it’s the final vote of the season. It’s their last chance to vote for who they think should win. The final vote is in. The third place winner of this seasons Masked Singer is…the Frog.


Nicole says she’s so grateful that he’s here and this is where he shines the most. Ken thinks now this is Kid Cudi because of the $106 clue and the basketball clues. Jenny says she remembers the ice cube tray and Lil Romeo kept popping up for her. No Limits is Master P’s record label so she’s going to go with Lil Romeo. Robin says the basketball clues, 23, he was in Be Like Mike, the private jet, and he thinks it’s Lil Bow Wow. Nicole is going to jump on Robin’s bandwagon and she’s a massive fan. She would agree this is Bow Wow.


It’s time to unmask the Frog! He pulls his mask off and it’s…Bow Wow!


Frog’s clue answers: The ice cube tray is a clue to the movie “Lottery Ticket”, which Bow Wow co-starred in with Ice Cube. The lightning bolt references are hints to Bow Wow’s character, who is struck by lightning in the film “Like Mike”. The Japanese flag is a clue to Bow Wow’s appearance in the film “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”.  


Now we will find out who has won The Masked Singer! The winner of this season’s golden mask is…Night Angel!


This means Turtle is the runner-up. It’s time for the final guesses. Ken says this has been emotionally tough and he thinks Turtle has the most diverse skill set. Ken thinks this is Nick Jonas. Nicole refers to the clue where Turtle said they spent the morning together and she thinks it’s Jesse McCartney. Robin says that’s a good guess, but he says there’s been some queen clues and he thinks maybe it’s Adam Lambert. Jenny says she thought Nick Lachey and Nick Carter. But then some clues like Wanted and Chips, and he did the voice for chipmunks and she thinks it’s Jesse McCartney.


It’s time for Turtle to take it off! Nick helps him remove his mask and it is…Jesse McCartney!


Turtle’s clue answers: The bloody heart in a jar is a clue to the hit song “Bleeding Love”, which Jesse co-wrote for Leona Lewis. The various comic book clues are hints to Jesse’s role as the superhero Robin in the animated series, “Young Justice”. The Dover Sole, map of Seoul, and shoe sole in Turtle’s packages are clues to Jesse’s platinum album, “Beautiful Soul”.


Time to guess who the Night Angel is. Nicole says she feels like there is a night angel in all of them. She says in the beginning they saw Boss and Hustle, and she has a tattoo of angel wings, she thinks it’s Taraji P. Henson. Ken says based on the clues from today she’s thinking Tisha Campbell. Jenny says one of the first clues was four grandma’s and there’s a restaurant called Old Lady Gang and she thinks it’s Kandi Burress. Robin agrees with Jenny. Robin says there was a Columbia clue and that was the record label for Xscape.


It’s time to unmakes this season’s winner Night Angel! Nick helps with the mask and it is…Kandi Burress!


Nick asks how it feels to be the first woman to win and she says it feels incredible. Kandi appreciates the judges for helping build her confidence back up.


Night Angel’s clue answers: The fan mail hints to the TLC album “Fanmail” which includes the song, “No Scrubs” that Kandi co-wrote. The snow globe and winter gear are clues to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” spinoff series, “Kandi’s Ski Trip”.  The fireplace and lighter clues are a nod to Kandi’s daughter, Blaze. The lipstick clues hint to “Traces of My Lipstick”, the platinum album penned by Kandi’s group, Xscape.

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