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Songland Season 2-Florida Georgia Line


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Tonight, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley is on tonight looking for their next song. Shane says this is going to be a class in how to mastercraft a great song everyone can listen to. They love the concept of Songland and they are song writers themselves. They are looking for something with energy.


Shawn Austin is our first writer in and he’s from Vancouver, Canada. Music was always his initial passion. His song is called Ain’t Going Nowhere. He steps in and introduces himself and performs his song. Tyler says he’s looking for the hook. Shane says they haven’t heard the melody, but they’ve heard the lyrics. Ryan is playing a different beat on his guitar and Brian likes it.


Next in is Lukr from Hanover, PA. His song is called Hopes High. He doesn’t fit into a mold and he thinks he’s a fit for FGL. He steps in and introduces himself and performs his song. Ester freestyles and Shane says he has a killer melody. Tyler says this could be a universal song, and if fans heard their voices on it, they would hear it as a country song. Shane pitches a more upbeat tempo and Lukr goes with it.


Next, we have Victoria Banks from Muskoka, Canada. Her song is called That’s a Country Song. Ester says she enjoyed that song. Brian says they should take the Ifs out of the chorus and Tyler thinks the melody needs punched up. Shane suggests a fiddle in the instrument part.


The final writer in is Griffen Palmer from Pickering, Ontario. His song is called Second Guessing. He introduces himself and performs his song. Shane says of all the songs he’s heard in both seasons, he’s never been mad at a hook. He thinks a piece of the lyrics are some of the best ever written. Ryan wants a time reference in the song.


Tyler and Brian say song writers are the backbone of every artist. FGL call Shawn back in and he’s moving forward. Victoria is in and they liked what she did with the title, but they have to say goodbye. Griffen is in and he is moving on, along with Lukr.


Griffen is working with Shane and Shane says his song can be a hit. They are trying to make the verse sound different than the chorus. Ryan is working with Lukr on his song. Ryan wants to do a total top line re-write, which is lyrics and melody. Ryan wants to keep his main riff though. Ryan wants to change from minor to major because that will bring things to a lighter side.


Ester is working with Shawn and Ester says the melody needs to be lifted and the song needs to get bigger. They are going to work on the melody. Shane touches base with FGL and they get some direction and they have to change a few things about the song. Lukr says they still have a lot of lyrical work to do, but the music is done. Ester introduces a new beat and Shawn says she’s a genius.  


Griffen is in first to re-pitch his song. Brian says that is such an awesome song. Tyler loved what he did with the guitar and the lyric changes. He says they nailed it. Next in is Shawn Austin and his song is now called Lean On. Tyler says it all felt so new and so fresh and Brian says job well done. He says the melody is lit. Lukr is the final writer in to re-pitch his new song What You’re Puttin’ Down. Tyler says it was really cool to watch the transformation.


Tyler thanks the producers for the time they spent. They bring the writers back in. Tyler says all three of those songs are special and they’d be proud putting their name behind them and sending it to their artist friends. Tyler says the song they fell in love with and are taking back to the studio is Second Guessing by Griffen!

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