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The Voice Season 18-Top 5 Finale performances


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Tonight, we will have the final performances. Nick, John, Kelly, and Blake join us remotely from home. The five finalists are going to perform one cover, and one original song with the help of the Songland producers. The final five perform “together” first. They sing Shine by Collective Soul.


We’re kicking off the show with Cammwess from Team John. They talk about Cam’s journey on The Voice. Cam brings up that he had met John at a festival and he says this is such a big moment in his life to work with John. Cam’s first concert and all-time favorite artist was Prince and he’s going to perform Purple Rain which has never been cleared before. John wants Cam to be super urgent. Cam says working with John is a dream come true.


Cammwess is the first artist to perform and he kicks off the night with his version of Purple Rain by Prince. Kelly says she wants to party at Cammwess’ house. She loves him and he is so gifted and confident. Nick says that was phenomenal and he delivered an incredible vocal and he thinks he did the song justice. John says Cammwess delivers week after week. He’s a soulful gifted singer and he has so much passion and artistry. He did a beautiful job with that song.


Todd Tilghman from Team Blake is up next. Blake says Todd’s journey was pretty amazing and they talk about his journey to get to the finale. Todd says Blake has boosted his confidence so much. Todd is going to perform I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me. He says he wants to take risks because he has faith. Blake says he knows Todd connects to these lyrics and he tells him to lose himself in the song. Blake says even if he doesn’t win, the path to the future is bright for Todd.


Todd performs from his church in Meridian, MS. John says he’s loved seeing his journey this entire season and he gave it his heart and soul in spades and it was a wonderful performance. Kelly says Todd is so moving, and she would love to come to his church just to hear him speak and he’s very special. Blake says he’s going to cry seeing Kelly cry. He says Kelly is right, Todd has a connection with people and he sings with so much passion and precision and that was another great performance.


Micah Iverson from Team Kelly is up next and he’s the first to perform an original song. Kelly introduces Micah to Shane McAnally. Micah’s song is called Butterflies. Shane says he has a perfect pop sounding voice. Micah says the lyrics stood out to him. Shane works on the arrangement for Micah.


Micah performs from his home in Atlanta, GA. Nick says Micah has been so fun to watch and he has one-upped himself with every performance. He says it was interesting to hear what he’d be doing off the show and where he’s going. Nick says he’ll be on the radio very soon and a force to be reckoned with. Kelly says she thought that came out great. She says he is pop, but he has an alt-rock/Indie kind of thing too. She says Micah has made her cry and laugh and she loves working with him and that was a perfect song for him in the finale.


Thunderstorm Artis from Team Nick is up. He’s working with Ryan Tedder and Thunderstorm has written his own song and Ryan is going to help work with him on his song. Thunderstorm’s song is called Sedona. Ryan says Thunderstorm reminds him of Ray LaMontagne. Ryan say he’d bet on Thunderstorm for decades to come.


Thunderstorm is performing from his home in Portland, OR. John says Thunderstorm is mesmerizing. He has a raspy and angelic tone and that was a great song and he is a wonderful artist. Nick says he is so incredibly proud of him. He’s a true artist through and through and this is a high point for him. Nick thinks America is paying attention and he thinks that was his best performance on the show.


Next up is Toneisha from Team Blake and they are discussing her journey to the finale. Toneisha shows Blake her audition pass from season 2. Blake says he was shocked she picked him over the other four coaches. Toneisha is going to perform Faithfully by Journey. She says this show has come full circle for her. Blake says Toneisha was born with a gift and she got held back by life and now she’s getting the opportunity she’s deserved.


Toneisha performs from Roswell, GA. Kelly says Toneisha has tones in her voice that remind her of Chaka Khan and she’s so effortless. She loves her voice and Toneisha intrigues her. Blake says she has taken it and turned everything upside down and completely changed the game. He says that was her best performance of the entire season.


Todd is next and his song was co-written by Ester Dean, and Todd is working with her and Shane McAnally. He’s performing Long Way Home by Ryan Innes who was on Songland and was also a contestant on The Voice. Shane tells Blake that he thinks he has himself a winner and he thinks this song sounds like it came from Todd’s catalog.


Todd is ready for his second performance. Blake says he’s such an incredible talent and Todd has something so unique about him and he can breathe life into an original song. He loved that. Todd says he appreciates it so, so much.


Cammwess is next with his original song and he’s working with Ryan Tedder. Cam wrote this song and he performs Save It For Tomorrow for Ryan and John. John thinks it needs a little elevation after the chorus and Ryan suggests stepping up a full key. Ryan tells Cam it’s all about knowing when to take the risk, and when not to.


Cammwess performs from his home in Blythewood, SC. John says Cam is such a great, great singer and that’s a really good song. He says Ryan gave Cam a great backing track and he’s ready to be an artist and ready to make music the whole world should be listening to.


Micah Iverson is up again for his cover. He talks about how much of a dream it is to be in the finale. Kelly tells him to go for it because he has nothing to lose. Kelly and Micah talk about his journey on The Voice so far. Micah is going to perform Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Kelly says they’ve never cleared this song for the show before. Kelly says Micah thrives in this pop/alt-rock lane that no one else is doing.


Micah performs his cover song. Carson goes to Nick, but we can’t hear him. We go to Kelly and she says Micah is so magical and he makes every sound so easy. She’s so blessed to have him on her team and she can’t wait to work with him. She says he’s a talented individual and she’s so glad he picked her.


Toneisha is working with Shane McAnally on her original song called My Superhero. Blake tells Shane he can’t wait for him to hear her sing. Shane says when he heard the song, he knew it was a very personal lyric. Shane says they can make this song resonate with everyone. Shane says she has so many great pieces and he wants to make sure they get heard.


Toneisha is ready with her original single. John says her story is so amazing and everything happened the way it was supposed to happen. He says this song was perfect for this moment in the nation. He says it was remarkable. Blake says they are supposed to be social distancing and Toneisha just touched millions of people. He’s so happy for her.


Thunderstorm Artis is closing out the night with his cover. We see him and Nick go over Thunderstorm’s road to the finale. He’s going to perform What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Nick says even though he’s never worked with Thunderstorm in person, he feels so connected to him.


Thunderstorm is closing out the finale with his performance. Carson notes all the coaches were moved by that performance. Nick says he’s so grateful that Thunderstorm sang that song. He says he wakes up each day in quarantine trying to find ways to stay encouraged and connected to his loved ones. He says there was so much artistry and he hopes America seen that too.    

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