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Survivor 40 Winners at War-Episode 14 Part 2

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Day 38 at Noru and Natalie is so excited and proud of herself for continuing to try and giving herself the best shot. Sarah and Tony are talking and they are pretty sure they are going to have to make fire against each other. Michele is practicing making ire and Tony is helping Sarah. Michele gets her fire going. Sarah gets a fire and Tony is working on his. Michele is trying to figure out how to make hers go higher.


Natalie says Tony is the biggest threat in the game and getting him out would be ideal. That leaves Sarah and Michele. If Sarah wins, it gives Sarah a strong argument at the end. If Michele goes against Tony, but it take an argument away from Sarah. Michele would love to go to fire and win because it would be a great endcap, but it’s a risky way to play the game.


Tony says he was watching Michele and he’s concerned about how quickly she’s getting it. Tony goes back and tells Sarah that Michele is doing good. Tony says he needs to get good at this. Sarah and Tony are grinding all afternoon. Sarah hopes Natalie picks her. She’s not scared she wants to step up to the plate and Tony is not in the right headspace to make fire. He might get there, but she thinks she can beat him.


Tony says he’s going to work hard and keep trying. He’s either going to win this game or lose trying. Natalie says she’s sitting in the front seat after being in the backseat the entire time. She’d rather be in this position than someone else determining her fate in the game.


Tribal Council: The jury is brought in. Sophie isn’t with the jury and she’s not feeling well and the jury will fill her in. Jeff goes to Natalie about being voted out day 2 to guaranteeing herself a final three spot. She says it felt like a dream, but the only thing kept her going at extinction was getting the shot to battle back and winning immunity was amazing. Hard work pays off.


Michele says Natalie wanted time alone to think about her decision and she spent every moment practicing fire. Tony says he came in giving it his best and he hopes his best is good enough to win in the end and he doesn’t care who he goes up against. Sarah would want to go against Tony and she wouldn’t want to go against anyone else. She says she loves him and he’s her partner and if they’re going to get shot she’d rather shoot at each other than be shot by someone else.


Michele says if she is going to make fire she’d want to make it against Tony because he’s the biggest threat in the game. Natalie says she’d love to battle Tony and send him home and he says what’s stopping you? Natalie says she has to decide if she’s confident enough and she knew when he placed immunity around her neck that she had done enough to leave the fire making to someone else.


Natalie has decided Michele would sit F3 with her and Sarah and Tony will make fire. She wants to break up that alliance and she hopes Sarah wins and sits F3. She says her and Michele have worked hard to get there. Tony says surprise, surprise, and Sarah starts coughing when Natalie says that she and Michele worked hard. Tony and Sarah take their spots and we go to commercial.


Sarah and Tony say they are ready and Jeff says this could be a two million dollar fire. Sarah says he will finally have to say she’s better than him and that will be hard and says it’s fine and they fist bump. Sarah is building a nest and Tony is using flint with some husk. Sarah is now working with the flint and she has a tiny flame, but it goes right out.


Tony finally gets a little flame and he reaches for some sticks and starts blowing on it. He’s trying to keep his fire alive. Sarah has something and she gets it going and she starts putting sticks on there. They both are about even and they are working on building it. Tony is adding a lot of sticks. Sarah is using some sticks and some husk. Sarah has a slight lead.


Sarah is using a lot of her husk and it’s going higher and Tony’s is diminishing down. Tony has used a lot of sticks and now his fire is a little higher and Sarah’s fire is diminishing. Sarah is working to catch up. Tony’s is strong and starting to burn through the rope. Sarah’s is finally high enough. Both ropes are on fire but Tony’s higher and Tony’s rope is burned and Tony has won!


Tony is emotional and Sarah is comforting him. He apologizes and she says you have nothing to be sorry for. Jeff asks Sarah how that feels right now and she says it’s ok. When you hear people say that it doesn’t mean they are giving up, it means they got something valuable out of this experience. If that’s how she left the game, she wanted it to be that way, and Tony is who she’d want to take her out. She wishes she could be F3 with Tony, but it’s ok and he can still finish what he set out to accomplish. She knows he will do it and she’s fine.


Sarah takes her torch to Jeff. Jeff says Lacina, the tribe has spoken. Sarah says to eat some food tomorrow and she’ll be eating some tonight. Jeff says they made it to the F3 and tomorrow night they will face the jury and they will have a lot of questions. One of the three of them will show up and seize the title of sole Survivor. One last night in Fiji.


Sarah says Tony is her partner and this is the way she would have wanted this to end. She doesn’t have any regrets and she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She’s grateful for the friendships she’s made and all the opportunities Survivor gave her.


It’s Day 40 at Tony has a congratulations for making it to F3 and they are told to go for their well-earned Survivor breakfast. Michele says her previous season she did the ultimate thing and won Survivor, but fans and former Survivor contestants said she wasn’t a deserving a winner. She says it took her greatest accomplishment and took away from it and tonight she’s going to close this chapter and do her darndest to win.


Natalie says she had a very different path to the F3, but she wanted to play Extinction the best she could and she was relentless with her effort to get back into the game. She has to prove to the jury that she duked it out with the best of the best and came out on top and prove she deserves the money.


Tony says this is a chance to prove he’s one of the greatest players to play the game. He says some people are good at challenges, or social, or strategy, but he’s good at all. These are all winners and he had a big part of taking away some of the juror members chance to win and this is going to be a hard task to convince them he deserves to win. They’ve never had a King of Survivor, he hopes he can be that.


Night 39 Tribal Council-Jeff says it’s only fitting that the final tribal council and winners at war would take place under a torrential downpour. Jeff says they’ve had to deal with the contest for two million dollars, fire tokens, a new Survivor currency, and EoE. Now it’s time to discuss their games.


Outwit part of the game: Yul starts and wants to offer the huge kudos and playing a great game and getting to the end and they all took different paths and they need them to fill in the missing blanks so they have a complete narrative. Denise is curious to know what they identify as misteps or missed opportunities to play the game.  Natalie says her was day one and she relied too much on her strength and not reaching out and talking to more people. Michele had a lot of great one on one alliance and she found people to help keep her safe, but she never had anything bigger. She had some pre-existing relationships that put a target on her back, but this game didn’t go as expected and play out. Tony says he wasn’t as open and vulnerable to people and he did that this season and that determined which way he was going to play the game.


Nick says is that how you tried to get us not to vote for you. Tony says he wanted to go to the end with Nick, but Nick didn’t want to play with him. Jeremy asked what about him and Tony says they just didn’t have much in common. Natalie doesn’t think that’s true and Tony says their bond was real, but he was scared of Jeremy. Ben attests to Tony’s loyalty and Jeremy says they can’t because he voted them out.


Adam says Natalie’s job on EoE was to get advantages to get back in the game and set herself up to win. He says she killed EoE, but how did she get herself to F3. Natalie says it was her job to paint the picture of extinction and what was going on. Rob wants to know why Natalie isolated himself, Amber, Wendel, and Ethan. Natalie says she was focused on doing something secret and she was nervous and she needed to breathe and separate and she knows she’s a strong personality and some people don’t like that.


Parvati likes Natalie and her approach. She wants to hear from Tony and how he blindsided them and none of them feel burned by him. Rob wants to know how he did. Tony says the first season he built a spy shack, then a spy bunker, this time he had a spy nest. He says he almost fell out of the nest, but it’s how he knew things. Wendel says he made it to the end without seeing votes against him and Natalie played a great edge game. What about Michele. Michele says she reintegrated and kept a smile on her face. She found cracks and she played an adaptable and flexible game. Tony had a great alliance helping him, and it was just her alone, especially at the end. Ben says as a fellow controversial winner and he realizes why she won her season and she should be proud of what she’s done.


Outplay-Wendel wants to know everything Natalie found or won or sent into the game. Natalie says her social game might be weak, but this was her strengths. She sold an idol to Sandra, the right to leave a tribal to Jeremy, an extra vote for Sarah, extortion of Tony, the disadvantage for Nick, and the log and coconut challenge were the hardest things she had to do for just one fire token. It was cool to be watching the advantages and disadvantages. She got to play Survivor with these things from the edge.


Ben says winning immunity challenges are important. Tony won 4, one short of tying the record and Michele won two. Tony gave it his all and that’s what led him to keep winning. Michele says winning those immunity challenges at clutch times and it gives you a day and sometimes that could change everything. Things changed majorly in her game because of her immunity wins.


Rob says Natalie could have taken out Tony and had the opportunity. Why didn’t she face him? Natalie says when she won immunity she felt complete and she wanted to see the alliance of four turn to three and then see them finish off. She says she was able to completely pull apart that alliance. Ethan asks Tony and Michele about how they feel about the edge. Tony says the only thing that came from the edge for him was extortion and that disadvantage. Michele viewed the edge as an advantage because it could give her an opportunity to go back into the game, or friends who were there could come from the edge could send her things or come back and help her game. She says Natalie coming back in was a huge opportunity for her game.


Outlast-Natalie says her journey was a hand she didn’t know she would be dealt and she adopted and moved on. When she came back into the game, her focus was to break the alliance and to make it to the end after being voted out first. She says she had the biggest target on her back after Chris won EoE and she’s really proud of her game and she’s excited to be here.


Michele says her first season was a lot different. She only went to six tribal councils. This season she went to 15 of the 19 and she was vulnerable in most of them. She worked hard to get to the end and she thinks she played with integrity and made great relationships and she won fire tokens and advantages. She played the best game she could with her skills.


Tony says he came as a human being this time. From day one to day 38, he played Survivor twice. During the day, and during the night. He looked for idols all night and it took him 26 days to find an idol. He was leading votes without people knowing he was leading them. He says Natalie came back in and told everyone that EoE thought he was the biggest threat and he had to deal with that.


Dani says all three of them have been incredible. Amber says they have respect for each and every journey. Adam says they should each be proud. Rob says all three fought and it made their decision difficult. They may have thought they had a winner picked, but they each showed why they deserved to be up there. They give a standing ovation and Amber says they deserve this.


Jeff says they played this game at a relentless pace. There’s only one thing to do and that is declare a victor of this war. We’ll give the jury a minute and then they will vote.


Time to vote. We see Rob say that Natalie was right he said she needed to play a perfect game. She almost did. She needed to take Tony out and he voted for Tony. Parvati says she wrote this name down twice, once to vote her out and now once to win. We hear Nick says he knows how hard it is to be on the outs the whole time. We see Ben immediately vote for Tony.


Jeff will go get the votes! Natalie says done. It’s done. Jeff says he’ll see them back in LA for the reading of the votes. Jeff has the votes and the final three are being streamed in. He congratulates them and apologizes for not being together. He hopes that regardless of the vote, they outlasted 17 winners. Jeff tells them to bring their families in. Michele has her sister, Natalie’s boyfriend, and Tony’s children.


Jeff says two of them are going to lose. One is going to earn two million dollars and become the second two timer winner. Jeff is going to read the votes from his garage for the first time ever!


First vote, Tony. Natalie. Natalie. Tony. Nat. Tony. Tied 3-3. Natalie. Tony. Tied 4-4. Tony. Tony. 6-4. Tony. Tony. 8 votes for Tony and 4 for Natalie. The winner of Survivor Winners at War Tony!


Ethan, Parvati, Tyson, and Jeremy voted for Natalie and Tony got every other vote. Tony says this is life changing, especially with what’s going on in the world. He’s going to make sure he secures everything for his family. Jeff says he was a great winner and representative of the show!

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