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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 14 part 1


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May 13, 2020 Finale Night Part 1


 Winners at War Finale Night. Jeff tells us Welcome to Survivor Finale, for obvious reasons they are in his garage. Design shipped him the TC parts and he built it with the help of his 16 yo. This is as real as it gets. This was the biggest season they have had. All credit goes to the players. (we see all 20 of the players at their homes) There is so much story going on there isnt time for a reunion show. Buckle up here we gooo. 


Day 35 the F5 come in to watch EOE battle it out for a shot to get back in. EOE started 32 days ago with Nat. for the challenge they will be attached to a rope where they will have to go thru a fence obstacle, then a post obstacle then get balls thru a maze. Nat, Patvati and Wendel bought the first advantage, they skip to the post obstacle. Yul, Parvati and Wendel are on to the digging. Nat is stuck in the first section she has to run. Wendel is on to the rope bridge. Rob is on the digging. Nat skips the digging and goes to the bridge. Wendel is in the lead, Nat on his trail. Wendel is on to his knots to get to the balls. Wendel gets his first ball in. Nat, Rob and Yul are at the ball maze. Nat ties it with Wendel. Tyson ties it with Nat and Wendel. Natalie wins her way back into the game. Being the first person voted out and now she is in the F6. 


For 20 years...Kim: what was winners at war about? she says it was anything but easy, she was afraid she would screw up, she feels better then ever, she is at peace with her story here, she is going home her and it feels good. Tyson says the last decade has been Survivor. The first time he played he said this is the only job built for him. He need this to know he didnt need it, he will be a better dad. Amber says she came here for Rob, no one respects this game more them him. She never felt she deserved to win it. Rob says they showed their kids you dont give up. Rob says Amber is a champion. Rob has 188 days, he leaves with love, gratitude and appreciation. Parvati says she didnt have much gas in the tank, this is a viscous game, she didnt know if she had it in her but she came out and did it. She is proud of this version of the game. Ethan says Survivor Africa changed his life, some of the money raised from his Survivor Stand up to Cancer found the drug that saved his life. Thank you everyone. Jeff says one of the reasons Survivor is so unique is they are all some weird family. Their stories inspire ppl. Head back to your camps. 


They were all asked to record a few things. We hear some of their comments.


Day 35, they welcome Nat to camp. Nat says she has to make some waves, she is the only one there so she can lie all she wants about EOE, she just has to keep her lies straight. She says they all feel Tony is their fav. Tony hopes it not true he doesnt want that target on him. Sarah tells us she has to get her word out there, that just cuz a man and woman are working together doesnt mean the man is calling all the shots.


 Day 36 Immunity challenge time: they will race thru an obstacle, thru a tunnel and grab a bag, down a water slide and do it again until they have 3 bags. Put the 3 teir puzzle together to win. Tony and Ben are across to the bags. Ben, Tony and Sarah have their bags. Nat and Sarah are side by side. Michele taking her time. Ben on his second bag, Tony has his second and so does Nat. Ben has is last bag, Tony right behind. Nat has her last bag. Denise and Sarah have their last bags. Michele on her last bag. Its a 3 tier puzzle, you have to have them all the same height to build the next tier. Michele has her first tier, Nat has her first tier. Sarah has her first tier. Michele has her second tier. Everyone is looking at Micheles puzzle. Michele has it, she wins immunity and kicks her puzzle over. 


 Back at camp, they are sick of rice. Nat says they guys can chill she is going to go look for a HII. Tony says its better to assume Nat has a HII then to assume she doesnt. Ben says all Tony has to do is play it cool and he is not. Tony say split the votes and send Nat home. Ben says he is not going to do that to Mama D. Nat talks to Michele to break up the 4some. Nat tells Michele she has a HII. Michele says its the ideal situation on day 36. If Nat playes her HII they have to make sure Tony playes his. Tony says he thinks they are doing it to flush out his HII. Tony says get rid of Denise, it s win win. Sarah tells Tony Nat doesnt NOT have a HII. Sarah is in control, Sarah knows whats going on. 


TC night 38: Jury comes in. Ben says Nat is the elephant in the room. Michele says someone new coming in with new info and its different. Ben says usually you have someone to fact check with and now they dont have that. Sarah says with EOE she got new info and she may play her game different. Sarah says the gender bias holds ppl back from playing the game. She isnt such a bad person, she can let it go now, its a weight lifted off her shoulders. If a man can do it so can she and the other girls, she will not be defeated by a gender bias. Ben says he knows woman can do what a man can do, especially in Survivor. Everyone needs to respect woman. Jeff says he would find the exact same bias in his last 20 years of doing the show, he is aware of it now, its out there and its talked about. Nat says its clearly them 4 against her and Michele. Tony says EOE has all the info, we have to accept what they tell you or dont. 


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Nat pulls her out of her shoe. Tony says told you guys. Tony plays his too. Ben playes his too. Votes: Nat, Nat, Nat, Nat, Ben, Ben. No votes count. Revote, you can no vote for Nat, MIchele, Ben or Tony. Denise and Sarah wont vote. Tie breaker will be fire if needed.  They can only vote for Denise or Sarah. Votes: Denise, Denise, 17th person voted out is Denise. She tells them to kick ass. Jeff says another crazy TC in what has been an unpredictable season. 


Night 36. Tony  tells Ben they didnt want to listen to him. Tony says Denise goes home, he and Ben lose a HII. At least one HII is hidden again, he goes off in the night looking for it. The sun comes up and here comes everybody else looking. Nat finds it, she tells Michele. Ben and Tony keep looking, Ben thinks one of the girls found it. 


Day 37 time for immunity challenge: they have to race thru water obstacles, collecting keys to sand bags, get both sand bags on a table to win. Nat and Ben first to ladder and back in the  water. Tony is last over the first obstacle. Nat and Ben have their key. MIchele only one working on her key. All but Michele tossing bags, she is now at the table. Ben has one bag. Tony has a bag. Ben and Tony keep hitting it but it fall off. Tony lands his second bag and wins Immunity. 


Back at camp they congrat Tony. Tony sends Sarah to talk to the girls. Nat and Sarah talk at the well while Tony hides in a tree near by. Nat shows Sarah she has the HII. Tony says he knew it. He later tells Sarah that was the worst experience of his life, an hour in the tree. Sarah says she doesnt think Nat would use it for Michele. They agree to vote to get Michele out. Nat tells Michele she told Sarah about the HII. Michele says they are going to vote Michele out now.  Sarah wonders of Nat will play it on Michele? Ben says he has excepted his fate, if she wants to write his name down use it for her resume, that way she cant say she got drug along. Sarah tears up, Ben says she has his permission, but she has to win it. Ben will walk away from Survivor with his head held high and he will have friends, Friends are worth more then a million dollars. Sarah says Ben is the last person she wants to hurt. Sarah says she has to make a move and make it w/o Tony, she doesnt know what she is going to do. 


Night 37 TC: Jeff says this season was envisioned as a celebration but when you invite winners back you invited the competitor spirit. One of the theams has been break throughs. Does Survivor serve a unintentional but intense personal scrutiny. Sarah says she used to down play the good, you walk away from this growing. Ben says this season was growth. Tony says the audience isnt dealing what the ppl, they dont see the social part only the startigic part. Lucina says you have to evaluate tonight and set yourself up for tomorrow. It turned into an individual game today. Ben agrees, tonight is about being brave and strong. Michele says she has been running against an alliance and her optimism says she hopes she can work her way in but .....


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Nat plays hers. Votes: Ben, Michele, Ben, Michele, 18th person voted out is Ben. Ben tells jury he hopes they are ready to party.  F4 are Nat, Sarah, Michele and Tony. 


Day 38 Final immunity challenge: they have to run the balls thru the shute with one hand tied behind their back. At regular interval they will add a ball, drop a ball and you're out. Winner wins immunity and the chance to say who goes with them and who goes to jury. Ready..Go. Add a ball. now its more difficult. Time to add a third ball. Tony is out. Add a 4th ball. Sarah is out. Add a 5th ball. Nat has repeated saves. Sarah is out. Nat wins immunity. She has come all the way from being voted out on day 2 to going to the final TC. 

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