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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 14

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Last week, we unmasked an out of this world superstar. Tonight, it’s the quarterfinals, and the remaining singers need to deliver. And with so much as stake, we’ve invited comedian Jeff Dye to offer some insight.


We’re two weeks away from finding out who will win the Golden Mask trophy! Frog is up first! We see him voice messaging his little frog, and we see three French breads while he talks about how his life changed for his tadpole. We see a footloose theme in the package. Frog takes the stage and performs Bust-A-Move by Young MC.


Jenny says this is the quarterfinals and he brought his A game. Every week he doesn’t disappoint and Ken says he keeps this show going. Frog says he’s here to win the golden mask for his kid. Their clues are “stolen packages” from things the artists ordered. Frog’s clue is a model airplane. He challenges them to figure out what the plane is about.


The judges think it’s a private jet. Jeff thinks the singer is a man. Jenny says she’s been all over the place with Lil Romeo, O’Shea Jackson, Jr. But today, she thought of Anthony Mackie. He rapped in 8 Mile, but there was a hawk clue and he was Falcon in The Avengers and Captain America. Robin says that’s not bad, but he’s been back and forth between Omarion and Bow Wow, and there was recently a jet situation with Bow Wow.


Ken says it can’t be Bow Wow. Ken says from the clue package, there’s a lot of Footloose clues and he first thought Kevin Bacon. Maybe they do six degrees. Julianne Hough was in the remake of Footloose and Derek Hough is her brother, and he’s a great dancer. Jenny says Derek has no children. Jeff Dye says he was dancing in front of Hot Buns, and the Seattle Seahawks, and he thinks maybe Sir Mix-a-Lot.


Kitty is next. She says she’s got to do the whole kit ‘n kaboodle. Her creativity comes from all across the globe and we see her in a hot air balloon. We see the Kremlin, and cherry blossoms from Japan, plus the Vatican City. She says while her career may be up in the air, but she’s Over the Rainbow. She takes the stage and performs Back to Black by Amy Winehouse.


Kitty’s clue package is a bow and arrow. Robin says Jennifer Lawrence. Kitty says aim your sites and it should help you target who I am. Jenny says she saw a lot of Wizard of Oz clues, and she saw the bow and arrow and she has an arrow tattoo, she says it could be Lea Michele. Jeff says he noticed New York and no one wants her to grow up and he thinks it could be an Olsen Twins. Nicole says Jenny guessed this person in the past, and now she’s feeling it. She felt like she recognized it as Vanessa Hudgens.


Rhino is ready. Rhino thinks there was a big reason with his last song…he was thinking about his wife. He had some major struggles, both personal and professional. He thought he was content on his own and never thought he’d get married, let alone have youngsters and we see three baby rhinos. He says being married made him a better man and a family man. He takes the stage and sings You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by The Righteous Brothers.


Nicole says he put his heart on the line and tonight he got on his knees. Rhino says he’s winning an internal battle with self-consciousness and he’s finally feeling like he can take more risks. Rhino’s package is a captain’s hat. Jeff says it’s a Hugh Heffner hat. Rhino says he’s worn many different hats, but this one holds very special meaning. Nicole was going to guess Jason Aldean because of his vocals. Plus, he just had a baby named Navy. Jeff says he has the Navy hat, and he had an animated turkey hand, tracing a hand is like Trace Adkins. Plus, he’s a voice on King of the Hill. Ken says he’s been stuck on this navy clue for a bit and he can’t get this name out of his head. He says remember the show named JAG, and he forgot the guys name. He says David James Elliott.


Night Angel is our next artist and she says the judges comments made her reflect on her career. When she was just four, we see the country of Columbia, and her aunt heard her singing and taught her about singing. She’s been known for music, and tonight she’s going to show everyone what her auntie taught her. She takes the stage and sings Last Dance by Donna Summer.


Jenny says Night Angel is going to the finals and she’d take the mask home if she was the only judge here. Night Angel says this is a full circle moment for her. Night Angel’s package is ski gear. Night Angel wanted to help them get warmer because they are very cold. Ken picked up on TLC clues, and there was a red light, he says maybe not Chili from TLC, but T-Boz. Nicole says Tiny is someone who can sing and she’s a great writer. Jeff says maybe Alicia Keys. Jenny says some clues do fit Alicia, Empire, like Empire State of Mind and Girl on Fire.


The final singer of the night is Turtle. Turtle says being the Turtle makes him feel like a superhero. Underneath the shell, he’s just a regular guy and he’s been able to become stronger. We see a poster that Wanted: Reward $1999. They all have demons to battle and music can bring you through the darkest of times and bring you healing and we see poker chips. He takes the stage and performs Fix You by Coldplay.


Robin says that’s such a revealing song. Turtle says he was apprehensive when he was first asked to participate and he’s so happy he showed up to do this. Nicole says that was the best performance so far of the season. Turtle’s package is a Zombie. Turtle says they may be dead wrong about who he is, but this clue should send him in the right direction. Jeff is going by the clues and he thinks it’s Norman Reedus. Ken thinks it’s a great guess. He thought it could be AJ McLean, but now he’s going with Howie D because he was in a sci-fi movie called Dead Seven with zombies. Nicole thought maybe Max George, but earlier there was a clue directed towards her and she thinks it’s Jesse McCartney.


Tonight was full of standout performances. It’s time to vote for who their favorite singer was. The person going home is…Kitty!


Time for final guesses. Nicole says in the beginning she was thinking Nicole Ritchie because of the fashion clues, but after the vocal performance today she’s going with Vanessa Hudgens. Also, it had a lot of Christmas clues and Vanessa is in a lot of Christmas movies. Jeff says he thinks she’s petite and she was a child star, and he thinks Mary Kate and/or Ashely Olsen. Robin says he was on the Emma Roberts trail, but then they went back and forth on Vanessa Hudgens and he feels like Ashley Tisdale has more of the teeny bop energy.


Ken says he said Avril Lavigne in the past, but a lot of clues haven’t fit. He’s thinking with the Hot Air Balloon, maybe Anna Kendrick. Jenny says she’s clearly losing her mind right now. She’s been so far removed from connecting the clues to her. She saw the bow and arrow, and this girl has an arrow tattoo, and this person starred in Legend of Oz, and she thinks it’s Lea Michele.


It’s time to find out who Kitty is. We take the mask off and it’s…Jackie Evancho!


Nick says Jackie holds the record for youngest selling platinum artist of all time. She’s been stuck in the stereotype of a 10-year old girl. Kitty’s clue answers: The pope hat and Vatican are clues to her performance for Pope Francis on his U.S. visit. The Christmas clues signify Jackie’s best-selling albums “Someday at Christmas” and “Heavenly Christmas”. Kitty’s reference to Robert Redford is a hint at the film “The Company You Keep”, in which Jackie played the role of his daughter. Robin encourages her to continue to grow and find where she’s going and enjoy the time she has now.

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