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Songland Season 2-Julia Michaels


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Julia Michaels is on tonight and she’s a songwriter herself. Ester says Julia has written songs for Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendez, John Legend, and Selena Gomez. She’s one of the most sought after song writers. Julia says she loves the idea of being part of a writing session. Julia has never had anyone write a song for her. She’s hoping to hear something that’s her, something raw and emotional, but quirky and fun.


Keegan Bost from Gadsden, AL is our first song writer. His song is called Glad You Came. He introduces himself and he repairs espresso machines at coffee shops. Julia says the middle part in the hook makes her sad when it doesn’t keep going. Shane wants him to sing the top of the chorus and Julia says maybe picking the tempo up a bit. She thinks the song is awesome, but she’s not sure she can see herself singing something like this. She says it has an amazing melody, but maybe different words. Julia says this is potential to the max.


Next is Jenna Lotti and she’s from Milton, MA. Her song is called Sad Girls. She moved to LA two years ago with her husband and she wrote this song for herself, but she wanted it to be an anthem for other people. She introduces herself and performs her song. Ryan says it has a solid hook. Julia says there’s one line that is sitting with her so hard. She says it feels like there’s a syllable or two missing in the pre-chorus. It needs one more something. Shane is going to throw something out there, her melody at the top of the chorus is such a payoff. He thinks she should tell the story in a way to make sad girls celebrate.


Jeremy Shayne is from Beirut, Lebanon and he’s the next writer in. His song is called Too Late. The producers immediately discuss some of the lyrics. Julia sings along and Ryan throws in some lyrics and Ester helps. Julia wants a little more movement and she thinks parts were super cool.


Our final writer is Dan Burke and he’s from East Haddam, CT. His song is called Numb. He introduces himself and performs his song. Ester says the melodies are really strong and Julia loves the beginning of the chorus. Ester says some of the lyrics are very personal and Julia says she’d have to find a way to make it personal to her. Shane says maybe make the chorus feel like half time and Julia asks what if it was more synthy.


Julia says she came in looking for honesty and something real and she feels like she found a couple of gems. Jenna is in first and she is moving on along with Dan and Keegan. She says Jeremy’s song was great, but it just didn’t quite fit her.


Ester is going to work with Dan on his song Numb. Ester thinks the song sounds bouncy, but the lyrics are sad. Ester just wants to make it simple and refine some of the lyrics. Shane is working with Jenna on Sad Girls and he thinks it’s an anthem. He says he wants to change it from I don’t wanna, but sometimes you need to. He thinks some of the lyrics needs to be tweaked to fit Julia.


Ryan is working with Keegan and Ryan says the lyrics weren’t applicable to Julia at all so the song needs a complete overhaul. Ryan says the melody has to be fantastic and they need to listen to the artist they are writing for. Dan is singing some of the changes and Ester likes it. Ester says Julia is a magnificent writer, so they don’t need to try and beat her, but make it perfect for her to take it further. Ester says they just need to start the lyric off right.


Shane is always against starting a song with the chorus because he feels like there’s nothing to wait for. He thinks Julia really liked the song, but they just need to make the song fit her. Jenna thinks the changes Shane made are awesome and it elevates the song. Ryan wants to make sure they are on the same page for chords. Keegan says they have a lot of work to do because they aren’t just changing lyrics, but they are reproducing the song.


Julia is back to hear the songs again. She’s excited to hear what they have done. Jenna is in first to re-pitch her song Sad Girls. Shane says she killed it and Julia says they really took that to a new place. Dan is in next to re-pitch the song he and Ester worked on, Numb. Julia says that production was like wow and they brought that song to life. Keegan is the final writer in and he says this version is Julia Michaels. Keegan is going to play guitar and Ryan has brought in Austin to sing and the song is now called Give it to You. Julia says she loved this, but she would still probably change some of the lyrics.


The writers are back in and Julia thanks them for being a part of the process and all the work they did. She loves all of these songs, but ultimately one really sounded like her. The song she has picked to record is Keegan’s song, Give It To You. Keegan thanks Songland, Julia, and Ryan and he’s so happy for this.

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