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The Voice Season 18-Live Shows Top 9


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We kick the night off with the coaches all singing with their artists all remotely. They perform Everyday People by Sly & the Family Stone. Tonight is fan week and we’ll have performances from James Taylor, Kane Brown, and Doja Cat. Tonight, the top 9 will perform. The judges join us from their homes again remotely.


We’re kicking off the night with Team Blake’s Instant Save artist, Joanna Serenko. Joanna is dedicating this song to her sister Jamie. She’s performing Lean On Me by Bill Withers. Blake says this is just a good uplifting song and that’s what we need right now. Blake gives some advice on making sure she’s singing out. Blake says this is the performance that could send you to the finale.


Joanna’s family introduces her for her performance. Joanna performs from St. Louis, MO. Nick says Joanna is incredible and he is so grateful she’s in the competition and still doing an incredible job. He totally believes in the artist she is. John says he loves how much heart and honesty and soul she has in her voice. Every performance she gives sounds authentic and he loves hearing that. Blake says there’s a reason America saved her. Her voice floats like a butterfly and he loves her artistry.


Tomorrow night is crucial on The Voice. It’s something they’ve never done before. The top vote getter from each team will move on to the finale. Then the remaining artists are going to sing for an Instant Save. Every coach will be represented next week and for the first time we’ll have a final five.


Next up is Micah Iverson from Team Kelly and he is dedicating his song to Kelly Clarkson. He is going to perform I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie. Kelly says he needs to make every line count and being at home he has to use lighting for intimacy. He’s been getting some messages from fans, including Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional. His friends from Japan are rooting for him too.


Joel is from Singapore and his favorite is Micah because his voice is impeccable and his range is gorgeous and the emotions he puts into his songs is flawless. Micah is performing from Atlanta, GA. Nick says they’ve all had to find ways to be even more creative, and he really admired Micah’s creativeness and execution as a vocalist. Kelly says she’s so excited. She says he’s such a good student and always learning. He is not just a great vocalist, but he’s also a great artist.


Next we have Todd Tilgham from Team Blake and he’s in a group chat from some of his parishioners. Todd is going to sing to Love Me by Colin Raye and he’s dedicating his performance to his kids. Blake says he’s doing some really cool stuff, but he wants a big vocal moment at the top of the chorus. Blake thinks America is connecting with Todd because he’s just so happy and chaotic.


The Homan Family from Alabaster, AL introduces Todd because he is their favorite because he can sing and has an infectious personality. Todd is performing from Meridian, MS. Kelly says if she could sound like a man in singing, she would want Todd’s voice. She says he has the perfect amount of storyteller aspect to his tone. He’s amazing. Blake says it’s crazy to see an emotional side of him. His favorite shot of that was his little girl sucking her thumb and asleep. He didn’t think he’d ever see him cry.


Kane Brown joins us to perform a new single called Cool Again. Carson sends congrats to Kane and John because they have a collaboration that’s doing well.


Zan Fiskum from Team John is up next. Zan is going to perform Never Be the Same by Camila Cabello. John gives some advice on singing one section in her fuller voice. He says that gives it more edge and some rock energy. Zan got some shoutouts from Maggie Rogers and the Indigo Girls and she’s dedicating this performance to her little brother.


Anna Katherine from Renton, WA is introducing Zan and she is her best friend and a true inspiration in music and life. Zan is performing from Maple Valley, WA. Nick says that is not an easy song to sing and he loved her arrangement. She has a unique ability to make every song her song. Great job. John says Zan is so involved in how these songs are arranged. She’s at home crafting the song to make her own and she gives a master class in how to jump between chest voice and head voice. That was incredible and Kelly says yes it was!


Next up is Thunderstorm Artis from Team Nick and he’s going to dedicate his performance to his wife Faith Artis. Thunderstorm is going to perform Home by Michael Buble. Nick says maybe he should change up the ending. He says his purity is something that pulls people in. He gives some staging techniques for Thunderstorm to use when he records his song.


Kate from New York City introduces Thunderstorm because he’s her favorite artist and he has amazing vocals and a pretty cool name. Thunderstorm is performing from Portland, OR. Blake says he was so zoned in on what Thunderstorm was doing because what he was doing on the guitar was cool and inventive. Great job. He really enjoyed that. Nick says from day one, he has done exactly what Blake said and made a clear path for himself and he hopes America gets behind him as well.


Megan Danielle from Team Kelly is up next and she is going to perform What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts and she’s dedicating this song to her siblings. Kelly advises her to a bluesy run on one certain part and she tells her she needs to be up on her microphone. She says she loves Megan’s voice.


Naveen from Austin, TX is introducing Megan. She loves the way Megan makes you feel her emotions when she performs. Megan is performing from Winston, GA. Kelly says she loves Megan and she thinks her tone is so distinct. Every time she sings, it’s like she hears what a broken heart trying to fly sounds like. It sounds so beautifully broken and she thanks Megan for reminding her why she loves to sing.


Doja Cat visits next and performs her #1 hit Say So.


Team Nick’s Allegra Miles is up next and she’s going to perform Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder. She’s dedicating this performance to her grandmother. Nick says they have a responsibility make these performances just as big as every other performance ever. Nick says this is the perfect song for this moment.


Aseda from Turlock, CA and she introduces Allegra. She says Allegra is her favorite artist because she has a beautiful tone and she knows she will do great things in the future. Allegra is performing from West Palm Beach, FL. John says Allegra sang that song! He says the key moves around a lot and it’s not an easy song, but the musical ability she showed in her performance showed so much maturity. Nick loves that she came out singing. He says we’re nearing the finish and every performance has been incredible and he thinks this was one of her best performances yet.


James Taylor is here to perform and he sings Moon River.


Toneisha Harris from Team Blake is up next and she is singing Because You Love Me by Celine Dion and she is dedicating her performance to her husband. Blake says the first chorus she should establish the first line and then sing adlibs the second time. Blake says Toneisha is a phenomenal vocalist.


Hope from Orlando, FL is here to introduce Toneisha and she’s glad she’s sharing her beautiful gift with the world. Toneisha is performing from Roswell, GA. Kelly says she isn’t even on her team, but she has the power that song takes and she wants to come to her Vegas show in 2021. She wants people to hear how big that song was and she is an incredibly gifted vocalist. Blake says that was awesome for Kelly to offer and she’s welcome to come sing with him too. She is literally so special and she deserves to be in the finale.


We’re wrapping things up with Cammwess from Team John and he is going to perform Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves and he’s dedicating this song to his little cousin who has some medical issues. John says his tone is honey butter, but he thinks the song should be in a different key to push himself vocally. John says he hasn’t had an artist he has had so much musical kinship with on the history of his time on the show.


Brian from York, PA is introducing Cammwess and he says he has a smooth voice. Cammwess is performing from Blythewood, SC. Kelly is crying as Cammwess finishes. John says that was emotional and he took them on a journey. It was powerful, emotional, and America needs to vote for him.

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