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Survivor 40 Winners at War-Episode 13

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We pick up at Koru on Night 29 as they return from Tribal. Michele says tribal council was a disaster as usual. She guesses TC ended on a positive because Jeremy is still here, but now everyone knows about her advantage. She wanted to play an aggressive game, but she feels like she took a butterknife to a gun fight, and she doesn’t know how to recover.


Jeremy says it’s Groundhog Day around here because for three TC’s they have come after him. But he has a connection with Michelle, but he gave the advantage back to her because his game is not going to come down to a 50/50 coin flip. Michelle asks who they should trust and Jeremy doesn’t know.


Jeremy asks Denise if she slept well and she said she slept so well and she was being sarcastic. Denise says when she told Jeff she was done, it didn’t mean she was done with the game. It meant she was done with the way she’s been playing and dealing with things. She says she’s not a tattoo girl, but she needs two tattooes. She wants Endure to remind her that she can endure and Let Go so she can let go and both are OK.


Jeremy is talking to Tony and they are looking at a makeshift calendar. Tony is arguing that 10 days is two weeks and Jeremy says 14 days is two weeks. Jeremy says you are here for 39 days, you don’t go home for the off days. Tony says but he takes some off days. He says it’s a game and Jeremy says it’s work. Tony tells Jeremy he works hard not smart. Tony says Jeremy is a firefighter and he’s an officer and they are always kind of arguing. Tony wants to keep Jeremy to keep everyone else at bay.


Tony talks to Sarah about sticking together and Sarah says they’ve known each other six years. Tony says they made an alliance six years ago and he burned her. Tony tells her in a joking manner that he’s going to have to blindside her. He says this time he got to know Sarah and they just want to stick together. Sarah says if they take out Jeremy, then they are sitting ducks. Sarah is in a three way alliance with Ben, but Ben is after Jeremy. Sarah thinks getting rid of Nick is best for her game, but it’s not best for Ben’s game and he’s pretty stubborn.


Sarah is talking to Ben and says Nick is a number for Tony, but Jeremy is a number for herself and Ben. She says they need to take out numbers that are not for then, but she made a promise to Ben. Sarah says they need to get Ben to believe that, but it’s really a ploy to get Nick out. Sarah says Denise could vote Nick out with them and then we see Ben suggesting to Tony to blindside Nick. Ben says Denise is lockstep with him and she’ll vote anyway he wants her to vote. Ben doesn’t think Nick is fully with them. He says this is going to be a huge blindside, and he’s worried about Michele’s advantage. He says if this gets screwed up, their squad and this mission is blown up.


We’re at day 31 and it’s time for immunity! Jeff takes back the necklaces from Denise and Tony. Immunity is back up for grabs. They are going to race out for a ball and then throw it into an overhead trap and catch it on the other side. Once they get both balls, they dig in sand under a bar and then work on a slide puzzle. Winner gets immunity and two fire tokens.


Jeff gets the challenge started. Jeremy has his first one, Tony drops his. Michele drops his and Ben’s ball drops. Sarah has one. Nick drops his. Ben can’t find his ball and has to run a few setups down. Denise has her first with Nick right behind. Ben has his first ball. Jeremy gets his second ball and he heads to the mound of sand. Tony has his first ball and Sarah has her second with Nick right behind.


Ben has his second and Tony gets his. Michele doesn’t have one and Denise just misses her second ball. Jeremy is through the sand and under the bar and he starts working on the puzzle. Ben and Sarah are shortly behind. Tony and Nick get through next. Nick is moving quickly. Denise gets her second ball. Michele almost had her first ball and she starts over again. Denise is now working on the slide puzzle.


Tony is struggling with slide puzzle and says Spencer caught him on the last slide puzzle and won. Ben is moving pieces quickly and Denise is nodding to herself. Jeremy is sliding pieces. Tony is moving slowly as though he understands what he’s doing. Tony is close. Nick thinks he has it and he does and Nick has won immunity!


Michele is emotional because she couldn’t even get her first ball and she’s frustrated and Ben and Denise comfort her. Nick gets his immunity and two fire tokens. 31 days in and tonight someone will be voted out and sent to the Edge where they will have to fight their way back in. Denise says Nick gets immunity. The one person who couldn’t get it and now she wonders what Plan B will be.


We’re back at camp after the immunity challenge and Ben says him winning was a bad thing for them. They were going to blindside him, but now they have to figure this out. Sarah pitches voting out Denise and Ben tells us she is a number for him. Ben says taking out Jeremy or Denise is a shield for him. He wants to create distrust between Michele and Jeremy because he needs to split them up.


Jeremy is talking to Nick and he says everyone is voting out Denise, but he doesn’t think something is right. He tells Nick that Ben wants him to get Michele’s coin, but he doesn’t want her to go him and he doesn’t trust Ben at all. Ben tells Michele that Jeremy is going to ask for her advantage and Michele says she won’t give it up. Jeremy and Michele are comparing notes and Michelle says Ben is playing both sides. Jeremy says they have to get Nick and Tony and get Ben out. Michele says getting Ben is great and Jeremy going would be terrible because she’d be next.


Jeremy says Ben wants both him and Michele gone, so why not go after him. Jeremy goes to Nick and Tony and pitches voting out Ben. Tony says that’s not in his interest. Tony doesn’t want to get rid of Jeremy, but he and Sarah think they need to stay tight with Ben. Tony and Nick go and tell Ben about Jeremy’s plan. Tony, Ben, and Nick will vote for Jeremy, Denise and Sarah vote for Ben, and Michele and Jeremy will vote for Ben. If Michele plays her advantage, then Jeremy can go.


Sarah asks Tony if she thinks Nick would flip and Tony doesn’t think so. Sarah says tonight will tell if Nick can be trusted or not. Nick says he has Ben and Jeremy’s fate in his hands and he’s in a power position. He’s not making his decision on what he wants to happen tomorrow or the next day, he’s basing his decision on what he wants to happen on day 39. He’s not playing just to get there, he’s playing to win this game. Period.


TC: Everyone from the Edge is brought in and Jeff starts with today’s immunity challenge and he noted that Michele struggled. Michele says thanks for pointing out that everyone at home is going to be watching, but she just focuses on herself. Jeff asks Ben if it’s hard to remember who you’re supposed to be with so many people watching you and Ben says you’re emotionally just broke a lot of the time


Sarah says there can’t be hesitation as a cop when you go on a call and you have to be confident of what you’re going to do, but this season is different because you know these people and you don’t want to hurt them. Jeff asks Nick if he agrees it’s personal. Nick says he thinks people seem more truthful, but you can win if you hurt someone. Jeff asks Jeremy how this game can be anything but personal? Jeremy says you can’t play totally with your heart, but you can’t treat people like robots.


Jeff says so Ben, you’re trying to thread a needle on how to play? Ben says they have all heard each other’s stories, so trying to focus on a personal side, but they also have to realize they are in a tactical war. Jeff asks what this does to your ability to trust after playing a game like this? Michele says she remembers after the first time she didn’t trust normal people with something basic. Ben remembers having trust issues with his wife after his first season. He doesn’t want the game or the money to change who he is.


Jeremy says he wasn’t right for three months after Cambodia and he didn’t trust some of his co-workers. He wants to have more fun this time and not let it get in his head. Jeff asks Nick since he was the most recent winner. Nick says it was hard for him to come back so quickly. He says it’s not just a strategic game, it’s a social strategic game. They aren’t blocks of wood and pieces to be moved, they know these people. Tony says they know who they’re ready to walk forward with. Jeff says that sounds like there’s a group working together and Jeremy says they think there’s a group.


Sarah says things have shifted after a few TCs and this could be no different, plus there’s an advantage that’s pretty well known. Michele says yes, hers is known and it might get played tonight. Tony says he’d play it if he thought he were in trouble. Denise hopes she knows the plan, but you never know. Jeremy says he’s always nervous when he doesn’t have immunity around his neck.


Time to vote: We see Denise vote for Michele. Jeremy votes for Ben. Tony votes for Jeremy. Ben is in next, followed by Nick. The others have voted. Time to tally the votes…and we go to commercial!


We’re back and if anyone has an immunity idol and wants to play it, now would be the time to do so. Michele says since everyone knows about it, then she should just play it. She will flip the coin. If it comes up safe, then any votes cast against her will not count and if it comes up not safe, then votes will count. Jeff asks if she’s playing it for herself and she looks over and she thinks about it. She says yes, I think I am and she decides to play it for herself. Jeff says safe…not safe. She flips the coin and she kisses it and says please be safe, and it’s safe. Any votes cast for Michelle will not count. She wants to keep it and Jeff says no.


Time to read the votes: First vote Michele. Does not count. Michele does not count. Ben. One vote Ben. Jeremy. One vote Jeremy. Ben. Jeremy. Tied two votes Jeremy, two votes Ben. One vote left. Fifteenth person voted out of Survivor Winners at War…Jeremy. He wants to know who did it and Nick says sorry J. Jeremy says bad move dude.


Jeremy reads he has to bequeath his tokens and he gives them to Michelle and he grabs the torch and heads to Edge of Extinction. They are back at camp and Ben asks if anyone needs water. Ben says tribal was intense. It came down to him and Jeremy and they each took their shots. Ben says it was like a western and the draw went and it feels fantastic he finally got him out.


Tony tells Ben he’s so glad Michelle played that on herself. Ben says he appreciates it and Tony says you were one hundred percent. Tony says the entire game, he’s been on the right side of the votes. Tony says Michele has been on the outside of the votes and she has no clue what’s going on. Tony says Michele would normally be the goat, but not this season.


Nick goes to talk to Michele and he tells her they couldn’t beat Jeremy. Michele says she knew that but she’d like to know what their path to the end is now? Nick says he wanted to work with Michele, but she was working with Jeremy and he had no interest in working with him. Nick says now that Jeremy is gone, he’d like to get Ben out of here and he thinks playing with Ben is like playing with fireworks. Michele says Denise will not flip on Ben and neither will Sarah. Michele says she needs to find an avenue for herself because no one will want to take her further. She knows she needs to win immunity and she does her best work when her back is against the wall and they haven’t met sassy Michele and she’s about to go down fighting.


Michele can’t wait to go back and be with people she likes. She’s been mad more times in this game than in her normal life and she doesn’t trust anyone and everyone is playing scared. She says she’s the only one willing to play and throw things at the wall because she has nothing to lose. She talks to Sarah and says she knows she’s next and no one is talking to her and she’s being blackballed. Michele says she’s going to throw a hail mary and see if anyone bites. Michele tells Sarah she can’t beat Tony. Michele says anyone who goes to EoE at this point is going to tell them Tony is running the show.


Sarah goes and tells others that Michele is trying to convince her that Tony is unbeatable. Sarah says at least she’s trying. A for effort. Sarah says Michele can’t keep her mouth shut and she’s completely unpredictable so Michele needs to go.


Over at EoE, they are eating about a spoon full of rice. Jeremy says EoE sucks and it drains you and morale is down. He says your mind just wanders and he is trying to figure out what he did wrong, but what are you going to do. He has to think about one day at a time. Yul goes to get a note and says they have something new.


Yul is reading it as he walks towards them. There is something sitting on the Throne of Stone and they all take off. Tyson says it’s like when teenagers are hanging out in front of a convenience store and a cop pulls up and they all start running. Wendell has been to the top of the mountain and there are two places you can see everything. He knows he’s the fastest sprinter and Natalie is a tremendous runner, so he knows he has to get there first. Natalie knew exactly where she was going but she was worried Wendell did too. Natalie got to the beach and it was empty and she knew it was all hers. She gets there first and she says she was dying but she was glad she got the advantage.


Tyson says Natalie knew where the throne was and she’s the Queen of Extinction. He says she’s become part of the island. Natalie says it wasn’t just about running fast, it was about knowing the island and keeping her head in the game. Initially she was going to go apart from the group but she changed her mind. She has the power to play a disadvantage to any player in the next immunity challenge and they can play it on any player. Natalie can sell it for as many tokens as she thinks she can get. Kim suggests selling it to Denise because she has a ton of fire tokens. Natalie says they are all working together and they will pay up.


Nick says he has six fire tokens and he sees something in his bag. He pulls out the note and it allows him to place a disadvantage on one player in the next immunity. The advantage will cost him eight fire tokens and he has to play for it by sundown. He will write the name down of the player he wants to put the disadvantage on and they will not know it’s from him. Nick knows Tony doesn’t have any fire tokens and he thinks maybe if he goes to Michele, he hopes it might help them.


Nick goes to talk to Michele and she says she can give him coins. She wants to know the advantage. Nick tells her what it is and says all it does it puts a disadvantage on someone in immunity. Michelle says Nick betrayed her, but she has nowhere to go and if she’s voted out the coins become souvenirs. Michele says let’s cause some chaos. Nick says this about the end game and him winning. He needs to put this where it causes the most hell as possible.


Immunity is back up for grabs! They have to stack blocks on a beam while trying to avoid trip obstacles. The first person to stack them to where they fall like dominoes will win immunity and two fire tokens. This is the last time they can win fire tokens and the last day they can spend fire tokens.


But first, the player receiving the disadvantage will have thirty percent more beam and thirty percent more blocks. The player is…Ben. Ben says he hasn’t gotten any tokens and he hasn’t made too many friends this season. Nick wants to get Ben out of here and hopefully Michele can stay. They draw for spots.


They all place their first block and Ben’s first block falls and he has to start over. They can only put one block at a time on the beam. Jeff says the first part of the course is empty. Ben knocks over two blocks and has to start again. Jeff says the question is does he go slow and steady and hope everyone else fails or do they try and pull it out. Denise is taking her time. Jeff says one mistake and you can go from last and first. Michele, Sarah, and Tony are almost dead even and Sarah tells Tony to go faster. Jeff says if no one makes a mistake, this could be over shortly. Michele dropped a block so she has to get her block and take it back and then bring it back out.


Sarah drops a block and Michele thinks she can try it. Ben is one block away. Michele says she’s going for it. She pushes it over and it goes and she wins. Ben says dang disadvantage. Sarah says damn. Michele is dancing on the end and smiling. Michele says no claps. Did you notice. Nick starts clapping and the others follow suit. Jeff asks why the huge reaction? Michele says the conversation at camp was anyone can win but Michele. She wins immunity and two fire tokens.


Ben asks Jeff who the disadvantage came from and Jeff says no. Michele says she was on the walk to her own funeral and tonight she fought blood, sweat, and tears. And now they can’t get her because she won immunity!


Back at camp, everyone congratulates Michele. Denise says they hoped Michele would be a locked in vote and now it’s on to plan B. She says she’s pretty sure she’s on the block tonight and she knows they are almost out of rice, so she wants to use her coins to buy a bag of rice. If she’s going to EoE, then she wants to go with a full belly. Denise is hoping to convince Nick and Michele will believe she’s the plan, but she’s hoping they are really voting out Nick.


Ben says Michele was the main target, but now he wants to get Nick out. Ben tells Michele and Nick that he doesn’t want to go to the end with Denise because she’s too well liked. He’s hoping they buy it. Sarah and Tony and Ben talk about voting Nick out. Ben is not going to play his idol tonight because he feels safe.


Nick says his plan worked today and he feels like a genius. He feels like Michele is in the game because of his advantage. Nick feels like he’s in the best position in the game. He would love to see Ben go home tonight, but he has to get Tony on board. Nick says Ben got to the end because he made fire faster. Tony doesn’t want to lose to Ben because of a fire challenge and he knows Ben has an idol. If he wants to make a move, now is the time. But he wants to open the spy nest again, because intel in this game is key.


Denise is talking to Ben and Sarah and she pitches to Sarah going to the end with her and Ben and not going with Tony and he overhears it. Tony says once he heard that he knew that Denise has to go. He says if you don’t want him in the finals, then he doesn’t want her in the finals. He was going to blindside Ben, but maybe they just go after Denise. Michele says Denise is here offering herself up on a silver platter, so maybe just do that.


Nick says they might be able to get Ben next time. Michele doesn’t want Denise to go next but getting people to go along with a logical plan this season is almost impossible. Tony pitches to Sarah about getting Nick to final four because of Ben’s ability to make fire. Sarah says Denise hasn’t made anyone mad and she’s earned a lot of fire tokens and she could be tough to beat in the end. Sarah says Nick has played from the bottom all season and everyone loves an underdog story and you have to like him because he’s playing every day he’s out here. Sarah says she and Tony are the swing vote and she hopes they pick the right road to go down and mistakes are not allowed.


Night 34 TC: The members of the jury are brought in. Jeff says Michele’s reaction was pretty big when she won immunity. Michele says it’s no secret she’s on the bottom. She says no one would strategize with her and they kept telling her to keep hope alive. She says she needs this like a fish needs water. Jeff says so Sarah reason #57 is not letting people know they’re in trouble and that might have been the extra push she needed. Sarah agrees and says when you feel safe you might take your foot off the pedal, and same the other way.


Jeff goes to Ben and he feels like he had that extra push to get immunity and he wonders who put that advantage on him. He felt he did his best and he was one block short. Jeff asks Nick if they think about who they want to take with them to the end and he says definitely. He says they should start to be able to solve the equation of who they want to be with at the end. Sarah says they have to manage not just their own coins, but everyone else’s coins so they know what they might be able to do. Michele says she felt down over some vote outs and she’s gotten emotional over fire tokens, so the tokens were priceless to her.


Jeff says the tricky part about someone coming back from EoE and if anyone part of the main group feels rocky, that could change thing. Ben says it’s a very scary situation in the next couple of days of who’s coming back and what they might be coming with. Jeff asks Tony how you manage a final three solid alliance with someone coming back? Tony says it all comes down to the bonds and trust they had. Denise says her moves became limited because of Michele winning immunity. She says she’s not done, but she wants to go with a full belly if it is her so she can maybe have an advantage to win her way back.


Nick says they’ve heard some hard tribal councils over the last few weeks and Denise says she doesn’t want to go, but she can only do so much. She says endure and let go. She doesn’t want to be the choice, but she is tired of playing cat and mouse. She can only do so much. Adam in jury whispers that it’s a fakeout. Jeff says when you heard Denise says I’m not giving up but I’m not going to scramble and asks Nick if this might finally be the easy vote. Nick says you have to take anything you get and kind of run with it.


Time to vote! Denise is up first. We see Nick vote for Denise. Ben is in, followed by Tony. The others have voted. Time to tally the votes and we go to commercial again.


If anyone has a hidden immunity and they want to play it now would be the time to do so. Nope. Time to read the votes. First vote, Nick. Denise. Denise. Nick. Tied. Two votes Denise, two votes Nick. Nick. The sixteenth person voted out of Survivor is Nick! He says well done and hugs Michele. Nick says he’ll do his best to join them again tomorrow. He howls as he leaves. They are at the final five and tomorrow someone will fight their way into the game and into contention.


Nick says it’s the first time he’s ever been voted out. He says it feels different. He made it 34 days and he’s really proud of himself. He says he has a shot tomorrow. He’ll fight to the end.


Day 35 EoE: Yul is giving hugs and it’s the last day. Parvati and Amber are talking about it being the last day and they say they are never coming back. Amber says it feels like forever since she got here, but it kind of feels like it went by quickly. She says she will kind of miss it. It’s not the people, they’ll miss the amazing view and it’s peaceful. Rob, Amber, Yul, and Wendell climb up to see the view. Amber says at home she’s go, go, go, and here she will miss the simplicity of everything.


Tyson reads the moment is here. Grab your belongings and say good-bye to the EoE. It’s time to battle! Rob says he has a hidden immunity idol and it’s still good so he’s ready to do battle. Kim says she knows she’s going to have to bring it at this battle back challenge. Wendell has his two tokens. They have some scrolls. Wendell says he can buy himself an advantage in the challenge. Yul thinks the fire tokens add an interesting dynamic and he’s going to use his tokens for an advantage.


Parvati says she’s on the edge, but there’s something bubbling underneath the surface and she’s going to use her tokens for an advantage. Ethan is going to push himself 100% like he does in any challenge. But he knows he has nothing, others have an advantage, Natalie has three advantages, and an idol, and a surplus is tokens. Natalie says all this hard work is worth it. She says fighting for everything she has and she thinks she’s proved herself and she feels like she deserves her spot. Her token count was 14 tokens. She bought peanut butter and three advantages and she has 6 tokens left. Plus she bought an idol way back when and it’s still good. She can only go into the game with one idol, so she bought a second idol for Tyson to spread the protection.


Tyson says if he gets in the game, he’ll put it to good use, and if not he’ll save it for her as a souvenir. He doesn’t think he’s ever experienced that type of generosity from another player and that means something. He says it gives you a little extra motivation to push and stretch to your limit. If he gets back in the game, then he’s winning this thing.


It has been the greatest season in the history of Survivor! And from day one, it has been a war. Natalie was the fist casualty, blindsided at TC and sent to EoE. Early divisions forced the old school players back into familiar strategies and the new school players had a message. It would take new tricks to win this season. Even Sandra the game’s only two time winner was taken out by a blindside by Denise. She was the only one that voted for Sandra.


Fire tokens gave birth to a Survivor economy which added another layer of complexity to the game. For those living on the edge, every day has been a demanding and sometimes brutal struggle to survive as they compete to earn fire tokens to help them get back in the game. And then, when they needed it most, the most emotional loved one visit ever seen gave extra motivation to the game. For 35 days, the pace has been unrelenting. The level of game play unprecedented.


Now only five remain. Ben, Denise, Michele, Sarah, and Tony. Plus, one player will return from the Edge and join in the final battle for title of Sole Survivor and the two million dollar prize. Join us for the finale next week of Survivor Winners at War!


Next time on the season finale of Survivor. Michele is trying to shake up the game and Tony and Sarah are bickering. Jeff says this battle is not over. Ben reads now is the time for a comeback and with a serious vengeance someone will join your tribe today. Sarah says Winners at War you’re playing with the best of the best, so let’s see the best of the best go at it.

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