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The Voice Season 18-Results to Top 9


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Tonight, the top nine will be revealed! It is the first ever remote elimination show and the results are in. Carson says tonight will be a lot of fun and maybe a little crazy. Also tonight, we are doing an instant save and America will be voting in real time. We greet Kelly from Montana, Blake from Oklahoma, and Nick and John from Los Angeles.


The artists’ with the most votes from each team will automatically move on. Then the coaches will each select one artist to move on. Then one remaining artist from each team will compete for the wildcard spot and America will instantly save one of them.


We’re starting with Team Blake, and we’re going to find out which artist received the most votes and will automatically move on to the Top 9. America saved…Todd Tilghman!


Blake now has to decide between Joanna, Joei, and Toneisha to move on to the live shows. Blake reiterates that anything is possible, and they are all meant to do music. With all that said, he’s moving forward with…Toneisha Harris!


Now we’re moving on to Team John. America has saved…Cammwess!


John now has to save one of his artists. He says this is so difficult and they are each a great musician and vocalist. They’ve all had their technical and logistical challenges and they all came with such artistry and skill and grace. He’s honored to work with all of them. He’s going to choose because he believes in their artistry the most and they have a great chance to go far into the competition…he picks Zan Fiskum!


Team Kelly is up next. America has saved…Micah Iverson!


Kelly says this is such a bittersweet moment and this is a heavy decision. They are all very different, and just because she doesn’t pick someone doesn’t mean this is it. She has to go with Megan Danielle!


Finally, we’re going to find out who from Team Nick is moving on. America has saved…Thunderstorm Artis!


Nick now has to choose who else will move on. He says this is the hard part of the job and he knows he fully believes in each one. Nick is sad he has to make this tough choice, but the artist he is bringing with him is…Allegra Miles!


Now we will find out which artists from each team will be performing for the wildcard spot and America will get to vote from home. From team Blake, the artist who will perform for the wildcard spot is Joanna Serenko.


From team John, the artist performing is Mandi Castillo.


From team Kelly, the artist who will perform is Cedrice.


From team Nick, the last artist who is going to perform is Michael Williams.


Performing from Missouri is Joanna Serenko and she’s chose the song Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight by James Taylor. Blake says he kind of freaked himself out because he said she’s such a good singer. Her voice is so awesome and America should put Joanna through.


Performing from California is Mandi Castillo and she’s performing True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. John says it was beautiful, heartfelt, and perfectly executed.


Cedrice is next and she’s performing from California, and she has chosen the song Breathin by Ariana Grande. Kelly says she loves Cedrice and she is such a star and she is so cool and she has a cool tone in her voice and she can’t wait to buy her record one day.


Last is Michael Williams and he’s in Ohio and he’s singing To Love Somebody by Bee Gees. Nick says he’s bringing it back, and he writes Wow! Star! On a white board. He says Michael deserves to be in the top 9.


Time to find out who America has instantly saved for the wildcard spot! America has saved…Joanna Serenko!

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