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Songland Season 2-Martina McBride


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Tonight, Martina McBride will be joining Songland to find a song. Martina says she’s excited to be here and she’s coming in with an open mind. She loves what Songland stands for because it’s about supporting young songwriters.


Our first songwriter is Ckay from Nutley, NJ and her song is called Heroes. She introduces herself and performs her song. Martina says that sounds like a melody a whole arena will sing with you. Shane says when you’re talking about an anthem you have to find a place to land and explode. Martina says she feels like if she were singing this song, she would feel like she’s singing it for everyone else.


The next songwriter in is Halie from Thayer, MO and her song is called Girls Like Me. She introduces herself to the producers and Martina and performs her song for them. Martina says there is something about the melody that evokes a physical reaction. Shane says it grabbed him. Martina says she’d like to sing it from a perspective from someone who has been through it. She thinks there’s a subtle way to tweak the lyrics.


Wolves are next and they are from Los Angeles, CA and their song is called Miracle. Wolves consist of Mark Avery and Shawn Carnie. Martina loves the feel of it and she loved chorus. Ryan does a deviation as a change to the chorus. Ryan plays while Shane freestyles a bit.


The final songwriter is Jeffrey James from Brownsburg, IN and his song is called We Can Be (Heroes). Martina liked the melody and Ryan thought the chords were interesting. Martina is wondering if the word heroes is the right word. Ryan would take the We Could Be Heroes and write backwards so we get to a why. Ryan also gets nervous about the word we and sometimes that doesn’t sit well.


Martina says it’s so difficult to choose and it’s coming down to little things. When she looks for a song, she looks for a connection with the lyric and a great melody. Halie is in first and Martina loved the song and it’s moving forward, along with Jeffrey and Ckay. Martina thanks Wolves for being there and wishes them the best of luck. She says the song would take too much work and it would morph and it might lose the magic of what it was.


Martina asked Ester to work with Halie and Ester is going to go with the narrative of Martina talking to the daughters of the world. Halie says they have to come at the song from a different angle. Ckay is working Shane and he wants to work with lyrics in the verses. Ckay says the challenges are keeping in mind things she likes and not going too far.


Jeffrey is working with Ryan and they begin working on the lyrics. He wants to punch the lyrics up so they feel more emotion but he wants it to feel authentic. Shane wants to bring in some drums and create an anthem in vibe in lyrics. Ester wants to make it a mother’s letter to her daughter. Jeffrey is feeling good about the changes. Ryan wants to add a little country into the melody.


Martina is excited to be back and see what they’ve done to the songs. Jeffrey is in first to re-pitch his song. Martina says that is so great. She says the production is so great to help the song make sense. Shane says that song feels so new to him. It’s really, really great.


Ckay is in next to re-pitch her new song Hero. Martina loves what she did with the song. Martina liked some of the lyric changes and she likes that they picked the tempo up.


Halie is in to re-pitch Girls Like Me for Martina. As she listens, Martina starts to get emotional. Martina says if the song had the right lyrics, it could make you cry and it did. Ryan says Ester is brilliant at moving things around and that worked.


Martina says she didn’t anticipate how hard this choice would be and she would love them all to pitch her more songs. Martina says there was one song from the very beginning she felt a connection with and she’s going to record Halie’s Girls Like Me!

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