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The Voice Season 18-Live Shows 17 Artists


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We kick the show off with James Taylor playing from his home and he’s singing Shower the People, and the Voice contestants join in singing along.


Carson greets us and tells us we are still going to have a contest and they will be doing it remotely. Kelly joins us from Montana, Nick and John are in California, and Blake is in Oklahoma.


Two weeks ago, The Voice had their first ever 4-way Knockout. America has voted and it’s time to reveal the winner. Michael Williams from Team Nick will be the one moving on to the live shows!


The top 17 have created their performances at home and they were recorded earlier and America will vote overnight and it will be the biggest elimination ever! They will go from 17 to 9!


We take a look at Nick’s playoff team. He says he has an eclectic group. Arie is her superstar and he would love to work with her as a songwriter. Roderick has been his guy. He delivers an excellent vocal performance. Allegra is a flawless vocalist who has an ability to thread the needle of storytelling that is far beyond her years. Thunderstorm sets the bar so high. He’s an artist with a lot to say. His team is so solid, and Michael moving on is the cherry on top. He says Michael is one of the most naturally gifted vocalists he’s ever heard. He has a way to emote like no one he’s ever heard.


We’re going to kick off the night with Thunderstorm Arrtis performing Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Thunderstorm is performing from Portland, OR. Carson checks in with John first and he says that was magical and it mesmerized him. It was a really beautiful performance. Nick says this was the perfect way to kick off the live playoff. Nick says people needed this and he was envious of Thunderstorm’s whistling. He’s so proud of him and so happy he’s on Team Nick!


We’re going to continue with Allegra Miles and she’s going to perform New York State of Mind by Billy Joel. Allegra is performing from West Palm Beach, FL. Blake says he doesn’t know if it’s the fact they can all sing better when they are home, but the fact they are home and performing and he doesn’t think the singing has ever been better. Nick says Allegra has been a force since day one and the growth over the course of the competition, he thinks she brought it and this was her best performance.


Arei Moon is performing Finesse by Bruno Mars and she’s performing from Tampa, FL. Kelly says she loves Arei so much. She says the whole vibe and how everything was done it had a 90s vibe and it was really cool. Nick says he’s sweating because he was dancing too much. He thinks she made this her own and she brought a fun vibe to the song and she killed it.


Next up is Roderick Chambers and he’s performing Lost Without U by Robin Thicke and he’s in Orange, CA. John says he loved that song choice and his voice is such a cool mix and he goes between his head voice and chest voice so effortlessly. Nick says Roderick nailed it and he could see this being one of the performance Twitter could blow up with.


We’re wrapping Team Nick with Michael Williams singing Sign of the Times by Harry Styles and he is in Mason, OH. Kelly says he is so rock ‘n roll and that was cool. She loved what he did on the tail end of the song and she loved that he made it his own. Nick congrats on winning on the Knockout, and they picked this song and he just set the bar so high.


Team John is up next and he says Team Legend is strong. John says Zan is a story teller with a powerful voice and she has the ability to go really far. Mandi is his bilingual songstress. His favorite thing about her voice is her bravado. He made a mistake letting Cammwess go and they are probably more similar than anyone else during his time on the Voice. Mike is a threat because the power he has in his voice is rare. America is going to love him. He’s excited for the live playoffs.


Zan Fiskum is going to perform Blowin’ In the Wind by Bob Dylan, and she’s performing from Maple Valley, WA. John says that was so beautiful. She has such artistry and such a gift and she showed them every part of her voice. Kelly says that was the best version of that song she’s ever heard.


Next up we have Mike Jerel singing All My Life by K-Ci and JoJo and he’s in Columbus, GA. John says he loves Mike’s creativity and he likes how he took that song and made it his own. That was really cool and when he goes for the big notes, it shows so much power and it’s so electric. Well done.


Mandi Castillo is going to sing Corre! by Jesse & Joy, and she’s in Carlsbad, CA. Blake says he has no idea what she was singing about, but he told himself she was singing a song about him. He loves her, that was great. John says he’s so proud. She has a beautiful tone and beautiful bravado, and she has so much passion and powerful.  


Closing out Team John is Cammwess singing Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers, and he’s in Blythewood, SC. Kelly says she did not want to let him go. He is so talented and he did so many cool tricks and made that his own, it was so good. John says he nailed this song and his tone is so buttery. Honey butter! It’s so sweet and beautiful. He also shouts out Bill Withers who we just lost recently.


Next, we’re moving on to Team Kelly. Kelly says she has a very eclectic passionate team. She says Megan is her dark horse because she really thrives under pressure. Micah is a star singer. He has an ability to go into a falsetto and he has a low tone. Mandi is a force of nature vocally and she’s been trained since she was 11. Cedrice is so special. Kelly says as a whole this might be her strongest team on The Voice.


Megan Danielle is performing Anyone by Demi Lovato and she’s in Winston, GA. Nick says she is so talented and she is so gifted as a vocalist. They were listening tonight and she’s amazing. Kelly says she’s loved her since the blinds and she’s so special. She would be shocked if she weren’t in the finale. It was so good!


Mandi Thomas is next and she sings I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack, and she’s in Memphis, TN. Kelly says that whole setup was cool. She said it was such a cool vibe and she loved this song for her and she got to soar on the big notes and she hopes she’s proud of herself.


Next we have Micah Iverson singing Your Song by Elton John and he’s in Atlanta, GA. Blake says the way Micah is able to explode with his voice and he never seems to run out of breath. He thought it was a great job. Kelly says he is one of the best vocalists in the competition and he can sang. He’s incredible and she’s so happy he’s on her team.


Closing out Team Kelly is Cedrice singing everything i wanted by Billie Eilish, and she’s in San Diego, CA. Kelly says she is so crazy cool. She doesn’t need a show, she is such a stand alone artist. She is so cool and she can’t wait to come to her concert and buy her record.


Team Blake is closing the show. His team is the most random group of people he’s had in awhile. Todd was a 4-chair turn and he needed to be on Blake’s team. He loves the bundle of energy in Todd’s voice. Joei is his country rocker and when she sings you can hear Cher and Tanya Tucker. Joanna is the kind of artist he’s had a lot of success with on the show. Toneisha is a once in a lifetime vocalist. Nobody expected him to get her. He has no doubt that any person on his team has a chance to win.


Toneisha Harris is first and she performs Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson and she’s in Roswell, GA. John says it’s always a bold move to sing a Kelly Clarkson song and he thinks she’ll be in the finale. She’s just a phenomenal singer. Kelly says if she needs a background singer to call her. Blake says yes! That’s what he thinks about that. He knows this is a competition. He thinks that’s the best vocal performance of the night.


Joei Fulco is up next singing Runaway by Del Shannon, and she’s in Lancaster, CA. Nick says Joei’s voice is so fun to listen to. He thinks this performance was unique and special because she made it her own. Well done. Blake says he’s still just so happy Joei is on his team. He says when she hits the big notes she has a unique sound in her voice. She killed it.


Joanna Serenko is up next and she performs Rich Girl by Hall & Oates and she’s in St. Louis, MO. Kelly thought she was fabulous and fun and her voice was incredible. She did such a great job. Blake says she didn’t change up the groove of the song, but she’s so unique and her voice is so different and that became her song.


Closing out Team Blake and the show is Todd Tilghman and he’s singing Glory of Love by Peter Cetera and he’s in Meridian, MS. Blake says Todd! He literally IS the Karate Kid. He says America, you have to vote for this man. He is his favorite artist he’s ever worked with. Voting is open!

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