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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 13

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Tonight, it’s the Battle of the Sixes!!! And tonight, we have a spicy guest panelist…Gordon Ramsey!


Tonight, Kitty, Rhino, Frog, Astronaut, Turtle, and Night Angel are the final six out of 18 singers! Gordon says it’s going to be an absolute blast. We’re kicking off the show with Kitty, and here are a few more clues. She’s been on many stages and many roles and we see two people clashing swords and a red riding hood, a silver apple, and a monkey with cymbals and a record that says Mind Your Manners. She performs are Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend by Marilyn Monroe.


Gordon says fantastic, great control, and amazing delivery. Jenny says she nailed the song. In honor of Gordon Ramsey, the singers have been tasked to make something munchy for their panelist. Kitty has made a piece of cake that’s sweet and full of layers. Gordon guesses Charlotte Church as the singer. Ken says what got him in the clue package who performed with soloists, but also acting. Maybe Lea Michele. Jenny says with the new clues, maybe opera like a soap opera, and maybe an apple, Eva Longoria.


Rhino is up next and he says this show is complete crazy town. He says Rhino’s are solitary creatures and he needs quiet. We see him doing yoga and he says he loves his wife and his baby Rhino’s. We see a stool and he wants to Namaste in this competition and show his family it’s never too late to rewrite your story. He performs Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett.


Ken says Rhino really upped his game. He’s so relaxed because of Rhino, and he’s never relaxed. Rhino’s masked munchies are spaghetti and meatballs. Ken says maybe this is Jeff Bridges. Gordon says the voice started off country and he thought of Lady Antebellum and he thought of Charles Kelly. Robin says there have been Grand Ole Opry clues. Jenny says Miss Missouri married a baseball player named Barry Zito.


Frog is up next and he was surprised when he survived the face-offs. We see him holding a basketball and a jersey with the number 23 backwards. We see a 13 and a board with a “case”. He’s going to do something he’s never do for and that’s take the stage by himself with no dancers. He performs Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons.


Ken feels like everyone has raised their game. Nicole says her heart is pumping and she can feel his passion. Robin says this was another notch in the frog’s belt. Frog’s masked munchies are catfish. It’s his favorite dish from the south. Gordon says he thinks it’s Little John. Robin says he goes back to the 23, he was in Like Mike, and he seen the clue 106, and that could be 106&Park and he did a movie with Ice Cube called Lottery Ticket. He thinks it’s Little Bow Wow. Nicole thinks it’s Omarion because he can dance.


Night Angel says she had no idea what a blessing this would be. We see her with phones and she says she always answers her phone. Being here has reawakened parts of herself she has kept on the down low and we see some fish hooks. She takes the stage and sings Black Velvet by Alannah Myles.


Nicole says she never heard her so good and Jenny says this was the best performance of Masked Singer ever. Night Angel’s masked munchies are crickets on a stick. Gordon wants Nick to taste one and he chants eat until Nick picks one up and puts in his mouth. He says that might be the worst thing he’s ever done on TV. Gordon says they are good for you. Ken thinks it’s Chili from TLC. Jenny thought Monica and Brandy, but now she thought of the restaurant Old Lady Gang and she thinks it’s Kandi Burress. Nicole saw Free Your Mind and Don’t Let Go by En Vogue, and she thinks Dawn Robertson.


Astronaut says being in the bottom two was a rude awakening. We see four aces and a joker. He felt like he was frozen and we see a bale of hay and he says watch as he works harder to become more human and we see a red lobster. Astronaut takes the stage and performs Story of My Life by One Direction.


Jenny says Astronaut just knocked it out of the universe tonight. Astronaut’s masked munchies is King Cake and Gordon says it’s a Mardi Gras special. Astronaut says it’s one of his all time favorite foods. Ken says King George in Hamilton, Jonathon Groff, who played Kristoff in Frozen. Nicole says there was a light my candle package which made her think of rent and some Pitch Perfect clues, and she thinks Skyler Astin. Gordon says he thought the voice sounded like Simba from The Lion King and he thinks Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Robin agrees with Gordon.


Turtle says when he started this competition, he had no idea how much this game would change him. We see a chess board and he says he’s always been riddled with insecurities. We see a heart with a crown on it a clock with the time 3:23 and 9:15. Tonight, he’s going to show he’s a full entertainer. Check mate. He performs Stay by Alessia Cara.


Gordon says he’s a performer. Robin says he is a dancer. Turtle’s masked munchies are colorful chips and apple salsa. Jenny says there was a clue with burgers and chips and dip so maybe a restaurant. Robin is thinking the voice kind of struck him as a soulful white boy, but based on this clue, Gavin DeGraw, because he’s from the big apple. Gordon says the queen was highlighted in the chess game and he thinks it’s Adam Lambert. Jenny says that was her guess last week. Ken thinks it’s someone more current, maybe Zayn Malik.


The singer who has lost the battle of the sixes is…Astronaut. The rest have all made it to the quarterfinals.


Jenny says Astronaut is so authentic and brought emotion. One of the first clues they got was Pitch Perfect and the white house and a platter of cake, maybe it’s Ben Platte. Robin isn’t sure. He heard the Home Improvement clue early on and he thinks it’s Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Gordon says the cake connected to the Lion King and he thinks it’s Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Nicole says maybe Skyler Astin, but she had a light bulb moment. She believes it’s Hunter Hayes and he’s from Louisiana, but she remembered they both performed at the Capitol for America’s birthday. Ken is going to guess Skyler Astin.


It’s time to unmask the Astronaut! The judges stand and the crowd chants for him to take it off. Nick helps remove the astronaut helmet and the singer is revealed to be…Hunter Hayes!!!


Astronaut’s clue answers: The Orion constellation in his package was a clue to Hunter’s name because Orion is a hunter. The bridge was a clue to his hometown Beaux Bridge, LA. Astronaut’s mention of getting help from the mob is a clue to “Godfather” star, Robert Duvall who gave Hunter his first guitar. Hunter says this is a chance in his life to hit the reset button.

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