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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 12


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April 29, 2020


Night 28: They congrat Tony on his big move. Ben is pissed at Jeremy. Sarah says it was a grimy ass move. Sarah tells Tony he just sunk her game, those guys don't want to work with her now. Tony says she has him, she says she doesn't have him. Tony swears on his family he didn't want to blindside her. Sarah says if this sinks her don't ever talk to her again. Tony says put your man panties on, this is war. Tony tells Ben he has a HII, Tony wants to go to the end with Ben and his guys. Ben says he is upset that Jeremy is still here. Tony gets bird pooped on. Ben says that's some Karma. Day 29: Tony hides in a tree by the water barrel (undercover operation). Sarah knows he is there, she is on his side. Sarah says Tony is go go go and doesn't let up. He's going to get himself voted out if he doesn't back off a bit. 


Ben tells Jeremy he doesn't want to talk. Kim says ppl are thinking Jeremy is going next and she says hell no. Kim talks to the others about Tony going next. Kim says she has to do something or die trying. 


EOE Rob brings in a board that says they have a chance to earn FT but it will require tremdous effort. Retrive 20 coconuts one at a time, the first 6 to accomplish will get 2 FT. They must do it before dark. There are a lot of ppl that could do this. Tide starts to come in as they are running back and forth, Rob falls and cracks his elbow, he knew he was done, he was toast. 2hrs 30 min into it Sophie and Nat are very close, Nat pushes and beats her. Nat is first with Sophie next,  Yul, then Parvati and Tyson. Dani slips and finishes 7th to Wendell. Rob keeps going with blood dripping off his hand. Amber says it was hard to see him still  going, it showed he's not a quitter. Back at camp Jeremy is upset that Ben wont talk to him. Nick says while everybody is fighting is the time to figure out who to go to the end with. The talks to Kim, Denise and Michele about getting out Tony. Sarah uspet about not having a HII, Tony helps her look. Others are also looking for a HII. 


Ben and Tony talk while looking, Ben finds one and they hug. Ben tried to sneak it from Tony. Ben says he got caught gold handed. Ben barely trusts Tony, Kim wants to take out Tony but Tony has a HII, he wants Tony to be comfy with him. Ben hides it in his pants then picks up Tony and runs down the path with him.


 Day 29 Immunity Challenge time: They will have to stand on a narrow perch with their hand above them tethered to a bucket, last woman and man will win immunity. This challenge is on....First time they did this was in season 3 and it went 6 hrs, they made it more difficult and that lasted an hr, this is even more difficult. 5 minutes in, Ben asks if he is going to offer them food, Jeff says not yet. Ben says he would do it for a PBJ. Jeremy is out, Ben touches the structure and is out. Sarah is out. Nick offers Tony a FT, Tony says he is trying to 3. 15 minutes, Jeff offers them chocolate cookies, milk and PB, they can opt out and share. Kim and Michele opt out. Denise wins immunity. Tony offers Nick a FT, he takes it and eats. Tony wins Immunity. They both get 2 FT. 


Koru Day 29: They congrat Denise and Tony. Kim says her plan to blindside Tony is over. All but Tony and Jeremy get together and talk about getting rid of Jeremy. Michele is distraught but is ok with it. Ben tells Tony they were going to blindside him if he hadn't won Immunity. Tony goes to Nick, Nick says no then he fumbles his words. Tony tells us Nick is lying to him. Tony gives him the FT he owes him. Tony and Sarah talk, she says Jeremy and he says they may have  to work with Jeremy. They say Kim is dangerous. Tony wants Ben out if they cant get him with them to vote out Jeremy. Tony offers Ben a FT to listen to him about getting out Kim. The soldier and the two cops are a force. Ben says Jeremy tonight and Kim next time. Michele tells Jeremy she has the 50/50 coin, she offers it to him. Jeremy talks to Ben about Kim.  Jeremy tells Michele he doesn't feel good about it, she gives him the coin. 


Time for TC: Denise says it was not calm when they got back to camp last TC. Kim says everything changes every day, If you can make it thru a day its great. Jeremy says they are on an endless treadmill. Michele and says her and Kim were riddles with regrets for stepping down in the challenge. Whispering going on with Tony mostly. The whispering has become so common that they keep talking to Jeff while its going on. Jeff says we are ring side and they are all up except Sarah. Vote will be exactly the same. Sarah says she is at her peak, its mentally and emotionally exhausting. More whispering. Denise says she is ready to vote. 


Time to vote. We see Michele vote for Jeremy and say she hopes uses her coin to good use. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Tony asks for a minute to talk to Jeremy and Sarah, he pulls out his HII to play for Sarah, she says he doest have to. Jeremy pulls the coin out of his pocket and then puts it away. Votes: Jeremy, Kim, Jeremy, Jeremy, Kim, Kim....tied....Kim, 14th person voted out is Kim. Kim gives her FTs to MIchele, Denise and Sarah. 


 Next time on a 2 hr Survivor: Nat is running, Tony and Sarah are sitting ducks.




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