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Big Brother Australia Prize Money ROUMOR!


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BehindBigBrother.Com has posted the following article:

Note: This is only a roumor so we don't know what if any validity there is to it.

Apparently Big Brother has a reversal secret up his sleeve on how prize money will be allocated this year.

We hear the actual prize money given to the winner will be one million dollars subtract the amount of prize money the housemates (and audience) think they have left.

For example, if the prize money pool goes down to $295 000, the amount the winner receives will actually be $705 000. In essence the more fines the housemates get, the more money the winner will receive.

' The remaining money will be given to the runner-up.

A BB fan close to the producers writes:

"This has been the intention of the producers from the out set of this series, and why the fines have been given for each and every infringement... and then some. It was conceived to attract more viewers to the final few days of Big Brother and will be pre-pre-emtive by yet another saturation of advertising - a final Big Brother Secret."

If this rumour proves to be true it will mean Big Brother's promise of "No more Mr. Nice Guy" was a sham.

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