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Songland Season 2-H.E.R.


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Tonight’s artist who is on the lookout for a new song is H.E.R. Gabriella Wilson is in to find the perfect song.


The first songwriter we have is Axel Mansoor and his song is called “Scary”. He steps in to perform the song. Shane wants to change one lyric and H.E.R. says it makes it more “hook-y”. Ryan says he’s going to need to hear another song in order to get that one out of his head, and Shane says he’ll need to hear about five more songs.


Next we have Milly from San Antonio, TX and her song is called Safe Place. She steps in and introduces herself and says she’s solely a songwriter and this is her first time performing for anyone. H.E.R. says Milly’s song has an Aaliyah feel. Ester says she can sing and the song has a vibe. Ryan plays some chords along and asks her to sing because he’s changing a bit of the song. He just wants to break the song up a bit so it doesn’t sound monotonous.


Jocelyn Alice is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her song is called How Could You Not Know? She steps in to perform her song. She says the song is very powerful and in your face. Shane says he loves her hook, and Ryan wants to simplify the arrangement and he thinks there’s a way to punch up the lyrics. H.E.R. and Shane freestyle and Ester tosses in a few lyrics.


The final songwriter to enter is Raquel Castro and she’s from Long Island, NY. She played in Jersey Girl when she was young. Her song is called Wrong Places. She gets a standing ovation. H.E.R. says she hit everything on the mark. Ester says she didn’t find anything to change. Ryan says the only thing he thought of was a chord alteration. Ryan and Ester starting changing some of the “love”s in the song to a different word. H.E.R. says the song is amazing, they just need to make the lyrics clearer to everyone.


H.E.R. says she’s so blown away there are so many talented song writer’s out there. Jocelyn is in first and she is going to re-work her song. Raquel is in and she is also moving on, along with Axel. Milly is in and H.E.R. says she has had to make some tough decisions, but she isn’t working on her song, but she does want to be in the studio with her at some point.


Ryan is going to work with Raquel and he wants to work on the style production and make sure they have the lyrics nailed down. Shane is going to work with Jocelyn and they get some advice from H.E.R. about making sure the verses are vulnerable to lead up to the chorus. Axel and Ester are working on Scary and H.E.R. wants them to work on refining the melodies. Ester says she loves this song.


Ryan wants to get a classic bass movement into the song and he gets to play producer on this song. He adds some drums and he wants to add some cool doo-wop harmonies on the second chorus. Shane says Jocelyn’s song really hits the soul. Ester wants to bring in more falsetto without overdoing it. Ester says we’ve heard guys sing these kind of songs, but they haven’t heard a woman sing it.


Axel is about to go perform his song Scary and he wants to show how the song can grow and get to a climactic place after a vulnerable start. H.E.R. says he sounds so good singing that. It was amazing. He thanks them for the amazing opportunity.


Raquel is in next and she says they added drums and bass and she’s praying H.E.R. likes it. She steps in to perform her re-worked version of Wrong Places. H.E.R. says she loves this song so much and she loves all the changes they made.


Jocelyn says the new version of her song is more heartfelt and the lyric changes would give H.E.R. more room to breathe. She sits on a stool and sing How Could You Not Know? H.E.R. says they killed that. Shane says he’s so glad Jocelyn ended up here.


H.E.R. says she loves them all so much and she had to make some really tough decisions. She was lucky to have three amazing song writers. This is going to be hard for her to say, but the song she chose to record is…Wrong Places.

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