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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 12

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Tonight, the remaining four masks will perform and the final smackdown of the season will happen. And tonight’s guest judge is…Sharon Osborne.


The first face-off of the night it’s Frog vs Kitty. Kitty has a different strategy for taking on frog…kill him with kindness. Frog says he and Kitty have been together since day one. Frog says he knows he doesn’t have the best voice, so he’s going to up his performance factor. Kitty says tonight she’s going to show her true colors more than she ever has.


Frog takes the stage first and performs Fireball by Pitbull. Nicole says that performance was lit. Sharon thinks he’s a great showman and his dance moves are so smooth. Frog’s bag of clues has sneakers with a lightning bolt, an ice tray, a keyboard with the letters L and I missing, and the flag of Japan. The tag on his bag Thank God it’s Frogday.


Ken says looking at the clues, it all fits. He thinks it could be Friday After Next, and a previous clue had a stack of cash and a microphone and he thinks it’s Katt Williams. Sharon says in the clues Frog said Take it to the bank, and Alfonso Ribiero played Carlton Banks. Jenny says seeing the ice cubes, she thought of Ice Cube, and she thinks O’Shea Jackson.


Kitty is next and she sings True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. Robin says they’ve seen Kitty perform a lot of different ways and has seen a lot of different sides. Kitty’s clue bag has a dragon, an angel, and medieval armor. The tag on her bag says If found CALL ME??? Be a hero!


Jenny says she’s sticking with Vanessa Hudgens. Nicole says she has a different voice. She says she watched Ugly Dolls and there was something on the movie that reminded her of Kitty and she thinks Emma Roberts. Robin says he’s been saying that for weeks. Ken says last time she said Robert Redford gave her a big break and he says there’s a movie called the Horse Whisperer and he thinks it’s Kate Bosworth. Sharon agrees.


It’s time to vote! The winner automatically moves on to the Battle of the Sixes, and the loser will have to go head-to-head again in the Smackdown. The winner of this round is…Frog!


Next we have Banana vs Rhino. Banana says he and Rhino are a couple of cowboys looking for a comeback. Rhino says in the past he put a lot of pressure on himself to succeed, so tonight he’s taking things nice and slow. Banana says there’s only room on this stage for one of them.


Banana is at the piano and he sings Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. Robin says Rhino is going to have to step up because that was wonderful. Banana’s bag of clues has a cat, bug spray, a mouth with a tongue sticking out, and a star that says Nashville Sheriff. The tag on his bag says Backstage Crew and is in a leopard print.


Jenny says she thought he was a comedian, but she thinks a rocker from the 90s and she says there is a cat scan and she thinks this confirms it’s Bret Michaels. Sharon says he has the leg that Bret has and it’s his body. Robin says bug spray would be poison. Ken says looking at everything together he thinks it’s Keith Urban. Nicole disagrees because she thinks it’s Kid Rock because he has a restaurant in Nashville and they’ve seen a lot of cowboy hats and Kid Rock has a song called Cowboy.


Rhino takes the stage next and he sings 10,000 Hours by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber. Sharon says she likes his confidence and she’s really confused on who he is. Rhino’s clue bag has a Christmas stocking with coal, a house, a seal, and a flag with three stars in a circle and the tag says RhiNO Secrets with a bass clef.


Robin says it sounds like someone from Tennessee so maybe Sam Hunt. Nicole says there is coal in the stocking which means he’s a bad boy and Sam Hunt is known as the bad boy of country. Sharon thought the seal was a whale. She thought at first it was Gary Busey, but now she thinks it’s David Hasselhoff. Ken thinks it might be Property Brother Jonathon Scott.


It’s time to vote between Banana and Rhino. The winner moves on and the loser will face-off against Kitty. The winner of this face-off is…Rhino!


It’s time for the Smackdown! Kitty vs Banana! Kitty goes first and performs Unstoppable by Sia. Banana performs Brick House by Commodores. Jenny says they both did an amazing job and they came to win. They both brought it. Sharon says they know what they are going through because of Kelly and they both delivered. Kitty says she eats banana’s like him for breakfast. Banana says Kitty got claws, but she has to be kittying him with that comment.


It’s time for the panel to vote. The votes are in. The winner of the smackdown is…Kitty!


Time for the judges final guesses. Jenny says Banana has been so fun to watch. She originally thought he was a comedian, but then the rocker clues brought her to Bret Michaels. Ken says he was convinced he was a comedian, but the clue package about rebranding, he thought Brad Paisley. Sharon says she knows it’s Bret Michaels. Nicole thought Brad Paisley as well because of the cowboy clues, but she doesn’t feel as confident as Sharon feels, but she thinks it’s Bret Michaels. Robin says when he heard him in the smackdown and the bug spray says poison, he thinks it’s Bret Michaels.


It’s time to unmask Banana! It is…Bret Michaels!


Banana’s clue answers: the blowfish, viper, and bug spray clues are all hints to Brett’s rock band Poison. Banana partying on a bus in his package hints to Bret’s popular reality show, “Rock of Love Bus”. The blue collar in Banana’s package is a clue to Bret’s line of pet accessories. The “scrappy” mention in Banana’s package hints to Bret’s upcoming book “Auto-Scrap-Ography,” a collection of stories and photos from Bret’s life and career.

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