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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 11


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At camp Jeremy finds out Tyson was voted out. Jeremy asks what happened, they dont want to tell him. Ben says he has a group  of 5, stick with that 5 and go with the biggest threat, that's Jeremy. Jeremy says Tyson was shield to him, as soon as he was out of TC there goes Tyson. Michele thinks she is on the bottom cuz she was left out of the vote. Koru Day 26: Tony isnt sleeping, he is going to go look for a HII. NIck shows up and Tony tells him to look at the well area. NIck leaves and Tony continues to search and finds a HII. He is so excited. Day 27: Sarah makes a skirt, Tony walks away. Sarah and the girls put on a fashion show. Tony wants to play the game. Tony tells Jeremy that he is on a side that he really isnt. Now Tony is getting nervous that "they" might vote him out. Jeremy says his talk with Tony was believable. Jeremy thinks they have 5 out of 9. Kim tells Denise she thinks Tony is playing both sides. She thinks Tony is the biggest target.


EOE Yul meditates. They gather wood. Nat and Parvati find a message in a bottle. The goal was so clear to be crowned best of the best..crawl if you must..to lie down now would be the end of your quest.  They figure out they have to crawl under the bed. Nat finds an extortion advantage...blocks on person from playing in immunity challenge and from voting unless they meet their extortion demands. They have the power to really do some damage. Camera pans to Tony at camp. 


Day 28: Nick says on his season he was called Donathon Vampire. Tony gets so excited to find something in his bag. He sees Extortion first, then reads that it is being played against him, the extortion fee is 6 FT. Tony says he only has 3. They get tree mail. It talks about not touching the next challenge with a 10 foot pole. Tony asks Michele for her tokens, she tells him she doesnt have any, she bought an advantage when she gets to EOE.  She says Jeremy may have some, she gets the advantage from him to show to Jeremy. Jeremy says he is willing to give 1 FT.  Tony has 4 now. Tony goes to Nick, he gets one from Nick. Tony then goes to Ben and gets another one. He has enough FT. 


Time for Immunity Challenge: they have to stand on a beam while balancing a statue at the end of a long pole, at intervals they will back away from the statue. Last person standing wins immunity and 2 FT. Ready....go! Kim is out. Time to move away from the statue. Denise and Michele drop. Sarah is out. Tony wobbles, Nick is out. Sophie is out. It's down to Tony, Ben and Jeremy. Been up there 32 minutes. Ben is out, Jeremy is out. Tony wins Immunity and 2 FT. Tony says he can pay his debt and they will be voting Jeremy, he loves it. 


Day 28: Tony gets hugs at camp. Kim says winning 2 in a row puts a target on his back. They talk about voting out Jeremy and throw 2 votes at Michele. Sophie says she has a HII but she knows there are more HII out there. Jeremy knows they are coming after him. Denise agrees to vote out Ben along with Jeremy and Kim. Denise says she is in kahoots to vote out Jeremy. Tony says if they want to sit around thats fine with him. Tony thinks his target should be Sophie, he wants to hit the others just minutes before TC. He goes to Nick, he agrees to vote Sophie. Tony tells Jeremy the plan to vote him out, the proposes voting out Sophie. Jeremy doesnt know what to do, he doesnt know right now.  Tony  is begging Jeremy. 


TC Night 28:  Sophie says it was a kick in the pants to everyone, that you can go into TC knowing the plan and then  all the advantage were played. Jeremy says he feels that everybody is telling half truths. NIck says there are moves you dont want ppl to know were yours. Its a paradox. Jeff says its like you are on a lazy suzann. Sophie says you dont want to over pad yourself. Jeremy says it came to him that if he didnt play the advantage he would be sitting where Tyson is now. They say things were quiet today. Sophie says ever person sitting there is comfortable. Sarah says its like mass physiological war fare.


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Jeremy, Michele, Jeremy, Michele, Jeremy, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie, 13th person voted out is Sophie. She says nooo, idol in my pocket. Good Job guys, she didnt see it coming. Ben says Boom. Sophie gives her FT to Sarah and Kim. 


Next time on Survivor: Jeremy says this is the time for war. Tony hides in a tree. 

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