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Songland Season 2-Luis Fonsi


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Tonight, Luis Fonsi joins Songland to find his next song. He’s responsible for the single biggest Latin hit of all time. Shane says he’s so much more than just the world phenomenon of Despacito. Shane says he’s at the top of his game. Luis loves this process and as soon as he was invited he was all in. He’s looking for that moment that he wants to hear again.


The first writer is Dyson and she’s from Plymouth, United Kingdom. Her song is called Conditions. She now lives in Los Angeles. She introduces herself and performs her song. Shane says he loves that song. Luis thinks the song is great, but it might be too aggressive for a guy so it might need tweaked. They are looking for other words and they come up with permission. Luis thinks it something they could get someone to feature in. Luis just wants to tweak the lyric of the first line.


Next we have Pipobeats and he’s from Pasadena, CA. His song is called Sway. He introduces himself and performs his song. Luis says he loves Chile and he says he can hear a lot of different influences. Ryan thinks the chorus is a smash, but he has conflicting melodies. Luis says it needs to be simpler and he and Ryan play guitar the melody Luis likes. Shane says there are too many things happening before the chorus. Luis says sometimes it gets clunky when switching from English to Spanish so it needs some re-working to fix that.


Lauren Martinez is our next artist and she’s from Albuquerque, NM. Her song is called I Don’t Want to Know. She introduces herself and performs her song. Ester says the song needs more story. Luis wants to hear a beat, not uptempo, but a minimal beat under the words. Luis says it needs to be built with the track.


The final writer to present is CORii and she’s from Moorestown, NJ. Her song is called What If. She introduces herself and performs her song. Ester says the verse is too low for her to sing. Luis thinks if they were to leave and hear ten other songs and come back they’d sing What If. But maybe the song is too complicated? Ryan says he pictures this mid-tempo territory and Shane agrees and Luis says they’d have to take it down a whole step.


Luis is going to decide which three songs they will work on. Luis enjoyed all four songs, but it’s a matter of what songs fit him. He is advancing Dyson, Pipobeats, and Lauren. He passes on CORii’s song because he feels bad about rearranging her song and it doesn’t fit his voice.


Ryan is going to work with Pipobeats and they get some advice from Luis. He wants to focus on the arrangement and a guitar riff. Luis suggests a new lyric. Lauren is working with Ester and Luis suggests something less lyrical and more vibe. Ester doesn’t want to get redundant and get more direct on the lyrics. Shane is working with Dyson and he has suggested Lost in Translation and they are working on a new hook and a new lyric.


Ryan is going to re-write the guitar riff for Pipobeats. He doesn’t want the chorus to get worn out so he’s re-arranging things. Ester says the I Don’t Know’s were beginning to be a crutch. So she’s taken some of those out. Shane is talking to Luis and he pitches his idea of the Lost in Translation thought and Luis had to think about it. Shane says you shouldn’t have to think about a song, so they have to work some more.


Lauren is in to pitch her song again. Ester says her and Lauren wanted to figure out how to demo it back in a male version so she brings in a male singer, Tony. Luis loves the fact they don’t hear so many I don’t know’s but it’s still there. He says this took off, he loves it.


Dyson is in next and she says this song has been on a journey. Shane has invited Ira back from the Macklemore episode from Season 1 of Songland. Ira performs with Dyson with the new song title Lost in Translation. Luis says that was a cool way to flip that song. Shane says Dyson was a dream collaborator. Luis says great job.


Pipobeats is back in to pitch his song again. Shane says that hook is insane and Luis claps and sings. Luis says they are making this hard on him and Ester says that’s a good thing.


Luis must now decide which song he wants to sing. He says they made it hard, and so did the producers. He says what they did with these songs was amazing. He says all three songs were so different and they are all so amazing and he’s honored to be sitting there. The song he’s picked to record is Sway.

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