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The Voice Season 18-Knock-out Round 2


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The judges settle in. Kelly still has her steal left and she has her eye on someone. Nick also has his steal left. All coaches still have their saves. James Taylor is also still there as a mega mentor.


The first pairing is from Team Legend and he has paired Thunderstorm Artis vs Mandi Castillo. Mandi is going to perform Stand by Me by Ben. E. King. John loves that she made it different and her voice has a honey sweetness to it. James says the tempo is faster, but it feels really comfortable. He says it’s effortless and fluid and she did a modern rendition.


Thunderstorm is going to perform Preach by John Legend. James says his tone was clear and fantastic. John wants to change the arrangement a bit so it can build a bit. John asks the other coaches to be honest about who they’d pick because he doesn’t know yet. Mandi takes the stage and performs first followed by Thunderstorm.


Nick says Mandi and Thunderstorm have been two of his favorites to watch. He says based on this performance, he’d go with Thunderstorm. Kelly says there is something cool with Thunderstorm’s tone, but she thinks Mandi came to win a little more. Blake would also give this one to Mandi because she swung for the fence and he learned more about her.


John says this one is tough and he loves they both put heart into everything they do. He says he thought Thunderstorm did a great version of his song and Mandi was just flawless. John says this is going to be a tough decision. He says this is tough for him. The winner of this knock-out is…Mandi!


Thunderstorm is available to steal. He thanks John for the opportunity to work with him. Nick hits his steal button and Thunderstorm is joining Team Nick!


Team Nick is up next and he has paired Arei Moon vs Jon Mullins. Arei is going to perform You Don’t Know My Name by Alicia Keys. John says her stage presence is very direct. He advises her to sing You Don’t Know My Name in a straight register at first. James says that will let the song build. Nick advises her to be more melody conscious.


Jon is going to perform Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. James says he really lived up to that song. He says Jon’s voice is like his personality and he’s a wonderful singer. Nick wants him to modulate one section of the song. Arei takes the stage to perform first and Jon performs after.


Kelly says both Arei and Jon are powerful singers. If Kelly had to pick she’d go with Arei. Blake feels like Arei came out and did awesome, and then Jon turned up a couple of more notches. He thinks Jon really went for it and he’d go with him. John says they both gave excellent performances and both have a lot of range.


Nick says he’s in turmoil. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He loved that Jon was ready to dive in and Arei gave her best performance yet. He hates that he has to make this decision. The winner of this knock-out is…Arei!


Kelly’s team is next and she has paired Taylor Green vs Micah Iverson. Micah is going to perform Graveyard by Halsey. Kelly thinks it should be dark and James picks up the guitar and plays a bit. Kelly says Micah has flawless vocals.


Taylor is going to do Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. Kelly wants to slow it down a bit more so she has more space. Kelly says this is the best Taylor has sounded on the show. James says the way she opened up was great and he thinks both Taylor and Micah are talented. Micah is up first and Taylor goes second.


Blake says he thinks they are both incredibly talented. He says this is a case of how important the song choice is. He says Micah’s song choice didn’t allow him to soar like Taylor’s did and she took advantage of that. John agrees with Blake. He says they both have excellent voices for pop music, but with Taylor it was just mesmerizing. Nick says Taylor made a point to say she was there for a reason, and Micah had powerful moments and he has a presence about him.


Kelly says Micah did a really hard song and she thought it was telling how imaginative he was. She says Taylor really made that her own and she communicated that song beautifully. She loves them both. She needs one second. She wants to make the right choice. Kelly says the winner of this knock-out is…Micah!


Next from Team Nick we have Allegra Miles vs Jacob Miller. Jacob is going to perform Better Now by Post Malone. James was surprised to see he took the song to a new place and he dug his interpretation of it. James gives advice on staging. Allegra is performing Chandelier by Sia. James says that was a totally different approach and Nick says she’s so good at emoting, but he wants her to enunciate better.


Allegra steps up first to perform, followed by Jacob. Kelly says they are both fantastic. She thought Jacob had a cool tone and Allegra has an almost Willie Nelson effect. She thinks Allegra picked a great song. Blake says he thought it was even too. He says Jacob was in such control, but Allegra might be Nick’s chance to win this season. John would like Jacob to put a little more charm on it and Allegra needs to watch pronunciation, but they were both so good.


Nick says Jacob is fun to work with and be around and Allegra is magical and entranced. He loved working with each of them and he’s frustrated with himself for pairing them together. The winner of this knock-out is…Allegra!


Jacob thanks Nick and says it’s been a real treat to work with him.


As the night continued, coaches made tough decision. Team Kelly’s Mandi Thomas performed My Church by Maren Morris and she won her knock-out against Anaya Cheyenne.


Team Blake is up and he paired Toneisha Harris vs Cedrice. Cedrice is going to perform Love On the Brain by Rihanna. James says Cedrice’s voice is warm and strong and very piercing. Blake says the high notes that shoot up need to be a bit sharper. He thinks this was a good song choice for her.


Toneisha has chosen to sing Diamonds by Rihanna. James says Toneisha has a good as voice as he’s heard so far. He says there’s an effortless about her. He’d compare her with Streisand or Aretha. Blake caught a few moments singing sharp just a hair and she will need to calm down before her knock-out. James advises her to count 50 breaths down to zero.


Cedrice steps up to perform first and then Toneisha takes the stage. John says he loves Cedrice, she has such a beautiful voice and he doesn’t feel like Toneisha can do anything vocally. She’s incredible. Nick says it’s an honor every time he gets to hear Cedrice, and Toneisha makes him mad a little bit because he could never do what she can do naturally. He thinks Toneisha could win. Kelly disagrees a bit. Kelly thinks they both could be in the finale. They both have powerful voices in different ways.


Blake thanks everyone for the input. He says knock-outs like this and input does help. He says they are different but they are equal. He says Cedrice cast a spell on everyone and Toneisha just points to where she wants the song to go. He thanks them for giving it their all. The winner of this knock-out is…Toneisha!


Cedrice thanks Blake for stealing her and she says it’s been absolutely amazing and the coaches all elevate their experience. Kelly hits her steal button! Cedrice will be joining Team Kelly!


For the first time a four way knock-out is going to happen. From Team Blake we have Todd Michael Hall, Team John has Nelson Cade III, Team Nick has Michael Williams, and Team Kelly has Samantha Howell. America will vote for the winner and they will move on to the live shows.


Nelson is going to perform Best Part by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R. James loves his voice and says it’s warm and airy. John loves his tone. John’s biggest concern and he thinks the audience will want some fireworks and he’s not giving them any.


Todd is going to perform Somebody to Love by OneRepublic. James says that was really great and he has a rare gift. He likes his relationship to the song. Blake wants him to be as aggressive with the verses as he is with the chorus.


Samantha is going to perform Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson. Kelly says she can hear the soulfulness come out of Samantha and that is so pretty. James says Kelly wants her to hit the chorus harder.


Michael has chosen to sing You Are the Reason by Calum Scott. Nick says Michael just continues to get better. James says that was great. Nick wants him to bring the pitch up. James says he’s an accomplished singer.


Todd steps up to perform first. Nelson sings second. Michael is the third artist to perform. Samantha closes out the knock-out with her performance. Blake says Todd’s range is stupid. It doesn’t seem like anyone can hit those notes and he’s proud to use his save on him.


John says when he watches Nelson he is watching someone who loves to share his gift and that’s a powerful thing. Nick says he is coming out of skin right now because it was the best Michael has ever sounded. It was perfect and Michael is a force. Kelly says Samantha has a cool tone and she’s so captivating and beautiful and she showed America what she was capable of.

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