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Songland Season 2-Lady Antebellum


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Last Monday, Songland returned. Lady Antebellum is the guest artist tonight and they will hear four brand new songs from new song writers. Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean, and Shane McAnally return to help the writers made adjustments to the song the artists request.


Lady Antebellum say they are excited to be on this show and they say they all started as writers first. Lady Antelbellum is made up of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood. Ryan asks what type of song they are looking for. They say something that sounds different musically to push them.


Our first writer is Tim Halperin and his song is called Losing You. He is so excited to pitch his song to Lady Antebellum and this could impact the rest of his career. He introduces himself and performs his song while playing the piano. Shane makes some notes as he listens, and he says that sounds like a hit.


Ryan says it has more of a rock feel and Lady Antebellum say that doesn’t scare them at all. They say the lyrics need to match the music. Shane suggests one specific lyric change. Ester asks Hillary to sing part of the song and then requests Charles to try it as a duet with her.


The next writer is Steven Battey and his song is called Feels Good to Me. He’s from Savannah, GA and Charles and Dave are from Augusta. He tells them he’s in Nashville now. He performs his song for them.


Charles says they could put a OneRepublic beat on that. Ryan says he doesn’t have a chorus and Ester asks if he can make up a chorus right now. He freestyles on the spot and Shane says that sounds better. Dave says there needs to be a few more simple melodies so they can use it as a three part harmony.


Next up is Madeline Merlo and she’s from Maple Ridge, Canada, but she currently lives in Nashville. Her song is called I’ll Drink to that. She goes in and introduces herself and then performs her song.


Hillary says it feels so in the fiber of who she is and that gives her so much excitement. Ester loves the melody. Shane says in the country world they’ve already heard this. He says if he worked on this there would be a new hook and it would be a completely new song. Lady Antebellum start freestyling with it and Ryan plays the guitar and they are tweaking it.


Our final writer is Ryan Innes and he’s from Thatcher, AZ. His song is called Long Way home. He introduces himself and sits at the piano to perform his song. Charles says he loves the versus but there isn’t a chorus. It needs to go somewhere. Ester says there’s a good melody. Ryan says the song is a 10, but they have to craft it for Lady Antebellum.


Hillary says they have four really great songs and this is hard. They will now pick three songs to head into the studio to be worked on by the producers. Tim is in first and he is moving on. Ryan is told he’s moving on too. Madeline will be working with a producer. Hillary tells Steven that his song is great, but it would take too much tweaking to work for them.


Ester is going to work on Ryan’s song and they get some quick advice from Dave on what they are looking for. Ester says they need to bring this song to radio format. Shane is working Madeline and she says her song sounds current, but he wants it to sound new and unique. He wants to take it in a reggae direction.


Ryan is working with Tim on his song and he gets tips from Charles what they are looking for in the song. Charles says he thinks the chorus could be huge. They lyric and the concept of the chorus are staying the same, they are just tweaking the song using the other comments.


Ester is working on making the lyrics relatable to not just Lady Antebellum, but to more people. Tim has a friend that sings country and he wants to bring her in. Shane wants to make the lyrics on Madeline’s song more interesting because the song has the right feeling. Hillary touches base with Shane and Madeline and discusses some of the lyrics.


Ryan calls Tim out to preform their reworked song and Tim invites a friend to sing it with him. Charles says he loved the melody change and he thought it was really cool. Ester says she could hear that on the radio.


Madeline is in to perform and she says they have changed the title of the song to Champagne Night. She gets a standing ovation. Charles says that’s a hit! Hillary thanks Madeline and says that was awesome.


Ryan is in to perform the song he and Ester re-worked. Charles says it has a chorus and a melody. He says he took that up an insane notch. Dave says he believes in him and the song. Shane says he got chills from the song. Charles says the melodies were killer on the chorus.


Hillary thanks Ryan, Tim, and Madeline and they are choosing a song based on what they need for their tour right now. Hillary says they chose Champagne Nights. Ryan says that was Shane doing what he does bed. Charles says this song will have everyone coming to concerts drinking beer and it’s perfect.

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