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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 10


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April 15, 2020


Day 24, Family time: Kims husband Bryan and their 3 kids. This is why you are playing. Kim says to see their faces is everything, one of the best moments of her life. They all take a seat on the bench together. Bens wife Kelly and their kids. (grab the tissues) Sophies fiance Bobby. Sarahs partner Wyat and their son.  Denises husband Brad and their daughter.  NIcks fiance Giselle. Tonys wife Marissa and their kids.  Michelles sister Kim. Tysons wife Rachel and one of their kids. Jeremys wife Val and their kids.


This is a beautiful Survivor moment. Jeff thanks Fiji airways for creating this once in a life time moment. Lets get to the loved ones challenge. There is no Survivor Loved one challenge, everyone is going back to camp and experience Survivor. 


Koru Day 24: Ben says this is their reward for giving all they have to the game. Sarah says everybody put their guns down and had a great time. EOE: a big boat comes up. It's their families too. (more tissues) Adam says he needed his dad to be here to get closer for his mom. His mom was on his season and has since passed. 


Day 25 Immunity Challenge time: They will pull on a rope balancing a wobbly table while stacking letter blocks. first person to spell immunity wins immunity and 2 FT. Ready ....go! Nick first to put a letter on the table, most spelled the word first. Tyson, Tony and Nick in the lead. Tony and Kim have 4 blocks then Tyson and Nick. Jeremy has made up time. Jeremy loses it and has to start over.  Kim has her 6th letter...and loses it. Tony in the lead, they Tyson and Ben. Tyson loses it. NIck and Jeremy lose it. Tony in the lead with Ben on his tail, they are on their final letter. Tony places his final letter but has to get back w/o dropping. This would be his first Immunity win ever. Ben loses it. Tony wins immunity. He cant believe he won a game of patience. 


Day 25, they congrat Tony. Tony says slow and steady is not what he is made of, he is so happy. Jeremy and Tony talk, Jeremy wants to split up Sarah and Sophie. Tony doesnt want to.  Sarah tells Tony they have to get Kim out, Tony want Tyson out. Sarah says talking to Tony is like talking to a rock. Sarah says its a mess, it will end badly if they cant get it straightened out. Tony says ok, Sarah tells him to touch base with the boys. Tony talks to the boys about blindsiding Jeremy. Jeremy talks to Kim and Tyson comes up, they also have Denise and Michelle. Kim tells them she has a HII. Sarah and Ben talk and the votes have been changed again. Jeremy tells Tyson he has an advantage, Tyson tells him no because then they wont have a vote.  Sarah also has a steal a vote. 


TC, the jury comes in. Nick says he was frustrated at last TC, it feels like they are playing Survivor now. Whispering going on. Tony says he is so glad he has Immunity. Kim says you cant ever really know what is going on. Jeff calls it Survivor insanity. Kim agrees. Jeremy says this is their seasons on steroids. Time to  vote. Jeremy stops him, Sarah stops him too, but neither will say anything else. Jeremy plays his advantage. Jeremy leaves TC and heads back to camp, he can not be voted out but he has no vote. The whispering starts again. They split 5 to 4. Sarah plays her steal a vote to take Denises vote. Denise will not vote, Sarah will vote twice. 


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Kim gets hers out and uses it on Denise. Votes: Denise, Denise, Sophie, Sophie, Tyson, Tyson...tied....Tyson, 12th person voted out is Tyson. Tyson says see you guys soon. He flips off the FT chests as he walks passed as he has no FT. 


Next time on Survivor: Tony is trying to play double agent.   (Jeff tells Jury to head back to EOE, the jump up and hug him saying TY for the family visits.) 

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