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The Voice Season 18-Knock-out Round 1


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Tonight, the Knock-Outs begin! And our mega mentor is James Taylor, who awes the coaches as much as the artists! James says The Voice is such a positive show in terms of mentoring.


The first Knock-out is from Team Blake. He has paired Levi Watkins vs Joei Fulco. Joei has selected When Will I Be Loved by Linda Rondstadt. James tells Joei they can hear her physical strength, but maybe not trying to do so much against the melody. Levi is going to perform Ain’t Living Long Like This by Waylon Jennings. James suggests the band go with a New Orleans style. Blake tells him he has to figure out how to tell a story that never happened to him.


It’s time for the first Knockout! Levi goes first, followed by Joei. John tells them they both gave perfect performances, but there's something about Levi, the little things gave it extra "it" factor. Nick was perplexed by Levi but there was more in Joei's vocal than he was expecting, and Blake's coaching doesn't suck. Kelly says Levi is so cool to even know who Waylon Jennings is, let alone singing him. She has to go with Levi.


Blake says at 14, singing a song about being in prison, he sold it. Joei picked her moments and didn't over sing it. Blake must now make a decision and he says this is hard, but he has to go with…Joei!


Levi thanks Mr. Blake for believing in him and giving him this shot and he’ll remember everything he’s learned.


Let’s check-in with Team Kelly and she’s so honored to have James Taylor mentoring. Her first pairing is Megan Danielle vs Cammwess. Megan is going to sing Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson. James tells her to remember to look up and connect with the audience and make the performance powerful. Cammwess is going to perform Say Something by A Great Big World. James can tell Cammwess came up singing in church and that was his foundations too.


Cammwess performs first on stage, with Megan stepping up second. Blake says this was a neck and neck competition and they both just had big moments. If he was choosing, he’d go with Cammwess. John says Megan has an interesting tone and he did a great version of Kelly’s song. John says Cam was a tour de force as a vocalist and he feels mountains of regret. Nick says Cam crushed it. Nick says that’s an amazing song and he thanks Kelly for writing it. Nick says if he was Kelly, he’d have no idea what he was supposed to do.


Kelly says she loved Megan since the blinds and she didn’t know what she had with Cam. She says she watched them and couldn’t believe they were on her team. She says she’s being strategic here. The winner of this knockout is…Megan!


Cammwess is available to steal and Nick hits his button immediately, followed by John. Nick says he’s going to say the same thing he says to a friend who would get back with an ex…Why? Nick says Cam has the potential to win this thing and new blood is always better. John says he loves Cam’s voice and he’d love him to come back home to Team Legend.


Carson asks Cammwess if he knows who he’s going to pick right now? Cam says no! He thinks about it and he’s going to go back home…Team John!


Our next pairing is from Team John and James is ready to hear this pairing. John has paired Darious Lyles vs Mike Jerel. Darious is going to perform Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul. James says Darious is a powerhouse and a very fluid, articulate singer. He says if you do a cover, you have to do something to it and he took it to a different place. Mike is going to sing Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars. James says the lower end of his voice coming through is great. John says he has to fix a few execution things. James says they are both exceptional and it’s going to be a hard choice.


Nick says this is one of those that just blows you away. Two powerhouse vocalists with incredible control. Nick would go with Darious. Kelly says they both have very smooth voices and John is screwed! Blake says they all have different ways of making their choices, and he picks based on the moment. If Blake had to choose, he would go with Darious because he explored his range.


John says Darious was being so intentional but natural. He says Mike has something exciting and exceptional about his voice. The winner of this Knock-out is..Mike!


Nick says James has such a presence that is undeniable. Nick has paired Roderick Chambers vs Tate Brusa. Roderick is going to sing Redbone by Childish Gambino. James says Roderick really made him appreciate this song. Nick advises him to infuse a touch more personality. Tate is up next and he’s going to play piano and sing The Scientist by Coldplay. James gives some advice on notes and the key. Nick gives advise on posture and some of the ad libs.


Roderick steps up first to perform and Tate follows. Kelly says Roderick’s falsettos were great and Tate was really talented. Kelly says Roderick might be in the better choice for the lives. Blake says there’s probably more of a musical connection between Roderick and Nick, but Tate could really have a performance that could set the place on fire in the lives. John says Roderick’s range is stunning and Tate put his personality in it in a great way. John would go with Roderick.


Nick says this is a tough one. He says Tate had an urgency and Roderick had an urgency. He loves them both. He has to make a decision which has to be his gut call. The winner of this knock-out is…Roderick!


James is playing the guitar while waiting for Team Blake’s next pairing. Blake has paired Cam Sparks vs Todd Tilgham. Cam is going to perform Rumor by Lee Brice. Blake says there’s kind of a pocket and Cam is a little too soft. James says Cam double timing it on some lyrics really adds something. Todd is going to perform Anymore by Travis Tritt. Blake says he might have been a little shaky and he just needs to settle. James gives some arrangement tips to help make it his own.


Todd takes the stage first to perform, and then Cam steps up. John says Cam has a lovely voice, but there was a few pitch problems. He was imagining being at Todd’s church and he felt the emotion. Nick says his dad has a similar voice to Todd and he’s a big fan of Cam and he has a vibe. Based on this knock-out, he thinks Todd won. Kelly thinks there’s something cool about Cam’s voice, but Todd gets points on song selection.


Blake says it’s crazy to see talent like this that’s undiscovered. Blake says Cam had his foot on the gas more in rehearsal, but Todd came out and found a way to push forward. He makes decisions based on this moment. The winner of this knock-out is…Todd!


The final knock-out of the night is from Team John. He has paired Zan Fiskum vs Joanna Serenko. Joanna is going to perform Angel From Montgomery by John Prine (Bonnie Raitt version). James says Joanna has a cool detachment and she brings a modern sound to the song. James wants to find a place to let her get a little bigger so there’s an arc to the song. Zan is going to sing The Story by Brandi Carlile. James says Zan gave herself a major task. John says to express the message to the audience. James says she did it with real control and the high notes are so powerful.


Joanna takes the stage first to perform first, and Zan steps up second. Nick says he loves Joanna and he deeply regrets letting her go and there was so much emotion in Zan’s voice. Kelly says Joanna’s voice was so cool and Zan has a freedom. She thinks it’s very even. Blake says he learned more about Joanna vocally today, and Zan is a great singer and artist. He’d probably have to pick Zan.


John says it was cool to hear Joanna’s subtleties and Zan’s voice is piercing and beautiful. The winner of this knock-out is…Zan!


Joanna thanks John for being an amazing coach and she’s lucky to have gotten this far. Nick hits his button and Blake immediately follows.


Nick says he made an argument before about getting back with an ex and Blake says why would you do that? Nick says he’s had a sudden change of heart and he’d love to complete the circle here and get back together with Joanna. Blake says he believed in her the second she stepped on the stage. He didn’t convince her to be on his team and then dump her. It’s time to pick her coach. Joanna says they had a great run, but she needs to move on. She picks Blake!

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