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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 11

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Tonight, the Face-offs return, and so do the Smackdown! Tonight, four of the top 8 will go head-to-head and at the end of the night, one will be unmasked. Tonight’s guest judge is Yvettte Nicole Brown!


The Night Angel vs the Kangaroo are ready to take the stage. Kangaroo says Night Angel’s performances are effortless and Night Angel says Kangaroo has shown true vulnerability. Kangaroo feels like she’s getting stronger and stronger each week and Night Angel says Kangaroo’s strengths are her weakness, but she’s here to stay!


Night Angel takes the stage first and she sings Man! I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain. Nick says we have some new clues and they found in Night Angel’s bag…a snowglobe, an ostrich, and a crown. She says she gave them these clues so they can stop winging it with their guesses. The bag has a tag that says Boss, and one that says The Boy is Mine.


Ken says maybe Taraji P. Henson because she plays a boss in Empire. Nicole says she said Taraji the last couple of weeks, but she’s thinking maybe Keke Palmer. Yvette is thinking maybe a beauty queen, like Vanessa Williams.


Kangaroo is now on stage and she performs No Air by Jordan Sparks. Security is bringing out Kangaroo’s bag and it has in it…Big Ben, a record table, red lipstick, and a ship in a bottle. There’s a tag that says first. She says this show is the first time she ever performed in front of anyone.


Nicole says she has goosebumps now. She says Kangaroo has a gift as a voice. Robin says he has thought India Arie, but this clue threw him for a loop. He sees the turn table and he thinks it might be Lala Anthony. Ken says someone famously British, maybe someone who was on a Pirate Ship, like Keira Knightley. Nicole is thinking Black Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s ex. Yvette says maybe Ayesha Curry.


Now the panel and the audience will vote between Kangaroo and Night Angel. One will be safe, and one will get one final chance in the Smackdown. Night Angel is safe and Kangaroo will be performing in the Smackdown.


The next performances are Astronaut vs Turtle. Astronaut says this face-off was inevitable because he and turtle are almost mirror images. They both kept the ladies swooning and now they have to see which one of them will stand out in this heart throb throwdown. Turtle says tonight is all about devastating heart break and he’s had his fair share.


Astronaut is up first and he performs If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes. Nicole says Astronaut was really working the stage. Security bring out Astronaut’s bag and the clues inside are…an accordian, an airplane, and the White House. The tag says Warning: Do Not Open. Astronaut says he’s an open book and it’s up to them to “unearth” who he is.


Jenny is guessing Ben Platt. Ken thinks someone who’s maybe not so    tall. Ken suggests maybe Seth Green. He says he’s friends with Weird Al and he’s did Robot Chicken and voiced many presidents. Nicole says this person performed at the White House and he has a song called The Secret and she suggests Austin Mahone.


Turtle performs Let It Go by James Bay. Nicole says this is so hard and Turtle just took them to church with that performance. Security brings out his bag and the clues inside are…cologne, a gavel, a baseball mitt, an arrow, and a passport with a crown on it. The tag that says Never Keep Open This Bag. Turtle says it’s not easy going through security with those spikes. He says take it slow like a turtle and all the clues will fit like a glove.


Jenny immediately thought of someone who wore a glove, a guess judge on Rupaul’s Drag Race, maybe Adam Lambert. Yvette says the tag is worded so weirdly, it has to be NKOTB. She thinks Joey McEntire. Ken says he thinks One Direction, and when he says the word slow, he thought Slow Hands, maybe Niall Horan.


Time to vote between Astronaut and Turtle! The winner of the face-off is…Turtle! Astronaut will go against Kangaroo in the Smackdown!


It’s time for the Smackdown! Kangaroo vs Astronaut! Kangaroo is up first and she performs Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. Astronaut performs Bye Bye Bye by N Sync.


Due to severe weather, we did not see the panel’s reactions, but we do know the vote went to Astronaut and the Kangaroo will be unmasked. We don’t see the judges guesses, but we do know Jenny guess Jordyn Woods. The Kangaroo is revealed to be…Jordyn Woods!


Kangaroo’s Clue Answers: The wooden model plane in Kangaroo’s package is a clue to Jordyn’s modeling career and her last name Woods. The vine and gramophone in Kangaroo’s package are clues to Jordyn’s huge social media popularity on Vine and Instagram.

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