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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 9


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April 8, 2020


 Koru Night 21, Michele is annoyed, she was blindsided. Michele talks with Nick, his name was on the block too. Tony joins them, Nick says he didnt know> Adam says his heart was beating out of his chest but he is here, he is here. Adam asks if Michele looked at the podium tonight? there was a flour de lice symbol on Jeffs podium. If he is right he has a way to save himself. EOE, the girls are doing yoga. Yul finds a box, there are notes for them, they think there is a clue to something on the top of the mountain. They break off into different groups. Danni and Parvati go back down the steps and find a clue....50/50 clue its like heads they are safe, tails not safe. They talk to the others about selling it. 


Reward  challenge time: two teams of 5, they will swim out to get fish, put fish on a pole, carry it in and use the fish to solve a puzzle. Reward is Chinese take-out. Red is Tyson, Adam and Tony in the water and Jeremy and Nick. Blue is Kim, Sarah and Ben in water with Sophie and Michele on puzzle. Denise sitting out. Blue is fast to untie the fish. There are 14 fish. Blue is putting the fish on the  hooks. Blue is good and heading to the puzzle. Red right behind them. All the pieces will sit flush when they get it. Red has one piece left...doesn't fit. Blue has it. Blue wins reward. Sarah gives her reward to Nick for his birthday. Adam says Sarah made a mistake swapping with Nick, he doesn't trust Sarah. 


Koru Day 22. Nick tells Sarah he is sorry and will pay her back, Sarah says no. The winners take dinner away from camp. Tony says Sarah got caught up in the moment and that can cost you the game. Denise thinks it was total game. Jeremy wanted to talk to Nick, he had someone give up a reward for him and they got voted out. Nick says he doesn't trust Sarah any more then he did before. As they eat dinner they look around in the food for a clue, they read the fortune cookies. Michele has 4 FT, she finds the 50/50 coin in her bag. She flips the coin twice and gets different sides, she goes with her fortune cookies and trades in the FT for the coin. 


Day 23 Immunity challenge time: They will balance on a triangle platform in the water last one standing wins. There are 2 narrow perches and a top board. They will be on the first perch for 5 min. Michele is out, Denise is out. The wind is blowing, the water is a little choppy. Jeremy struggles, they survived round one, sit down. Everybody on the next perch. Tyson is out. Jeremy is out. Tony is out Ben looks like he is doing Kung Fu, he is concentrating hard. They made it thru the second section. Move to the top of the platform (the board) Adam cant get up on the board and is out, Sophie is out, Nick is out, Sarah is out. It's Kim and Ben left. Ben is out. Kim wins immunity. She gets the necklace and a FT. Tony says the lower players (hyenas) will come after the higher players (lions). They need to take out the hyenas. 


Koru Day 23. Kim says it feels good walking into TC with immunity. They talk about splitting votes between  Nick and Adam. Stick with the larger group of ppl and vote one out. Make Michele the back up vote. Nick and Adam talk ...How about Sophie, Jeremy comes in they change to Sarah. Denise goes to Kim and tells her Sarah, Kim talks to Tyson and he says Adam. They all agree to vote Adam. Sarah is not happy her name was thrown out. Ben says the group decision has changed and will change again and probably again at TC. Adam and Ben talk Adam tells Ben it doesn't matter, Ben says it does to him. If Adam doesn't want to tell Ben then don't Ben walks away. Adam is now pissed off. All hell breaks loose, now the vote is Nick? Tyson? Sarah? Adam says he needs to go for what he thinks is an HII.  This is a high stakes game and Adam is playing it on the edge, he just doesn't want to be on the other Edge. 


TC night 23: Wind is blowing hard. Jury comes in. Sarah says the game is not cagy anymore, its like a solo game now. Tyson says it was a game of running in cycles. Jeremy says it was crazy. Denise says so many names were thrown out and you cant keep it straight, she aged to today. Nick says he is tired of his name coming up, if this is Winners at War its a terrible war. Tyson whispers Adams name. Ben and Jeremy whisper the girls whisper. Everybody whispering.


Everybody is whipsering and not so whispering. (my sound is out sorry) They dont look happy. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to us a HII? Adam gets up and grabs at the flour de lice on Jeffs podium...its just decoration. Votes: Sarah, Adam, NIck, Adam, NIck, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam is voted out Survivor. 



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