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The Voice Season 18-Battle Rounds 3


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The final night of the battles starts right now!


Our first battle of the night is from Team Nick and he has paired Samuel Wilco vs Arei Moon. Nick’s advisors are his brothers Joe and Kevin. It’s Samuel’s birthday and Nick has brought him a cake and they sing happy birthday to him. Nick has given them the song Missing You by John Waite. Kevin says they both have very different tones and you can feel the tension in the song. Joe says they sound good and they should think about the lyrics for the right attitude. Samuel and Arei take the stage for their battle.


Kelly says she loved the chemistry and their vibe. She thinks this was an even matched battle. Blake loved that performance. He says Samuel has a big voice and he’s fun to listen to and Arei fills the song with different runs. He’s not going to help Nick. John says he’d give a slight edge to Arei because he felt more power from her voice and he connected to it more.


Nick says he loved working with both of them and he hates that he paired them together. The winner of this battle is…Arei!


Samuel is going to appreciate everything Nick taught for him and he’s going to use it well.


Team Kelly’s advisor is Dua Lipa and Kelly has paired Megan Danielle vs Samantha Howell. Kelly has given them the song Top of the World by Patty Griffin. Dua advises Megan to really commit and Kelly gives some technique advice to Samantha. Dua advises them to use their bodies to express the song and Kelly tells them to be vulnerable. Dua tells them to remember when they perform what the song makes them feel and use that in their performance. At stage rehearsal, Kelly tells them to make the runs sparse because it’s a conversation song.


Megan and Samantha take the stage for their performance. Blake says their coach had a lot of confidence in them. Blake says Megan is the shocker to him because her voice is unbelievable and has a lot of strength and power. Blake says he felt like he heard some shaky pitch issues with Samantha. He’d go with Megan. John says Samantha has a cool voice and Megan has a unique voice. Nick says Samantha was incredible and Megan did a great job on expressing the song.


Kelly says Samantha has a roundness to her tone and its clarity was cool and Megan sounds raw and she sounded great on the song. The winner of this battle is…Megan!


Samantha thanks Kelly and say she’s been watching her since she was a baby and she thanks her for this experience. She steps down and Kelly has used her save on Samantha!


Team Blake’s advisor is Bebe Rexha and he has paired Jon Mullins vs Todd Tilgham. Blake has given them the song Ghost in This House by Shenandoah. Blake tells Todd this is supposed to be a sad song so he needs to connect to the song. Blake advises Jon to give some room so it doesn’t sound like they are trying to sing over each other. Blake says this song will come down to whoever can make you feel the emotion.


Jon and Todd take the stage for their performance. John loved the emotion they put into the performance. John thought Todd was great and was a four chair turn, but then Jon was a one chair turn and he was so good. Nick says it was a really well executed performance and Jon came out of nowhere and blew them all away. Nick says he’d have to go with Jon. Kelly says she’s a fan of both and it was an even battle.


Blake says he made a huge, monumental mistake by pairing them together and that’s Jon’s credit. He thanks Jon for putting in the work. He has a gut feeling here and make a decision. The winner of this battle is Todd!


Jon thanks Blake for all of his hard work and dedication and Nick hits his steal button! Nick says he’s so grateful that he got to steal him.


We now check in with Team John and his advisor Ella Mai. John has paired Zan Fiskum vs Brittney Allen. John has given them the song Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls. John says Zan’s tone sounds gorgeous. She says there are parts of the song she really connects to. John says Brittney has a powerful voice and she’s making some great choices. Zan and Brittney take the stage for their performance.


Nick says that was so unexpected and he love the comraderie between Zan and Brittney and that was enjoyable to see them work together. Kelly says it was so effortless and beautiful and that was a magical moment. Blake says Brittney’s voice is very pointed and clear and rigid, and Zan had an overall better performance. He’d probably go with Zan.


John says Brittney took the song and made it feel like her own and she has a clear, powerful voice. He says Zan has a magical tone and precision and execution. He thinks this is the best performance they’ve seen today. The winner of this battle is…Zan!


Brittney thanks John and says she suffered from stage fright and she’s blossoming out of her shell.


Team Kelly and Dua Lipa work together with Kelly’s next pairing, Sara Collins vs Mandi Thomas. Kelly has given them the song My Baby Loves Me by Martina McBride. Dua says Mandi was amazing because she has a big voice and it’s raspy and she has confidence. Kelly says she has noticed they had some pitch issues. Kelly gives them some tips for breath control.


Sara and Mandi take the stage for their performance. Blake says there were a couple of notes at the end that didn’t quite get there from Sara. Blake says Mandi sounded good on that song. He would pick Mandi. John says they both sounded great and he enjoyed watching them. John says Sara has a piercing voice and she sounded more like a country singer. Nick says Sara’s voice is thinner than Mandi’s, but Mandi sold that performance and she has so much variety in her voice.


Kelly says Mandi’s background helps her blend really well and Sara’s voice does cut through. The winner of this battle is…Mandi!


Jules vs Taylor Green from Team Kelly were next and they perform Water Under the Bridge by Adele.   Kelly’s winner is…Taylor! Nick’s last pairing was Kevin Farris vs Jacob Miller and they performed the song Lights Up by Harry Styles. Nick’s winner is…Jacob!    


Our final battle is from Team John and he has paired Thunderstorm Artis vs Cedrice. John has given them the song Stay by Rihanna. Ella Mai says Cedrice has a powerful and rich voice, and Thunderstorm has an amazing voice. John advises Thunderstorm to find moments to be vulnerable and express that. John advises Cedrice to stay true to the melody at the start. John gives them some stage tips so it seems intimate but not confrontational.


Thunderstorm and Cedrice take the stage for the final battle. Nick says this was one of the battle he was looking forward to seeing and that was out of this world. Nick says Cedrice never stepped out of her comfort zone and tried to compete and she sold it. He’s blown away. Nick says Thunderstorm came out and sang his…off. That was unbelievable. Nick would have to go with Thunderstorm. Kelly says they made each other sound better but she couldn’t keep her eyes off Cedrice. She was captivating. Blake says Cedrice has something magical about her and she’s super talented. Blake says Thunderstorm will live up to his name. He says it’s hard not to pick Thunderstorm because of his name.


John says the coaches are inspired by them also. John says Cedrice should be on stage and Thunderstorm has one of the most special voices he’s ever been around. He says they both sounded incredible and harmonized beautifully. The winner of this battle is… Thunderstorm!


Cedrice is available to steal. She thanks John for the opportunity and she thanks all the coaches for going through the hardships they’ve experienced to be there for the artists. Blake hits his button and steals Cedrice!


Next week the Knockouts begin and the mentor is…James Taylor!

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