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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 10 Super 9

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Now the cream of the crop from all three groups come together! From Group A: Turtle, Kangaroo, and White Tiger. From Group B: Kitty, Banana, and Frog. From Group C: Night Angel, Astronaut, and Rhino. It’s finally time for the Super 9! 


All three groups will perform and the singer with the fewest votes in each group will be in danger of being unmasked! Tonight’s guest judge is…Snoop Dogg. But then we get an April Fool’s! It’s a friend of Nick’s. He says they are going to do this all episode.


We have a Group A bonus clue: 15.4 Million Combined Instagram Followers. Group B is next and their bonus clue is all have been interviewed by Oprah. Group C is last and they have 7 grammy nominations combined.


Turtle is kicking things off: There will be one super clue at the end. Turtle’s super clue is: A comic book that says The Amazing Adventures of Shellboy. Who’s the Hero Under the Mask? And it’s priced at $10.15. He says this is not another teeny clue. He takes the stage and performs Higher Love by Steve Winwood.  


Jenny says what a way to open the show! Nicole says he moves so naturally on the stage and he has a nice falsetto and a lot of range. Nick says each singer is going to tell them something they are not. Turtle says he’s not known for just one thing. Robin says they’ve been going through boy banders and he thinks Drew Lachey. Ken thinks it’s a Backstreet Boys, Bryan Littrell. Ken says there’s a comic book in the package and the Backstreet Boys were part of comic created by Stan Lee. Nicole says listening to the voice she was thinking boy band, but she’s thinking Nick Lachey. Jenny says she thought that, but now she feels the super hero clue. She thinks Chris Evans maybe because he was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The Kangaroo is up next and her super clue is: she has an inflatable kangaroo and says alright dolls, do you know who I am now? Kangaroo takes the stage and sings Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks. Ken says she’s obviously been through so much and this show seems like therapy for her.


Kangaroo says she may be a kangaroo, but she’s never lived in Australia. Jenny says the clue drama queen made her think reality star and she heard the clue Wiz so she thought Wiz Khalifa, so she thinks Amber Rose. Nicole says she thinks they had a grammy and vilified in the press and she thinks Leann Rimes. Robin says he’s going to completely flip the script. He thinks he toured with this person and he thinks India Arie.


White Tiger is up next! His super clue is: He does the floss and then imitates shooting a basketball and says swish. He takes the stage and performs I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. Nicole says she loves White Tiger. He’s brave and bold. Jenny says he’s so fun. He’s too sexy and too fun!


White Tiger says he’s not just brawns, he’s brains. He’s even wrote a best selling book. Ken says in the clue package there was a light bulb like a watt and he is thinking JJ Watt. Jenny says Swish is a Katy Perry video and they saw a clam, she thinks it’s Rob Gronkowski. Nicole doesn’t know about Rob, but she’s thinking it could be Joe Macaroni from Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello. Nick brings out a cutout of Ken.


The audience will now vote for their favorite Group A performer. The singer with the least amount of votes will be placed in the bottom three.


The singer with the fewest votes is…White Tiger! He’s in the bottom three, but there will be another vote at the end of the show!


Time to move on to group B. Kitty is up first and her super clue is: She brings out the Christmas tree from last season and says Christmas is truly the best time of the year. She takes the stage and performs It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion. Jenny says she has a voice. Robin says she’s put on upbeat performances but that was just great singing.


Kitty says was NOT dreaming when Robert Redford helped her to get her very first role. Nicole says some of the clues went to clothing design and she thought it would be Nicole Richie. Jenny says based off the clues, maybe Vanessa Hudgens because she has a Christmas movie on Netflix. Robin says there was a clue that said Freak Flag Fly, so maybe American Horror Story Freak Show, so maybe Emma Roberts. Ken says maybe Avril Lavigne.


Banana is next and his super clue is: you might be a kindred spirit if you ever rocked one of these and it’s a mullet. He takes the stage and performs Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Nicole loves his energy and that was a great performance.


Banana says blue collar has many, many meanings. When he says blue collar, he’s a funny guy, but not stand-up funny. Jenny wonders if he’s in a hair band and maybe Bret Michaels. Ken says it could be Brad Paisley. Nicole is also going to stick with Brad Paisley. Robin is going to change it up and he thinks it could be Billy Ray Cyrus. 


Frog is the final singer from Group B. His super clue is: It’s a statue of a knight in armor and he says Ken can stop being wrong, wrong, wrong. Frog takes the stage and sings Jump Jump by Kris Kross. Jenny says she got her cardio in during that song. It was amazing.


Frog is actually not a trained dancer at all. Do you feel me baby? Ken says he took umbrage when he said Ken was wrong and he thinks Sisqo. Robin says he thinks this guy is an amazing dancer and performer and he was in B2K, plus a knife. He thinks it’s Omarion. Jenny says this person played basketball for the Trojans, so maybe Lil Romeo.


The singer with the fewest votes is…Banana! Banana is in the bottom three and in danger of being unmasked.


It’s time for Group C. Up first is Night Angel and her super clue is: a tricycle. She says she’d rather cruise on by with a tricky clue. Night Angel takes the clue and performs Rise Up by Andra Day. Ken says that was the strongest vocals they heard today. No jokes, nothing but love. Robin says what’s special about her, they like to stay with the up tempo or stay with ballads, but she kills both.


Night Angel says she’s not just a voice, she’s a mogul. Robin says another singer came to mind, plus a clue of grandma gangsters and four of them and he thinks Tamar Braxton. Nicole says Tamar can sang. Jenny says she first thought of Brandy, because she has a song called Angel in Disguise. Ken says it reminded him of someone he works with on his own show. He thinks it could be Tisha Campbell.


Rhino is up next and his super clue is: It’s a slot machine and he says they all know he’s a risk taker, but it’s not all he means. He performs What a Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers. Jenny says there is something soothing about his voice.


Rhino says he’s not literally as tall as they think he is. Jenny thinks he’s pretty tool and she’s not sure if she believes that. Nicole says she thought it was Ryan Lochte, but maybe it’s a country singer and she thinks it’s Vince Gill. Robin thinks it someone who was a lead guitarist, maybe it’s Duff McKagan. Jenny thinks Derek Jeter because he’s married to a Victoria’s secret angel.


Our last singer is Astronaut and his super clue is: a cracked record. He sings Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Ken says that cover was amazing. Nicole says she loves him so much. She thinks he’s breaking records tonight.


Astronaut says not as much what I’m not but maybe what I’m never. He’s never had traditional voice training. Jenny says they saw the circle of life and he knows sign language, and the French horn, and two dice with fives, she thinks David Archuleta. Ken says that’s wrong and he’s going to steal Will’s guess from last week and he thinks it’s JC Chasez. Nicole says it’s not JC. She’s going to go out on a limb and try someone new. Ryan Tedder.


It’s time to vote! The singer that will be in the bottom three is…Rhino!


The panel decides of the three bottom singers who will go home. Banana WILL sing another day!


And the final singer who gets to keep their mask on is…Rhino!


White Tiger will be unmasked. Time for final guesses! Robin says he watches sports religiously and he’s seen him dance and he thinks it’s Rob Gronkowski. Nicole doesn’t think it’s him. She’s thinking the clams and a wrestler so she’s thinking John Cena. Ken thought that at first, but after the light bulbs and the brother and watching JJ Watt on SNL, he thinks it’s JJ Watt. Jenny says she saw clams, and then wicked good time and quarter and then Donnie would love this. She says he’s right, Donnie does love him, it’s Rob Gronkowski!


It’s time to unmask the White Tiger and he is…Rob Gronkowski!


The White Tiger’s clue answers: White Tiger shooting baskets in his package is a clue to his appearance in Katy Perry’s Swish Swish video. He says he always loved dancing. The horse pinata is a nod to his racehorse, who is also named Gronkowski. The “Wild World of Cats” book in his package hints to his alma mater team, The University of Arizona Wildcats. Ken wants to know about the butter clue and Rob says it was a Pat of butter, for the pats. A cow going skiing like Gronkowski.


Next we the first half of the eight will perform in the return of their Smackdowns.

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