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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 8


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April 1, 2020


EOE day 19. Battle to get back in the game is coming, time to cash in their FT. Amber gives Rob her FT so he can buy a HII.  The tribes come together at the challenge....Drop your buffs, we are merged. There are 11 and are about to be 12. Returning from EOE are the cast they voted out except Sandra. Nat says EOE was rough the first night by herself. Tyson tries to find humor in everything but it might be a mask or a wall. Giving up the pursuit for your family is paramount. Rob says there is nothing romantic about the Edge. Rob says they are not quitters they are giving it their all. They will race thru obstacles, monouver a ball thru a tiny snake shaped track, first done wins their way back into the game.


The ones that earned an advantage will not have to dig up their rope it will be waiting for them. They all get their first bags. Tyson has 3 and so does Rob and Ethan. Tyson and Rob dont have to dig, neither does Ethan. Parvati has to dig. Nat doesnt have to dig, Amber and Yul dig. Yul has his string, Amber does too, Parvati gets hers. Rob gets his key and is thru, Nat has her key, Tyson is thru. Rob drops his ball on the track. All but Amber are at the track. This is why they suffered every night on EOE. Tyson is getting up there, almost dropped it but didnt. Tyson and Rob are fighting for a shot to get back in. Neck and neck......Tyson wins by a milisecond. Tyson joins the merged tribe. The rest head back to EOE where they will wait for another chance to get back in and will come to TC as first 7 members of jury.  


Merge tribe is at Sele camp.There is new menu for FT, Tony says he cant buy anything. Feast time!! Denise tells them what happened with Sandra. They call her Queen Slayer. Tyson says he the only OG on the beach, are the kids coming up changing the game so much he cant adapt? He doesnt think so. Tyson says if you let me dig my roots in he will dig is way there. Wendell wants to build his relationship with Jeremy. Jeremy wants Wendell to come work with them. If Jeremy can get rid of Wendells right hand man (Nick) he will fill his place. Ben says big names have been taken out left and right, he talks to Tyson, they have to draw lines.  Ben tells Tony to get rid of the sleepers.


Koru day 21: its raining, they are miserable. Adam says this is nothing he went thru a cyclone, they are having fun now. Kim says you either laugh or cry. Tyson wonders how long it will go on before someone buys a tarp. Time for Immunity Challenge, its still raining. Sophie is so cold she is shaking and trying not to cry. They have to hold on to a pole for as long as they can. Last one holding on wins immunity and a FT. Last man and woman holding on wins immunity. 


Michele is first out, she says she is fine. Sarah and Tyson are stuggling. Tony is about half way down. Adam is down, he helps Michele up. Sarah and Tyson are down. Tony slipping, Wendell is down, Tony is out. Denise, Kim and Sophie for the women. Sophie is down. Kim is out. Denise wins Immunity for the women. Nick, Ben and Jermy for the men. Wendell is down. Both guys looking at each other for a sign of weakness.  Nick slides again, Jeremy is hanging by a toe. Nick is down. Jeremy wins immunity for the men. They both also get a FT. After 21 tough days someone will be voted out tonight. Jeremy wants to go after Nick, he wants to drive this thing but he doesnt want anyone to know he is driving it. 


Koru day 21, they try to dry out, the guys go on a wood run and Jeremy, Ben and Tony say take out Nick. Ben says Nick buts in to everyone convos, you never know when it will happen. Nick talks to Jeremy, Ben and Tony, says vote out Adam. The girls say maybe Wendell. Sophie says a lot of power is coming from Jeremy, she starts putting Wendell's name around. Jeremy says lets get Adam out, dont let him skate. The girls might be on board for Adam. Denise says she could go either way. Denise says her and Adam made a day 1 alliance but that might be a day 31 alliance. Adam is nervous. Adam doesn't know what the plan is. He is scared, he doesn't want to go home or to the edge. 


TC night 21: Tyson gets his new torch, jury comes in. Tyson says the game feels different, he was loosy goosy with his filter and now he has tightened up. Sophie says she didnt hear Tysons name today. Tony says the dynamics of the game have changed since Tyson was voted out before. Wendell says this vote will tell some things, you hope you have the right ears and the right convos. Adam says some of the convos are quick and you dont know if it happened. Nick says he wants to double check but you dont want to be the guy questioning your allies. Sophie says you have to prove to ppl in your group that you dont have to have all those convos.  Adam is not sure how things came together tonight, ppl did not want to talk. 


 Tony says everybody is ready to go with the current. Jeff says but which way is the current going? Time to vote: We see Nick vote for Adam and Adam vote for Wendell. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Adam, Wendell, Adam, Adam, Wendell, Wendell....tied...Wendell, Wendell, Wendell, 10th person voted out is Wendell. Wendell says good play guys. Wendell gives his FT to Michele and NIck. He says the marathon continues. 


Next time on Survivor: Nick says it is now his duty to take out everyone that betrayed him. 



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