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The Voice Season 18-Battle Rounds 2


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Our first battle is between Jacob Daniel Murphy vs Toneisha Harris from Team Blake and they are performing Good as Hell by Lizzo. John wants to recognize Jacob and Toneisha for doing so well. They can sang. John says Jacob has a great voice and Toneisha has the skill for the finale. Nick says he’s surprised Blake knows this song. Nick says Toneisha is incredible and Jacob has a great voice. Kelly says Jacob is a firecracker. Kelly says the way the played off each was so awesome.


Blake says this is horrible because it was so great. He says Toneisha is phenomenal and she truly is a phenomenon. And Jacob controlled the stage and the audience and he’s the reason it was a great battle. Carson says Blake you have a tough choice here. Who’s the winner? Blake says he has to do what he has to do here and the winner is Toneisha!


Jacob is available to steal. He thanks Blake for taking a chance on him.


We’re checking in with Dua Lipa and Kelly Clarkson. Kelly has paired Micah Iverson vs Gigi Hess. They are going to sing Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi. Dua advises them to put some bravado on the big note. She thinks this battle will come to down to confidence. Kelly is working with them at the stage rehearsal and she advises them to take advantage of the intimate moments.


Micah and Gigi take the stage for their performance. Blake says they clearly had an affect on the audience. He says Gigi hit some notes that soared and then Micah came back with his notes. He says he might go with Gigi because he didn’t expect it. John loves their chemistry together. He loves Micah’s chest voice and Gigi has a clear voice and he would lean toward Micah. Nick says this was a tough song to sing and he felt Micah had a little more confidence and was more sure.


Kelly says Gigi has a brokenness that is kind of beautiful and she loves Micah’s falsetto. The time has come for the winner of the battle. Kelly says this is the hardest but she’s going to go with Micah!


Gigi thanks Kelly for seeing something special in her and the experience. Kelly tells her she’s not only a great singer, but an awesome human.


We’re going to check in with Team John and his advisor Ella Mai. John has paired Mandi Castillo vs Cammwess. They are going to perform Senorita by Camillo Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Ella says Cammwess’s tone is very clear and Mandi’s voice is beautiful and she has nice tone. John says he loves Cammwess’s flavor. His only concern is he wants their harmonies and interactions at the end to be more together. Ella tells them to have fun with it. Ella says if Cam brings the softness, he could win, but if Mandi brings the attitude she could take it.


Nick says he was really impressed and he’s a big fan and believer in Mandi but Cammwess blew him away. Kelly has a musical crush on Mandi and Cam did a really stellar job. She would go with Mandi. Blake says they all expected Mandi to come out and kill it and she did. And Cam’s presence is on stage is super cool and he’d probably go with Cam on this one.


John says they are both fantastic singers. Mandi has a clear voice and will fit in pop. Cam has a similar style to John and does runs that seem effortless. John says they are both really fantastic. The winner of this battle is…Mandi!


Cammwess says it was very cool to get runs and stuff from him and he thanks him for the experience. Kelly hits her button to steal! Kelly says she loves John Legend, so she loves him too.


We’re going to check in with Team Blake again and Bebe Rexha. Blake has paired Kailey Abel vs Cam Sparks and he gave them the song What Ifs by Kane Brown featuring Lauren Alaina. Bebe tells Cam he needs to relax. She says if they both let loose they will deliver an incredible performance. Blake says Cam has to be open minded enough to tackle this song. Bebe says Kailey sounded so good and she could really live in this world. Blake says the winner of this battle will be whoever proves they are comfortable in a song they wouldn’t normally fit in.


Kailey and Cam take the stage for their performance. John says Kailey was on fire up there and Cam is a great vocalist. He’d lean towards Cam. Nick says that was a good song choice. He thought Kailey was the pace car, but Cam kept coming and delivered in a big way. Kelly loves Kailey’s passion and Cam had her with the boots and the hat. Kelly thought Cam nailed that song. She would go with Cam.


Blake says the song was completely not what they do and they both stepped up to the plate and put the work in. The winner of this battle is…Cam!


Kailey says she is out of her mind grateful to each and every one of them.


Time to check in with Nick Jonas and his brothers Kevin and Joe. Nick has paired Anders Drerup vs Tate Brusa and they are going to sing Circles by Post Malone. Nick says it feels disjointed and Kevin says they seem like they are in their own little worlds. Nick says Anders bravado is really nice. Joe tells them to have fun with it because it’s a fun song. Joe says Anders was the standout. 


Anders and Tate take the stage. Kelly says Anders has a big voice that so powerful and Tate has a cool rasp. Their voices are so different. She’s more inclined to lean towards Tate. Blake agrees with Kelly. Blake says Anders voice is so clear and strong and Tate has a rawness. He’d go with Tate. John agrees with everyone. He thought they were really excellent. He thinks Anders is a more gifted vocalist, and Tate has a limited range but an interesting tone. He would lean towards Anders.


Nick thought they were both great. Nick says he pushed Anders and he did his thing. Nick says Tate is a phenomenal singer and he’s drawn towards him. He has to make a tough decision here. The winner of this battle is…Tate!


Our final battle of the night is from Team John. John has paired Darious Lyles vs Nelson Cade III and they are going to perform the song Come Together by The Beatles. John says Darious leaned into the song right away. John says Nelson’s voice is raspy in a beautiful way. Ella says she’s so excited for them and she would love to be there to see it.


Nick says that was a phenomenal performance. They lit the stage on fire. He doesn’t know who he would pick because they are both so great. Kelly says they made it interesting and fun. She says Nelson has a really cool rasp but Darious was so solid. She would go with Nelson. Blake says this is a tough one for John because they are similar in their sound. He would go with Darious.


John says he was so proud. That was one of the most entertaining performances. He says that was fantastic. John says this is really difficult for him. He thinks he’s made a decision. The winner of this battle is…Darious!


Nelson is available to steal or save. He says it’s been an honor to work with John. He’ll always cherish this. He steps down and John saves Nelson!           

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